Rude Awakening Ch. 02

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This is a complete work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such. All characters described are fictional and over the age of 18.


I finally pulled myself out of my catatonic state and trudged back upstairs to my bedroom. I picked up my dress from the bed and held it close to my face looking, again, at the cum stains…the closest thing I’d had to sex in months (and with my own son). I couldn’t help but remember his pecker hanging down between his legs and getting bigger as he had related last night’s events to me. The thought had me leaning in and sniffing the stain, there was the slightest whiff of manly musk, the same as the smell from this morning when my nose was nestled in his hair. I glanced guiltily around the room, even though I knew I was alone and timidly stuck my tongue out and licked the stain; the same sweet salty taste from his morning release caressed my senses. I shook my head and tossed the dress into the hamper. What was wrong with me, I must be sick, he’s my son! I shucked my robe, hanging it on a hook on the back of the bathroom door and turned on the shower. I had a lot to think about and I still had all the usual weekend chores to do. Before I climbed in the shower I looked at myself in the mirror, make-up a bit worse for wear, even though I’d drunkenly touched it up the night before you could still tell from my mascara that I’d been crying, lipstick smears around my lips, I can only imagine those were from rubbing my face against Danny’s crotch. The coup-de-grace was the dried crusting trickle of his cum running from the left side of my mouth to my chin. I looked like a proper whore after a busy night…though I didn’t feel like one, even though my mind screamed at me that I should.

I climbed into the shower and slowly lathered up, thinking all the time about what to do, about my failed marriage, my cheating husband, my confused son, my feelings (what were my feelings?) about sleeping with him. I went through the motions of getting clean, shaving my legs and arm pits and washing my hair without really realizing it. My thoughts finally began to congeal as I was drying my hair, looking in the mirror again at my clean, unadorned face and deciding that I didn’t deserve to be treated the way James had treated me.

I finished drying off and got dressed in a loose fitting tank top and a pair of old, tight, jean shorts (a half size too small, but they’re worn-in and comfortable) I wear around the house when I’m doing chores or out, indulging my hobby, gardening in the backyard. I squared my shoulders, dragged the laundry hampers downstairs, leaning them against the washing machine and grabbed the phone to call Tami. Tami works as a legal assistant in a law firm in town. When I got her on the phone and explained what I wanted she told me she’d call me right back. I hung-up the phone, sorted the laundry (leaving my husband’s clothes in a pile by the back door), and started a load before working my way around the house neatening things up. Tami called back about 10 minutes later and told me I had an appointment with a good friend of her boss who would help me out. I had to be there in an hour, I thanked her and ran upstairs to change into more respectable clothes and comb my hair.

Two hours later I was walking out of Bernard, Schmidt & Westing Partners firm with a smile on my face. Ms. Schmidt, the friend of Tami’s boss, had assured me that the suit we had worked out against my husband was a slam dunk as he was clearly in the wrong for cheating on me with this other woman. She had retained the services of a private detective to gather further evidence, as we were still technically married and had recorded his voicemail message as evidence.

It was now mid-afternoon and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before Danny got home. I still didn’t know what to do about what had happened between us, but I knew I wanted to be home when he got there so we could work it out. I hurried home and changed back into my work around the house clothes and moved laundry. The more I dwelt on the events of the night before, as related by Danny, and the events of this morning as I experienced them the more troubled and confused I was feeling. I began to wonder who was more confused, Danny or I? Danny had apparently harbored some sexual fantasies about me for awhile, which is wrong, isn’t it? But at the same time, if I hadn’t known it was him (which I didn’t before he called me Mom) I would have been, and was, happy to go down on that fat, long cock of his. If there was one good thing my husband had brought, however briefly, to our marriage, it was a big dick. It seemed James had passed that trait on to his son. My mind kept drifting back to that big cock swelling before my eyes and the feel of it moving between my lips and what bothered me is that it didn’t bother me that it was attached to my son. Maybe it’d just been so long since I’d had sex that I was just happy to have any attention or maybe there was a part of me that felt special bursa escort the way his eyes roamed over me and his cock got hard just thinking about me.

