Sailing Lessons Ch. 04

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As I lay there in bed with the wonderfully warm young Audrey snuggled into my side, basking in the afterglow of our intense little romp, my eyes were suddenly wide open, mostly from shock. Did I hear what I thought I heard?

“What did you say?” I said, pulling back a bit so I could look at her. Her eyes were closed, and she had a satisfied smile on her angelic face. In the flickering of the dying fire in the fireplace, her flawless skin and perfect features looked more beautiful than ever. I was still freaked out. She opened those big dark eyes and looked into mine. She could see the shock on my face, and for a second, looked concerned herself. Then a smile of amusement crept across her face.

“I said I love you.” She said.

“That’s what I thought you said.” I started, and then didn’t know exactly where to proceed from there.

“Are you OK Dave?” She said, propping her head in her hand and looking into my eyes.

“Well, yeah, but uh…I um, think that we…well, you know…” I stammered.

“I know what?” she asked, the smile breaking into a wide grin that showed off her perfect white teeth.

“You haven’t forgotten that I’m married and all that, have you?” I said, trying to sound serious.

She cocked one eyebrow and gave me an amused look.

“Did I just scare you?” She asked.

“Well, no. You didn’t scare me,” I said, “It’s just that I didn’t want you to get too carried away, and you know…”

“Dave?” she said, leaning forward and planting a gentle kiss on my lips.


“Will you relax?” She said, looking serious. “I know this is just one of those summer things.” Her finger traced a circle on my chest. “I know you’re going to have to go back to Louise and all of that. Is that what you’re worried about?”

“Well, I guess I just didn’t want to get so carried away that you get the wrong idea and you know, get hurt.” I said. I could see her look of concern relax back into a naughty little smile, and I was aware of her soft skin moving gently against mine as her hips rocked ever so slightly.

“Oh, you’re not hurting me in the least, Dave.” she said quietly, nibbling on my ear. “Just the opposite. You make me feel so good; I just can’t seem to get enough of you.” Her leg hooked over mine, and I could feel her starting to grind herself against me again. Her right hand trailed down my stomach to my groin, and her fingers wrapped around my shaft, which was starting to twitch back to life.

“That’s why I love you Dave. I probably always will. I can’t help it.” She said, and gave me another gentle kiss on the lips. “I just wanted to say it out loud. Is that a bad thing?”

I looked at her again and smiled, relaxing somewhat. Her warm hand held my pulsing shaft while her thumb made a little circle on the underside near the tip. Her still damp pussy pressed gently against my leg.

“No Audrey, it’s not a bad thing.” I said, running my hand through her hair and looking at her eyes that sparkled in the flickering firelight. “I just want you to be happy.”

“Dave, I’m almost delirious.” She said. “I’m about as happy as I can get. You’ve made love to me in so many ways and made me feel so good that it just feels natural to say it out loud: I love you.”

She looked into my eyes to see my reaction and said, “You’re thinking about it too hard. Just relax. We have another week together. It’ll be fun!”

Audrey gave me another long kiss and then put her head on my shoulder. Her warm skin against mine seemed so right and natural. Audrey snuggled against me, still possessively holding my cock in her warm hand. Amazingly enough, we both just lay there in each other’s arms and Audrey drifted off to sleep. I was left staring at the ceiling, watching the shadows of the firelight and wondering what I had gotten myself into.

I must have drifted off myself, because I woke up to the early morning light and the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. I roused myself and went into the bathroom to pee. I peeked around the shower curtain to see Audrey soaping up her luscious breasts and stomach. I obviously caught her off-guard, because she gave a little shriek when she spotted me and dropped her washcloth.

“Holy shit!!” she said laughing and bending down to retrieve the washcloth. “Can’t you knock or something?” She asked in mock anger. I ducked back out of the shower and stood at the toilet peeing.

“Don’t you need a shower?” Audrey asked over the sound of the water running.

“I just had one a couple of weeks ago.” I said, shaking off the last few drops.

“Well, the least you could do is come in here and scrub my back.” She called back.

I stepped into the shower and asked, “You need a little help in getting to those hard-to-reach places?”

