Road Trip : The Salt Pans Breakdown


Road Trip : The Salt Pans Breakdown
It was obvious someone had had a breakdown as Joel and Damien pulled into the roadside rest area on the inland highway. They needed a pit stop anyway; a slash in the scrub; a drink and a change of driver; but the combi had their attention. The flat inland monotonous semi desert road held no interest and even spotting a dingo and a pair of feral camels was more than an hour ago.

The guys were on their way to a true outback Bachelors and Spinsters ball, B & S for short. Well an old mate had said you had to come to one of these events before you hit thirty or got hitched…they were civilised on the surface…and could remain so…but if you were looking for slutty one off amateur sex…well just sniff around the back of the venues or have a local mate in the know.

Johno, their mate; said he would set the boys up…no worries. Joel and Damien liked the idea of a sure thing: like any guy.

Still the empty combi with its engine cavity open; obviously cooling down; held their immediate attention. Well otherwise it was a couple of large black glossy crows picking on the remnants of road kill kangaroo or a dilapidated sign indicating some salt flats off to the right through some dry scrubby vegetation.

“I’ll take a slash over in that scrub mate, you how I hate these drop toilets” said Damien.

Joel was wandering over to the combi…stretching his legs after four straight hours at the wheel…he couldn’t see a driver or any occupants. He took a squiz in the open engine cavity…yeah overheated. But: Where was the driver?
He kindly got some spare radiator fluid from his car boot and carefully added the coolant to the van’s radiator.

Damien had finished relieving himself in the scrub when he heard giggling and chuckling female voices from further through the scant bush…someone was checking out the salt pans.

The glare hit Damien first before he shaded his eyes. The small s**ttered salt pans were like ulcers on the landscape…the glare hit again for a moment… the exposed salt …so white…so crusty… cracked…parched…uninviting actually…alien…so dead.

In contrast; the two young women posing in quite outrageous positions and the one taking snaps; were vivacious, sexy, stunningly good looking…all three. They were currently at the edge of a pan. The blonde; was a frickin angel without wings. The brunette; was really tall but so gorgeously well proportioned, a living Amazon. But it was the red head: she had that …je ne se quoi quality …she was pert and cheeky too…and so sexually loaded…she oozed sassy.

Damien stood there: watching…enjoying the unfolding antics of girls who think they are alone in the great outdoors.

The red head had a camera and was urging the brunette to flash her tits. Well the tall lithe stunner did…there was no bra under her raised pink t-shirt. God her breasts were firm and her nipples pointing up.

But Damien was drawn to the angel’s exposed tits next to the brunette. Well if angels had breasts this is how our lad imagined them. Creamy cup cakes with stunning cherries…god Damien wanted to fondle them…but being at a distance he was rubbing his cock against his groin.

The Angel spat on her tits and glossed up her nipples. Mmm a girl was better than a spiritual angel: Damien thought; very sensibly.

“Oh you bitch” said the red head “Leave it for later.”

Damien didn’t want them leaving anything till later.

“One, two, three” said the blonde, then spat on the brunette’s tits and started rubbing her saliva around. Then added; “That’s as canlı kaçak iddaa long as I can wait honey.”

“Okay…Okay… I got some snaps… we can all get off on them later…are you ready to go…ladies….ready?” said the sassy girl. ” The van should have cooled by now?”

But the athlete and the angel turned away and whispered to each other. The red head left at a short distance away: holding the camera.

Then in tandem the brunette, with her long flowing hair and the blonde with her cute ponytail, bent over, dropped their shorts, neither had underwear …and spread their frickin arse cheeks straight at the red head.

“Yeah snap this Chas, honey…this will get us off later… really fast.”

The curly red headed tart was quickly snapping their rear ends repeatedly and doing so much closer as she kept walking towards the pair.

Damien had seen some quality arses over the years but not two at one time and both so frickin smooth and shapely…peachy…bubble butts…and they both had booty swagger too…they knew that they had desirable arse…Man he could see their pinky flaps pouting between their bent forward thighs …both these girls had to be waxed shaved and they were spreading their cute pink balloon knots lewdly for the red head between their spread fingers, really pushing out their bum cheeks.

