Saffron and Sam Ch. 10

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Ch 10 Sam gets floored

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, and he resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and want to apologize for the last chapter. I was getting a lot of calls for the next chapter and I should’ve valued proofreading above speed. I’ll try to do better in the future.

This is a continuous story and you should read the first nine chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story. With that being said, enjoy.

Barb and I’s relationship took a decided turn for the worse about two weeks after Labor Day weekend. Roxy had moved out and Lisa in and things were noticeably tense. I spent the weekends at Barb’s and Lisa couldn’t go without making snide comments. Barb tried to nip it in the bud pretty quickly.

“Lisa, I warned you about your smart mouth. If you want to continue to stay here, you’ll keep it shut and think before you do speak.”

“Easy sis, I’m only joking.”

“Well obviously, Sam and I do not appreciate your brand of humor. It was bad enough with Roxy, but I won’t take any of that shit from you.”

“Okay, okay I’ll be quiet.”

Barb was helping me with my writing assignments and it was helping me to get good grades. Lisa was in my class, but usually didn’t interact with me during that time. She was a journalism major and very good at writing. She started late in the class, so had to write several papers to get caught up, which she did rather easily. She was extremely talented, a fact not unnoticed by the instructor, who continually would publicly laud her work.

I would try to be friendly to her during class and she just ignored me. I guess when you piss off the Frankel clan, you piss them all off, except for Barb that is. Anyway, the second weekend is when things started to deteriorate. I slept all night with Barb on Friday night, waking up Saturday morning, with her in my arms. All of a sudden, she ran for the bathroom. Thinking something was wrong; I followed her and knocked on the door. Through the door, I heard her vomiting. I asked her if she was okay and she is said,” I’ll be okay Sam, just let me brush my teeth.”

I went back to bed and lay down, somewhat worried about her.

She came back in and saw the worried look on my face and she passed it off saying,” I must’ve picked up a G.I. bug or something, better steer clear of me today, sweetie, I don’t want to give you anything.

“I’m not worried about it, honey, I slept in your arms all night, if I’m going to get it, I probably already have.”

We went about our business that day and she helped me with some of my writing. I reciprocated by helping her grade some of her students’ tests. We went out to a movie and came back to an empty house, Lisa being at some kind of party. I started to get worried, when the next morning, there was a repeat of the previous morning’s incident. She just passed it off again, saying she would have to watch what she was eating. That week when I came to visit her she was uneasy most of the evenings I was there. Finally, the following weekend she broke some interesting news to me.

“Sam, I think I may be pregnant.”

“Are you sure honey? I thought you were on the pill.”

“I am on the pill, but just because you’re on birth control doesn’t make it infallible.”

I looked at her with a smile on my face, obviously showing from ear to ear.”That’s great, honey. Imagine you and I making a baby.”

“Typical man, you don’t understand what this means. This is just the wrong time for this kind of thing to happen. I’m not going to have a baby at this time in my life.”

“But Barb, you will be a great mother and I’ve always wanted children.”

“Sam you’re just starting college and I’m in a new job, it’s just the wrong time.”

“None of that matters to me, Barb, we can make it because we love each other.”

“I won’t discuss this with you now Sam, I tell you it’s the wrong time, and I’ll have to do something about it.”

“Just think about it honey, don’t do anything until you discuss it with me, please.”

“I’m telling you, it’s my decision and my decision alone.”

“Please keep me involved, honey,” my plea seemingly going unheeded as she turned and walked away.


Things were really tense after that night, which seeped into our love life. Barb told me during the week, when I saw her, that she was okay, but she was changing birth control prescriptions and she’d need time without sex. I told her I would be glad to wear condoms, but she told me no. She said she wasn’t gonna take a chance anymore, that that was just too much of a concern. I missed our intimacy, but still wanted to cuddle with her when I got the chance. She even put me off there, saying that she didn’t trust herself to be able to keep herself under control.