I was pondering all this while I vacuumed the house when I heard the front door slam. “Danny” I called out, turning off the vacuum cleaner, but he just stomped upstairs. I paused a minute, trying to collect my thoughts and figure out how to proceed, before finally following him up. We just needed to start talking about this if we were going to work it out.

I marched up to his room and opened the door, “Listen son, we need to talk and work this ou…” I stopped mid-word; I had walked in right as Danny had removed his soiled work jeans and boxers (obviously getting comfortable after a long day at work). Once again I was staring at my sons dangling prick and large balls. He stared at me and stood up, not covering up, just looking at me. I shook my head and said “See, we really need to talk.”

Danny smirked at me and put his hands on his hips, “See anything you like Mom?”

I turned around and said, “Really Danny, this is not helping, come downstairs when you’re dressed and we’ll talk, ok?” I stepped out quickly and pulled his door to behind me, it popped back a crack and I peeked through for a moment to see him wrap both hands around his shaft and start to pump it with his eyes closed.

I walked downstairs, figuring I’d give him time to take care of himself and change while I made us some dinner. About 30 minutes later Danny sauntered into the kitchen in a pair of loose exercise shorts and an old t-shirt. I was working at the stove frying some vegetables as he walked up behind me and hugged me. His hands brushed the bottoms of my bra-less breasts and he snuggled up behind me pressing his chest to my back and his crotch to my butt. I could feel that either he hadn’t ‘taken care of himself’ up in his room or he needed to do it again.

I tried to keep things light and like they used to be, “Hi honey, did you have a good day at work?” I asked him as I pulled away from him to move down the counter and mix some flour for the pork chops I was going to fry after the vegetables.

He got the idea and sat down at the table behind me, “Fine Mom, the usual, at least it’s a wet job in the summer.”

We made small talk like that while I was preparing dinner. When I sat down across from him with plates of food in front of us I finally noticed how he was staring at me, like I was prey or something and his eyes kept drifting to my breasts while we were talking. I decided now was the time to broach the subject. I cleared my throat and started, “Danny, what happened this morning, and apparently last night, was wrong. I can’t excuse my actions last night, and this morning I should have paid more attention and never let it happen, but it can’t happen again.” I took a breath, ” I’m your mother and you shouldn’t think of me in a sexual way. I’m sure there are pretty girls that come to the car wash or that will be at college in the fall that you can date or at least fantasize about, instead of your old dowdy Mom.”

Danny put down his fork and leaned back in his chair looking me up and down. Finally he spoke, “Mom, you don’t get it do you? You’re a MILF. All through high school all I ever heard from my friends was what a hottie my Mom was, I tried not to pay attention to their comments, but eventually I started to look at you the way they did and I saw it too. You’re much more beautiful than any of those girls at school, not to mention that you have class and poise that they can only hope to grow into. That’s why I started fantasizing about you and that’s why after last night and this morning I won’t ever be able to stop. I’m hard right now looking at you in your tight shorts with your breasts billowing out that tank top and giving me occasional glimpses of them!” As he said this he waved at his crotch, which I could see through the glass table top was engorged and tenting out the soft material of his work out shorts.

“Danny!” I exclaimed, “Stop that, go to the bathroom and take care of it if you must, but it’s not right.” I stood up and grabbed the plates off the table, turning to wash them in the sink. I heard his chair scrape back and assumed he was getting up to go jerk off in the hall bath like I suggested. Then I heard a shuddering sigh behind me and turned to find that he’d pulled the waist of his shorts down below his balls and had his hand wrapped around his cock and was slowly stroking it right there at the dining table! “Young man, what are you doing!?” I shouted as I whirled from the sink.

“C’mon Mom, you’ve already seen it before, hell you sucked it, what does it matter where I jerk it?” he asked as he proceeded to increase the pace of his strokes, occasionally rubbing a thumb up over the tip and smearing his pre-cum down the crown and sides of his shaft.

It was rock hard and had to be a good 8 inches, pointing up at the ceiling the tip of it just clearing bursa escort bayan the table top next to where he was sitting. He began to moan and I could tell it wouldn’t be long…probably by the time I got him to get up and move he’d already shoot anyway, so I huffed at him and turned around to the dishes, not willing to give him the satisfaction of my watching and not willing to yell at him when he was right (I had sucked it).

