Road Trip Ch. 08: CU Later

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AUTHOR’s NOTE: Pearl is 37, Cherry is 36, and Ross is 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


Further south and west, Pearl drove, and Cherry navigated, the Subaru along the freeway maze toward Central University. Ross sat in the back, still coming to grips with the amazing rapid transition of the women from matronly icons to cougars; from ‘Mothers I’d Like To Fuck’ to ‘Mothers I Have Fucked’! He also found he could not stop smiling and the slightest provocation, in an incredibly provocative atmosphere, made his cock thicken. He hoped he would not be walking around CU with a permanent hard-on.

This hope and fear was in opposition to the plans of Pearl and Cherry. They found themselves immensely satisfied at the progress they were making in Ross’ education. Pearl glanced in the rearview just in time to see Ross lift his butt, push a hand under his jeans’ waist and rearrange his fat prick more comfortably before he hurt himself. She smirked and nudged Cherry to silently affirm his arousal. Cherry turned in her seat and teased, “Ross, don’t fidget so! You’re kicking my seatback, Honey!”

“Umm, sorry, Aunt Cherry,” Ross muttered, “I’ll sit more quietly.”

Luckily for Ross, by the time they got through the campus’ entrance kiosk and found a parking spot in the structure, he could walk normally and not look like a total goof. From the Get Acquainted Breakfast Orientation to the campus tour and Pre-Registration for Scholar-Athletes, the day moved swift and without embarrassing surprises. In fact, it was a blur for Ross and, in late afternoon, he was back in the car with his mother and aunt, hunting a nice quiet restaurant before returning to their motel.

They settled on a Bavarian-themed non-chain restaurant with 5-Star Yelp reviews and low lights. Even earlier than the ‘early bird’ diners, the trio had the place to themselves as they sat in a dark corner booth. Deferring to Ross’ underage inexperienced palate, Pearl ordered a Gevurtztraminer to go with the fondue and sausages Cherry loved so.

After three-fourths of a bottle, and all of the appetizers, were gone, they were a-glow and the CU hubbub was a fading memory. Suddenly, Ross felt a hand groping the crotch of his jeans and another brushing against the inside of his right thigh. He looked down , moved his napkin, and saw his mother’s signature pearl ring flash against his denim clad cock. Turning his head to the right he noticed his aunt, studying him with a half-smile, slightly parted by her tongue tip rubbing the lower edge of her upper teeth. “Hmmm,” offered Pearl, “It looks like we missed a good bit of sausage here, Cherry.”

Running her hand higher on Ross’ leg, Cherry felt his growing chub under Pearl’s fingers. “Oh, yes, indeed, pendik escort that’s a nice leftover to take back to the motel!” she said.

Ross groaned and felt himself tighten behind his fly. Pearl stopped rubbing him, brushed his flushed cheek with her lips and whispered, “Hang in there, sweetie! There’s lots of time and lots to do.”

Cherry also removed her hand from her nephew’s leg, as she, too, had seen the waitress approaching with their sauerbraten. Winking at Ross, she said “Oh, good! Just in time!” as the plates of food were distributed.

They finished their meal without conversation, except to agree to skip the strudel. As Cherry took care of the bill, mother and son walked arm-in-arm to the Outback. When Cherry got to the car she noted her sister and nephew were already comfy-cozy in the backseat. Sliding behind the wheel she inquired formally, “Where to, Mum?”

“Home, James, and don’t spare the horses!” replied Pearl imperiously, then adding, in her normal voice, “unless you happen to see a drugstore…”

“OK, why?” asked Cherry.

“That’s right…” answered Pearl, cryptically.

Cherry furrowed her brow and then thought to herself, “Oh! K-Y!” then, resuming her chauffeur persona, she said aloud, “Of course, Mum, as you wish.”

Ross was too distracted by his mother’s nonstop activity to catch the sisters’ by play. Pearl’s left arm was snaked behind his head. Her hand caressed the shell of his left ear and, occasionally, a tapered nail lightly scraped the outermost edge of his earhole. Meanwhile, her right hand had unsnapped the middle three buttons of Ross’ brushpopper shirt and now pressed against his hard, muscled, young chest. She rubbed small circles on his solar plexus with her palm’s heel and flexed her long slim fingers in his curling chest hairs. She kneaded, twisted, and tugged like a cat on a scratching post.

Recalling his earlier lesson on initiative, Ross turned a quarter in the seat to face his mom. He kissed her deeply, without disturbing her electrifying manipulations of his chest hair or ear. “Mmmm, Honey! she cooed, kissing him back fervently, “You taste so goood!”

Ross’ left hand felt along the back of Pearl’s right stockinged thigh. He insinuated it under her skirt, inching up her leg with hunching little squeezes. He knew what garters were, of course, but, in his limited experience, had never encountered any. Pearl’s straps and snaps were fascinating. He toyed with them and almost had the back one loose when Pearl barked, “NO! Don’t!” then, more softly. “leave those until later, sweetie” and she resumed kissing his open mouth.