The sassy chick named Chas had stopped taking photos…the camera, now hanging around her neck…freeing both her hands and Damien couldn’t believe how the sure bitch just started anally fingering both girls bending in front of her…like it was what you did naturally on an outback salt pan.

Damien was rubbing his erectness through his shorts. God he was stiff and his cock was straining in his underwear.

“Fuck me” was all Joel said loudly; as he saw the ribald lewd action on the salt pan, as came looking for his mate.

Three girls spun around at the sound of a male voice. Well if they had a love affair with themselves and each other on a regular basis…these three liked cock even more …and a spare pussy was always welcome…they liked bodies…they liked sex…here were two bodies…both male…cock was always welcome and meant instant fun.

The blonde had a gash to die for…puffy with two pouty pink angel flapettes welcoming the cocks present and the attached guys…the brunette had a curvy mound and sleek pleats of glistening crumpled skin…a pussy that demanded attention.

“Fuck me” said Damien. He was cuntsruck.

Chas thought: Guys don’t have a large vocab when confronting startling sexy arse or smooth shaved pussy.

The redhead knew intuitively that both men would fuck well; hey they were youngish; but equally she knew they wouldn’t initiate the sex. Guys always believe they have to angle and work their way into a woman’s knickers. Chas was feeling hot in the sun…but had hotter ideas for all the girl’s bodies…screw flirting today…it was time to fast forward to slutty foreplay.

She held up the index finger of both her hands and said to the boys: “Come here and have a lick of this.”

The blonde and brunette were twittering. But they weren’t covering up.

Joel was licking the redhead’s left index finger and Damien the right.

“That’s it boys…lick it…lick it good…bet you can taste Beth’s and Erica’s sweet ,sweet arse-holes…I know how sweet they can be…bet you would like to lick them…well you can.”

Salt pans are bizarre enough in themselves but licking arseholes under the hot sun…well sometimes sex presents and you take it.

Damien wanted the blonde and right now he had her arsehole.
Joel poker oyna didn’t care… both chicks were stunning, though the red head issuing the instructions was hotter than her curly hair.

The blonde and brunette were bending over holding their ankles. Got to love young flexible woman who can hold a position …and keep holding a position.

“Spit boys…a big wad of spit in their arseholes…now”

Both guys spat hard into the gaped hole in front of them.

“That’s it keep em moist; dont want em dry and crusty like the pans out here…spit again”

Two arses shining pink with globs of spit.

“Stick your tongue right in their poop shooter…now “

Both guys were delving deep with their tongues in their respective heavenly arsehole. They were burrowing. They were grubbing. They were boring. Really trowelling into arse.

The blonde was moaning softly. The brunette was pushing her rump into Joel’s face.

“Oh get your fingers in there…can’t you see their need” blurted out the sassy chick.

Damien had a finger in the angel’s balloon knot. Wow was she excited. He wriggled in around and crooked it deeper and she was writhing and moaning more.

Joel got a finger probing into exquisite tightness. God; was the tall athlete constricted. Tight but giving; and as he got deeper; he felt her anal muscles contracting…the bitch. She was delirious with pleasure.

Chas, the red head, upped the action, dropping both guy’s pants from behind their bended position preoccupied with her girlfriend’s arseholes. She was tugging cock and licking nut sacks by turn. Licking one cock. Fondling another. The two guys were groaning.

“Oh for god sake jam a couple more fingers into the moaning bitches” added Chas between mouthfuls of cock and balls.

Damien wasn’t sure and eased in a second finger …but the blonde turned and said like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth: “Three please” and Damien gave her what she ordered. He was packing her ring with his digits. But her cute crack was very accepting and very pleased. He was stuffing. She was writhing.

Joel, the dirty bugger had tried to go straight to three…but man the brunette was tight… giving but tight …he had to work his second finger with spit and even more saliva…to get the desired three finger gape happening .He got there …he was working the athletes arsehole with a digging flexi spready action and she turned slightly and gave him a devastatingly lewd smile of girly satisfaction.

“Oh jam your dicks up their arses…and make them beg “was what Chas added next.

The guys were happy to follow the dominating red head’s call.

