It had been a long winter and I was looking forward to sailing my sixty foot sail boat out into the Caribbean Ocean as in the last month I had filled the water tanks, shopped for food for a three week supply and made sure all the sails were in excellent shape. I needed at least one other person to help me get the “Lucky 13” out into open water as I would use the engine to power out past the jetties.

The “Lucky 13” and I went back a few years as I bought it as a project and a place to live as I worked near the water and with an air card for my computer I could send and receive files for work as I needed. Being a full time writer allowed me the luxury to work from anywhere in the world and as often or as seldom as needed. My ship had all the latest navigation equipment such as radar and GPS so I would know exactly where I was on the planet as any moment. A few buddies up till now had gone out with me on short day trips, but this was going to be a three week trip and I wanted to make sure I had a good “First Mate” for the voyage. The cockpit cover was in place so during the day I would not get sunburned and the decks were clear to be able to let the sail booms move freely.

I did know two different women who always said they would enjoy a voyage out to sea with me and later that night after a dinner of fresh fish and rice I called Lynn and she told me she was tied up with work and would love to sail, but could not make it. I was disappointed some at the news and then called Linda and she asked to give her two days to clean up her calender so she could be gone for a few weeks. I hung up the phone and went to take a shower and inspected myself in at the full length mirror on the head door. Six foot tall with brown curly hair and a mustache on my face strong chest and arms from all the hard work on the ship with a deep reddish bronze tan covering almost all of my body except where my swimsuit covered my groin. Like my upper body my legs were strong and tanned as well with well defined thighs and calf muscles. Stepping into the shower I lathered my body up and then rinsed off the soap as I did not want to waste water with a long shower. Drying off I slipped on a pair of loose shorts and went to the main cabin and pulled out a bottle of wine and went topside and sat in the cockpit and enjoyed the warm evening.

The wine made me sleepy and I undressed and laid nude on the queen sized bed and went to sleep with the sounds of the water lapping against the sides of the hull and slept till the next morning. I was still asleep when I heard a woman’s voice outside asking permission to come aboard so I pulled my shorts on over my body and stuck my head out the hatch to see Linda with a small shoulder pack in her arm and a bottle of champagne in the other. I stood up and walked towards her and took her hand as she gracefully stepped aboard. “I thought you needed two days before you were able to go sailing?” I asked her.

“I called my sister and she has a key to my apartment and I was going to go on vacation for a month next week and when I called work they said with the tough economy I could take a week more and start my vacation today. Did I wake you as you look like you just woke up?” she said as she eyed me over.

“Yes I did, but the surprise of you being here helps get the old circulation going” I laughed as I looked her over. Linda was wearing a neon pink halter top that was stretched tight over her 40DD breast and my pulse beat faster as I looked lower and her white shorts were thin enough to show a matching thong. I must have looked too long as she softly slapped my shoulder and then kissed where she slapped me.

“You will see more of me once we get out to open water and I hope to see all of you as well.” as she dropped her backpack on a cushion in the cockpit and we went below.

“I hope you brought something to work in besides what you have on as it is tough work getting out to sea. I might have a shirt for you if needed.” I said as I stepped to the main cabin and went to make up the bed. Linda turned and went topside and came back down into the cabin as I was bent over and as I turned around I told her to place her things in the dresser in the top drawer and get ready to get underway as the day was early and we could make way as soon as we untied the ship. I saw her bend over and when she did the pink thong inside her sheer shorts again told me the next three weeks. I turned the key to start the small engine and Linda came up topside wearing short denim shorts and a dark blue t shirt. I pointed to the rails and she jumped onto the dock and untied the “Lucky 13” and then grabbed the railing and back on board. I steered the ship out into the open marina as she walked back towards me. Her breast swayed back and forth under her t shirt as she walked and once next to me she sat down. The trip out of the marina went smooth and once we were near the jetties I stood up and told her “Take the helm as I need to unfurl the sails.” and with that I stepped out and went to work. I had the sails all set and there was a 8 knot wind which would have us moving at a nice pace and the seas were running only three foot. I came back to the cockpit and took the helm and cut the engine as the wind filled the sails.

Linda went below and once she came back up she had the bottle of champagne in her hands with two plastic drinking cups. “To a three week tour of the open seas and may we enjoy them to the fullest our bodies can enjoy!” she said as she turned and looked at the land rapidly falling behind in the distance.

I leaned over and kissed her for a second and then said” Land behind us as well as all the conventional ideas. Now is the time to enjoy the world as we came into it.” and stood up and pulled my shirt off and let my shorts hit the deck. Linda did the same and I had not envisioned a more perfect woman. Her body did not have any tan lines as she yanked off her t shirt and unzipped her denim shorts and like my clothing were soon on a cushion on the far side of the cockpit. Her breast were fantastic and hung just a little on her chest and she was bald as a baby on her mound. Linda reached over to kiss me and a wave slapped the hull and her hand hit my erect cock and she slowly started stroking it in slow up and down. “We have time for that later Why not go out on deck and lay out and get some sun as I find up a nice island to spend the night near.” I said as she sat back up and kissed my cheek.

“Only if your sure love.” she cooed in my ear before stepping down the hatch to gather somethings. I saw her come up at the front hatch with a large towel and she sat down and started to apply tanning oil to her full figured body. It was all I could do not to drop the sails and drop anchor and ravish her body, but there would be plenty of time for that later in the afternoon. I leaned back and let the ship sail onwards into the open waters I had a perfect view of from between her legs as she spread them wide and her plump ass beckoned my eyes. . Linda was now reading a book as I turned into the wind and used the electric motor on the sails to wrap them up before setting out the sea anchor and going below to get something to drink. Linda came below and her oiled skin was turning a soft warm shade of pink as she sat next to me and we had sandwiches and cold beer for lunch. Her leg rubbing against mine as we teased each other till we finished the meal and then I took her hand and pulled her out onto the deck and shoved her over the side. The look of surprise on her face was priceless as she fell into the cool water and I lowered the ladder down over the side before diving into the water myself. We swam and being naked with Linda had me hard as I wrapped my arms around her from behind and pressed my cock between the cheeks of her luscious ass and ground myself against her. My hands were filled with her large breast and she turned her head and kissed me. She spun in my arms and we kissed as we tread water and caressed each others bodies. “You have a big hard cock and I need it to fuck me now.” she groaned between kisses. We swam to the ladder and I watched her go up the ladder first. Once she was clear of the water I saw her labia were red and I reached out and as I tread water I slipped a finger into her wetness as she moaned and then hurried up the ladder and I followed with my cock bouncing in front of me. Linda plopped down in the cockpit and spread her legs wide as her fingers slid in and out of herself. I stood in front of her and took my cock in my hands and stroked myself as she now had two fingers busy in her pussy and one hand pinching her hard nipples. “If you don’t stop I am going to cum all over you.” I said as my breath was coming in gasps as my right hand was a blur up and down my now ten inch cock.

