Rich Man Smell


Rich Man SmellI have to say that this story is not mine. A couple of months ago I posted on Craig’s list a post looking for a guy with a nice musky manly scent. A guy responded with the below story, which I found beyond hot, and that indeed something like that happened to me. Hope some of you like it as much as I did.———I know that smell you are referring to. I had a bi friend come down from State College 2 weeks ago to met with his sister and her husband to be near me. He is 32, built nicely, has good muscle tone to him as he is a mechanic.. He had asked if he could stay here for the night and then meet with his family the next day and I said sure. I had not seen him in a good 5 years.When he got off the bus he was still wearing his overalls that keep his clothes clean and under them is a clean body, however, those overalls get you hot and sweaty too. So he asked if he could take a shower and get out of the work clothes and into something comfy and then we would go eat something and catch up with what has gone on in the last few years. He is engaged to be married next year!So he unzips the overalls and asks where to put them as they were dirty and I said, put them here in the bathroom by the hamper and he could wash illegal bahis everything before he leaves for home. he says he only brought the clothes he was wearing and some sweat pants.I said, that is no problem, they can be washed later and dried before morning. so he takes off his shirt and unzips the pants and I got a faint smell of a musky manly body.I said did you even bring fresh undies and he said no. I laughed and said we better do the laundry now while you shower and off his clothes came. Gorgeous body, that tint of manly musk as he slipped off the boxer briefs and jokingly tossed them at me. I caught them and they were damp, I said, you are all damp and sweaty and he said his crotch was swimming in a pool of sweat.We were always joking around with each other but nothing ever happened as he preferred the girls over the guys but he did do the bi scene. So I sniffed the crotch of the briefs and said they were musky from his large balls being lifted tight between his legs for the 4 hour ride. He jokingly says, my nuts are still slick and sweaty. Then he says, come and take a real sniff, the briefs are nothing compared to the stench of my junk. I could not pass up an opportunity like that so I said, lay on the bed illegal bahis siteleri and spread your legs so I can get a good sniff in and he gave me a grin and hopped on the bed, leaned back and spread his legs wide open. Feet on the bed, knees up in the air. His hairy ass hole was exposed as well. I just had to take a sniff and I knew I would feel that cock and balls that I never got a chance to even see 5 years ago. That musky smell was such a manly turn on. I jokingly said I could lick it all clean and taste his salty balls and he boned up in seconds.Who could resist not going down on a 7 inch cock with hairy bull nuts. I licked and sucked and as I sucked his nuts he lifted his ass up a bit and his hairy musky hole was 2 inches away. I never have eaten ass, but the moment was there, it seemed right, it was hot and sexy as hell and I dove in with my tongue and licked the sweat off his pucker hole. He gasped and moaned and it made me lick and suck even more! My tongue darted in and out of his hole, I could not believe I was even doing it as he moaned how hot it felt as he oozed precum. I went up to lick off the precum as I heard it was sweet and it tasted awesome and I got dizzy and wanted more so I sucked him canlı bahis siteleri deep and with good suction, I was surprised I got my cock sucking skills back so soon. He was still sweaty all over his body and even more from getting sucked and he looked down at me and stroked my cock at the same time he slipped a finger in me and I was lost in my thoughts. He said he needed to fuck. I said fuck me, I was only fucked one other time decades ago! I found little packets of lube that I got a a club on new year’s eve and gave him one to slick up his meat, he also lubed a finger and fingered me till I begged for his cock. long story short, he fucked me three times that night about 20 minutes each time, covered in his sweat and musk. He was rough and manly and he had his way with me. Never did I expect sex from him and it all started with musky drawers! When I washed his clothes, I left the musky boxers out and washed everything else. I gave him a pair of mine to wear and said I wanted to have a keepsake of the night I got fucked royally! I put them in a zip lock baggie and his musky scent is in there. Just too crazy and hot. When I dropped him off at his sisters house the next day they had no idea I was standing there in their living room with three loads of her brothers sperm buried in my colon! My thighs and legs ached for 3 days. I knew I had got laid!Now I think, that is what the wife to be will get every time he needs pussy!Dang, the good ones are always taken!

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