This bothered me, because pendik escort she didn’t seem to trust me enough to keep things tame. However, I had a plan that was coming to fruition rather quickly. I went into a downtown jewelry store and bought an engagement ring. I called and asked my father for a favor from his restaurant. I asked him if I could possibly get a reservation for Saturday at 7 PM. Now mind you, his restaurant was usually booked 4 weeks in advance and you could rarely get a last-minute reservation. However, I knew that he often held tables open at times for VIPs. He said he could set me up, so I readied my ambush for Barb. I told her to dress to the nines for Saturday evening, that I was taking her out.

As I picked Barb up and took her to the restaurant, I noticed a rather different look of apprehension on her face as we pulled up in front of Ambrosia. As we went in and were seated, I noticed everyone stealing glances at her in her beautiful black dress. Surely, this must be what it felt like to have a trophy wife or girlfriend. I was the envy of every man in the place. Eduardo, dad’s best waiter took care of us, probably on orders from the old man. Even Barb hadn’t been pampered like this and I was surely not used to it. I had eaten food from the restaurant that dad brought home before, but as I ordered for both of us, I was anticipating a real treat, not having it warmed up in the microwave.

I ordered her lobster Thermidor, while I had surf and turf. As we ate our meal, my father peeked out from the kitchen with a large, knowing smile on his face. I think he knew what was coming. Just before dessert, after we’d finished our meals, I pulled a small box out of my pocket, hiding it under my hand on the table.

“Honey, these last couples of weeks have been a little hard on us, but I do want you to know that I love you with all my heart and wish to spend the rest of my life with you. You have been a joy and a comfort and I want to ask you a question. Barbara Frankel, love of my life, will you be my wife?”

Barb looked at me astonishingly and said,” Sweetie, I love you with all my heart, as well, but please give me some time to think about it, this is a big step for both of us.”

To say I was devastated would be a complete understatement. I removed the ring box stealthily and placed it back into my pocket. Eduardo came back over, asking if we wanted dessert. We both looked at him and told him we didn’t want any. I really wanted to try some, but it’s awfully hard to eat anything when you’ve just had your guts kicked out.

As I asked Eduardo for the check, he just told me it was comped. I glanced toward the kitchen with a halfhearted smile and my dad gave me a thumbs-up. Little did he know that my world had just collapsed.

That night when we got to her apartment, Barb just told me she wanted to be alone to think about things, so I dejectedly left for home. When I finally got home, after driving around a while to clear my head, I very slowly tromped down the stairs to the basement. There, as usual, Saffron was sitting on the couch watching television, looking up at me and very excitedly started her banter.

“Okay, tell me all about it, what did she say, WHAT DID SHE SAY? I can’t believe you asked her to marry you, dad told us all about it.”

“She told me she had to think about it,” I said rather morosely.”How’s that for a joke on your little brother. I pour my heart out and she kicks me in the gut.”

“Sammy, don’t worry, she’ll wise up. She’d be foolish not to say yes, you’re perfect for her.”

“It worries m, Saffron; if she has to think about it maybe she’s having second thoughts about our relationship. Maybe she doesn’t want me.”

“Sammy, the girl is crazy about you. You must know that by now.”

“She seemed more apprehensive about it, than happy. I guess I’ll take this ring back and get my money refunded.”

“Don’t be rash Sammy, give her some time.”

“I’ll give her time; I just hope she gives me time.”


I did give Barb time, two weeks to be exact. Although I called her a couple of times just to talk with her, she didn’t seem to be in a talkative mood, even though I was. I didn’t think things were going well.

Things really came to a head exactly 2 weeks after my proposal at a sorority party we were playing. The whole Mad Pack was there, even considering four of them had graduated and had jobs. Barb and Lisa were there and surprisingly, drinking quite a lot. The other surprise was CC drinking almost as much as the others, which she rarely did. At the first break I happened to be in the hallway by the kitchen drinking my Coke, when I heard DJ espousing the attributes of one of the wide receivers for the football team, Mark Handel.

DJ said,”Boy would I like to play a game of tackle the football player with him. I’ll bet he couldn’t out run me if I was really trying to get him.”

Barb replied,”DJ, you’re such a slut. He’s three years younger than you, only escort pendik a sophomore.”

“As if being younger than you would make a difference to you, oh I forgot, you couldn’t do something like that, you’re with Sammy now.”

Barb just let out a big sigh and said,” Yes I am, aren’t I?”

“Oh my, trouble in paradise?”

