Return to school


Return to schoolKim was a pretty woman in her late-twenties. She was married to a long-distance trucker named Larry who was seldom home. Kim was sure Larry loved his truck more than her and she didn’t care much for Larry either. Kim got pregnant she was still in high school. Now that her youngest c***d was in grade school, she wanted to get an education.Larry thought she should stick to raising the k**s, watching game shows and meeting his needs after a road trip. When Larry played linebacker in high school, he was a fit 220 pounds. After living for years on colas and truck stop food, Larry weighed 280 pounds. Most of it was fat. The rest of it was bullshit. Kim, on the other hand, carried her 120 pounds on a 5′ 8″ frame. She worked hard to keep her good looks.She worked hard at other things too. It took a few years, but Kim finally got her GED. By waitressing, she also saved enough to get herself into community college, but the college was too far away to commute. Her sister offered to take the k**s during the week, so Kim rented a room in a boarding house close to the college. Larry fought about the decision, but Kim was determined. Larry could fend for himself when he wasn’t on the road, or go fuck himself. Either option worked for Kim.The first few days of college were exciting. She didn’t stand out much from the other students, but she was self-conscious about her age and her background. She went to events organized by the college and started to make new friends. That is how she heard about an off-campus party that was open to all.Kim spent Friday afternoon getting ready for her first party in years. She shaved her legs nicely and trimmed her bush. She debated whether to wear jeans or a skirt and decided to go with the black skirt to show off her long legs. Under it she wore pink panties and a matching bra. Over top of that she wore a pink blouse. High heels finished off the look, and Kim thought the look was hot. Kim wasn’t looking to get laid, but she didn’t want to go to a party without getting noticed either.Just before the party, Kim and friends met at a bar to have a bite and down a few shooters. She was shocked by how some of the other girls were dressed. After some teasing from the other girls, Kim undid one of the buttons on her blouse. On the way to the party, the girls smoked a few joints and talked about how they were hoping to hook up with some good-looking guys.Kim never really drank a lot after she got pregnant and she never smoked dope, so by the time she arrived at the party, there was not much left of her inhibitions. Without further encouragement from the other girls, she undid another button on her blouse. Larry would have been furious. Fuck him.The place was packed with people and the music was thumping. In no time, the girls were all up dancing and Kim quickly lost track of them. She soon met a guy by the name of Jevon who took a great interest in her. Kim had never really spent any time in the company of black men, but Jevon was really good looking and willing to match her dance for dance. He also kept filling her glass.They talked a little between dances, but the music was so loud that Jevon and Kim had to lean close to hear one another. Of course this meant that Jevon and Kim were touching each other a lot, and it was clear that neither one of them minded the playful physical contact one little bit. Jevon often had his hand on Kim’s arm or her waist. Kim found ways to send little signals to Jevon too. When he would lean in to say something, she would lean forward, sometimes resting her hand on his waist and drawing him subtly nearer, and sometimes pulling him close enough that her breasts would brush up against his chest. Kim knew her husband Larry would be shocked. Fuck Larry.Jevon also learned a few revealing things about Kim: that she was unhappily married; that she had two k**s; that she was new to town and alone; that she was worried she might be losing illegal bahis her looks; that she had never been with a black man. Jevon assured her that she looked fine to him.To make his point, he held her at arm’s length and complemented her on how great she looked. She blushed. Then, he backed Kim up against the wall and moved so close that their lips were almost touching. If Kim wanted to pull away, this was her chance. Even in her drunken haze, she knew she was about to cross a line. Jevon then gave Kim a long, wet kiss which she returned. They stood there for a minute or two just kissing, bodies tight together and swaying to the rhythm of the