Returning Home

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The bus rolled past farms and small villages. The newly discharged soldier stared out the window, seeing little, but remembering all too much of the past. His father had been a heavy drinker, although a good provider for the family. Because his dad was either working or drinking, the family had devolved to just his mother and her three children.

One night Derek had come home late from a college event. He had heard a strange sound as he was preparing for bed and had traced it to his parent’s bedroom. After he had eased open the door and had stepped into the room, he had seen his mother sprawled naked on the bed. One hand was pressed between her legs, and the other was feeling and pinching her big tits.

“Mom, I’m sorry,” he said and began to back out the door.

“No, Derek honey, stay here, baby. Don’t leave me,” his mother cried out.

“But, mom…” he mumbled, unable to pull his eyes off her naked flesh. Her pale skin, covered by a film of sweat, glowed in the dim light. He could smell the pungent, sexy aroma of his mother’s efforts.

“Please, baby… you need… to help me,” she begged, barely able to speak in her frustration. “I can’t come… I’m so close, but I can’t… make it all the way… Stay here… help me, please baby.”

“Where’s dad?” Derek asked. “Why can’t he help you?”

“That bum is drunk on his ass again in his den!” she cried out in anger. “Now forget him and get over here, baby, and help your mother.”

Fascinated, Derek moved closer. He felt his dick swelling inside his pajamas and reached down to touch it. “God, mom, you are so sexy,” he murmured as his eyes took in his mother’s lush, sexy body.

“Drop those bottoms and let me see your dick,” his mom gasped. Derek let the pajamas drop to the floor, and his hard dick sprang free pointing to the ceiling. “Come closer, baby; that’s right. Now start stroking yourself… Yeah… Yeah… Oh, yes; that feels so good, doesn’t it, baby.” It did feel great, and his cock was enormously hard from looking down on his mother’s sexy hips and curvy legs. She had trimmed back her pussy hair, and he could see her pink inner lips protruding wetly between her outer lips where her fingers dipped inside.

“Mom, this is so bad,” Derek moaned, complaining of the forbidden lust, but it felt so good, he thought. He looked at his mother driving her fingers up and down her slit, her hand slick from her secretions. She was pinching and pulling on her nipples, pulling her breasts into pale, satin cones on her chest.

“Oh, yeah… Oh yeah… Ohhhh… Ooooo… yes… yesss!” his mother gasped as she moved her fingers faster and faster. Derek was wanking himself faster as he copied his mother’s rhythm. “OH LORD! AH YES… AT LAST… YESSS!” his mother groaned as she writhed on the bed; her long-delayed orgasm finally pulsed through her body. She did not even breathe for about thirty seconds, but finally let out a long, loud exhale, allowing her hands to fall limply to the bed, finally allowed to rest from the strenuous effort.

Derek’s own moment was upon him. He squirted a long stream of cum that splattered across his mother’s boobs. He pumped out more and more of his hot jizm and watched it splash onto his mother’s naked body. His mother groaned as she felt the warm, milky goo rain down onto her. Derek glanced down at his mother’s naked cum-splattered body, watching his semen drip down her tits. After he squeezed the last drops out onto his mother, he turned silently away, put his pajama bottoms back on, and left the room. He could barely get to sleep that night; his mind was filled with mixed thoughts of shame and lust.

That night had been the first of many midnight dates with his mother. They never touched, but masturbated together, stimulating each other to deep pleasure. It was strangely exciting, but never enough for Derek; someone else was always in his thoughts.

A few months later his drunken father killed himself and his wife when their car slid off a rainy road and slammed into a tree. Derek’s two young sisters went to live with relatives. He dropped out of college and joined the Army.

Derek got off the bus and placed his duffle bag into a locker in the bus station. He went into the rest room, freshened himself up, and decided he didn’t need a shave. He looked at himself in the mirror. Three years in the Army had done a lot to fill him out, broaden his shoulders, and give him confidence. His uncle’s machine shop was several blocks away, so he decided to walk and enjoy the sunshine.

Derek peered through a window of the machine shop to see who was there. He saw his uncle’s clerk, Hilda, busily working at her desk. Soon Uncle Joe came out of his office to speak to her. Derek opened the door and entered the office.

