Robbie’s Mother Gets Pregnant

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Cock Tease

Carla got out of bed and padded toward the kitchen to get dinner started. She was naked. Her body felt relaxed for the first time in weeks. Her mind was at ease.

Carla and Robbie had had sex once before, weeks ago. Carla almost immediately regretted it. She tried hard to stop it from happening again. Weeks of frustration for her and her son.

Carla’s resolve had finally broken down. She had pressed her son’s head against her pussy and said, “Make me cum”. She had given him a blow job and swallowed his cum. She had mounted him and taken his cum inside her.

Robbie had made her cum. Three times. Twice with his tongue. Once with his cock.

All that happened just a few minutes ago. That was why she was so relaxed.

“That was so fucking good,” Carla thought. “I hope it’s that good the next time.”

She didn’t usually swear but this was a special occasion. She pumped her fist. She was full of cum and happy as a lark.

Robbie had cum three times also. Once jacking off, once in his mother’s mouth, and the last one inside her pussy. She had sprayed his cum on her face and tits. There was still a little bit above her eyebrow.

Robbie was almost as happy as his mother.

Robbie followed his mother to the kitchen. Carla watched his soft cock bounce as he walked.

“He really does have a pretty cock,” she thought. “I think I like sucking his cock even better than fucking.”

Her mouth began to water and she knelt down to take her son’s cock in her mouth again. Even teenage boys have limits on how much sex they can take but Robbie hadn’t reached his limit yet. His cock got hard and he thrust forward, hitting the back of his mother’s throat.

“My mother is kind of a slut,” he thought with a smile. It was a new and interesting revelation for the boy. He didn’t quite know what to do about it.

Carla’s Sensible Self rose from the dead. “You just fucked him not ten minutes ago. Finish him off and go fix dinner. We’re all hungry.”

Her Sensible Self was sensible enough to know Carla was going to continue having sex with her son. It had given up trying to prevent that. But there were still practical matters to consider, like fixing dinner and going to work tomorrow.

“You can’t just have sex all day long,” Sensible Self pointed out.

“Why not?” Lustful Self pouted.

“Because people need to eat and sleep and work,” Sensible Self replied.

Lustful Self and Sensible Self came to a compromise. Sex with Robbie would continue but there would be some limits so that normal life could continue also.

During the discussion inside Carla’s head, Robbie had cum in his mother’s mouth. She had swallowed it and cleaned off his cock.

“What if you get pregnant? I came inside you,” Robbie asked, worried.

“It would be great if I got pregnant,” his mother dreamily thought.

“Not to worry,” she said. “I just had my period. I won’t be fertile for a while.”

Robbie looked confused by her answer. Sex Ed had been three years before and had been his worst subject. Carla promised to explain ‘the birds and the bees’ again later.

“Would it be so terrible if I got pregnant?” Carla asked. She hadn’t really thought about what Robbie might want.

“Wouldn’t it mess up your job? Do they allow teachers to get pregnant who aren’t married?”

Carla laughed. “Some places would have a problem with it, I guess. But not our school. There are already a couple teachers who had children without being married.”

That included her lesbian friend, Linda, the English teacher. Linda had used a sperm donor to get pregnant.

“But what about you? Would you be upset if I got pregnant?” Carla needed to know how Robbie felt.

“I guess not. But I don’t know anything about babies.” He was clearly concerned. His mind was in turmoil as he thought about it more.

“What if I get a girlfriend? What if I get a job somewhere else? What if I want to travel?” Robbie blurted out. “Am I going to be stuck here with a baby all my life?”

“Relax, honey,” Carla touched his cheek to soothe him. “I don’t expect you to be the daddy. You just be a good big brother and live your life. I raised one baby by myself. I can raise another.”

“I raised a big boy and his big toy,” she smiled as she touched his soft penis.

She felt his cock stir and turned away. Dinner first. 18 year old boys may be able to have sex all day and all night but middle aged women couldn’t.

Carla opened the refrigerator and got some things out. She bent over to get fixings for a salad and felt Robbie’s finger enter her pussy from behind. She slapped his hand away.

“Listen, buddy, you can’t just feel me up every time you get the urge.” Her tone was sharp and she was angry.

“That’s not how you treat women. Even women you have slept with. You don’t just grab and poke like she’s a piece of meat.” Carla stood with hands on hips, glaring.

