Roomate DP


Roomate DPLike my previous stories this happened one night after a typical college party.Me, my roommate Matt, and Kelsey, an old friend of his, had all just been to a party and were pretty buzzed. We got back and it was pretty late so we decided to just go to bed. Matt ran off to the bathroom so i had been left alone with Kelsey. I flipped on the TV while we waited for Matt to get back. After a while Kelsey must have thought he was taking to long and started changing. She quickly slipped out of her clothes and into her pj’s. I tried to make it look like i wasn’t staring at her, but i definitely was. My cock was so hard that I started to play with myself a little under my covers. I casually asked if she had sex with Matt, she said not yet but wanted to. So then i asked if she would do it with 2 guys. She shot me a confused look, but just i dont know. So i said what if me and matt double teamed you. she didnt know what to say but i was rock hard and wanted to fuck. fethiye escort just then matt came back, kelsey whispered to him and then they both looked at me. i could tell she had said something to him about what i had just said. Then kelsey said “ok. lets do it!” So she got right on her knees and started blowing matt. i was a little shocked at that but my dick was already hard from watching her change clothes. ironically, matt said “dont forget about him” pointing to me and she said “he’s already hard from watching me undress, now fuck me.” so she lifted her ass up and motioned me to come over. i stood up, ripped my pants off and slid right into her waiting pussy. she was so wet i had no trouble getting it in. i pulled her ass into me as she sucked on my roommates dick. we stood there fucking her pussy and mouth for a little while until i said “lets do some DP.” so my roommate laid down and told kelsey to get on top, so she jumped up and started riding escort fethiye his dick hard. matt told her to wait up for a second, so i climbed up on the bed. she told us to wait, but it was too late for her. i already had my cock in hand and lined up to penetrate her ass. she told us to stop but matt held her still while i worked my cock into her virgin asshole. she moaned in pain as i loosened her up. she screamed out that she didnt like it and wanted to stop. but me and matt were too horny, so we both slammed out dicks in her. i could feel the tight pressure of her ass and it felt even tighter from matts dick shoved deep inside her pussy. she moaned out loudly as we fucked her harder and harder. her holes were so tight i knew i would last much longer. i fucked her slowly up the ass while matt pounded her pussy fast and hard. soon after i could feel my cock throbbing and leaking tons of pre-cum. So i pulled her ass into me and buried my cock deep in fethiye escort bayan her tight hole. as i shot my load in her she screamed out “oh my god! hes filling me up with so much cum!” i guess that set matt off because he started cumming too. Kelsey just moaned as we filled both her holes with hot cum. she collapsed on top of matt but he said “oh we’re not done yet.” and he started working his cock into her cum filled pussy. So i continued fucking her cum filled ass. i could feel my cum leaking from her ass and down my balls. i was so hot that i just fucked her like crazy, so did matt. she screamed as we fucked her brains out. we fucked her for another hour before matt told me to pull out. we both pulled our dicks out as she fell down on the bed, tired from our hard fucking. so me and matt jerked off and both shot huge loads right in her face. she collapsed and fell asleep with our cum deep in her holes and all over her face. me and matt went to bed very satisfied.When we woke up we talked about how awesome last night was. Kelsey woke up 2 hours later, exhausted from our wild sex. matt and i just laughed as she went to the bathroom, in a daze, to take a shower and wash all the cum off herself.

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