Roadside Assistance…Part 2


Roadside Assistance…Part 2I got up for wrok the next day, and called Della to hear what arrangements she made to get her car repaired. She answered on the first ring, and said, “I called the mechanic, but I have the keys in my purse, so he can’t unlock it…now that was dumb,” I laughed and told her I would pick her up and we could meet the tow truck at her car. “Oh…thanks,” she said, “I’ll be ready.”I arrived at her house about thirty minutes later, and she was ready to go. She looked as attractive as the night before, and was wearing a green loose-fitting sundress with a top which couldn’t quite conceal her bustline, and black high heels. We headed for where she had left her car, and she said, “About last night…I am SO sorry for my behaviour…I guess it was a combination of the drinks, the stress of the car, and my condition prior to meeting you. I just want you to know you are a very nice young man, and hope you will forgive me.” I looked at her and said, “You don’t need to apologize…it was an incredible event, and I appreciate your words.” We drove to her car, and soon it was on the tow truck headed to the shop. We sat in my car talking, and I could tell she had something on her mind. “Are you bothered by something, Della?”, I asked. She looked away fro a few seconds, then said, “Well, yes…before last night I hadn’t been intimate for fifteen years. The way you responded to me made me very flattered and güvenilir casino excited, and I was turned on by your sensuality.” I sat for a moment, and said, “You know I lke mature women, and I found you to be very irresistable.” She was silent for a while, then said, “I loved the feel of your penis and how hot your cum felt on my belly and my thighs – I need more of that.” My penis was stirring with her word, and I think she could see the bulge in my pants as she looked at me. “Let’s go to my house……”, she said quietly.The minute we got into her house, she threw her arms around me and gave me a long kiss. Her big breasts pushed agianst me chest as she ground her belly against my bulge in my pants. “I know you have to work today, but this won’t take long,” she said, and pulled the sundress over her head. She was wearing a white heavy duty bra, and a white half slip which, like the pink one the night before, was very tight – but longer in length coming down to the bottom od her thighs. Under that I could see a full white panty. Her heels were higher than the others, and when she stood in front of me, we were eye-to-eye. “I wore another tight slip for you today, Trev,” she said, “Do you like it?” I nodded and she took my hand, leading me upstairs. When we got to her bedroom, she had me sit on her bed while she slowly walked around the room. Knowing what would follow, I began to remove my clothes, and internet casino as I did, she removed her bra. “I want to feel that penis on my breasts, my belly, my thighs, and my ass,” she said. She laid on the bed, and I crawled all over her touching her body with my penis. She moaned with pleasure, and would stroke it lightly as I changed positions. She saw I was leaking pre-cum, so she pushed her breasts together and asked me to rub myself in her cleavage. She reached under her slip and took off the panty she was wearing, so I turned slightly and began rubbing her kitty with one hand. Soon, my hand was soaked with her juices, and I was ready to cum. Her kitty was quite hairy, and the bush felt like fine silk to my fingers. “Rub the head of your penis against my bush,” she said, “But don’t penetrate me.” I did as she asked, and realized the sensation would make me cum before I wanted to. She was very much into what we were doing, so I thought I might try to penetrate her. I pushed gently against her kitty , and the slippery lips opened to accept my penis. “No….please….don’t fuck me now,” she said. I pulled away, and she said, “Be patient.” I began to finger her again, and she asked, “Where would you like to cum?” I said, “On your boobs.” She smiled and said, “Hmm..I would have thought you would have liked to shoot all over my smooth slip.” I told her I would have to do something very soon, and she canlı poker oyna again pushed her breasts together. I rubbed my penis between them as I watched her stare at it. “Give it to me!!.” she exclaimed, and I explode onto her cleavage, her neck, her chin, and on one of her cheeks. “Christ !!!,” she yelled, “Keep pumping it!!” She got of the bed, and wiped herself of with a hand towel which was on the nightstand. Despite the fact I had just ejaculated, the sight of her BBW figure wearing only the slip and heels made me hard again, so I began to masturbate as she wiped herself. She turned and said, “Aha…I know someone who wants to cum on my sexy slip.” She got onto the bed and straddled my legs, saying, “You lay there, I know what to do,” and began to jerk me with her hand.She moved up on my legs to allow her to rub my penis against the front of her slip. “The fact that you have a thing for me wearing a slip makes me very excited,” she whispered as she rubbed me against it. “We’ll have to think about doing this frequently.” She looked down at me, smiled, and said, “Now let me watch all of that hot stuff squirt out of you.” As I tensed to cum, she held my penis against the slip, and I covered it and her hand with another blast of semen. “Unbelievable,” she said.I awhile, I got up, got dresed, and told her I had to get to work. “Yes…get a move on, ” she laughed, and finished by saying, “Tell them you were “up against something” this morning.I laughed and touched her hand as I turned to walk out. “Cal me if you ned a ride to get your car,” I said. She chuckled saying, “Oh, I’m sure I will need a ride later.”I walked out of her house wondering what to do next.

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