Rosie3Unexpected pleasure 3I think a little more background is called for as I continue with our story. This all took place in the early seventies please bear in mind no internet/mobile phones and all the easy communication we have today. I worked then and still do in the heavy plant business, a more macho occupation you couldn’t find and with what was going on with Rosie and I was to say the least a little groundbreaking. Most of the guys I worked with would never have considered such a course of action and the little wife was a precious, to be protected at all cost from other males and infidelity to be dealt with harshly. As you can imagine I was a bit of a turmoil this was not what happened and being so aroused by the whole scenario would have brought down immediate scorn.We both seemed a little edgy about what had happened and needed a little time for us both to be more comfortable with the situation. We had had a week off (as you do every month) and we really hadn’t discussed the situation any more. Our routine was steady and comfortable and our lives went on as if nothing had happened but it was there just under the surface and both of us needed to deal with it. The easy course of action would be to say no more lets go back to our comfy uncluttered life but somewhere beneath the surface something had been awakened and we both weren’t entirely sure how to manage it.Inevitably it moved on I was home early and Rosie came in after me we were always pleased to see one another and did the usual greetings and how was your day stuff. I have to say that girl always looked good in a smart business blouse and skirt and the 3” heels really did something for her legs. We were in our twenties and as you say hot to trot! I couldn’t keep my hands off her and was politely informed that any nonsense like that would have to wait until later.“and I have something we need to discuss darling but you will have to wait until later” I think I knew what was coming and this I knew was decision time for us. We sat around watching the box just together like any married couple who are happy in one another’s company.“So I asked what is it you want to discuss as if I don’t know” I laughed “mm you are soo naughty” she giggled “it may not be what you think” but she snuggled up and her hand was on my leg.“Go kaçak bahis on tell me what is happening now?” “Well our friend (this is what we called Ron) was getting a bit naughty at work and I just teased him and didn’t let him touch me, I think he was quite cross but I loved it”“You are so bad what has got into you”? “Good question I am not sure but whatever it is makes me incredibly horny” “I don’t mind that in fact you can be as bad as you like with me” we both laughed and the atmosphere relaxed.“well darling I know we were both excited by the last little adventure and if you are ok with it then I would like to continue and he has asked me if I will work late tomorrow night” I could say I was shocked and stunned but I wasn’t and I have to admit I wanted more of this and now it was obvious it was same for both of us “so how do you feel about that I guess you know what he is about” she kissed me and ran her hand onto the front of my jeans “I think I know how you feel about it randy sod, I want too darling I know this will change things but I still feel in control I am sure I can handle this situation and it made us both so excited last time” I could only agree and bear in mind we had absolutely no idea that anyone else would dream of doing something like this. I guess being out in the country we were leading a sheltered life.“So what is the plan have you decided how far you will go?” “I don’t know I promise I will tell you everything but the thought makes me so horny and after the last time he touched me I wanted more I just didn’t know how we would feel afterwards darling”“I am just glad this isn’t going on behind my back and I know this is a bit unusual but you playing with him and coming home to me makes me feel very close to you, does that sound mad?”“not at all I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t want me too and I don’t think I would want to do anything more with him without you knowing and enjoying it to” so the scene was set we ended up snogging on the couch I made her cum with my fingers and she gave me a fabulous wank and let me shoot all over her legs, I like that a lot.We both showered and were getting ready for bed when she asked “what shall I wear darling shall we pick my undies out together? “ that was a new twist that hadn’t entered my head before but here I was tipobet güvenilir mi suggesting bra and panties sets, suspender belts and nylons for Rosie to share with someone elseAs usual I left before Rosie we kissed goodbye and I just said “take care darling I love you” I left with a weird sensation going through me what the hell had I done what would happen and where would it leave us, but the die was cast.I arrived home as usual hadn’t been in long when the phone rang it was Rosie saying “just a quick call darling to say I shall be a little late tonight Ron and I need to get the final accounts ready for a meeting tomorrow I promise I will be home soon as I can” I assume any of you experienced people on here will know how I felt I was torn between going down there and picking her up and sitting here alone imagining what was going on. It was the longest hour and a half I could ever remember.I heard the car door shut and the key in the door I was just sitting there I had no bloody idea what had happened and I was feeling completely at a loss.“Hello darling sorry I have been so long hope you didn’t mind” of course I didn’t she looked fine her makeup looked a little off and she was glowing. “All ok” I asked “mm yes are you ok she asked” “Yes I am fine just a little excited about what happened” “well you naughty boy why don’t you come up with me and help me get changed and I will tell you just how bad I have been” we kissed and I followed her upstairs she began unbuttoning her blouse and I could see the top of her bra was pushed down and her breast were damp, “he loves these darling I let him lick and suck them, take it off so you can see” I practically tore it off her breasts were wet and her nipples hard and erect I couldn’t get to them fast enough I was sucking on her letting my tongue go where his had been “oh yes darling that is so lovely you like doing that after he has been there don’t you” I could only groan and continue, “undress darling I want to see you I want to see how hard you are for me” I couldn’t get out of my gear fast enough “oh yes darling you do like my little adventures don’t you” I was like a rock “so what happened tell me?”“don’t be so impatient” she giggled she took my cock in her hand and stroked me slowly “don’t you dare cum tipobet giriş until I have finished telling you” I just nodded “we’ll as soon as everyone had left he asked me to bring my books up to his desk, same scenario as before and of course this time I didn’t stop him he was quickly up my skirt touching my legs and rubbing me through my panties, god I can’t believe how horny that makes me I just opened my legs a bit more to give him better access, he turned in his chair and asked “can you open your blouse” I didn’t even think I just undid the buttons he had his hand inside stroking me I just pulled the front down and leaned forward he immediately started to lick and suck me, with his fingers on my panties and this I was gushing, he pulled my panties to one side and pushed to fingers in I was trembling and I just came I soaked his hand. I expected to see his cock out when he stood up but just a bulge in his trousers I don’t know why I did it I sat on the edge of my desk and just said “lick me” he didn’t hesitate I couldn’t believe how powerful I felt and my god he was good he licked and sucked like a man possessed I thought I was drowning him. “Darling I wanted him to fuck me soo bad I just pulled his head up and watched as he got his cock out I just said “no condom” I laid back and put my hand on his cock to get him ready. Whilst she was telling me this she was undoing her skirt she let it drop “look what happened darling2 her legs panties and stockings were covered in spunk. “He lost control I couldn’t believe it he shot everywhere I was so disappointed all that hot sticky mess and his drippy cock laying on my leg” I couldn’t help myself I touched her sticky panties I could smell and feel his slimy sperm I wanted her so bad.“Do you want me to clean up or do you want to have me now covered in his messy spunk” the tone of her voice and her demeanour said you want me like this you randy bugger and I did I needed to fuck her knowing what she had done. I pressed he against the bedroom wall dragged her panties away from her cunt and rammed my cock into her.“Oh yes darling that’s it fuck your dirty little slut I have been so bad I loved when he licked me I wanted him to fuck me bring home my spunky cunt for you, you wish you were sliding in on his dirty cumm don’t you” that was enough I came so hard my balls ached we clung together both panting and exhausted.We recovered quietly I really didn’t have much to say we sat together and Rosie just said “I think we both know what is going to happen next” I couldn’t disagree and I also couldn’t wait.

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