His uncle looked up. “Derek!” he shouted. “Welcome home!” He walked over to his nephew and shook his hand. Over his shoulder, Hilda was smiling broadly.

“Good to be back,” Derek returned. “How are my sisters?”

“Fine,” tuzla escort Joe answered. “Both are in college, you know. Laura just started two months ago, and Ashley is in her second year.” A flicker of a frown passed over his face. “If you wrote more often and sent us your address, we could have let you know more of the family happenings.” “I wanted to, but… I… uh…”

“I understand,” Joe said. “Don’t worry about it. Everyone is fine.” He put his big, strong hands on his nephew’s broad shoulders. “It looks like you grew up a lot. What are your plans now?”

“I want to finish my education,” Derek answered with sincerity. “I’m going back to college, and I won’t leave until I get my degree.”

“Why don’t you come and stay with us; you can be with your sisters. Stay as long as you like. You will be very welcome,” Joe offered.

Derek had mixed feelings about accepting the offer, but it would be both impolite and awkward to refuse. “Well, ok, until I get on my feet again. I don’t want to be a bother.” All the reasons why he had suddenly enlisted in the Army, in spite of being a top student in college, flashed through his brain.

“Nephew, you will never be a bother to me,” Uncle Joe said.

Derek sat for a while and talked to Hilda. Then he rose and walked through the machine shop, enjoying the sight of the precision work being done. The smell of oil and cutting fluid was like perfume. A few workers who knew him greeted him and exchanged a few words. By the time he got back to the office, his uncle had taken care of a few tasks and was ready to leave early for the day. On the way home, they picked up Derek’s bag at the depot.

Uncle Joe had called home, alerting everyone that Derek was coming.

“Derek!” Ashley cried out when she saw her brother striding up the walk. “Laura, it’s Derek! He’s really here.” She ran to him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her breasts against his chest.

“I’m very glad to see you, sister,” Derek said and gave his sister big hug. When Derek felt the breasts of his sweet sister pressing against his chest, he knew he still had forbidden feelings about her. With Ashley’s arms still gripping him tightly, he greeted his other sister, Laura, who also enveloped him in her arms. The girls dragged him, one on each arm, and led him to the front door, laughing and asking questions without waiting for the answers. At the door his Aunt Jill was smiling at him. She gave him a big hug too.

“Girls, leave your poor brother be; he’s probably exhausted from riding in that bus for hours,” his aunt cautioned. “There will be plenty of time to enjoy his company again now that he is home.”

“Thanks, Aunt Jill,” Derek said as his two sisters reluctantly let him go. He liked the sound of her words, welcoming him home.

Jill smiled and said, “Derek, I have your room all ready. You have a nice bedroom all to yourself. I’m sure after army life that you will enjoy privacy.”

“I don’t want to put anyone out,” Derek said. He wondered how he could have a private room with his two sisters and his cousin Paul still living at home with his uncle and aunt, but he pushed the question to the back of his mind. He had a bigger concern: hiding his semi-hard cock from everyone’s view. His sister still excited him. He glanced at Ashley and saw her studying him with a big smile.

His aunt took Derek by the arm and led him into the house and up to a room that showed every sign of just having been put in order. Behind them his uncle followed with Derek’s bag.

“You can relax and get settled. Dinner is at six,” Jill said.

Derek sighed as his aunt and uncle left him alone. He attempted to adjust his cock in his pants so it wouldn’t show, but touching it and thinking about how it became swollen by Ashley’s hugging him made him still harder. He went into the bathroom and jerked himself off with his sister’s lovely face and shapely body in his thoughts. Hopefully, relieving himself would help him keep his errant cock under control. Derek returned to his room and unpacked his bag.

That night dinner was quite lively with his two sisters, his cousin, and aunt and uncle demanding to know more and more about his adventures for the past three years in the military. The chatter and laughing helped Derek to keep his mind off his problem, even with Ashley sitting right across from him, smiling and looking ever so cute. Afterwards, they all retired to the family room, where his aunt served them cake and ice cream to celebrate the homecoming. Soon his sisters and cousin drifted away, mentioning their need to complete college assignments for the next day’s classes. Ashley, reluctantly, was the last to depart. He saw Aunt Jill look at his uncle, and their faced became serious.

“We need to talk,” Joe said. “There have been a few changes here.”