“Go ahead and cum on me I love the feel. Blast on my huge tits” she said as I stood right next to her as her own body was tight and she was using both hands on her cunt. Two fingers buried inside herself and the other hand was playing with her clit and I grunted and as soon as I exploded blast after blast of my white cum hit her tits as she exploded while she saw my cum fly. I stopped stroking my cock and grasped her left leg and pinned it across the top of the back of the cushion and her right down on the floor of the cockpit and in a single fast thrust I aimed my cock at her cunt opening and as I felt it find her vagina I pounded it into her. All ten inches of me went into her as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her tits bouncing as I fucked her hard and deep and as each thrust rocked her body she grunted with the force of my power. I continued to hold her ankles wide as thrust after pounding thrust made my ball slap against her ass and her screams of “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck me you fucker!” only drove me on. Her massive tits slapped against each other at times and I leaned down and raked my teeth over her nipples as I ground myself deep and hard into her sopping cunt. Her grunting and thrusting back against my cock drove me to continue to slam into her with stroke after stroke as her cunt quivered around my turgid member. Grunting like a****ls I fucked her cunt as hard stroke after hard stroke slammed into her pussy. Since I had just blown my wad moments before fucking her I was going to last a long time in her pussy. My thick turgid cock easily as big around as her forearm was covered in her cum as she screamed out for me to fuck her cunt between gasping for air. My body started to sweat from the excertion and my hard ass clenched and unclenched as my cock stabbed in and out of her pussy. Both of us were a****l like as I used her body for my own pleasure. Her tits bouncing around as she grasped the cushions as she arched her back and her full figured body became rigid as she screamed loudly and then her muscles in her cunt clamped down on my throbbing piston of flesh and she reached orgasm and her fingers flew to my hard ass cheeks and her nails dug into my skin as she pulled my ass as hard as she could so as to have all of my cock inside her cunt. I felt her nails digging in and I slammed into her as hard as possible and ground my cock as deep into her cunt as I could. I was wishing I could crawl inside of her with my entire being as I fucked her snatch. I grabbed hold of her tits and pulled hard on her nipples bringing forth another scream as her legs wrapped around my ass and her heels dug into the crack of my ass holding me deep inside her. Her stomach muscles were quivering as she rolled her hips against my throbbing cock till I was on the very edge of my own second orgasm.

“I’m gonna blow. Fuck I am gonna cum inside your cunt I screamed as I felt my balls contract and the head of my cock swelled even larger than it had been as I arched my back and the tip of my cock hit her cervix as the first blast of thick white cum blasted out of the head of my cock. All I could do was to blast jet after jet of my cum into her filling her pussy till my sperm squirted out around the thick base of my cock. Bellowing like a bull I grabbed her hips in my hands and kept fucking her as our mixed cum now was being pumped out of her stuffed opening till my orgasm subsided and my knees grew too weak to hold myself up. I fell back into the cockpit and my thick cock was sucked from her cunt and as I looked down at Linda’s snatch it was open and white cum was flowing out of her pussy. She lay back on the cushions and was breathing in deep gasps like myself. My cock was slippery with our combined fluids and neither of us had strength to move for some time.

I was able to sit up and I took her hand and pulled her to me not caring we were both a mess and I kissed her. Linda wrapped her fingers around my now soft cock as we kissed and I started to thicken again, but pulled back from her and made sure the ladder was still over the side. We jumped into the cool water and swam to renew our bodies. “Linda we still have a few hours of sailing to go before we get to the island I had planned to drop anchor. Let’s go back and you can sit with me as I get us there. No more playing till we arrive and then I will go diving for dinner.” I said as I pulled her body to me and again watched her climb the ladder giving a perfect view of her ass and cunt.

I let the sails back out and pulled in the sea anchor and soon we were underway again and both of us in a much better mood than before. Linda went below and brought us a couple of bottles of chilled water as she was thirsty as well as I was and she lay back on the cushions and spread her legs giving me a pleasant view of herself. I kept my eyes on the compass and the horizon as I sailed and soon the island I was looking for came into view so I lowered the sails and used the motor to make way into the lagoon. Most times there would be another boat or two as this little island had a fresh water spring with a waterfall, plenty of fresh fruit and it was an unspoken rule to always keep this place clean and never leave a mess. I busied myself with getting the boat ready for anchor and once inside the middle of the deep lagoon I dropped anchor in thirty foot of clear water. I went past Linda who was in the galley gathering things to make dinner with and I grabbed my mask, snorkel, flippers and a spear gun. Both of us still naked I flipped over the rail after putting the rope ladder down to find dinner. The lagoon was full of fish and it did not take me long to gather two good size sand trout to stick under the broiler. I lowered the back deck a small platform on the stern and I cleaned the fish before coming on board.

Linda had made a green salad and cut up some bananas and washed some fresh berries for us to nibble . I turned on the broiler and seasoned the fish in a light butter sauce and in less than ten minutes dinner was served. I pulled a bottle of chilled white wine from the cooler for us to drink. We carried our plates up on deck and ate dinner watching the sun go down over the water. Once done I leaned over and put my arm around her and pulled her plush body against my own as I leaned over and kissed her left ear lobe. Linda moaned as her fingers found the inside of my right thigh and placed her leg over mine opening herself wide as my fingers teased her labia as I started to nibble along her jawline. I trailed my tongue down her jawline till I was near her mouth and when we kissed our tongues fought each other for control as my hands went to her huge tits and lifted them upwards as the tips of my thumbs circled her hard nipples. Linda arched her back and pressed her firm flesh against my hands as I worked my kisses down her neck to where the hollow of her throat was and I fluttered the tip of my tongue there as I was now massaging her breast feeling the firm yet soft flesh as my hands were squeezing from the base to her nipples and her moans grew louder as my mouth now was between her large tits. Her fingers started running up and down from the base of my cock to encircle the sensitive underside of the head of my cock as I moved my lips to her left breast and started nibbling on it as my fingers found the open lips of her cunt and I let my fingertips tease her opening, just entering and then spreading her moisture on her labia. The sun was just below the horizon as I moved away from her and laid her back on top of the wheel house and placed her legs over my shoulders. I did not tease her as I just dove into her sweet smelling pussy and started attacking her clit with my lips as I kissed and sucked on her hood and used the tip of my tongue to flip up under the hood and massage her clit as Linda used her hands and pulled my hair. Like before she came as soon as my mouth found her clit, but this time I was not going to stop for anything. I planned on feasting on this cunt till my tongue was too tired to move and only then would I stop licking her pussy. I süperbahis used my hands to forcefully spread her legs as wide apart as possible as I licked her from her asshole to the top of her smooth shaved mound. I used my fingers to hold her knees wide and I stuck my tongue into her opening and like a small cock I pistoned it in and out as her juices flowed into my mouth and off my chin. I looked up her body past her full tummy and saw her hands were mauling and pulling at her breast as she rolled her head side to side on the wheelhouse deck. The warm night air on my ass as my legs were spread as I squatted on deck and my hard cock bobbed up and down as I moved and ate her succulent cunt. My full balls swayed as I moved my body. Linda was grunting as she thrust her hips up and down as I switched back to long slow licks from her asshole where I would rim her before sucking on her lips as my mouth moved upwards. Forcing the tip of m y tongue into her pussy as I found her vagina I continued upwards to her clit where I would take it back between my lips and flutter my tongue across the tip of it. Each pass brought screams and grunts of pleasure as I was now nibbling on her labia as I would kiss first then tenderly sc**** my teeth across them.