Audrey handed me the washcloth and gave me her naughtiest smile. “You might have to check all those little nookies and crannies to be sure I got them clean.” She said. With that, she stepped up to me and wrapped her arms bursa escort around my neck and planted her lips on mine. Her slippery, soapy skin slid across mine as she rubbed herself against me. The hard little points of her nipples poked at my chest. The effect on me was electric, and my manhood came to rigid attention in no time at all. Audrey broke the kiss long enough to look down at my stiffie, and reached down to grasp it.

“I think I found something that needs a little cleaning.” Audrey said, reaching over for the soap. She rubbed a little soap with both her hands and then grasped my cock, sliding her hands up and down, getting it all lathered up. She gently cupped my balls with one hand while slowly sliding the other up and down the length of my shaft. Audrey seemed to focus all of her attentions on the task at hand, staring intently at what she was doing. She took particular care to cup her hand and lather the stiff purple head of my prick, rotating her hand like she was polishing a knob. (I guess she really was polishing a knob.) Her stroking then became quite regular, sliding her soapy hand up and down the shaft.

Meanwhile, my hands were free to roam up and down her sides, and soap the sides of her breasts, her shoulders and neck. I was trying not to distract her, as she was doing the most fabulous job of stroking me towards a satisfying climax.

Her movements were slow and deliberate at first, and she stopped several times to get more soap on her hands to add to the lather covering my stiff prick and balls and running down the front of my legs. Audrey was stroking away steadily with one hand when she finally reached further behind my balls and tickled the sensitive area between my balls and my anus. That was all it took. I spewed copious amounts of sticky cum into Audrey’s pubic hairs and as high as her navel. Audrey milked the last few drops from my stiff prick before leaning in to give me a wet kiss.

“Shoot! And to think that I already had that part of me clean once.” She said, rubbing herself against me. “I guess we’ll just have to clean it up again, won’t we?”

“Turnabout’s fair play,” I said grabbing the soap. “Where should I start?”

Audrey looked at me and said, “Would you like to wash my hair? That would be way nice!”

I turned her around and she put her head in the water. I grabbed the shampoo, lathered up her hair and rinsed it out. I was enjoying how comfortable Audrey and I were together. Audrey turned her head enough for me to see that she had her eyes closed and was smiling a big smile. After I worked the conditioner into her scalp and through her hair, I realized that Audrey loved this almost as much as any sexual thing I could have done to her. When I rinsed the conditioner out, I finished up by wrapping my arms around her from behind and started caressing her. She moaned her approval. I soaped up my hands and started on her breasts. They were so slippery and luscious, and I worked the nipples up into tight little nubbins. Audrey leaned her head back and said, “That feels so good!”

I soaped up my hands and worked them down her front to get the remaining traces of sperm washed out of her pubic hair. I slid a finger up and down her slippery slit, finding her clit standing out proudly, and gave that a little attention. I was starting to get to Audrey in a big way. Her hips were moving, and my reinvigorated prick was lodged between the cheeks of her butt, sliding around and starting to drive me crazy again.

I slid my soapy fingers up and down, exploring all the folds and crevasses, and concentrating on her stiff little clit. I had one hand busy toying with one of her nipples, and Audrey’s legs started to quiver. I just continued strumming Audrey’s clit, and she went right over the edge, taking deep breaths as she climaxed and leaned back against me.

I finally must have worn her out because she pulled my hand away and turned around to give me a wet, soapy kiss.

“Mmmm, so good! You can wash my hair anytime!” She said.

We toweled each other dry and got dressed. Audrey pulled on the clothes she had worn last night. She looked out the window at the sun just climbing into the early morning sky.

“I suppose I should get back to my cabin before someone notices.” She said giving me a quick peck on the lips as she slipped out the door and headed down the trail.

I decided I needed a cup of coffee and something to eat, so I started out for the lodge.

Back at the lodge, Fred was cooking in the kitchen and the Aunt Edna and Uncle Albert were at their usual places at the table just outside the kitchen. I got myself a cup of coffee and sat down across from Albert.

“It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day today, doesn’t it?” Albert said, munching on a piece of toast.

“You got that right.” I said. “Are you guys going fishing this morning?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I think we’ll go after breakfast.” He said. “Are you taking the girls out sailing again today?” he asked. bursa escort bayan

“Umm, I don’t know if I’ll have time today or not.” I said trying to sidestep the issue.