“Yes, Derek,” his aunt said. “You will notice that your cousin Paul and your sister Laura are now in the same room.”

“You mean sleeping together!” Derek tuzla escort bayan exclaimed. “My little sister and Paul are sleeping in the same room, and you are allowing that? They’re cousins!”

“Yes, Derek,” Jill explained. “It was either allow it or lose them both, so we told them that they could live here and be together, but they had to keep it discrete and not talk about it.”

“I guess so,” Derek agreed. “The neighborhood would be in an uproar.” “That’s right,” Joe answered. “What goes on in this house is nobody’s business, only for people who live here. Now, Derek, are you going to make a fuss about this, or what?”

“No, if you say it’s ok, then I will go along with it,” Derek said, “but it will take a little getting used to. I don’t understand why you permit this.”

“Let me explain,” his aunt said, glancing at her husband, and then continued on. “When I was in college, I saw a fellow doing research in the library near the table where I studied. He wasn’t a teacher or student, but seemed to have permission to use the library resources. He would take a break every evening around dinner time, just as I was arriving from my early dinner. My curiosity grew and I began lingering near his carrel for a few minutes to peek at his papers.

“I saw a paper on top one day with the words, ‘Who was Nusselheim?’ along with some interesting notes. I took it, made a copy, and hid the copy in my notebook. I put his paper back exactly as it had been, but somehow this man knew that someone had been touching his stuff. When he returned, he began looking around the room, and he appeared to be annoyed. After that, he began taking his papers with him at supper time, and in a few days he left for good.

Anyhow, this Nusselheim appeared to be a college professor who had written a book about family sex. He wrote that families should provide sexual outlets for children so that they would not be exposed to the diseases of vice. There was a lot of other stuff on the paper I copied, but I was never able to locate the book or very much other information about Nusselheim, so I always wondered what he was seeking in the library of my college.”

“The issue here is that we kind of agree with Nusselheim’s ideas,” Uncle Joe said. “Your sister and cousin are enjoying each other and finding relief from those hormones that rage in young people. Some day, they will find proper mates and will marry, but for now…”

“But what if Laura gets pregnant?” Derek interrupted.

“Your sister is taking birth control pills,” his aunt replied calmly. “The Nusselheim proposal was for sexual comfort, not incestuous marriages. He was one hundred percent opposed to close relatives actually having children together.

Derek’s head seemed to be whirling about. “I don’t know about this idea. I never heard about it before this.”

“Not many people have,” Uncle Joe answered, “for obvious reasons.”

“Incest is more common that people want to admit,” his aunt said. “Anyhow, we wanted to explain that sleeping arrangement to you before you discovered it yourself and became upset.”

Later, while Derek was taking it easy watching the TV in the family room, his sister Laura and cousin Paul joined him, taking a break from their studies. He examined them as they continued the suppertime conversation. He checked out his sister’s body now and then, noting how she had filled out in the three years of his absence. She had been a skinny fifteen year old. Paul too had grown up into an amiable and intelligent young man. After Derek retired that night, he heard faint sounds, rustling and murmuring, in the adjacent room, and he knew that Laura and Paul must be going at it. He pushed that thought away and fell asleep.

As cute as Laura was, Derek’s heart still belonged to his older sister. He wanted Ashley still, and why not. Her face and body had filled his thoughts for the past three years. He was desperately in love with Ashley, but he did not want to hurt her. That’s why he left, to forget her. He slept fitfully and then woke up late the next morning. Unanswered questions filled his head. He was still hard and sweaty from a dream, the dream that finally roused him.

He and Ashley were lying naked on cool grass by a deep pond. Sunlight was filtering down through the trees. His lips were kissing her sweet face everywhere and now and then their lips would meet, lingering as their tongues entwined. Ashley had pushed down on his shoulders. Knowing her need, he had kissed his way down her body, sucking on her nipples, tonguing her belly button, and kissing her inner thighs. Her legs parted for him, and her fingers reached down, pulling his head into her pussy, urging him to press his lips against her hot, wet cunt.

After a quick shower, he arrived downstairs at the same time his aunt slid a plate of pancakes onto the table. “I hope this enough for you, Derek,” she said and poured him a glass of milk.

“Oh… thanks, Aunt Jill; it looks fine,” he said and began escort tuzla to eat. After a few bites, he paused, swallowed, and asked, “Aunt Jill, did my mom know about this Nusselheim idea?”