Linda suddenly went into a seizure as her entire body became ridged and she started shaking a she screamed out so loud I could hear it echo off the beach front. My face was flooded in her cum I drank as much as I could and let the rest wash over my face and drip off my chin. I even felt it hit the head of my cock as it dripped off my face. I pulled back just enough to look down at my cock and saw I was actually dripping cum out of the opening as I was so turned on and again I attacked her cunt. Linda continued to pull my hair and was screaming for me to fuck her. “I need your cock. Fuck me please, please fill my cunt with your cock. I can’t take anymore of what your doing to me!”

I moved my hands to her ankles and stood up with my dripping cock over her mound and let it drip onto her mound. Each time a drop would land onto her mound she reached down and spread it around and then licked her fingers. I had to hold back from picking her up and standing her against the mast as I was more than ready to shove my cock into her cunt. Linda tried to sit up, but with the way I had her ankles there was no way she could move her lower body.

“Please take me I need a cock in my cunt so bad I am on the verge of cumming already.” she cried.

I let loose of her legs and pulled back from her and stroked my thick cock as she got on her knees in front of me. “No stand up and grab the railing and shove your ass back into the air. Linda complied and I watched her large breast sway as she moved. I stood there as she grabbed the railing with her tits hanging down and as she spread her feet I was shown her red cunt and her pink asshole. I did not even tease her as I reached down with my left hand and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit and once I found her entrance I grabbed hold of her hips with both hands and slid half of my cock into her hot dripping cunt. Linda arched her back and shoved herself back against my next thrust and I was buried in her vice like tunnel of her cunt. Linda reached back and softly caressed my nuts as I just ground myself against her. I felt her fingers slip around my shaft and then back to my large balls as I was ready to explode deep into her cunt.

“No not yet. Please hold back I want to fuck like this for a while.” she said as she looked over her shoulder so I pulled back till just the head of my cock was in her and slowly slid back into her. I felt her knees buckle as I started to thrust in and out of her cunt and shifted my view to the waves sliding against the shore and I timed my strokes to them. Keeping my mind on the waves allowed me to prolong the fucking I was giving Linda. The long deep thrust had Linda grunting as she now had both hands on the rail and my hands held her hips up as she was going weak in the knees as her cum was running down the inside of her thighs and dripping off my balls as stroke after long hard stroke of my erect fucking cock filled her and then pulled back out only to be shoved deeply back into her. Linda started to shake as her thighs quivered and her grip on the railing faltered.

“God your a great fuck.” I grunted as I continued pounding in and out of her. Her massive tits bounced as I started driving harder into her and I could feel myself building to my own explosion. I threw my head back as she too felt me on edge and I felt her slippery fingers cup my balls and a finger touched my asshole as I shoved as hard as possible into her as my ass cheeks tightened as I exploded into her tight sheath. I bellowed out loud as she pressed back against me as I continued to spew rope after rope of my cum deep inside her cunt filling it till both our combine juices leaked out of her. I started to lose my hard on and as my cock slipped out of her both of us fell to the deck. Linda stroked my cum covered cock and then licked her fingers before straddling my face and started sucking my tender and sensitive cock. I pulled her mound down and started to lick her clit as our combined cum flowed out of her opening and I started sucking her pussy as more and more of us filled my mouth.

This brought my cock back to life and while I was cleaning her out with my tongue she came again all over my face drenching me in her fragrant nectar. I was too tired to move and Linda turned round and kissed me as we laid out under the stars on deck. I finally stood up and on weak legs helped Linda stand up and we went below to the galley to have something to drink as I was thirsty from all the exercise we had just enjoyed. The night was still early and I flipped on a switch to turn on the deck lights as we drank some bottled water and then back up on deck. Once in the cockpit I pulled her into my arms and held her full figured body against mine and looked her in the eyes and asked her.”Is this what you had in mind when I called you and asked if you wanted to come along for a trip.?”

“No it is better and I never would have thought you had such a great idea of how to pleasure a woman while on vacation.” she said as she kissed me tenderly. “I could use a swim.” she said as she walked to the stern and climbed out onto the platform. I followed her and before stepping out of the cockpit I turned on the underwater lights and watched her slip into the water. I dove in and swam to her and pulled her into my arms as we touched each others bodies. The warm water felt wonderful and refreshing after all we had just done. I dove down and slid my hands under her tits and came up behind her where my cock rubbed against her ass. Linda squealed as I pinched her nipples and then spun around swam back to the boat and climbed up and sat on the platform with my legs spread with my balls in the water and the shaft of my cock breaking the surface Linda swam to me and placed her arms over my thighs and her mouth sucked on my large hairy balls as her hands stroked my cock back to an erection. This woman could not get enough of my cock and who was I to deny her what she wanted from me. Linda teased me and as tender as I was from the previous sex I pulled her up out of the water and sat her next to me on the platform and held her body against mine as the sun set in the sky.

“We need a shower to get the salt off of us.” I said as I stood up and again as my cock was at her mouth level she stroked me and suckled the thick bulbous head between her lips as she stroked my shaft. Her mouth sucked more of my cock into her mouth as I stood and leaned against the stern of the boat and let her have her way with my cock. I held on the the rail above me as she swallowed all of my thick hard cock and the tip of her nose was buried on my salty wet pubic hair as she swallowed me. I was buried in her throat and could feel the muscles constrict and relax as she breathed through her nose as her hands were holding onto my ass cheeks and had them spread as her finger tips slipped in and out of my ass hole keeping me hard and my hips started thrusting on their own. I was grunting as Linda continued to suck my cock and swallow as she did till I looked down and saw her eyes looking up into mine. I let go of the rail and grasped the sides of her face and started to thrust in and out of her mouth and in short I was fucking her throat as I pounded in and out of her mouth. “Fuck I am going to blow!” I grunted as I pulled her nose against my groin and she slid a finger from each hand into my asshole and rubbed my prostate as I pumped her mouth with each blast of my orgasm. She pulled back till just half of my shaft was in her mouth as I continued to pump my load into her sucking mouth. My knees gave way and I sat down next to Linda and she kissed me and I tasted my cum in her mouth. Linda stood up and climbed up the ladder and I the view she gave me as she was at the top as she spread her thighs Her pussy was open and inflamed and I could tell she was wet from the inside from her own nectar as I followed her up the ladder and down into the main cabin to the shower. We soaped each others bodies and in the tiny shower to was her back her tits pressed against my chest and my cock pressed against her belly and when she turned for me to was her front my cock was between the firm wet cheeks of her ass. I washed her neck and she leaned her torso back against mine and I leaned in and kissed her neck as my soapy hands washed her tits and down her belly to her pubic mound. I did not even toy with her pussy as my fingers slipped between her legs and found her erect love button. Once my fingers touched it she moaned out as her body became stiff as she held onto my hips with her hands as her orgasm washed through her body. I rinsed her body and once I turned off the water I opened the shower door and handed her a towel and we dried ourselves off before walking over to the bed.

