Rubber Restriction Part 6


Rubber Restriction Part 6Vanessa led Miranda away from the prone position of poor Josie, with Miranda lifting the hem of Vanessas long dress off the floor, daring not to drop it to the floor. They walked across the courtyard of a gravelled drive and came to some buildings that looked very much like stables.In one of them there was cursing and swearing coming from inside.”Damn Blast it Harriot keep still will ya !!” Odrered a gruff voice within. The man in his mid fifties and of stocky build with as gruff a face as his voice, was standing with the right hind leg of a horse between his thighs,No and was deftly trying to shoe a rather frisky mare, who seemed to be giving him some bother “For F…. Oh hello Mam !”the man said abruptly “This is Ron” Vanessa pronounced “He’s the Farrier around here and does most of the shoeing of the Horses and of course some of the ponies aswell….. Ahem well the sort of Ponies we keep here adapazarı escort anyway !” Vanessa said with a wry smile “Ah yes tha’s right mam ‘least the F..lippin’ ponies don’t give me as much trouble as this mare does !” Ron said out loud while slapping Harriot on the backside “Now for Fu…Sake will you keep still !!” Ron mananged to shoe harriot and let her back leg down.”You’ll have to excuse Rons’ language I’m affraid !” Vanessa laughed “Is that a new girl then, Mam one of yer new slaves ?” Ron asked inquisitively ” Well No ….’not yet’ ” Vanessa responded with a whisper to the last comment “No Miranda here is what you might call a colleague of mine, she has something that I’m very interested in, isn’t that right Miranda?””U-um yes I h-have a book that Vanessa is interested in “”Oh yeah ? I do appologise miss but seeing you holding the hem of M’lady’s dress up there I was into thinkin’! Ron interjected adapazarı escort bayan “Yes Ron …you were thinking ?” Vanessa remarked trying looking for a response from Miranda “Oh my !” Miranda suddenly spoke up “I-i see what you mean, but N-no I…””No Miranda is just taking over where little Josie the clumsy bitch, decided to drop the hem of my dress !” “Ahhh I see mam, Young Josie’s in punishment then !” He beemd a grotesque smile across his face “yes Ron indeed she is, Now would you be so kind as to show Miranda and myself to where the Ponies are kept !” Vanessa said airily “Ahh right you are mam, next set of stables up got a beauty ready for you to inspect mam !” Ron said with more than a little excitement in his voice “I know where it is Ron just take me there so I can show Miranda here !” Vanessa raised her eyebrows “Come along Miranda this way and keep the hem up !” Vanessa chided Miranda escort adapazarı in a mocking voice Miranda followed as only she could , behind Vanessa lifting the hem of her dress as high as she could and trying not to look too nervous as Rons stare came upon the split in her long pencil skirt, Ron gave her a lecherous smile and remarked “Nice bit of thigh showing there miss !” and he gave her a wink.”Don’t mind Ron Miranda, all the men who work here might be lecherous bastards but they work here under my rules , isn’t that right Ronny !” she said retoricly “Oh yes Mam we look and don’t touch …..unless mam say’s so !” Ron responded with a quick response.” Yes ….and any man employed here breaking those rules will find more than their pay docked, wont thay Ron?!” Ron Blushed bright red, his eye’s seem to water at the thought “Y-yes mam not a pretty sight !” “Exactly, you see Miranda I employ only the best craftsmen of their guild and I don’t stand for no Filthy Shits who think they can take advantage of ME or the Girls I have under my wing, I on the otherhand , being the Mistress of this place will do what I fucking well want to and woe be tide anybody who crosses me !!”

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