Running through her mind was Robbie’s father, her no good ex-husband. A man who thought all women were his for the taking. He had forced Carla to bursa escort do things she didn’t want to do. He had refused Carla when she did want to do things. Then he left.

“Robbie is not going to turn out to be scum like his father,” she swore to herself.

Robbie was stunned. He hadn’t meant to make his mother angry. He was also confused. One minute he’s shoving his cock down her throat and the next he can’t touch her.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “I guess I don’t know how all this sex stuff is supposed to work.”

Carla gave him a hug and calmed him down. “We’ll talk about how to treat women the right way later. For now, just don’t be grabby.”

Carla fixed a salad and steak. She reheated leftover mashed potatoes. She considered reheating the leftover corn on the cob but decided not to.

“If I took that corn and put butter on it, I bet it would slip right inside my VaJayJay. Nature’s dildo.” Where did that thought come from? Having sex with her son had really triggered something inside her.

Dinner was ready. Carla told Robbie to fix the plates and go to the table. She went back to her room for a minute.

Robbie was sitting down when his mother returned. She was wearing her blouse and skirt again. Except the blouse was barely buttoned and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Sometimes it’s more fun to get a peek than to have everything hanging out,” she advised.

Carla made sure to lean forward frequently so Robbie could look down her blouse and see her bare tits. It had the desired effect. By the time he finished his salad, Robbie was stroking his cock. Before he was halfway through dinner, he stood up to go to the bathroom.

His cock was hard. Carla could see it throb. She knew he was close to ejaculating.

Carla reached out and pulled him closer. She took his cock into her mouth where it joined a bite of mashed potatoes. It only took a few moments for him to cum. Carla chewed the potatoes and cum and swallowed.

“Maybe I should use your cum on the potatoes instead of butter. That tasted pretty good.”

“Ma!” Robbie was disgustedly cleaning potatoes off his cock with his napkin.

After dinner, Carla headed for her room with a book as usual. She had just reached the door when Robbie called out.

“Are we going to that some more, mom? Or do we have to stop again?”

Carla tossed her book on the bed. She removed her blouse and skirt while her son watched. She turned to face him. Letting him look at her naked tits and hairy bush.

“Yes, Robbie. We are going to do that again. Just not tonight.”

Carla made Robbie sleep in his own room that night. She needed a peaceful night’s sleep. She needed to let her mind adjust to this new reality. They weren’t going to stop. Carla was going to have sex with her son. Often.

“I gave him three blow jobs and let him fuck me. He licked me to orgasm twice. A very satisfying day for everyone,” Carla thought as she snuggled down under the covers.

“Sex in the morning, sex in the afternoon, sex all day long,” her Lustful Self sang.

“Remember, there’s work tomorrow and bills to pay. The car needs a tune up. And we better start exercising more if we’re planning on getting pregnant,” Sensible Self pointed out.

“Nag, nag, nag,” said Lustful Self.

Carla woke early. She went into her son’s room. He was still asleep but his usual morning boner was sticking up. She stroked and sucked his cock until he came. When she looked up, Robbie was awake and watching.

“Can we have sex again?”

“Not this morning. You have to get ready for school.”

Robbie and Carla had sex when they got home that afternoon. And that night. It was great sex for Robbie but any sex would have been great sex for him. For Carla, it was a joy to fuck her son but the actual sex wasn’t great.

Robbie was very inexperienced. He didn’t know much about foreplay. He didn’t know how to control his cock so he could delay his ejaculation and build her arousal. Carla would teach him. It would take time. On the plus side, she could already see a small improvement in his technique after fucking only four times.

They slept in the same bed that night. Carla slept with her hand on her son’s chest. During the night, her hand slid down to cuddle his balls.

She dreamed that she and Robbie were having a picnic in a meadow. Carla was breastfeeding a baby while a toddler raced around chasing butterflies. The baby and the toddler looked exactly like her son. She smiled in her sleep.

About three in the morning, Carla woke and remembered the dream. Moving carefully she straddled her sleeping son and positioned his hard cock. She slid it inside her pussy and, in a few minutes, felt it shoot a big load of cum. Robbie never woke up.

Carla didn’t even try to have an orgasm herself. She was happy just having a load of his cum inside her.

“Maybe I’ll get lucky and get pregnant,” Carla hoped. She fell asleep and dreamed of swollen bellies and tits that dripped milk.

In the morning, Carla took care of his boner again. “Is this bursa escort bayan boy ever not hard?” she wondered.

Carla and Robbie ate breakfast together naked and then went to take showers and get dressed.