music.It had been years since she felt such a****l stirrings in her loins Then Kim wrapped her arms around Jevon’s neck. She meant this as an invitation for his hands to discretely explore. Jevon, however, was not feeling discrete. One of his hands found its way under Kim’s blouse. Kim gasped at the touch of a man other than her husband, but she did not move to stop him. Jevon then moved his other hand under Kim’s blouse. Jevon waited for a negative reaction, but got none.”Do you want to go somewhere alone?” asked Jevon.”Yes,” whispered Kim.With that, Jevon then led her by the hand through the crowded room in search of a quiet place. Jevon found an upstairs bedroom where a few people were smoking dope. Kim was feeling horny, but she was also feeling the effects of the booze and the d**gs, so it didn’t take much to persuade her to lie down on the bed. Jevon then convinced the others to smoke somewhere else and then he lay down next to her. He knew that Kim wouldn’t resist his advances. He began kissing her. She kissed him back.”How does that feel?” he asked as he caressed her face.”Nice,” she replied.He showered her face and neck with more kisses. Then he let his hand roam about her mid-riff. Kim knew she was being naughty. She knew she should stop Jevon. Instead, she lay there, yielding.”How does that feel?” Jevon whispered in her ear. Kim said nothing.”You’re very beautiful,” he told Kim.”You’re a liar, but you’re a very handsome liar,” she slurred.Then Jevon slowly unbuttoned Kim’s blouse. Kim made no move to stop him. She knew this was wrong. She knew she should put a stop to it. She also felt a tingling in her loins. Then Kim reached around, unclasped, and then removed her own bra. Jevon marvelled at the sight. What a fantastic set of tits she had, and lovely soft nipples that became long and hard when played with. Then Jevon unzipped and removed Kim’s skirt, revealing her very wet pink panties. Kim cooperated by lifting her hips. Then Jevon let his fingers roam over her exposed flesh, teasing her and causing her to moan. He also noticed that her breath was starting to come in shorter snatches, a sure sign that Kim was aroused.Jevon decided to waste no more time. He told Kim to raise her hips. Then he slid off her panties, leaving Kim exposed. Jevon then eased her legs wide apart, smelling her excitement. With his fingers, he explored her womanhood. From the extent of her wetness, Jevon knew that Kim was ready for sex. “Feel good?” he asked. “Mmmmm,” she replied … and thrust her hips upward.Positioned between her legs, Jevon paused to drink in the sight of this married white mother lying naked before him. Her tits stood proud on her body. Her cunt was lightly-haired and clearly in need of attention. Her legs were long and shapely. Her belly was taut. Her face was a thing of beauty.Rolling her onto her side and spreading legs, Jevon brought his fingers into contact with her clitoris which he rubbed back and forth, making it stand up stiffly. Sensing an approaching climax, he withdrew his fingers. “Don’t stop,” she begged. Then he slipped two fingers inside her, exploring the inside of her very wet vagina and searching for her G-spot. Once he found it, he stroked it until he felt it swell and become hard. He knew she was excited by illegal bahis siteleri the way she moved her hips moved back and forth. Again he teased her. Again she pleaded with him not to stop. This time he didn’t stop. Instead, stroking her G-spot vigorously, he brought her to such a powerful orgasm that she had a female ejaculation, soaking the bed with clear liquid. She had never done that before. She hadn’t even known it was possible.It took Kim a moment to recover. In that moment, Jevon scrambled out of his own clothes and climbed back onto the bed beside Kim. He then rolled her onto her back and climbed between her legs. He began to run the head of his big black cock up and down the slit of Kim’s soaking wet pussy. The more he did that, the more she moaned and rolled her hips. Then he paused at the opening of her vagina and pushed. Kim hadn’t had a cock insider her in over two years. Despite her wetness, as he entered her, Jevon heard Kim gasp. Having a black cock inside her was something completely new for her.He let her acclimatise, and then bit by bit he began to thrust deeper. Soon, Jevon felt Kim pick up the rhythm and in just a few minutes, Jevon was sliding all eight inches of his black cock into Kim … and Kim was just as eagerly taking it all in and asking for more.”How do you feel?” he asked Kim.”Your cock is