“Not exactly, but things aren’t that rosy.”

I could tell she was already slurring her words, feeling the effects of the alcohol. I found Saffron as quickly as I could to see if she could help.

“Saffron, I need a big favor. Can you get a hold of Barb, and get her out of here. I’m sure she’s had way too much to drink and I’m afraid what she might get into.”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into these women tonight, first Barb, then CC. I’m really worried about CC, she never drinks like this. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, or with Barb. I’ll see what I can do.”

It was time for me to go back up and play again, so we started our second set. I noticed the party was ripe with the university’s football players. From the bandstand I noticed Barb dancing with Mark Handel and one of the offensive linemen, Bronson Billings, called Bronco, messing around CC. I noticed Saffron trying to get both of the girls to go with her, but was unsuccessful. It was uneasy for me to be in the position where I couldn’t do anything to assist either one of the girls at the time. I couldn’t wait for the set to end. Little did I know, it would have been better if I just stayed on the stand. When I got to Barb, I asked her to go home with Saffron saying,”Barb you’ve had too much to drink. What if you’re pregnant?”

“Who do you sink you are, little boy, I’m 23 years old and a fee hite fremale, I’ll dwink as much as I won’t. You’re still little boy and I’m a woman. You know, my family’s wite, I can do butter than ru. Huh, you think I would weally rarry you. Don’t worry your conscence is queer, I’m definitely not pwegnant now.”

With this, she pushed me away, which wasn’t that hard, considering what she had said to me knocked most of the wind out of me. I stood there on the dance floor just staring at her as she walked away toward Mark Handel. I was going to go after her, when somebody grabbed me by the arm and spun me around. There was CC in all her drunken glory.

“Drance with me Slammy, get that big ogre away from me. He just wants to get in my penties.”

“What’s with you and Barb tonight, what’s got you drinking so much?”

“I’m celebating your impending nooptials with Babsy, Sanfron jest told mre.”

When we started dancing she held me so tightly it felt like she was trying to come out the back of me. Having that tight little nubile body pushed up against me, coupled with the fact I hadn’t had sex in two weeks, started to bring about a stirring south of the border. I was hoping CC didn’t notice, but all of a sudden, she pushed me away and slapped me so hard on the ear that it almost knocked me down.

“You frucking pick, finally got down to old CC, huh, you want in my pranties too, den’ t you? You rittle brassard,” she said as she went stomping off. I just stood there stupefied for the second time that evening, although stunned would be a better word. I noticed that I couldn’t even hear, everything sounding like I was listening through a wall. As I reached out and felt my ear with my finger, I came back with blood and surmised she had ruptured my eardrum. My whole head felt like it had exploded. Then I looked over at the dance floor behind me and went numb. There was Barb, dancing slowly with Mark Handel to Gerald’s solo. My whole world was falling apart in front of my eyes. I started to go over, when Charlie grabbed me to pull me up to the bandstand. As I started playing, I broke short on the drums, so we could get into the third set. I watched with amazement at the end of the set near the second to last song, a slow ballad, while Mark Handel was rubbing his hands all over Barb’s ass, my ass, while he was slow dancing with her. During the last song he grabbed her hand and led her back through the hallway. When we finally finished up, I went looking for her after her nearly 15 min. head start. As I reached the bedroom they had to gone into, I heard a man moaning. I opened the door to someone yelling,” Occupied. I’m coming, you bitch, I’m coming.”There was Barb with her mouth around Mark Handel’s dick, swallowing his entire load while he was pumping into her face. I was struck down.

“I wanted to talk to you Barb, but I see you have your mouth full, don’t bother. It would be rude.”

Handel just yelled,” This isn’t a spectator sport, bozo.”

I turned and walked out the door, hearing Barb screaming,” Sam, Sam, come back sweetie, please.”

I just walked numbly back to the dance floor, standing in the middle by myself, when Saffron came up to me,” Sam, baby what’s wrong?”I proceeded to explain everything to her and she was horrified.”Sam, that’s so fucked up… how could she do that to you? That bitch. I pendik escort bayan know you’re hurting Sammy, but I need help with CC. I’m really worried about her.”I looked over and saw Bronco was all over her.”Sammy, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, we’ve got to get her out of here.