I laid back in the middle of the queen sized bed and watched her finish drying her hair. Her massive breast hung down from her chest and swayed and jiggled as she fluffed her hair dry and I must have laughed aloud watching her body move.

“What’s so funny?” she asked as she stood upright and threw her towel over the shower door where my towel was hanging. Linda put her hands on hands on her hips and threw her shoulders back causing her tits to be shoved in front of her chest making them look even larger. “You laughing at these?” she questioned as lifted her hands and caressed the smooth yet firm flesh.

“Not really laughing, but more in amazement of them. Your boobs are a work of art.” I said as I reached down and softly stroked my flaccid cock.

“Not a work of art, but work of mother nature as these are all me and nothing else.” she stated as she shook her shoulders causing boobs to sway back and forth before coming to bed.

I checked under my pillow to make sure my gun was there and a laid down on my left side and laid her arm her breast onto my chest as she kissed my neck. I pulled the blanket over our naked bodies and listened to the waves lap against the hull of the boat as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night and the moonlight shining through a porthole shone on our bodies. The moonlight shining on her body as she lay on her side with her hands under her cheek as her knees were pulled in a fetal position. I was tempted to spoon behind her and wrap her in my arms, but instead I pulled the covers back over us as laid on my back and went back to sleep till the sun streamed through the porthole. Linda was not in bed when I rolled over to find her missing. I sat up in bed and heard noise out in the galley and walked naked to the galley. I saw Linda bent over from behind reaching into a lower cabinet and the sight of her full firm ass welcomed me to the galley. When I was behind her I placed my hands on her waist and stepped around her while making sure my cock rubbed against her hip.

“Good morning Captain.” Linda said as she stroked my ass as I slid past her and out onto the deck of the boat still nude and I planned on staying this way till we would make port if we wanted. We had enough food and rations for at least a week if we portioned them out. I would fish for fresh food and there were lobsters in the lagoons if you looked careful so meal time would not be any troubles. Linda stepped out of the galley and up into the cockpit and her full figure swayed with each step as she had a serving tray with a jug of orange juice, bananas, berries and buttered toast on the tray. She bent from the waist towards me and her tits swung away from her chest as I laid back and spread my legs wide. Linda knelt at my feet and placed the tray behind her on the cushions and licked her lips as she placed her hands on the insides of my knees and leaned forward to kiss the head of my cock which was coming hard very quickly. “I need my morning protein.” Linda said with a smile as she used her fingers to cradle and play with my balls as she had just the head of my cock in her mouth and used her tongue to circle around the sensitive glans. I put my arms out across the back of the cockpit as Linda played with my now very hard cock and she was humming as she was enjoying what she was doing. I could feel the head of my cock go deeper and deeper into her mouth and she did not gag at all as she simply swallowed my cock into her throat. I groaned my approval as she buried her nose in my pubic hair and her tits rubbed against my inner thighs as I felt her puffy nipples rub across my skin as she started bobbing her head up and down till just the tip of my cock was between her lips and then she would slide her mouth slowly back down. I was grunting as I wanted to grasp her head, but I let her take her time doing what she was enjoying. “Cum for me.” she said as she looked up into my eyes before attacking my spit covered shaft. Linda started stroking my shaft with her right hand as she kept her eyes on mine. I was close and she knew it as she slid her mouth down and started gulping my cock as I could feel the shaft pulse and the head become larger as I thrust my hips up grasped my waist swallowed the first blast deep into her throat. Linda pulled back and kept the head of my jetting cock in her mouth and swallowed my cum as jet after jet pumped into her mouth. It felt like my balls were being sucked out of my cock as I continued to pump more and more into her luscious mouth.

Linda climbed up onto my lap as the last of my cum filled her mouth she slipped my cock into her pussy as she opened her mouth to show me she swallowed all my cum. Linda leaned back to get the tray and in the process spread her legs wider and took me all the way into herself. I held her hips and thrust into her as she laid back for the tray and she had small orgasm as her body quivered. Her tits swayed as she sat back up and she placed a strawberry between her tits and leaned forward and raised up till her head of my cock was inside her and I leaned forward and sucked the fruit from between her boobs into my mouth and I licked them clean. She would take the food off the tray and eat it between using her breasts to feed me and she would slide up to feed me and down as she placed more between them. I was licking her tits as she rode me as we finished eating. Linda laid against my chest and kissed me as I felt her hard nipples press against my chest as she started to lick my face clean. I reached down and put my hands on her hips.

“God your wonderful Linda.” I stated as she licked the tip of my nose and gave her hips a firm squeeze.

“I always wanted to go sailing, but did not think I would get to be alone like this. I am so glad you asked me to come sailing.” she purred as she rocked her hips.

I grasped her hips tighter and used my arms to lift and then shove her body back down onto my cock as I could feel her wetness now dripping down my scrotum and cover my large balls. I started grunting “Fuck your a tight whore. I could fuck you all day long and still not get enough of your cunt!” as I was pounding in and out of her tight pussy. The walls of her cunt would tighten and then relax as the massaged my shaft. Her tits bounced in my face as she placed her hands on the back of the cockpit cushions on either side of my head as she rode me like she owned me. I felt her cunt walls contract as she pressed her tits into my face and I started nibbling on the offered flesh as my hands grasped her ass as I started thrusting in and out of her pussy. Linda was cumming as she rode my cock and I felt the head hitting against her cervix on the down stroke as she screamed out my name. My balls were aching and ready to burst as I was sweating and the way her tight pussy was sucking my cock in and then out as she rode me. Both of us were süperbahis giriş now grunting and I reached up and grabbed hold of her massive tits and from the base squeezed them and pressed them together and I started biting her nipples. Linda jerked back from my mouth and fell back as she went into convulsions and if I had not grabbed her waist as she fell back she may have fallen off me, but the movement caused the head of my cock to rub across a rough feeling patch of skin inside her and she fainted as I started blasting rope after rope of my white hot cum into her and filling her pussy with my seed. I could not held her body and I leaned forward and lowered her body to the floor of the cockpit as I pulled out of her and still was cumming and my cum spurted onto her belly and mound as neither of us moved for some time.