With the water running and my arms up to my elbows in soapy water and clanking dishes I didn’t hear when he stood up and walked over behind me, all the while jerking that monster. It wasn’t until he started grunting loudly and I felt the bottom of his shaft slide along the seam of my shorts between my butt cheeks that I realized he was behind me. I jumped in place as his hands reached around on either side of me and grasped the sink while he pressed his crotch into my ass and slid it up and down.

With a few more grunts he slid it all the way up and I felt a splatter of warmth on my exposed shoulder and the material of my shirt. More splatters followed down the back of my shirt soaking in and sticking to my back while he rubbed his exploding member into my butt. Finally he dribbled off and released his grip on the sink and backed off, his penis sliding down my butt crack and leaving a wet sticky trail as he stepped back and slid back into his chair at the table.

“Thanks…again Mom” he said with a smirk. I turned on him, a look of anger and disappointment on my face.

All the time he had been rubbing against me I’d been frozen by indecision; thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being desired and sexual on one hand, and at the same time being his mother, who should be repulsed by this incestuous act. Trying to be a good mother, even if my feelings weren’t completely behind me on this, I whirled and marched up to him, my eyes seething.

I yelled, “Damn it Danny, I am not some cock toy here for your amusement!” while I reached out and grabbed his softening penis with my wet and soapy hand (the mistake, I’m sure, that led to my downfall). “I’m your…mo-th…er.” My word slowed and I focused on the still softly pulsing hunk of meat in my hand while Danny smiled innocently up at me.

“See Mom, you know you want it, and I do too, so why resist when we can enjoy each other?”

“Oh Danny” I sighed as I leaned in to hug him, not releasing him from my hand; the result was that I was bent over him at the waist and his face was buried in my cleavage.

“C’mon Mom, lets just see where this goes…”

It went to the living room. He half led me to the couch and had me lay down, pulling my shorts off my hips, my underwear coming with them (a common occurrence given how tight the shorts were). He stood, dropping his own shorts to the floor and now that we were both naked from the bottom down, he got down on the living room floor and crawled up to nuzzle his nose in my crotch. I was already wet, more evidence that showed me where my feelings really lay. He began to slowly lick along my folds in long strokes from back to front. Every few he would pause to tickle the tip of his tongue into the front of my cleft and tease my clit. After a minute or two of this treatment that got my hips bucking into his nose he leaned in and inserted his tongue into me and began to alternate between vigorously lapping at my folds and wriggling his tongue into me while strumming his thumb lightly across my clit. It wasn’t long before he had me writhing beneath his assault, grabbing his hair and moaning out his name as I crashed into a leg shuddering climax. As I came down from the euphoria and relaxed back against the couch cushions he pushed up from my crotch his mouth glistening from my juices and began to crawl up my belly toward me.

When he was almost to my face, I looked down the length of his body and could see that he was hard and throbbing again, his big head weaving back and forth as he moved up my body. My view was obscured when he leaned down and kissed me shoving his tongue in my mouth while I tasted my own juices on his lips. He pressed himself against my sloppy sex and I moaned as he ground against me.

Pushing back against his shoulders I gasped a breath and called “Time Out! — I’m just not ready for that, honey, I’m sorry!”

He looked pained and looked down his own length at his waving tool, “Then what am I supposed to do with that, I don’t want to jerk off again.” It softened me to see him like that, especially after the pleasure he’d given me, my face scrunched up as I thought.

Finally, I pulled my tank top over my head revealing my breasts to him again and with a playful grin I asked, “How about if you just fuck Mommy’s tits this time?”

He pouted for a second, then smiled mischievously and began to knee walk up the couch till he was straddling my chest. This close his member was huge in my vision and I marveled at it as I watched a pearl of pre-cum ooze from escort bursa the slit at its tip. Reaching up and pressing my thumb at the base, I slid it up to the tip causing a large glob of pre-cum to ooze forth which I wiped off onto my fingers and smeared down the valley between my boobs. Lying as I was, pretty much flat on my back, made it hard for me to spit into my cleavage. I tried and it mostly ended up dribbling down my chin.