“I’ll help you in a minute. What’s gotten into these women tonight?”

About that time, Barb came up to me, and started in on me; it sure seemed to sober her up some, she was no longer slurring her words.

“Sam we have to talk.”

“You know what they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. What are you gonna say that’s more vivid than what I just saw. We’re done, you humiliated me enough for one night. It looks like the stars did fall from the sky. Now go away,” about 5 min. before, I’d watched Bronco carry CC into a room off the living room.

“Shit Barb, he hasn’t come back out of that room yet. I practically ran across the lounge area to get to that door and swung it open. The sight I beheld was shocking, to say the least. There was CC, her bra and top pushed up above her mammoth tits and her pants and underwear discarded on the floor. I noticed her dirty blonde muff for the first time, feeling embarrassed for her, laying there in her nakedness.

“Get out drummer boy, three’s a crowd.”

“She’s out cold, Bronco, doesn’t a big he-man like you like your conquests to remember it.”

“I told you to get out; I want to see if this little minx’s moves on the dance floor transfer in to the bedroom.”

I felt it was my duty as a true gentleman, to protect CC, even if this guy was three times my size. As he started feeling her left breast, tweaking the nipple, I grabbed his right arm, trying to pull it back. He backhanded me so hard he knocked me off the bed into the door, bloodying my nose. This got a lot of attention outside and people started pounding on the door. He abandoned his attempts with CC and stood up, showing me what it must’ve looked like to a Neanderthal man, when he first accosted a dinosaur. This guy was massive and I looked like a deer in the headlights. He reached out and smacked me with his left hand, throwing me into the wall.

“I’m serious Bronco, leave the girl alone.”

“Any last words before I kill you, you little twerp?”

“I’m giving you this last chance to surrender.”

“He swung wide with his right fist, hitting me so hard, that the people outside should have felt it. I felt something crack on the left side of my face and everything went black. I came to about 15 seconds later to an aching feeling in my left side and felt something wet on my left cheek. I looked up and could only see out of my right eye and he was continuously kicking me like I was a football. I felt a couple of my ribs break as he continued his onslaught. About that time, several people broke through the door and tackled him. I saw Saffron looking at me and could barely hear her screaming before I blacked out again.


The next thing I heard was a siren and felt movement, like I was on a road going very fast. The only thing I heard, because I couldn’t see anything, was an ambulance attendant’s voice.”University Hospital, this is Rescue 13, we are enroute your location with a 19-year-old male involved in a traumatic altercation. He has received numerous injuries to the head, face, chest, and abdomen. He has minimal bleeding from his left ear and has had a traumatic enucleation of the left eye. The globe is intact and we have secured the eye with cup splint and have patched the right eye. The victim has an obvious fractured nose, with minimal bleeding and cerebral spinal fluid leaking from the nares. He has point tenderness over the left upper abdominal quadrant and is guarding the area. The pulse is 130, B/P 70/40, respirations ragged at 10. Patient shows splinting with respirations, with clear lung sounds. We have two liters going TKO after a 20 mL/KG fluid challenge, with no increase in blood pressure and had placed him in the shop position. ETA 4 min., request a trauma one alert. Rescue 13, trauma one alert acknowledged, we’ll be awaiting your arrival, disposition to trauma room.”

I didn’t understand all that, but I’ll tell you it sure as hell didn’t sound good. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, but I’d been really kicked by a bronco. I know I was in and out most of the way to the hospital.

I was groggy and I couldn’t remember anything else. I could hear voices all around me, for what seemed like an eternity and felt like I was coming out of a bad sleep. I heard people several times calling my name, Saffron being one of them, but couldn’t answer them.

When I finally became aware, someone was messing around with my face.”Hold still Sam, you’re going to go to sleep. Let us try to save your eye.”

I just remember I didn’t want to go to sleep, it seemed like I had just woken up.

I heard all sorts of machines around me and then blacked out again. When I woke up again, it seemed like I could feel my whole face wrapped up. I mumbled something and heard my mother screamed my name.”SAMMY.”

“God mom, stop screaming I hear you already, for Christ’s sake.”

“What’s going on, why can’t I see anything? Am I blind?”

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