Robinson Family Ch. 04

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Mr. Robinson was impressed by how passionately Alex and Melissa had kissed each other. This was turning out to be a very entertaining night.

“OK, you two are about to learn how to use oral sex to give your partner an orgasm. It wouldn’t be fair to have you two take turns, since the person who has an orgasm first won’t get very much excitement out of stimulating the other one of you. That is why you two are going to pleasure each other simultaneously. Alex is going to lie on his back on the bed. Melissa is going to kneel while straddling his face, and then she is going to bend at the waist and move her head towards Alex’s feet while lowering her butt towards his face. This is a variant of the 69 position. What do you think honey?”

Mrs. Robinson was getting wet at the thought of it. She managed to stammer out a reply.

“That’s very good. These two had just better remember not to be selfish. It is better to give than to receive, so I had better see these two working hard to pleasure each other, and not just taking in all the pleasure. Alex. Melissa. You two just remember that your only job here is to make each other feel good. Don’t get so caught up in your own pleasure that you neglect each other, or I will have your father take his belt to both of you. Now, you two get in position.”

Alex eagerly flopped down on the bed, his erect cock eagerly pointing to the ceiling. Melissa climbed up onto the bed on her knees, and awkwardly swiveled her body to place her left knee beside the left side of Alex’s face. Her temporarily wide stance rendered her off balance, and she instinctively sought stability. She bent at the waist and let her body weight fall along the natural plane created by her bent knees, and her butt smashed into Alex’s face hard. Alex enjoyed the sight of his sister’s beautiful buns, but he wasn’t expecting them to suddenly clobber him in the face. Melissa immediately lifted her legs out from underneath her, thus putting her full weight on Alex’s face. Feeling the cartilage of his nose quickly alerted her to the fact that her brother was under her. She started to gasp in horror, but that quickly turned into a gasp of pleasant surprise when she felt Alex’s hands prying apart her buttocks, and his tongue tickling her anus. She giggled with pleasure. An impatient look from her parents let Melissa know that she should probably get into position quickly.

“Sorry Alex, I lost my balance. I hope I didn’t hurt your face.”

“It’s totally OK. You can sit on my face anytime.”

Melissa got back on her knees. This gave Alex a great view of everything between her legs. He enjoyed her smooth buttocks, but was even more eager to taste her sweet pussy.

“Wait Melissa. Stay right where you are.”

Melissa was on her knees, straddling Alex’s face, but she had not yet bent over towards his cock. Mrs. Robinson came rushing over to the twins. Before you two dive into your snacks, I think you two should use your fingers to familiarize yourselves with the territory first. Just use your hands. Melissa, wrap your fingers around the shaft of Alex’s penis. Don’t start jerking it really hard and fast bursa escort just yet. I want you to just squeeze it some and feel how hard it is. Use your other hand to tickle his balls. Alex, I want you to find Melissa’s clitoris. It’s right up under that fold of skin in front. Just use your thumb and index finger to lightly roll that around. Use one finger from your other hand, and stick it in her pussy and rub it around her vaginal walls. You two just feel each other out like that for just a minute until you really know each other intimately, then you can devour each other.”

Alex gasped as he felt his sister’s soft hand grip his hard cock. He was thankful that she wasn’t moving her hand much, or he would explode, especially considering all the built-up sexual tension from all of their activities that night. He decided to distract himself from the intense pleasure that Melissa was providing to his cock. Suddenly and without prelude, he jammed the index finger of his left hand deep into Melissa’s pussy. The resulting rush of pleasure that overcame Melissa caused her to suddenly tighten her grip on Alex’s cock, which she quickly loosened. Alex then found her clit. Grinning mischievously, her gripped her clit between the thumb and index finger of his right hand. Taking care to be gentle with her, he lightly kneaded her pleasure button, causing her to moan loudly with pleasure.

“Stop. I can tell both of you are getting close to orgasm. I am going to let you use your mouths to finish the job. Melissa, when you get Alex really excited, his penis is going to shoot off some white fluid called semen. Many guys prefer for a woman to swallow the semen, but you don’t have to. You can just spit it in the trash can by the bed if you want.”

“That’s OK daddy. I want to see how Alex’s semen tastes.”

“Very nice of you sweetheart. Now Alex, women don’t usually shoot out fluid, but sometimes they can. In this position, you don’t have much of an escape. Even if she doesn’t ejaculate, her pussy juices might still drip. Are you OK with this?”

“Of course I’m OK dad. I hope she does spill some fluid. I want to drink her pussy juices like I drink Red Bull.”

Alex’s remark caused Melissa to blush. It was another sweet compliment from her loving brother. She bent at the waist and lowered her head towards his cock. She would be sure to reward him for his kindness to her. She gently placed her lips around the very tip of Alex’s cock. She lightly flicked the tip with her tongue, eliciting loud gasps from Alex. She then applied more pressure with her lips, and slowly took more of his cock into her mouth as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. Alex could feel her tongue massaging his cock’s swollen red head as her lips moved along his shaft. Melissa lowered her butt until it was resting on Alex’s face. Alex wasted no time in planting a kiss on her pussy lips. He stuck out his tongue and ran it along her outer lips. He then pried those lips apart with his fingers and roughly jammed his tongue into her pussy as far as it would go. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a Gene Simmons tongue, so he decided to do some rearranging. bursa escort bayan He pulled his tongue out of her pussy, and placed the tip of his tongue under her clit. As he lightly manipulated her clit with his tongue, he stuck a finger back into her pussy and rubbed the walls of her pussy. This did it for Melissa. She wanted to scream out loud as she orgasmed, but she still had her lips wrapped tightly around his cock. The resulting hum that came from her mouth produced some pleasant vibrations, which brought Alex over the edge too. Melissa gulped down the warm fluid greedily as it erupted from Alex’s cock.