Edna took a sip of coffee and looked up from her pancakes, “You are so good with those girls!” she said. “It’s so kind of you to take the time to entertain them like that.”

I was beginning to be a little uncomfortable with the way this conversation was headed, so I excused myself and got up and ducked into the kitchen to get some pancakes. I said hello to Fred, who had just put more pancakes on.

When I came out and sat down with a plate of pancakes, I noticed Judith walking into the dining room. She was wearing white satiny shorts and a hot pink tank top. She was wearing her blonde hair in pig tails. She got herself a glass of orange juice and sat down next to me.

“Hi Grandma and Grumpy! Hi Dave!” she said by way of greeting.

“I’m not Grumpy!” Albert said defensively.

Edna smiled at Judith and said, “That’s true, Judith. This here is Dopey.”

Albert looked at me for moral support. I just held my hand out and said, “Glad to meet you Dopey, I’m Sneezy.” Albert shook my hand, grinning, and nodding at Edna and Judith said, “Allow me to introduce Snow White and the Wicked Witch.”

“Careful,” Edna said raising one eyebrow, “or I’ll have to put a spell on you.”

Judith was suppressing a giggle and just looked at me and asked, “Do you think we could go water skiing today?”

“I don’t know why not.” I said. “Are you and Audrey going?”

“Well,” she said, “we should really have somebody to watch the skier while somebody else drives the boat.” Judith gave me a pleading look and batted her eyelashes at me. “Please?”

I noticed Edna and Albert watching me.

“Sure.” I said, “Why not?” “When do you want to go?” I asked, taking a sip of coffee.

“Whenever you want.” She said. “I don’t have anything else to do today, except maybe a load of laundry.”

I almost choked on my coffee. I looked at Judith and she smiled.

Aunt Edna piped up, “If you’re going to do a load, I’ve got a few things up at our cabin you could throw in.” she said, mopping up the last of her pancakes. “They’re in the bathroom in that little bag.”

“OK,” Judith said brightly, “Might as well do a whole load. Maybe Dave’s got a few things he wants washed while we’re at it.”

I looked from Judith to Edna and back. Judith just sipped her juice and gave me her most innocent look. I busied myself with my pancakes.

Albert and Edna finished up their breakfast and told us they were going to head out and “slay some fish”. We wished them luck and then watched them leave.

Judith sat next to me sipping her juice while I worked on my pancakes. I glanced over at her. She was watching me with an amused smile on her face.

“Are you going to have some pancakes?” I asked.

“I’m not really hungry for pancakes this morning.” She said. “I’m in the mood for something a little saltier.”

“Saltier?” I asked raising one eyebrow.

“Yeah,” she said, looking me right in the eye.

I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just poured a dab of syrup on my last bit of pancake and stabbed it with my fork. I put the last bite in my mouth and munched away at it while watching Judith watch me. The silence kind of dragged on while I washed down the last bite with my coffee. Judith finished her orange juice at the same time and we both took our dishes into the kitchen. Fred was out in the dining room at the moment, and Judith leaned over and said in a conspiratorial tone, “If you come up to our cabin I’ll show you something.”

“Really?” I asked. “What’s that?”

“I’m not wearing any underwear.” She said, striking a pose that showed off her tiny outfit to its best advantage. Her nipples were quite obvious now and when I glanced down at the front of her satin shorts, the outline of her cleft mound was quite apparent.

“Wow.” I said, staring.

Judith spun around and with a smile over her shoulder said, “C’mon!”

I followed her out of the lodge. The shorts made her legs look impossibly long. We walked up towards the cabin she was staying in with Edna and Albert and spotted them through the trees, heading down to the dock with their fishing gear.

I followed Judith into the cabin and turned around to lock the door. When I turned back, I saw that Judith had stepped into the tidy little kitchen and retrieved a little squeeze bottle of maple syrup. She put the bottle on the counter and turned to face me as I stepped into the kitchen.

With a seductive smile she reached down and peeled her tank top over her head and tossed it onto a chair. She stood there for a second showing off her perky little breasts. While they were not large, Judith’s breasts were beautifully shaped and capped with dark little nipples that were standing proudly at attention. Judith’s dark tan ended at the triangles of creamy white skin escort bursa that surrounded her areolas.

