Rose Petals


Rose PetalsI walk into the house and see a trail of rose petals…I follow them into the kitchen where I find a note and a glass of wine. “Take off all your clothes, grab the glass of wine, and follow the rose petals to the master bathroom.” With a smile on my face I do as the note says. Slowly I remove my coat, then I start unzipping that little black dress I wore just for you. I know it’s your favorite. You love the way it hugs my body, showing all my curves. I let my dress fall to the floor and I step out of it. Standing in the kitchen with just my black lace bra and matching panties and my 5in heels on, I turn in a circle slowly because I know somewhere you are watching me strip for you. I unsnap my bra and take it off revealing my 40DDD tits you love so much. The cool air in our house hits my nipples and immediately they begin to get hard straining for your mouths attention. Bending over, I slowly pull my panties down giving you a full view of my sweet tight chocolate pussy and thick chocolate ass. Last but not least, I straddle the kitchen chair to take off my heels. You see my tight pussy spread for you as I lift one leg up and put it on the back of the chair. Then the other, as I lean back on my elbows on the table. I kick off my heels as I lean back and my hair lays on the top of the table, as my arched back pushes my tits up towards the ceiling. I sit up smiling as my strip show has ended and grab the glass of wine, following the rose petals down the hallway…As I get to the bathroom I see that the door is closed with another note. “Stand still and do not turn around no matter what.” Hesitant, I do what the note says. The house is so quiet that I can hear your footsteps as you get closer to my naked body. I feel you breathing on my neck, as you come right behind me. As I start to breathe heavier in anticipation, you rub one finger from the top of my neck, down my back, and down my ass stopping right on my asshole. You feel my body shake from your touch and you whisper to me “Don’t worry I’m not going to touch it yet.” I could hear the smile on your face as you said those words and I realized tonight was the night you were going to fuck my virgin ass. You kissed the nape of my neck sending chills down my spine as you put a blindfold over my eyes. I wanted to move in protest, but I remember what your note had said…”Stand still and do not turn around no matter what.” So instead I was a good girl and did as I was told. I heard the slow creak of the bathroom door opening and the smell hit me. Warm vanilla and lavender filled the bathroom. It smelled so good. As you grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom I realized you had drawn me a warm bath and I was immediately relaxed. Instead of helping me in the bathtub, you picked me up holding me like a baby kaçak bahis as I wrapped my arms around your neck. As you moved closer to the tub, your thumb started to rub the opening to my pussy making me moan out softly and making me get wet. While you lowered me to the tub, I couldn’t help thinking how good tonight is going to be…if only I knew just how good.The warm water hit my ass first then my pussy, thighs, legs and toes. I tried to reach out my arms to hold onto the sides of the tub so I could ease myself into the warm water, but you just kept lowering me into the tub. I didn’t think anything of it until I felt something touching my pussy and my asshole. My first thought was maybe there were rose petals in the bathtub, but then I realized whatever it was, it was hard. Hard and round a bit, maybe made out of plastic. When it actually hit me that there was a vibrator in the tub I wanted and tried to get out. But you pushed me down into the tub causing the vibrator to slide into my tight pussy and a smaller piece to slide into my ass. I moaned out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. “Relax baby. I know you haven’t masturbated in front of anyone before and I know you’re an anal virgin but we are going to change all of that tonight.” I shook my head no and told you that I didn’t think I was ready just yet. Taking off my blindfold off you tell me, “If I leave it to you, you will never be ready baby so I am taking matters into my own hands. You are not getting out of this tub until you ride the vibrator and cum for and in front of me.” As I tried to shake my head in protest again, you quickly kissed me letting your tongue snake through my mouth. When you kiss me I am putty in your hands and you know it. As we kiss, you slowly rock my hips on the vibrator. I begin to moan into your mouth and you pull away telling me you want to hear me moan while I fuck myself in front of you. I squat in the tub and brace myself on the sides of it as I start to move up and down the vibrator. In and out it goes in my pussy and asshole. I start to moan louder and close my eyes in pleasure as I realize the pain in my ass has gone away. “No you don’t! Look at me while you are riding that dick.” As I watch you watching me, I can see your 10in dick is standing at full attention and it makes me want to cum even more. I keep moaning louder and fucking myself harder until I feel it. “I’m going to cum Daddy.” “Uh huh that’s it cum for Daddy baby.” I can’t hold it any longer and I stand up releasing the vibrator from the vice-like grip my holes had on it, and start to rub my clit very fast until…”I’m cumming.” I scream staring right in your eyes as I start to squirt all over myself and in the bathtub. As I calmed down from my orgasm you scooped me up and wrapped me in a towel güvenilir bahis and carried me to the bed…Laying me on our bed, I realized that there