When she had swallowed all of it, she made sure to clean off Alex’s cock with her tongue, and then she collapsed beside Alex on the bed. Alex wrapped an arm around his sister and pulled her close to him. Mrs. Robinson sat on the edge of the bed. She casually played with Melissa’s breasts as she spoke.

“You two were great. You should be proud of yourselves. You had your first orgasms with each other, and your father and I were lucky enough to be able to watch and offer our guidance. Now, you two rest for a few minutes and just continue to hold each other close. Soon, you two are going to, as the Good Book would say, ‘become as one flesh’ with one another. Alex, you are finally going to be inside of your sister. Melissa, you are going to have Alex’s cock enter your vagina. I know it looks big when it gets hard, but you can take it. I promise it will feel really good, and you will want him inside of you often. There are many different positions that you two can have sexual intercourse in, but for your first time, I am going to have to insist that you do this face-to-face. You two will start once Alex’s penis becomes hard again. Alex, your sister has some really nice breasts. Maybe you could give them some attention while you are waiting. I’m going to leave you two alone now. I will let you know when it is time.”

Alex turned his head to face his sister. She looked back at him with loving eyes. He kissed her lips. She kissed back. They pressed their bodies against each other and kept their lips locked. Finally, Alex moved his lips away. He put a hand on Melissa’s hip and rolled her over so that she was facing away from him. He then moved closer to her and wrapped one arm around her, and stuck his other arm underneath her. Melissa was confused by what he was doing, but her confusion quickly dissipated when Alex grabbed her breasts with both hands. He kneaded them gently, producing tremors of pleasure that engulfed Melissa. She moaned softly. Alex suddenly withdrew his arms, and roughly pushed Melissa onto her back. Alex steadied himself with his hands, and then leaned his body over Melissa. He brought hips lips down to Melissa’s left breast and encircled her nipple with his lips, while his tongue teased it. He then gave some oral attention to her other nipple. After a few minutes of this, Melissa was panting with anticipation, and Alex’s cock was starting to grow hard again. Mrs. Robinson was proud to see her son’s cock growing in length so soon after his last orgasm. She jealously wished that her husband could escort bursa do that.

“Alex, it’s time to enter your sister. Melissa, I want you to spread your legs and lift them up in the air. When Alex starts to enter you, bring your feet up high on his back. This will let him enter you deeper. Alex, go in slowly and gently. Give slow thrusts. Start small and then gradually increase the length of your thrusts. Don’t expect to last very long inside of her. You can try for marathon sessions with her another time. For tonight, you are just going to focus on the experience of your first time together. Your father and I will be watching and providing encouragement.”

Alex swallowed the lump in his throat as he crawled over his sister to mount her. Melissa spread and lifted her legs as instructed. Alex stared down at the opening of her vagina. He wondered how his cock was supposed to go in. He nervously pried her outer pussy lips open with his fingers. He poked awkwardly at her opening with his cock. His mother suddenly came forward and grasped his cock with her hand. She guided the tip of his cock into Melissa’s dripping pussy. Mrs. Robinson then stepped back after giving Alex a loving pat of encouragement on his butt. Alex pushed forward with his hips very slowly and gently. He watched as Melissa’s eyes widened and she squirmed a little. Finally, Alex felt the head of his cock pop into her pussy completely. He was ecstatic to be in, and Melissa appeared to be equally pleased. He slowly pushed his hips forward to slide his shaft further into her. When the base of his shaft disappeared into his sister and would not go in any further, he felt an odd sense of accomplishment, as if this were the only sexual achievement that mattered. He kissed Melissa again before moving his hips back again to partially remove his cock. He gave her short slow thrusts before gradually increasing the length of his thrusts. Melissa began to moan with ecstasy. Alex slightly increased his speed. He wasn’t going to go at her like a jackhammer, despite the urgings of his body, but he still wanted some intensity. Melissa rewarded his efforts with more appreciative moans.

“Ahhhh! Alex! Alex! Thank you! I love you Alex!”

Alex was on the verge of orgasm, but was determined to hold out for his sister. Finally, his sister came. She didn’t flail around in violent spasms, but her orgasm was no less intense. Alex could feel Melissa’s pussy contracting around his cock, and that was too much for him. He came a second later inside his sister. When he was done, his body urged him to just collapse on the bed beside his sister, but that’s not what he did. Instead, Alex immediately pulled his cock out of his sister and leapt to his feet. He then grabbed Melissa’s hand and pulled her off the bed.

“Alex! What are you… Ow!”

Alex silenced her with a slap to her butt.

“Mom. Dad. Thank you so much for teaching us about sex, but I think we should save any further lessons for another night. It’s getting late, and it’s about time we all went to bed. If Melissa doesn’t mind, I think I am going to sleep in her bed tonight. Goodnight. Come on Melissa, let’s go to bed!”

Alex ran down the hall dragging Melissa by the hand. Mr. Robinson watched his son and daughter run off to bed naked. He decided to let them sleep in tomorrow. He knew what they would be doing the rest of the night.

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