I fell back on the cushions as I caught my breath and did to see Linda get on her knees till I felt her mouth encircle the head of my now soft cock as she started sucking on me. I laid back as she played with me and let her have her way. Not many women I knew enjoyed giving head like she did and she took her time just teasing and licking on me as she seemed to enjoy herself. I leaned my head down and ran my fingers through her sweat soaked hair and pull her up onto the cushions next to me and Linda leaned against the right side of my chest as her fingers softly touched my stomach around my belly button. We stayed like this most of the morning relaxing in the sexual afterglow and Linda asked what was for lunch as it was my turn to fix the meal. I walked below and gathered up fresh fruits and cut up some cheese and cold cuts for sandwiches. Pulling out a chilled bottle of white wine I set the table and called her to lunch.

“Be right there I need to cleanup after the morning fun” she called out from the forward cabin and I sat back on the bench and poured us each a glass of wine. I was waiting and as she walked into the galley the way her plush body moved made me want to have her on the spot, but being civil lunch would need to come first. Linda rocked her hips side to side and her tits almost bounced with each step and I was truly in lust with this woman. We ate lunch and then back out on deck to get some sun and unwind for a few hours during the middle of the day. I worked on some rigging as Linda read her book as we would catch each other looking at one another’s bodies as we teased each other. Linda would stop now and then and bring me some juice or water as she would lean back against the railing. The sun was turning her body a golden shade with a hint of pink to it. My cock was becoming hard as she reached down and touched her mound and slipped a finger across her clit and cupped her left breast and offered it to me to kiss or nibble on. I was tempted to go after her, but I saw some sails on the horizon coming our way and pointed them out to Linda.

“Damn! I hoped to have this evening to ourselves.” she said as she turned to go below. I walked to the cockpit where the shorts I had removed yesterday were still on the deck and slipped them up over my hips and Linda came out wearing a sheer cover over her nude body. If it was not possible this made her body even more alluring to me. The sailboat was smaller than mine and flew a flag of two symbols of circles with plus signs below them. They dropped anchor maybe twenty yards from our boat and they came out on deck. I looked over and waved and Linda did the same.

The women were wearing bikini tops and short shorts as they waves and shouted. “Ahoy is this place quiet and safe?”

“Nice and still and the fish below as easy to catch. Want to tie off with each other?” I said loudly.

One of them pulled up the anchor and let the boat drift closer and I threw them a line and pulled them the rest of the way and tied off the boats bow to stern and made sure they were secure as possible after they dropped anchor again. They climbed over the railings with a bottle of white wine and we got a good look at them. Both women were past middle age with streaks of silver in their short cut light brown hair and still strong and fit. I noticed each of them was maybe a B cup with slim waist and strong legs. Both were well tanned and smiled a wide smile as they saw Linda in the sheer cover she was wearing and I noticed them look her over as we exchanged pleasantries.

“I am Karen and my partner Sula are glad to meet the two of you. We left out this morning and this is one of our stops we make when we sail this part of the area. It seems like we may have interrupted the two of you.” one of the women said as she looked me over.

“To be honest yes Linda was about to get some sun and I was going to go overboard to catch something for lunch and dinner today and to be honest clothing on my boat could be called optional if it does not offend you to see us nude.” I said as I pulled Linda to me and ran my hand along the outer side of her left hip up under the sheer.

“If seeing two old ladies naked doesn’t bother you we are the same way once we drop anchor. Where do we drop our stuff?” Sula asked.

I untied Linda’s sheer and left her body exposed as I folded her wrap and placed it on top of the cabin and as I was reaching for my shorts they had already removed their tops and I pulled my shorts down. Soon the four of us were naked and Linda went below to get four glasses as I showed our guest below to the main cabin so we could sit and chat. The sofas were small as in any boat the size of mine and Sula sat on the floor as Karen spread her legs and Sula leaned back between her partners legs as we talked and Linda did the same with me. The bottle of wine was polished off quickly and when I stood up Sula looked at my soft cock and asked “How is it with three naked women that thing is not hard as steel?”

“I saw your flag and thought you two were gay and did not want to offend you with playing around and I have been trying not to openly look the two of you over. I need to go and get something for lunch either of you want to come along?” I said as I pulled Linda up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and Linda swatted my ass softly.

“I’ll go with you Karen said as she followed me up on deck and as I readied my mask and snorkel she went to their boat and did the same. I was in the water with my spear gun as I heard her splash over my position and saw her swimming towards me with just a pair of swimmers goggles on and a net to hold anything we caught. Karen swam with the practiced ease of someone who spent a fair amount of time in the water and we found a school of trout and soon had eight fair sized fish in the net between going up for air and back below. Karen did surprise me as when she swam up in front of me reached out and stroked my cock. I reached out and slid a finger into her pussy and she pulled me to her and kissed me underwater as we made our way topside with all our gear. “You have such a nice cock.” she said as we surfaced.

“I thought you are gay?” I questioned

“Sula is and I am what you would call true sexual beings. Nothing is off limits with me and I bet right now she is licking your wifes cunt and driving her to an orgasm.” She said as she turned away and swam towards the boat.

Once to the boat she dropped her goggles on the deck and I emptied the fish into the wet well and dropped my gear as Karen dropped to her knees and took my now hardening cock in her hands and moaned as she licked the head of it like a k** licks a lollipop. I heard someone from below cried out as they orgasmed and it did sound like Linda. Karen wrapped her arms around my hips and swallowed half my now pounding hard cock into her mouth. I did not want a blow job and I lifted her up and turned her around had her grab the railing and slid my cock between her legs to find her cunt hot and ready for me as I entered her pussy from behind. Karen grunted as I pressed more of myself into her snatch and she reached back between her legs and was fingering her clit as I continued to press more of myself into her hot tight tunnel. Karen was grunting as she pressed back to each of my thrust as we fucked out in the open and I was soon ready to explode.

“In or out?” I grunted as I was getting too close and she answered the question as she pressed herself back and with her right hand grabbed my swinging balls and held me in place as my body convulsed as I blasted the first shot into her dripping tight cunt. I looked to my left as Sula and Linda watched us as Karen screamed out with her own climax. Linda swatted my ass as Sula bent over and kissed Karen and asked her “Well I see you managed to find the only hard cock in the area. How was he?” she asked as she cupped Karens small tits in her hands.

“Too bad you don’t like a real cock as his is wonderful. Sorry I just had to get fucked by his monster.” Karen said as she kissed Sula.

“That’s ok his wife was almost as good in bed as you are, but what do you say we stop for now and take a break before lunch.” Sula said as she kissed Linda and Linda looked at me and then down at her feet as if ashamed of them making love without me. I pulled my now softening cock out of Karen and Linda knelt at my feet and sucked my sock clean as Karen and Sula kissed each other. The four of us nude and enjoying our bodies was nothing shameful and when my cock was clean I suggested they combine supplies for lunch as I would go ahead and clean four of the fish and set up the gas broiler on the bow deck and broil the fish. I fired up the broiler and soon had the fish cleaned and ready as Sula walked out on deck and brought me the plate to put the finish fish on.