Judith took the syrup bottle and turning it over, carefully placed one drop of syrup on the top of her right nipple. The invitation couldn’t be any clearer. I leaned over and lightly tongued the underside of the nipple before I slurped the whole nipple into my mouth. Judith moaned her approval as she held my head to her chest and I suckled at the sweet tasting little bud.

“Mmmm that feels good!” She said, running her fingers through my hair.

My right hand went to her other nipple and I gave it a little twist. It was so stiff and nubbly I couldn’t make it any stiffer. My left hand slid down her back and cupped the firm, muscular cheeks of her ass through the fabric of her shorts. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath them.

When I pulled back a bit to take a breath, Judith reached out for the syrup bottle and placed a little dollop of syrup on her left nipple. She looked at me expectantly, and then closed her eyes as I leaned in and took her left nipple in my mouth. This time I slid my left hand down Judith’s firm belly and under the elastic of her shorts. As my tongue laved the syrupy nipple, my fingers sought out the soft furry patch of hair between her legs.

Judith let go of my hair long enough to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and push them down so they fell to her ankles, giving me full access to her downy slit. She lifted one foot out of her shorts so she could spread her legs a little. I took the opportunity and insinuated my middle finger between her nether lips and slid it down until I found her moist opening. I gathered and spread the slippery stuff seeping from between her lips and drew it up to her clit and drew little circles around it with my finger. Judith started rocking her hips and made a little moaning sound. I had sucked all the maple syrup off of the nipple I was sucking on and I pulled my head away long enough that I could look at Judith’s eyes. I caught her with her head back and her eyes closed, smiling and making that little humming sound.

I must have distracted her because she opened her eyes and looked at me and her smile widened. She reached over and picked up the syrup, and pulled away from me. She took my hand and led the way into her bedroom. She turned and sat on her bed, then leaned back so she could dribble a few drops of maple syrup directly onto the top of her slit, where I could see the stiff little clit protruding slightly from the folds of her pussy lips.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that, and I knelt on the floor between her legs. Judith had propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch, still holding the syrup in her right hand. I leaned in and used just the tip of my tongue to smear the syrup around her slit. Judith and I made eye contact, and I just let my mouth completely envelope her pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth as my tongue probed deeper into the warm, fragrant folds.

The syrup combined with Judith’s natural lubricant to make an interesting combination of tastes. As I buried my tongue in Judith’s pussy, I ran my hands up her muscular thighs, caressing her smooth, firm skin and sliding my fingers right up to the blonde tuft of hair.

I pulled back a bit to have a good look at what I was doing. I used my thumbs to part Judith’s lips and expose her beautiful wet pussy completely. I glanced up and saw Judith watching me with those intense blue eyes. She must have thought I needed more encouragement, because she held the maple syrup up so the drops would land directly on her clit. I watched in fascination as the syrup drooled down the folds of her nether lips and ran into her already slippery opening.

It was almost more than I could take, and I dove back in and lapped away with a purpose. My tongue sank deep into her. I watched her eyes as I slurped my way up her slit to her hard little clit and sucked it into my mouth.

Judith’s eyes fluttered and closed, and her head went back as I sucked her stiff little nub into my mouth and vibrated my tongue. I smiled to myself. Judith’s left hand went behind my head and her fingers tangled in my hair as she held me there so I would finish what I’d started. I continued tantalizing the sensitive little parts I had pulled into my mouth with the tip of my tongue, and moved just enough that I could push two fingers into her. She moaned quietly as my fingers slid into her. Slowly at first, I started to pump my fingers in and out of her as my tongue was busy lapping away at her sensitive clit. I continued this as Judith’s hips rocked to meet my thrusting. Her breathing became faster and more ragged. Sensing that she was getting close, I curled my fingers upwards inside of her, trying to stimulate her G-spot as I sucked on her clit. That, apparently, was all it took.

Judith shuddered with a series of spasms that shook her whole body, her legs clamping and quivering, and her pussy contracting on my fingers. Her fingers in my hair clenched hard enough that I thought she’d pull my hair out. Although it only lasted a few seconds, it left Judith panting and breathing so heavy you’d have thought she’d just run a mile.

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