That was the routine for the next two weeks. Morning blow job, sex in the afternoon and evening, pleasant dreams about her son and babies. Getting the occasional secret middle of the night cum load.

Then one day, things changed.

Carla woke in a strange mood. All night long she had been dreaming of babies. Not pleasant dreams of sweet innocent cherubs.

Frustrating dreams where she pushed one baby after another out of her vagina. All Carla wanted was a baby to hold but as soon as one popped out, it would turn into an adult. In the dream, Carla knew if she kept trying, she would eventually have a baby to keep. She just had to keep trying.

Carla bent over her son’s morning boner. When she felt her son’s cock begin to throb she pulled her mouth away. Carla sprayed cum in her hair, on her tits, on her stomach, on her pubic hair.

“What are you doing mom? You’ve got school today,” Robbie exclaimed.

“I feel like being a cum slut. I’m going to wear your cum to school,” Carla replied, casually.

The woman went into the bathroom and brushed the cum into her hair. She used her hands to spread cum all over her body from her shoulders to her crotch. She rubbed some on her ass and back.

She let the cum dry on her skin before putting on her ‘sexy bra’ but no panties. Carla slipped a lightweight summer dress on. She rarely wore it to school. If she stood in front of the classroom windows, you could see right through the dress. Without panties, you might even be able to see her pubic hair. Today she didn’t care.

She wasn’t thinking about fucking Robbie. She wasn’t thinking at all. She just wanted sex.

“Somebody’s gonna fuck someone before the night is through,” popped into her head. “I need to fuck someone before the day is through.” It was a song from the 70s or 80s but with modified lyrics.

Carla should have known what was happening. It had happened before. Once. 18 years plus 9 months before. When Robbie was conceived.

Back then, Carla’s body had decided it was time to have a baby. It was really more like a demand. For four weeks, the woman was an out of control sex maniac. She constantly needed sex. It wasn’t desire or lust, it was a compulsion.

Unfortunately for Carla, her husband wasn’t all that interested in having sex with her since he was banging the wife of his business partner. But the mailman was willing, the car mechanic was willing, and the grocery store manager was willing.

The woman two doors down was also willing. Carla’s compulsion was for any kind of sex. Lesbian, hetero, solo, plain, kinky, anal, or oral. Anything.

As soon as she became pregnant, the mania stopped. Luckily, it was her husband who provided the sperm for conception so there were no embarrassing questions about who the baby looked like.

Within minutes of her husband pulling his penis out of her vagina, Carla knew she was pregnant. The compulsion disappeared instantly and completely.

Now Carla wanted to wear cum to school while wearing a see-thru dress. She was fingering herself while cooking breakfast and singing about fucking someone, anyone. Carla should have realized the compulsion was back. Her body was demanding another baby. But she didn’t realize it. Not yet.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Sensible Self.

“I don’t know,” answered Lustful Self. “It isn’t me doing it.”

“Need. Baby. Now.” Compulsion Self was strong but not all that bright.

Carla only wanted to have Robbie’s baby but her body wasn’t that nuanced. The compulsion would drive her to have sex with anybody. Sex = Baby was the crude formula that had just taken over Carla’s life.

It was lunch time at school and Carla was in the faculty lounge. She was alone with Ed, the math teacher.

“Ed has three kids. His sperm must be pretty healthy,” she thought.

The math teacher was halfway through his tuna sandwich when Carla stood up and raised the hem of her dress to expose her pubic hair and pussy. She pulled her lips apart.

“You want to fuck me, Ed? I could really use a good fuck right now.”

Ed had a wife and three kids at home but he was always willing to help a fellow teacher. They went down the hall to an empty classroom. The doors were locked and Ed fucked Carla up against the wall where they couldn’t be seen.

It wasn’t graceful or romantic. There wasn’t much foreplay. Ed stuck his cock in and began thrusting until he came. Normally, he would have kept going until the woman came too but he didn’t have to. Carla’s sex drive was on a hair trigger. She had cum before Ed had.

She sucked his cock clean and then Ed returned to the faculty lounge to finish his sandwich.

Carla was satisfied for a while. On the drive home, she began to finger herself in the car. Robbie noticed but said nothing.

At the house, Carla pushed Robbie escort bursa against the back door.

“Fuck me now, Right here on the back porch. Where people can see.” Carla was pushing his pants down as she spoke.