I looked up and laughed at his confused look, “Mommy needs lubrication if you’re going to slide that big prick in between her boobs.” He got the picture and his eyes smiled, he slid back a bit and leaned over spitting a big gob of saliva onto my breasts and between them. I furrowed my brow at this, feeling aroused and at the same time dominated by the action. I didn’t pause long though before rubbing it all around and deciding we were ready.

Wordlessly, I pulled on his thighs to get him back up into position. He squatted down so that his balls were pressed to my abdomen and his cock was laying between my breasts, I pushed up on the outsides of my breasts to increase the U-shaped valley between and he pressed down on the top of his dick and began thrusting between my jiggling fleshes. The jiggling got me giggling and I noticed that he was so long that at the top of his thrust he was lightly bumping my chin. On his next stroke I pressed my chin to the base of my neck and opened my mouth suckling his spongy crown as he pushed up. This brought a gasp to his lips and he proceeded to thrust more forcefully into my mouth, increasing his pace. My jaw and neck started to get tired, and I took a break looking back up at his face, contorted in concentration as he fucked his Mom’s chest. Soon his rhythm began to falter and I knew he was getting close.

With one more thrust he let out a long moan and leaned up on his knees one hand pressed into the cushion by my head, the other frantically pulling on his cock which danced in front of my eyes. At last he fired off at point blank range. I barely closed my eyes in time as he coated one eyelid and the hollow below it with cum.

He leaned up continuing to jerk and sprayed another rope across my lips and forehead, into my hair, “Open up Mom!” he shouted.

I did what he said, without hesitation and felt another shot coat my teeth and tongue. The last few shots lacked the force of the first and painted across my breasts and cleavage. I closed my mouth and licked my tongue across my teeth before swallowing. At last I blinked my eyes open, one still obscured by strings of cum stretched between my lashes while the other took in the sight of my son wiping the last dribbles of his cum across my right nipple.

I smiled up at my son, thinking I must look quite the sight but he seemed quite happy with the result. He climbed off of me and the couch, letting me sit up and grabbed my hand.

“You’ve got to see how sexy you look!” he blurted as he dragged me toward the bathroom.

When we got inside I gasped “Oh my!” Staring at my face crisscrossed with lines of cum, one eye coated, a dollop slowly sliding down my cheek and my breasts spattered with cum spots. He stood behind me rubbing his still hard member between my bare ass cheeks reminiscent of his grinding orgasm from the kitchen earlier.

“God you’re so hot covered in my cum, Mom! I gotta get off again!” I smiled at him and pushed back against his crotch as he thrust between my ass cheeks, our un-lubricated flesh making squeaking noises as we went. He held on to my waist this time as I grabbed the edge of the counter and let him go at my ass cheeks to his hard-on’s content.

Given the friction and sensitivity he had from having just cum it wasn’t long before he groaned and thrust hard, pressing his body against me as his penis pulsed and jerked between my cheeks and I felt the warm spatters of my son’s orgasm landing on my skin for the third time that night.

As he finished cumming his hands slid down my hips and he leaned against my back breathing heavily on my shoulder. I could feel his penis finally begin to wilt and slide slickly back down the crack of my ass. I gave him a few moments before pushing back away from the sink and turning to face him. His shaft flopped down to hang between our legs and I smiled up at him.

“Give me some time to work this out honey, ok?” He nodded and took a step back. I looked him in the eye seriously, “I’m going to go get a shower…alone, you should do the same, and then we can finish the night watching a movie, like we usually do, ok?”

He grinned, kissed my cum-stained cheek and stepped out of the hall bath to head upstairs to his shower. I leaned back against the sink edge and thought about where this was going. Looking over my shoulder I saw the cum dripping down my back and the trail of cum that had dripped from my eye down my cheek. I glanced down at my breasts and there was the trail where the big glob had slid off my cheek, down my breast and over my nipple. It seemed I was turning into a real cum-slut, and for my son too…how had this happened to miss prim-and-proper Meredith Banks? I shook my head, pushed off from the counter and headed upstairs to get my own shower.

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