“Yes, dear. Why are you asking that?” Jill replied.

“I just wondered,” Derek said, not wanting to reveal the secret sexual relationship he had shared with his mother for a few months before her death. “She never said anything about it to me; that’s all.”

“There may have been no reason, and I don’t think that she really believed in Nusselheim’s ideas. Your uncle and I did not need to consider allowing anything until we found out that your sister and our son were having sex.” She shook her head and smiled. “Thank goodness we found out — we caught them still in bed together one morning, or there would have been some consequences. Those two knew nothing. You would be an uncle yourself by now!”

Derek looked at his aunt, took a deep breath, and admitted. “I guess that I love Ashley, so there it is. Now you know why I left.”

“Oh-ho!” Jill said softly. “We all thought it was the accident.”

“That too, of course,” Derek replied, “but I had become more and more attracted to her, and after the accident…” He shook his head in dismay.

“What if she loves you too?” Jill asked. “She has not had much of a life since you departed. She never dates, but only goes out with some girlfriends once or twice a month. Did you know the only picture in her room was yours?”

“No,” said Derek. He sat there slowly finishing his breakfast, re-thinking all the ideas that had flowed through his mind during the night. He now had some answers. He understood what had happened between himself and his mother. It was the same as between Laura and Paul.

“This is all incest,” Derek said eventually, looking up at his aunt. “There could be a lot of trouble if people found out… and, if I said the wrong words to Ashley, our family would be torn apart.”

“Why don’t you just see what develops over the next few days. Maybe this will all sort out by itself. Now, Derek, what are your plans for today?”

His aunt took him shopping. Most clothes that were pre-Army no longer fit so well, so Derek bought some new clothing. They stopped at the college, and he made some contacts about being readmitted for the next term. He thought he saw Ashley in the distance and a small thrill ran through him. In the car Derek resumed talking to his aunt.

“After we took in Laura and Ashley everything went smoothly,” Jill said. “Then, last Spring, Laura and our son Paul and fell in love. Your uncle and I did not recognize the situation; we just thought that Paul was being extra kind to his cousin. Laura had just turned eighteen, and she was very sweet to Paul!”

“Then you found them together,” Derek said.

“Uncle Joe and I talked about it and decided that they loved each other and would probably run off to be together. We had a talk with them and told them, since they really loved each other, we wouldn’t stop them. It seemed strange to see them go to bed together at night. I guess we have accepted it now, even though other people believe it is wrong.”

Derek was lying on top of his bed in just his shorts. He heard a tap on the door, but before he could answer, it opened and his sister Ashley slipped in. She closed the door firmly and walked lightly over to his bed.

“Ashley,” Derek whispered loudly, “what are you doing in here?” She was dressed in just a simple and rather short nightgown. It barely reached down to mid-thigh, revealing her shapely, bare legs.

“I missed you so much, Derek,” she said somewhat sadly, but then smiled. “Now you are home again, and we can be together.” She sat down on his bed. Even in the dim light he could see her areolas and nipples through the thin fabric. His cock began to swell up. “Are you glad to see me, Derek?”

“Yes, Ashley, of course,” he answered. Thankfully his underwear was keeping his cock from becoming too noticeable. “How are things in school?” He asked trying to divert the lewd thoughts in his mind.

“Everything if great in school, but I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about us, Derek.” She edged closer to him. “Do you love me, Derek?”

“You know I love you, sweetie; I’m your brother. I love both you and Laura very much.” Yes, he thought, but my love for you is forbidden, illicit, wrong.

“Are you angry about Laura and Paul, about their incestuous relationship?”

“No, not now, sweetie. I was shocked at first, but Uncle Joe and Aunt Jill explained some things to me. I just hope they get over it some day so that they can have real families and children.”

Ashley nodded her head in agreement. “Do you believe that you could fall in love with a close relative, Derek? Do you think that it would be wrong to consummate that love?”

“I don’t know, my sweet sister; I’m a little confused, but I suppose that it could happen to me… with the right person.”

My sister leaned down and kissed him and ran her hand through his hair. She rose quickly and slowly walked to the door with Derek’s eyes all over her. “I hope,” she whispered, “that you can clear up your confusion soon.”

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