Robbie was a little startled but his cock was hard. Carla didn’t let him stop until he had cum inside her twice. She had one long constant orgasm until he pulled his cock out.

Inside the house, she masturbated in the kitchen, making herself cum again. She sagged into a chair, her eyes out of focus. She didn’t respond to any of Robbie’s questions.

Her son cooked dinner. His mother was certainly in no shape to do it. By the time the food was ready, Carla was back to normal.

That night they had sex again. Regular sex with some foreplay and kissing and no desperation. Except Carla wouldn’t stop until her son had cum in her twice.

Robbie was getting worried. “Maybe having sex with mom made her go crazy or something,” he speculated. “It could happen.: Something had turned his mother into a sex maniac.

The next day, Carla saw Robbie coming down the hall between second and third period. As usual, his cock grew erect as he neared.

“Here comes Mr. Cute Cock. I need to get me some of that.”

Carla looked around. The hall was empty. They were both late for class. Perfect.

Carla grabbed her son’s hand as he passed and tugged him into a storage closet nearby. His friend, Joey, turned the corner just as they stepped inside.

“Stick that big cock of yours inside me. I can’t wait until we get home.”

Robbie obliged but he was growing more worried. He rammed his cock in and thrust back and forth. It didn’t take long for him to cum. Carla rubbed her clit until she came too. Then she wrote her son a note to excuse his tardiness for class.

Joey was just disappearing around the corner when they stepped out of the storage closet. He had been listening at the door.

“He’s fucking his mother! Right here in school. That dog.”

Sixth period was free time for Carla. No class. She was in the hallway alone when the compulsion hit again. She leaned against a locker rubbing her clit through her dress. Joey came around the corner and saw her. He stopped, confused. Then he realized what she was doing.

“Hi, Miss Carla. Enjoying yourself,” he said walking up to her.

Carla opened her eyes but didn’t stop rubbing.

“Very much, Joey. Are you enjoying watching?”

Joey smiled and nodded. Carla grabbed his belt with one hand and pulled Joey closer. With the other hand, she lifted her dress higher exposing herself to the 18 year old.

“Want to do more than watch?”

The teacher was fumbling with the boy’s belt. Her meaning was clear. Very quickly Joey dropped his pants to the ground. He didn’t know exactly what to do but Carla did. She rubbed his erect dick up and down her slit a few times to get it wet.

“Holy fuck, that’s good,” the boy exclaimed.

“Watch your language. We’re in school,” the teacher replied as she guided his dick into her pussy.

Like a lot of boys having sex for the first time, Joey shot his load pretty quickly. But his dick stayed erect until Carla had her own orgasm.

They had just separated when Linda, Carla’s friend who taught English, came around the corner. She saw what was happening and raced down the hallway.

“Joey, pull your pants up and get the hell out of here!” she barked. Joey could take a hint and disappeared down the hall.

“What the fuck are you doing, girl?” Linda dragged her friend into a nearby empty room.

Carla giggled. “That’s exactly what I was doing. Fucking.” She almost seemed drugged.

“You want to fuck, Linda. We used to fuck and you liked it. I liked it too. Let’s do that again.” She tried to kiss Linda but missed.

Linda was a lesbian. Two years before, Linda and Carla had a brief, casual fling that only lasted a few months. They had remained friends and got together regularly to chat.

Having missed with the kiss, Carla now reached out and took Linda’s breast in her hand. Linda slapped her across the face.

“Snap out of it! What is the matter with you?”

“I need to have a baby, Linda. I need to have sex until I get pregnant. Can we have sex now? I really need it.” Carla pouted like a little girl but at least seemed a little more coherent.

“Remember when you told me about how Robbie was conceived? How you turned into a sex maniac? That’s what you’re doing now, isn’t it?”

The light slowly dawned. Carla nodded, her eyes wide. She was scared. She had fucked Joey in the hall. Anybody could have found them. She was lucky it was her friend who broke it up.

Carla started to cry. She may have just destroyed her career.

Linda held her in a hug until her friend could get a grip on her emotions.

“Thank you for figuring it out. I need to go on leave until this is over.” She hesitated.

“I’m fucking Robbie. It’s his baby I really need,” she confessed. Linda looked surprised but not shocked. Carla had dropped plenty of hints over the last two weeks.

“I have to go. Right now. Robbie and I have to go. Tell the Principal that I got sick and will be out for a while. I’ll call in tomorrow.” She kissed Linda with gratitude, not lust. “I have to go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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