Departing Pearl’s garters for the moment, Ross continued his progress to known, if not safer, territory. His fingers, curled under his mother’s ass, rested against her panties’ crease and stretched out, softly touching escort pendik and poking her lower pussy. The moist material molded around his probing finger as Pearl pulled and involuntarily squirmed against him. Reorienting his had to her front, he hooked his fingers over the panties’ waist, pulling down while he inserted his thumb under the left leg hole and pushed up. “Turn about is fair play, Mom,” he growled, as his fingertips ran amok in her soft pubic hairs while his thumb ran circles around her clit and sorties down her slippery slit to push inside her cunt.

“Ooo, uhn, oh, Rossss, Yes!” Pearl gasped, “turn about, uhhh, innndeed!”

Cherry parked in a dark corner of a mini-mall lot, got out of the car and cheerily said, “Don’t go away! I’ll be right back!” and, laughing, she walked to the nearby drugstore, returning moments later with the requested lubricant. Five minutes late she again parked the Subaru, this time at their motel, and the three entered Room 108.

As Pearl and Ross fell in a rush across the bed nearest the door, Cherry excused herself to the bathroom, saying “Don’t wait for me, you are already warmed up!”

Hardly hearing, and certainly not needing, Cherry’s benediction, mother and son used the freedom of movement they found outside the narrow backseat to their best advantage. They soon shed their outer clothes and, as Ross stripped off his boxers and socks, Pearl unsnapped her garter belt to pull away her panties. She no sooner refastened her stockings than Ross dove and face-planted himself on his mother’s open dripping twat. Pearl’s hands gripped his head, pushing him still harder against her cunt. Ross moved his hands across her stomach, popped her bra’s center clip and pushed her cups to the side, pulling her shoulder straps down to her elbows before returning to her breasts to pluck and tease her erect nipples.

Cherry paused in the bathroom door before stepping back into the room. The backlight shone through her full length, sheer, aqua chiffon peignoir, framing her nephew and sister on the bed. She watched Ross’s hands working on Pearl’s tits and moved her own right hand to her left breast. She heard him grunt and growl accompanied by Pearl’s panting yips and gasps and she pressed her left hand to her own dampening pussy. Sympathetically, she squeezed herself. Raising her breast, she kissed her long hard nipple as she pushed her fingers deep into her pussy and rubbed her thumb over her clit.

Dropping her tit, but still clutching her cunt, Cherry stepped across the floor. Crawling onto the bed, she said, “Make room for me!” then settled her pussy onto Pearl’s panting mouth as her sister released Ross’s head, reached up and grabbed Cherry’s boobs.

“C’m here, Sweetie,” Cherry said, hauling Ross to his knees, “Let me kiss you.” Hugging him close, she stabbed her tongue into pendik escort bayan his mouth and drew his saliva, intermixed with Pearl’s cum, back to herself to taste.

Pearl let go of Cherry’s tits and put her right hand on Ross’ butt. She seized his stiff dick with her left hand and pulled and pushed her son until his cock replaced his mouth at the abandoned entrance of her aching twat.

Ross thrust his joint deep into his mother, locked his arms around his aunt, kissing her ardently, and screamed into her throat, “Oh My God! I Can’t Hold IT!”

Cherry raked Ross’ back with her nails. Pearl pinched his ass and sucked Cherry’s juicy junction. In a single shuddering moment their pyramid of love melted at all angles and collapsed into a tangle of stupefaction.

Pearl was the first to recover her senses. Ross lay across her, his semi-soft cock languishing in his spunk at her pussy’s lips. Cherry, prostrate on her right , still held Pearl’s head trapped between her thighs, veiled by the chiffon’s drape. Idly, Pearl used her left index finger to explore Ross’ asshole. She gently circled its rim and pressed to enter. At the same time, her tongue, conveniently juxtaposed, tickled Cherry’s button and slid along her cunt’s wet slice.

Ross lifted his head and smiled, then brought his mouth to Pearl’s left breast and sucked in her raised nipple and areole. Cherry said, “Dibs on this one!” and spun, reversing herself, along Pearl’s side, taking her other boob in hand and latching on to it. Pearl raised her arms to curl around their heads and gently stroked their hair as her son and sister softly suckled.

Ross brought his left hand to his aunt’s ass and squeezed her right cheek. She moved closer to him and lay more fully on top of Pearl, maintaining her lip-lock all the while. Ross spread his fingers and Cherry’s cheeks, dipping his index finger to the edge of her rosebud and inserting its tip with a wiggle. Cherry raised her hips, pushed back, captured his first knuckle, and then pulled forward until it popped out. “Mmmmm, Ross, you can do better than that!” she teased, then leaned forward to kiss Pearl.

Pearl returned the kiss, sliding her hips to her right, fully aligning with Cherry and displacing Ross. Rolling to his right, Ross scooted to the end of the bed and approached the recumbent sisters on his knees. Straddling his mother’s legs, cock flying, he grabbed his aunt’s hips and pulled them high. Cherry, still ardently enjoying Pearl’s kisses, lowered her right arm, stuck her hand between her legs, and guided Ross’ rod to her sopping chamber. He slid in easily, thrusting and retreating in accord with his aunt’s pelvic responses. Cherry dropped her hand to Pearl’s cunt and inserted three fingers between its oozing lips to slide along her quivering walls. Her thumb pushed Pearl’s clit while her pinky plunged into her asshole. Pearl squirmed under her touches and hitched her hips in time with Ross. Chugging slowly at first, then picking up speed, the menage’s train left the station with all passengers aboard and fulfilled.

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