were more rose petals covering the entire bed. Drying me off, you couldn’t stop telling me how sexy I was and how proud you were of me. As I lay there on the soft rose petals watching you dry me off, I can’t help but start to wonder what is next. As you finish drying off my toes, you throw the towel on the floor beside the bed and reach on the night stand for the massaging oil. “Turn over on your stomach.” I do as I am told and then I feel the cool feeling of the massage oil running on my back and thighs. You start massaging my neck and shoulders first. Then my lower back in that spot just right above my ass.” Mmm that feels so good Daddy” I moan. I can feel my pussy start to get wet again and I try to wiggle around a little to get my mind off of it. “Stay still” you command me. Settling down I feel more massage oil fall into the crack of my ass. Slowly you start to knead my milk chocolate ass going in circles getting closer to my asshole each time. I feel more oil go into my ass crack as you move down lower across my legs. You start to rub my ass again, gently, in circles getting closer to my asshole. I feel you spread my ass apart and the cool air hits my virgin asshole. You take one of your fingers and rub up and down the length of my crack making sure to put pressure on my asshole each time you pass it. “Breathe baby” you tell me as I feel two thick fingers go into my asshole. In and out your thick fingers go slowly, causing just a little bit of discomfort.” I guess that little piece of the vibrator that went into my ass opened me up some” I think to myself. “Good girl. You’re doing so good” you tell me as you stick a third finger in my asshole. “Ughhh” I scream out from the painful stretching your fingers are causing my asshole to do. You finger my asshole like this for a while until you tell me to get on my knees. I get on my knees with your fingers still buried in my asshole knuckle deep. You bend over and start licking up my sweet wetness as you finger my asshole. It feels so good I can’t help but to cum hard in your mouth. Breathing heavily from my orgasm, I feel your warm lips leave my pussy as you stand up still fingering my asshole. I didn’t know what you were doing and didn’t really care at that moment, but I should’ve because you were behind me putting the massage oil on your dick and getting ready to fuck my virgin asshole. Before I could grasp what was happening you took your fingers out of my ass and started to push the head of your dick inside me. As you began to slide more of your 10 inches into me, I screamed out “NO!” in protest. “It’s ok baby I already have the head canlı bahis in just relax” you tell me. But I can’t. I feel like my asshole is on fire. You are only about halfway in before you stop and let me get used to you. I keep telling you to take it out and that I can’t do it but it’s like you can’t hear me. Or I guess my asshole must feel too good for you to pull out. You slide two more inches inside of me and then pull almost completely out of my asshole and then slide back in. I can hear you moaning as you slide in and out of me slowly allowing me to adjust to you more. I feel you reach around my hips and touch my pussy. “Mmm I told you that you would like it baby. Look how wet you are for my dick in your asshole.” Damn I thought. I was getting wetter as the pain seem to be replaced with pleasure. “Tell me you love my dick in your ass” you command me as you continue to rub my wet pussy and fuck my ass slowly. I didn’t say anything I just shook my head no. “Oh you are going to act like that huh? Well I will give you one more chance to tell me you love my dick in your asshole. So now, tell Daddy how much you love him inside your asshole angel.” Again I just shook my head no. Silence fell over the room except for the wet sounds of you sliding slowly in and out of my ass. Then “whack” as you slap my ass so hard I think you left a hand print. I scream out in pain. And begin to cuss at you but you are not having it. You push my head down and grab my ass cheeks and spread them wide and ram all of your 10 inches into my asshole. I scream and try to run but you just hold my hips in place as you pound my asshole and me into submission. “Mmm this asshole feels so good. I have been waiting too long for this ass” you tell me. Harder and harder you ram your dick inside me. It hurts but kind of feels good at the same time. So I decide to let you have my asshole the way you want it and reach back and hold my ass cheeks apart for you. “Mmmm that’s Daddy’s good girl” you say as you reach around and start rubbing my clit as you fuck my no longer virgin asshole mercilessly. I start to moan louder and louder as you keep fucking me and rubbing my clit. Then I feel it first in my toes then up my legs and… “I’m cumming Daddy” I manage to say as squirt all over your hand, the rose petals and the sheets. “Oh shit I am going to cum too baby.” Pulling out of my ass you come around the bed and shove your dick in my mouth making me taste myself on you. I try to shove you out of my mouth you just shake your head no and push deeper into my throat and start fucking my throat until rope after rope of your hot sweet cum shoots into my mouth and down my throat. Pulling out of my throat as I finished swallowing the last drop of your cum, you lay down next to me on the bed and pull me close to you as you look into my eyes. Picking up a rose petal you smell it. Then you smell your hand covered in my cum. “Which one smells the sweetest?” I ask. Looking at me you smile and lean in to kiss me dropping the rose petal to the floor…

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