“Sula I am sorry about what happened between Karen and I and hope I did not cause and domestic troubles between the two of you.” I said as I continued working.

“That’s alright as she enjoys a nice penis and from the view yours is nice and big. This trip is our tenth anniversary trip and I am just as guilty as ravaging your wife. I could not resist her full figure and her huge boobs. Do you forgive me for taking advantage of her?” Sula asked as I seasoned the fish.

“Linda is not my wife, just a close female friend until yesterday had never even seen naked and not I really think I am falling for her.” I told her as I turned and looked at her.

“Lucky girl and I wish you guys well and hope for a good long life. Did you know she is possibly bisexual?” Sula asked.

“I had not thought about it how did the two of you start out while Karen and I were catching fish?” I questioned.

“I simply told her I loved the size of her boob and asked if I could feel them and when my hands touched them her nipples hardened and I started kissing her flesh and she became turned on. She is one hot woman and can lick my tight little pussy anytime.” Sula laughed.

“If we don’t change the subject I may not be able to control my cock as it becomes hard and needs a cunt.” I joked.

“Fuck my wife I don’t mind as long as I get to have Linda again and this time all of us with each other. What upset me was Karen fucked you without me knowing about it.” Sula said with a smile and nodded to the fish as they were just about ready to turn over.

I pulled the broiler pan out and turned the fish over and Sula seasoned them before I pushed the pan back under the flames. I stood up and stretched my back as I looked out over the water. There were s**ttered fluffy clouds in the sky and the water was clear and had little waves as they popped against the hulls of our boats. I became distracted as Karen and Linda joined us on the deck and had platters of fresh fruit and steamed rice along with a large picture of frozen drinks. Linda handed me the plates as I pulled each fish out of the broiler and then turned it off after shutting off the propane tank as I did not want a fire aboard the boat. Everything was tasty and when we finished up I offered to do the dishes as the ladies had all worked so hard getting the meal put together. I sc****d the plates over the side as food in the water only served to feed the fish and I carried the plates to the galley and washed up the dishes. I made sure the galley was spotless and everything put away. Water splashed on my body, but without clothing I did not care and wiped myself dry. It had gotten quiet on deck and I walked up the forward hatch to find the three women sunning themselves and chatting away about me.

“Linda you know he is falling in love with you.” I hear Sula tell Linda before I came up the hatch.

“I hope he is as I have been in love with him for years, but I did not want to admit it to myself.” Linda replied.

“You are a lucky woman.” Karen said as I heard her giggle. “His cock is perfect and it filled my hot pussy as we fucked. I could only think what you must be like having access to it any time”

“I am looking forward to him and I being a couple. He asked my best friend to come first and she told me she could not make it. I dropped everything and jumped at the chance.” Linda giggled. “I did not know how big he was till we left port and I am so glad I came along.”

“We will untie and let the two of you be a couple once he makes his way up here as we have some needs of our own” I heard Sula say.

Linda giggled “Too bad I bet he would love to watch the three of us play together.”

“If he could keep out of it I wouldn’t mind if he promises not to get involved till we finish with your body.” I heard Sula say.

Karen laughed and said “We could tie him to the mast and have fun right here on deck in front of him.

“That would be mean to him all tied up and not able to touch himself or us. He may explode just watching the three of us.” Linda giggled.

I made some noise as I was just below the deck and as I popped my head up the three of them were looking right at me smiling as if they were up to something. Linda sat up quickly and excused herself from the group. I sat down with my back to the mast and Sula and Karen smiled as they did not know I had heard them talking. I watched them as they reapplied sun screen to each other as they were teasing me and keeping my attention. I heard Linda walking up behind me and ignored her and suddenly I felt the rope around my shoulders and the other two attacked me and in the process they both rubbed pussies and tits against my body as I tried to struggle against them. Sula even had her cunt in my face and I could smell her arousal, but did not do anything till she actually pressed it against my shoulder and I turned looked right at it as she pressed her body against mine. Karen was on my left and holding my arms behind me as Linda tried to tie my hands, but Sula moved around and suddenly well tied and I could not move them.

The three of them walked around and stood in front of me and Sula told Karen “Go get the bag of toys out of our cabin. I want to show this man how a woman treats a woman. Linda I hope your ready for this as Karen enjoys huge tits and you need some attention down here from both of us.”

I watched Sula step behind Linda and kiss the nape of her neck as her hands ran up her arms from her fingers to her shoulders. Linda was standing there with her feet apart and moaned as Sula ran her hands down Linda’s sides and under her boobs and cupped them and held them as if she was wearing a human hand bra. My cock was hard and throbbing as Sula pinched Linda’s nipples bringing them erect and dark brown from the attention as Linda pressed back against Sula’s body. Sula slid her hands down Linda’s torso and continued to kiss her neck and Linda turned her head and found Sula’s mouth with her own and they opened their mouths as Sula slipped her hands down to Linda’s mound and her fingers teased Linda’s mound as they kissed. I know Linda felt Sula’s nipples pressing into her back and Linda wrapped her hands back and pulled against Sula’s hips hard against her own plump firm ass. I heard Karen coming back aboard and she had a backpack over her left shoulder and dropped it between my open legs and squatted in front of me with her legs spread wide showing me her cunt. Karen slipped two fingers into her snatch and put them under my nose and said “Smell this and be a good boy and maybe we let you play. Just do not touch Sula in any way sexually as she does not like men in her.”

