Sabrina (True Story)


Sabrina (True Story)This happened at my office a couple of years back. I had just started working at this Law firm. I was contracted in so my office was right next to the recruiting department. When I arrived she was already at her desk when she looked up, her eyes were a hazel brown, her skin an soft tan, she had cute freckles on her nose. Her hair was a sandy bron long at the shoulders, her white blouse was crisp with just the right amount of cleavage highlighted by a pearl cut diamond resting gently between her breast. When she stood up her waistline was thin and her hips swayed back she turned as if to give me a better look at her nice tight ass. We shook hands her palm was moist and she traced the inside of my hand with her finger and said “hi I’m Sabrina” the recruiting coordinator, we will be working together for the next few days while we get your orientented to your surroundings. With that she turned and walked about three feet behind her and slid open a door and pointed inside. “her’s your office, sorry we just moved to this floor and they haven’t completed the otherside where your permanent office will be, hope you don’t mind, plus if you have any questions I’m right out here.” She smiled and walked towards the door as she passed I could smell her perfume çanakkale escort it was intoxicationg. I sat down at the desk and opened the packet and realized I did not have a pen, went to the door and stuck my head out about to ask for a pen and there she was reaching down to straighten her stockings her ass was pointed right at the door as if she knew I was there, I cleared my throat said excuse me. She just looked around smiling at me. I could see straight down her blouse, stammering I asked for a pen and she pointed to her desk. She never stood up like she was posing for me. I walked over to her desk, she said they are right there knoding her head at the pen holder. Man was she sexy. Any ways as I reached for the pen she stood up her face slowly passing the developing hard on in my pants could have sworn I heard her say interesting as she did. Her nipples were hard pressing against her top I managed a thanks and went back to my desk. She followed closely behind me. She came in behind me I heard the door slide shut and she started talking something about having these urges and wanting to get under my desk making it worth my while and finished with just kiss me now. Before I could say anything her lips were on mine kissing me passionately and hard her tongue escort çanakkale snaking around my mouth. She pressed her tits against me and let out a soft moan. Backing me to my chair she pushed me into the seat and went back to lock the door. She was unbuttoning her blouse opening her bra when she turned around. Her tits were amazing at least a firm 36d cup with a 22 inch waist and 35 inch hips in my estimation. Stand up she said as she pulled at my belt in a smooth motion she had my dick in her hand dropping to her knees. I felt her breast brush against my cock the precum slid in the valley of her cleavage she pressed them together just before I felt the most incredible feeling in the world. She opened her mouth and took my throbbing cock straight down her throat looking into my eyes. I almost lost my load right then I felt the velvet of her throat warm and soft she did not gag at all when the head of my dick slid further and she held it there flicking her tongue on my balls as she did. I had never had a deep throat blowjob in my life to that point without a fuss or it make me choke. But Sabrina just let my dick sit in her throat making a humming sound deep inside her. I could not believe it she had me balls deep licking them with her tongue.She slowly çanakkale escort bayan moved her head back and forth from the base to the tip squeezing her lips applying more and more pressure and sliding it back down her throat effortlessly. Mind you when I say that, my dick is 9 inches long and hard thick as her wrist and she is taking it no problem fast or slow not one gag. Damn my knees locked back and I began to pump my meat into her mouth and deliberately hit the back of her throat she adjusted her lips and I felt her lips on my balls her tongue almost licking my ass I was in heaven. She turned standing and lifted her skirt to expose her crotchless panties and stuck two fingers inside her wet pussy and into my mouth I pushed her on the desk and sunk my mouth on to her swollen clit sucking it ferociously licking it hard with my tongue she jerked her hips back and pressed forward again and she came hard I kept sucking her clit just as hard and she came again buckling her knees.She looked at me in a fog and started sucking my cock again this time she was on a mission to remove every bit of cum from by balls. She grabbed me by my hips and slid a finger in my ass my cock sliding into and out of her hot mouth down her throat and back the last thing I remember was my balls exploding into the her mouth and she kept on sucking my cock down her throat licking my balls as I throbbed out the biggest load I can remember and she swallowed ever drop.Smiling as she fixed her clothes and unlocked the door she said see you for lunch.

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