Sabrina the tricky witch


Sabrina the tricky witchSabrina’s friend Jason had just gotten beaten up by the local toughs. Jason wasn’t beaten up too badly but ever the drama queen you’d have thought he was dying, Jason was always picked on in high school but they were in they’re 20’s now. “Jason, who did it to you?” She asked. Jason was gorgeous with blue eyes and black hair, a very effeminate queer with a slight build, ” Danny Jones, Marty Jensen, and Jacky McCorrie” he said. “What happened?” She asked. But Jason wouldn’t say. “I’ll take care of this okay, just feel better”. She knew where Danny and Marty would be.Sabrina walked into the pizzeria where Danny and Marty were hanging out and yelled “Hey you two faggots”, they turned around and Sabrina delivered two soul crushing kicks, one each to their balls, Danny fell immediately to his knees clutching his balls for dear life and vomited on the floor. Marty lay on the floor holding in injured balls in his hands, he cursed between his teeth “You fucking dyke whore, Im gonna fucking kill you”. Sabrina walked up to him and kicked him in the face so hard, she knocked him out cold. She reached into Danny’s trousers, grabbed him up by the balls and squeezing the life out of them, she told him, “If you two bother Jason again, I’ll come back, and I’ll cut off your little dicks, do you understand?” weeping like a bitch, Danny nodded, “Good” said Sabrina, she dug in her nails and scratched the shaft of his cock as she pulled her hand out of his trousers, Danny howled in pain.Sabrina knew that Jack was their leader, simple ball busting and threats would not suffice, she would need to teach him a lesson. She learned a Transsexual Transformation kaçak bahis Spell. Its finally time Jack gets payback. He wants to pick on queers, then he’s gonna get queered. Sabrina put on her cutest black panties and headed over to Jack’s house. She saw Jack in his back yard working out shirtless, he was doing pull ups. She couldn’t help but to be impressed when she saw his masculine physique, “HEY COCKSUCKER !” she called out, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you”. “Dammit Spellman, what do you want? is this about your little fag friend? I don’t have time.” Jack said dismissively. Sabrina lifted her skirt revealing her sexy black lace panties “Make the time Jack” said Sabrina. A smile can on Jacks face “You have my attention” he said. Sabrina smiled and said, “lets go someplace more private” and she walked into the woods, Jack followed.He could see her perfect round b cups with nice hard nipples through her thin red blouse,she started to put her hands all over Jacks hard body, She kissed and sucked on his nipples and started groping his big cock. She wanted so badly to let him fuck her, but she had to stick to the plan, he had to be punished. Jack was hard to resist, she’d had a huge crush on him since they forever when he put gum in her hair 2nd grade. She wondered what it would be like to suck his cock? She figured it would be okay to give herself that one indulgence. Its just a blowjob, where’s the harm in that?It was large, larger than Harvey’s, it was well formed, cut, and had a masculine scent, his balls were symmetric and as large as mandarin oranges. She started on it real slow and with a very wet slobbery mouth. She bobbed tipobet güvenilir mi up and down very slowly, drooling down the shaft onto his balls. Jack was out of breath with pleasure, he ran his fingers through her soft dirty blonde hair. “Oh Sabrina, you’re, you’re,…. I fucking love you right now”. Her pace quickened with a determination to extract his cum,with magical speed she sucked him off, Jack moaned and as soon as she pulled off his cock, a stream of cum, shot out and covered her face. She had just given him the best blowjob of his life and her face covered in his masculine essence. She also forgot she was here to teach him a lesson.She backed away from Jack, reached under her skirt and pulled a pair of black lace panties down around her knees. she wagged her finger at Jack to come closer, he came closer and dropped to his knees, “Its my turn, Jacky boy” she said lifting her skirt to reveal a big cock and hairy balls, Jack freaked out but she quickly bucked her hips forward sending her big dick swinging like a pendulum, cock slapping him in the cheek with an audible “SMACK”. he fell on his back. Jack tried to get up, but Sabrina kept on him, a right hook, then a left sent Jack down on the ground. “You like to bully queers Jack? Do you?” She yelled. She lifted him up by the collar and rammed her big girly cock down his throat, face fucking him “suck it bitch” she yelled laughing, she let out a high pitched cackle. “who’s the faggot now?”.she pushed him on the ground and walked over to him flipping over him onto his belly, ripping off his jeans, exposing his buttocks. She reached down between his legs and grabbed tipobet giriş a hold of his big macho balls. Sabrina was now on her knees and Jack was on all fours. “You’ve been a bad boy Jack, time to learn your lesson” she said. Using his scrotum as a handle she tugged it hard pulling Jack back into her cock. Sabrina looked down at her hard cock huge cum filled girl balls and cackled, “This is gonna be awesome”.She summoned up a big gob of precum and worked it around his anus then started fucking his tight hole. He let out a sad whimper, after a few minutes of hard fucking the whimpers turned into soft moans. Then he whispered “Harder Sabrina, faster Sabrina”. Sabrina lost herself in ecstasy and soon the Jacks ass was filled with creamy white hot cum. The way his hole felt closed around her cock was amazing, she could see why Harvey liked anal so much. Sabrina kept thrusting her big girly monster home and cum start to ooze out of his hole and rolling down both of their ball sacks. She collapsed backward in the dry leaves of the forest floor. The cool fall air blew over their bodies. Jack turned around and lifted her skirt ready to suck out the rest; but her penis and testicles had disappeared, in their place was a nice tight youthful looking pussy, with a wedge of soft dark pubic hair above it. He shook Sabrina awake and she awoke in a cold sweat, she saw Jack standing naked over her and her pussy was wet, “What are you?, Sabrina talk to me” Jack said, not at all put off, he seemed amazed. She collected herself quickly and said to Jack “Let that be a lesson to you, if you fuck with my friends you get fucked in the ass” she ran home, leaving a confusing looking Jack standing naked in the woods.On the way home she was so angry she meant to teach him a lesson, but instead she fucked him right and whats worse is that she loved it; she always crushed on him even though she hated him, this only made it worse.

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