I watched as she took a tube of lube out and covered several dildos and vibrators lovingly. Looking me in the eyes she took one the size of my cock and as she covered it in lube and said “Think of your cock getting this attention.” as I watched her lower the thing down and with her legs spread wide and her cunt lips open she slid the head of the dildo into her pussy. My eyes were riveted to how she slipped the fake cock in and out of her cunt and with each stroke more and more of the dildo filled her pussy till just the tip of it was left exposed. I looked over her shoulder and saw Sula had her fingers in Linda’s pussy and süperbahis güvenilir mi Linda was going down on her knees as she was whimpering aloud asking for more. Karen pulled the dildo out of her pussy and sucked it down her throat as she laid it down on my cock and turned on the vibrate function making my cock jump from the added stimulation. She turned and on her hands and knees now spread her legs giving me a perfect view of her pussy and she attacked Linda’s clit with her mouth as Sula laid Linda back on the deck and continued to make out with her. Linda screamed out as Sula had reached out and pulled out a small pair of clamps and attached them to Linda’s hard nipples as Sula now was suckling on them as Karen sucked her pussy. I tried to fight against my bonds as the women in front of me was driving me crazy in lust as Sula looked at me and said “Look at this pussy.” as she spread her cunt open. “Never had a cock in it and never will.” and then squatted over Linda’s face. Linda reached out and grabbed Sula’s hips and attacked her pussy as Sula mauled Linda’s huge tits with her strong fingers and was leaving marks as her fingers squeezed the firm tits. Linda was grunting as I watched Karen pull back and lift Linda’s ass in her hands and turned her body sideways so I could see all the action better. I was starting to drip as I was so hard and erect I watched Karen take a well lubed dildo from the pile between my legs and she ran the tip of it across my balls and up the underside of my shaft before turning and in a single plunge pressed it into Linda’s cunt. I heard her scream as she arched her back and pulled Sula harder against her face and her hips shot up i the air as Karen started thrusting it in and out of her snatch and even outdoors I could smell their aromas. Linda suddenly screamed out as she tried to get Sula off her face but Sula stayed in place and I saw why Linda was going crazy. Karen had four of her fingers slipping in and out of Linda’s cunt and I watched as Sula took Linda’s legs and lifted them up and Karen pressed her hand forward and the whole hand vanished into Linda. Sula laid down over Linda’s body and proceeded to attack her clit with her mouth and I was now dripping more and more precum down my shaft as I was still trying to get loose from my bonds. Sula was moaning as Linda again wrapped her hands over Sula’s thighs and was going down on her and Karen continued to now fuck Linda with her fist as Karen turned her body to me and spread her legs wide and used the dildo she had used on Linda now she was toying with her own clit as she started to slip the head of it into her swollen red pussy. I watched as she licked her lips and pulled it out and sucked the head as if it were my cock head and I felt my balls spasm and my stomach muscles tighten as she slid it back into herself and started to stroke it in and out in long slow deep strokes. I was grunting and Sula looked over and rolled off of Linda’s face and sat down with her legs open wide and took the dildo out of Karen’s hand and shoved it in and out of Karen’s pussy as she kissed Karen. They kissed and Sula pulled the dildo from Karen’s cunt and swiftly pressed it into her own as she watched my thick hard throbbing. I was so close my cock was twitching and if the wind blew just right I would explode and cover the deck with my load of cum. Karen pulled her hand out of Linda and Linda groaned as she lay limp on the deck and I watched Karen attack Sula’s nipples with her tongue and she fingered her own self.

“Karen he still has not cum yet there may be something here yet. I have always joked about it will take the right man to fuck my man less cunt. What do you say if you go down on him and he last more than a minute I’ll let him fuck me.” Sula grunted as she fucked herself. “Linda time him with my watch” she said as she unwrapped her watch from her right arm.

I knew there was no way I would ever last, but a challenge was a challenge so I closed my eyes and mentally started working on rebuilding the engine below. I felt Karen lick my cock and wrap her fingers around me as she stroked my shaft and I was thinking of the main engine shaft being turned by the main crankshaft and my breathing slowed down and became steady. I leaned my head back against the wooden mast as Karen swallowed my cock in her mouth. I started counting slowly to sixty as Karen was rubbing my shaft and sucking on my cock. Her breath on the hair of my groin had me going and I was at thirty as I counted. I pressed the back of my head hard against the mast as I really wanted to make Sula lose her bet as I never had fucked a confirmed lesbian before and it was more to prove her wrong and not just stick my cock into her snatch. I was at forty five now and opened my eyes and looked at Sula and she had stopped fucking herself with the dildo and watched Karen swallowing my thick hard shaft as Linda started counting down from ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and zero.

Karen pulled her mouth off my cock and kissed me as she stroked my slippery spit covered shaft. “Looks like you lost!” I said as I smiled. Keep your word? If not I will take Karen here and not make you do something you really do not want to do with a man.”

I lost and for the life of me I don’t know how you stopped, but I will live up to my word.” Sula said as she stood up and spread her legs putting her pussy in my face.

“Are you sure you want to do this as all you have told me you never wanted to have a man inside you and how it disgust you to even think about it happening to you.” Karen asked her.

“I will fuck him. After all it is just like a dildo and with his trussed up there is nothing he can do but let me use him as a tool.” Sula said as she squatted in my face and used her fingers and spread her cunt open for me to see.

“No don’t go against your sexuality. If your a lesbian don’t fuck me and keep yourself for Karen.” Don’t do this just because you lost a stupid bet.” I told her as she lowered herself down till the tip of my cock as inches from her pussy.

“You really would rather I not fuck you cause I lost?” she asked as she lowered herself till I was just touching her open snatch. Too bad I am a woman of my word and you have to fuck me against your wishes. Now just stay hard till I cum and then we will untie you and you can fuck the others.” she spat out in anger as she impaled herself on my slippery cock. Sula wrapped her arms around my neck as she kicked her feet out wide and sat down onto my shaft and her cheeks almost crushed my bloated balls against the deck and grunted as she was filled up by my cock.

Her eyes closed as she humped my cock and crushed her clit against my pubic bone and Karen knelt next to her. “Sula stop it your making a fool of yourself” Karen pleaded.

“God now I know why you fucked him.” Sula moaned as she looked down between our bodies and humped hard.”His cock is better than the little pricks at the club we always see.” Sula started to sweat as her neck and face had become flush and I could feel her nectar flowing out of her and coating my balls as she was so hot and tight. I felt like I was in a tight hot sheath unlike another cunt I had fucked and to know I was the only cock she ever had in her life made me throb and my shaft grow larger around as more blood flowed to fill my shaft. Her hair was becoming wet as her nipples were fully engorged with blood and her aerola were dark brown with a reddish ting as her breathing was becoming shallow as she was almost panting as her body was reacting to my cock. I raised my hips as she started to use her feet to help her slip up and down on more of my shaft.

Karen leaned down and kissed Sula and said “A huge hard cock can be nice every once in a while can’t it?” as she pinched Sula’s left nipple and Linda knelt next to her on the other side and started raking her teeth across the other nipple between licking and sucking on it. Karen stepped behind Sula and pulled her back against her legs for support and told her “Just fuck him and enjoy the ride. I can see your fighting it now. Just let it happen and cum all over his cock. When he fills your cunt with his load we will make sure there is nothing left with a douche. Now just fuck like your body wants I promise you will love it as you explode.” as she bent down and kissed Sula.