Joel was in anal bliss. The brunette was flexing her arse muscles adding to the sensational constriction of her tightness. There is anal sex and there is Anal Sex par excellence. This was the latter. To be so blissfully cock happy in such a dirty tight place defied nature but not a smutty girl’s need or a guy’s ribald desire.

Beth was moaning sweetly. Erica was panting openly.

Damien couldn’t believe how delicious the angel’s arsehole was. It was like a private invitation of mounting pleasure for his cock alone. She had that sort of virginal face…her pink ring even though gaped had a virginal quality about it…but man oh man was this blonde anally sure and anally deft. She worked cock in her arse to both her own and the guy’s enjoyment. Squeezing cock in…Squeezing it in somehow into her delicate little pooper…and then her arse was clutching pecker at the edge of her rim before inviting the meat pack back in… with an assured building delight.

“Keep pinbahis going “said Chas, encouraging the boys who didn’t need encouraging: “Crack these sluts arses… right open.”

Sexual enjoyment and lustful delight remained combined.

“Oh you pricks” said Chas mockingly, “How dare you leave their pussy’s unattended…finger fuck the moaning whores.”

Joel and Damien struggled to multitask. They were very happily cock centred…but their fingers quickly found their home, snuggling and stuffed into warm, moist, pliable girly slits.

The girls loved the double flesh attrition. Their pussy wetness attested to that.

“My…my …you sorry bastards…ignoring their pleading clitty’s…Come on…give the skank’s everything you have…they have given you their fucking arseholes and pussy at the same time,” teasingly from the red head.

Well that lifted the intensity. The blonde nearly fell over in her pulsing clit excitement; but strong hands held her. The athlete had muscles contracting that Joel didn’t realise existed in a woman, while at the same time; her head and brunette locks were swaying wildly around.

Two cocks though remained thrusting and compacted in sensational walls of butt holding flesh. Something had to give. Well it wasn’t the tightness of the two girl’s arses.

Chas the bitch started licking the guy’s balls in turn…and first Joel and then Damien shot their excited wads off into the puckered sphincters in front of them.

Damien and Joel; both eased out with happy, happy cocks from the dribbling winking holes in front of them.

They started to pull up their pants but stopped as the redhead went slurping around the blonde’s arse and then the brunette’s gape sucking up both guys dribbling exiting cum into her mouth….then sharing a jizz filled kiss with the two girls in a close facial threesome…It was so hot…the guys flaccid cocks nearly bounced back into full action.

They all redressed after that and walked back together to the car park. Seemed the girls were heading to the same outback B & S.

The guys tried to get the girls to promise to meet up… but the lasses were non committal.

Chas summed it up; saying to them: “Look guy’s see-ya when we see-ya…uh… uh.”

And the guys accepted that…the exceptional is called exceptional for a reason.

The girls were really impressed with the guys for fixing their overheated engine.

Beth, the angelic blonde, spontaneously french kissed the guys in turn. Exuberant and sweet. Joel thinking: Why wasn’t she the girl living next door to me as I grew up?

The girls as a trio blew the guys some kisses from their van and were heading off up the highway. More sexual opportunism at a B & S beckoning.

“Nicely orchestrated honey” said Beth to Chas. “My arse is still very happy.”

But Erica who was taking a turn driving added: “What about yourself sweetie…nothing for your needy arse today?”

“Mmm…I can wait” said Chas, “I might pair those two up at the B& S… all for myself…maybe”

And the girls all giggled together.

“But right now, Bethany, get your butt back here with me”

The guys having a cool drink of water, still at the rest area; shared their thoughts:

“Man that was unreal…out on a salt pan…unbelievable arse mate…that blonde…so tight” said Damien.

“The same “said Joel, “that brunette had easily the tightest most flexible arse I’ve ever had…frickin awesome arse.”

“But the red head…I really wanted the red head too” sighed, Damien.

“I know what you mean” added Joel “…thinks she’s in control…she probably is…but so sassy…so hot…She would take two guys on at once… without blinking….What do you think?”

“I reckon if you, Johno and I come across her at the B & S…she wouldn’t hesitate to have three cocks”

And the guys just smirked together.

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