I was throbbing as my cock felt like I was going to explode time after time, but I also wanted to make sure Sula was well fucked by my cock as she rode me. He cunt was so tight and hot as the inner walls contracted tight around my thick veined shaft and the bulbous head was rubbing across the cervix as she threw her arms around my neck breathing hard as her entire chest and face flushed even deeper red as she was grunting “No I can’t cum, no there is no way this cock gives me pleasure, no, no, no, no. Oh God YES!” as all her muscles in her stomach contracted and she threw her arms around my neck as her cunt clamped down hard around my not throbbing thick shaft. I was about to blast my orgasm into her, but I tensed my body and lifted my hips driving myself deeper into Sula as she bit my shoulder and her nails dug into my shoulders. “Fuck, oh God fuck. Don’t stop you fucker, God yes. I need your cock Fuck me like a bitch.” Sula was grunting between her panting breath as she humped my cock. Karen saw biting her own nipples as she fingered her own pussy as Linda worked on Sula’s tits. I pressed my head back against the mast and Sula continued to ride me as her voice screamed. Karen push me down I need more of his cock in me I want all of his thick cock in me. I need to feel him as deep in my cunt as possible. God yes” as her body again went into convulsions and I thought to myself for a woman who never had a cock in her pussy she was cumming awfully hard on mine. Sula leaned her head back and Karen spread her legs wide and lowered her cunt to Sula’s face and Sula grabbed onto Karen’s hips and Karen held Sula by the shoulders and squatted down onto the deck with Sula still fucking my cock. The shaft being pulled downward as Karen slowly lowered Sula made the tip of my cock rub across the rough feeling patch of skin inside her cunt and Sula screamed out as loud as she could and her body shook as if she was having a seizure.

My cock was being pulled hard down and I knew it was going to blast as Karen lifted Sula’s head up and said. “Fuck her cunt you stud. I know she has it in her. Fuck her hard now and cum deep into her slippery hot tight snatch.””

I felt Linda behind me untie my hands and once I was free I pulled Sula’s legs over my shoulders and with this angle I had control of my strokes and now thrust into Sula in long deep hard fucking motions. I did not slow down as I fucked her tight cunt and I could feel my balls slapping against her ass as I went deep into her. Karen had herself on Sula’s face as she squatted and fingered her own clit as Sula licked her pussy. Karen was breathing hard as Sula attacked her cunt with her mouth as my cock assaulted her cunt and I suddenly felt myself ready to fill the cunt I was buried in and as I tried to pull back Karen told me. “Give it to my bitch. Pump her cock virgin cunt full of your cum. Now you fucker. Fill her and feel how tight her pussy is.”

I forcefully grabbed Sula’s ass and dug my fingers into it and pulled her cunt against my pubic bone and the first jet felt like it tried to force her away from my body. Jet after jet of my molten cum painted the inside of her cunt and knowing that no man had ever filled this pussy with cum made me stay hard as I continued thrusting in and out of her. Sula was trying to scream and push Karen off of her face as she felt me pumping her cunt full of cream and I thought I was going to be in trouble.

“Fuck me damn you. Don’t you dare stop fucking my cunt.” Sula screamed as Karen laid next to her and kissed her open mouth. I kept going and now our mixed cum was making sucking and sloppy sounds as I drove in and out of her wetness and Linda came over and kissed me and I felt something slippery touch my ass.

“Sula turn over on your knees and feel his cock doggy style like when I fuck you with your favorite strap on. Linda is about to fuck him in the ass.” She told Sula between kisses. I pulled out of Sula only to watch her get on her knees and spread her legs as I got up on my knees as Karen slid under her in a sixty nine position and I could feel Karen’s breath on my nuts as Karen took hold of my shaft and guided in into Sula’s sloppy cum filled cunt. I slammed back into Sula and Karen started licking our combined groins as we fucked. Her hands rubbed my balls as I felt Linda press her tits against my back and the strapped mounted well lubed dildo entered my tight ass. It slid deep into my ass and suddenly I felt like a lighting bolt shot from my ass to my brain as I lost control and started pounding my ass back and forth fucking as well as being fucked. It was hard to describe the pleasure I was having. I had become more of a carnal a****l as I felt my ass being filled by the dildo buried in it and the My cock thrusting in and out of Sula’s cunt. That is till Karen took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them.

I spasmed as my throbbing hard thick cock swelled even more and I did everything I could do not to burst, but Linda kissed my neck and told me “Let it go and fill her cunt again she needs to feel you pump her cunt full of you cum. I pulled as hard as possible on her hips and thrust into her as Linda did the same to me and I became a quivering mass of muscles and my belly tightened and my balls that Karen had in her mouth tightened as my cock jerked as it unloaded wave after wave of my pearly white cum into Sula’s pussy. My toes curled as my legs locked up and I could not move as it felt like my entire core was buried in the tight wet cunt I was pumping spurt after spurt of my cum into to. “That’s right fill her pussy till it drips off your balls into Karen’s mouth” I heard Linda whisper in my ear as she continued to rock the strap on in and out of my ass. I was loosing it as I leaned back and drove my still hard cock into Sula and grunted as I continued to fuck her. She was screaming out for me not to stop and to keep fucking her. The four of us did not stop and even after cumming twice into her well fucked cunt she screamed she needed my cock. Karen had rolled out from under us and I did not know where she was till I heard Linda grunt from behind me. Karen had moved and was sucking on Linda’s massive tits as Linda continued to fuck my ass as I still had Sula with her ass in the air and her head on the deck and Sula was now babbling nonsense as I fucked her in short quick strokes.

I felt Linda pull back away from me and my ass was suddenly empty and she pulled my head back and kissed me. I plunged my tongue into her open mouth as I one last time was on edge and felt myself start to cum. Sula fell forward and as she did I came and now just softly spurted small dollops of cum on her hard tight ass. I fell down next to her and pulled her into my arms and looked up at Linda still on her knees with Karen on her back with her head between her legs as she also came.

Linda collapsed and fell down with Sula and I as she was done for and Karen took Sula from my arms and they kissed. The four of us all laid on the deck and regained our strength as I was too fucked out to even get a hardon as I laid there. Linda sat up and said “Well it looks like we all enjoyed ourselves. Sula how was your first real cock?”

Sula sat up and ran a finger between her labia and then tasted the mixed cum before saying. “If all men were as good as him I would have to think it over, but this was just a one time fuck. I will say though if we ever anchor in the same lagoon again I may have to have his again. God he fucks like an a****l and his staying power was special.”

Karen went to the galley and came back with four bottles of water and we endeavored to sit up and drink them. She sat down next to Sula and Linda laid her head in my lap as we sat out on the deck and felt the soft breeze blow across our sweat covered bodies. This made their nipples hard and I smiled to myself as Linda dripped cold water onto my crotch making me jump a little. I pushed her off my lap and stood on shaky legs and dove over the side of the boat and into the warm water. I heard the others splashing into the water around me as we swam and touched each other till we were tired and Linda and I climbed back aboard our boat and Karen and Sula climbed aboard theirs. I picked up the clothing they had worn aboard and handed it across to them as we untied from each other and Sula said “I meant what I said about fucking your cock if we ever tie up again in the future. Take care of her and treat her right and fuck like bunnies when possible. Karen squatted on the bow and pulled up the anchor and Sula fired up the engine of their boat and went to the far side of the lagoon. I pulled anchor and let out the sails as Linda cuddled next to me as we put the “Lucky13” back under sail and back into the open waters looking for our next adventure in the blue ocean.

The end…

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