so big …. but please don’t come inside me,” she begged.”But do you like the way this feels?” he asked.”Oh yes,” she grunted.Then Jevon started doing Kim a little harder. “Yesss.” she uttered in response to each one of his thrusts. He kept this up for a few more minutes and Kim kept urging him on. Then Jevon sensed an increased urgency on her part. He heard her breath grow very short. Then, in a guttural voice, over the next series of thrusts, she said “You’re … going to … make me … come.” Then she let loose with a deep moan, her body tense and her pussy clench his cock. Turned on by this and unable to hold back, Jevon came too, although he pulled out after a couple of strokes.Woozy from the drink and the d**gs, and exhausted from the dancing, and then the hard sex, it didn’t take long for Kim to drift off to sleep. Jevon, on the other hand, remained wide awake, admiring this beautiful white woman, naked and asleep beside him. It gave him an opportunity to appreciate just how sexy she really was. He decided, in that instant, that this wasn’t going to be the last time he had his way with Kim’s body. He couldn’t count on her always being drunk or stoned, and she might feel differently about him when she learned that he was only a teenager. So to be sure he got what he wanted, he decided that it would help to have leverage.In a moment, Jevon had located his smart phone and he began to take pictures. They were great pictures of a really beautiful woman, but there was no real edge to them. Jevon realized that what he really needed were pictures of Kim and him together: a married white woman naked and getting done by a black teenager. At first Jevon tried to hold the camera himself, but the pictures looked silly. More importantly, they revealed that Kim was asleep (which Jevon realized could backfire on him). So he thought for a moment and then called his buddy Jamal who was also at the party.”Come upstairs and go to the room at the end of the hall,” he said.Jevon met Jamal at the doorway and told him that he needed him to take some pictures. Curious, Jamal asked why. Jevon brought him into the room and showed him why. Then he explained the plan. Jevon would pose Kim’s sleeping body and Jamal would take pictures that looked ‘real’.”What’s in it for me?” asked Jamal.”You get to take pictures of a beautiful woman,” said Jevon.”If you want leverage, get pictures showing her taking two black men in the same night,” said Jamal. With that, Jamal brushed past Jevon and went over to the bed where Kim was asleep. Sitting down beside her, he cupped her tits, playing canlı bahis siteleri with her nipples until they stood erect. “Are you getting this?” Jamal asked. Jevon started taking pictures.Then Jamal ran his hands down her sides all the way to her thighs, which he eased apart to reveal her pretty little cunt. It was a little sticky with love juices, but also still very wet. Then with his fingers Jamal explored with folds of her pussy, inserting first one and then two fingers into her vagina, fucking her slowly for a few minutes until Kim’s hips started to respond.”See, she likes it,” said Jamal. Jevon kept taking pictures.Jamal then withdrew his fingers and said “Let’s get started. First though, go to the bathroom and see if you can find a razor and some lotion. We’re going to shave this white pussy smooth.” Jevon returned in a few minutes and, very gently, the job was done. Kim’s pretty little cunt looked even more beautiful.To begin the photo shoot, Jevon climbed onto the bed beside Kim and angled her head so that it appeared that the two of them were kissing. Jamal took pictures. Then Jevon played with Kim’s tits while Jamal took photos. Then Jevon parted Kim’s thighs and finger-fucked Kim’s pussy. More pictures.Then it was Jamal turn. He told Jevon to dim the lights and turn on the video mode.Stripping off his clothes, Jamal started by lying down beside Kim and caressing her body. To Jevon’s surprise, Kim responded by rolling onto her side and placing her arm around his friend. Jamal then started to kiss Kim’s face and lips. Unlike Jevon, he wasn’t trying to stage a photo. He wanted this white woman to respond to his kisses by kissing him back … which she soon did. Meanwhile, Jamal’s fingers danced over Kim’s body, playing with her tits and pulling gently on her nipples. Kim’s body responded by rolling closer to Jamal and kissing him a little more eagerly.He continued to have his way with the wayward young mother, pulling her hips toward him and forcing her thighs apart. Then, with the palm of his hand, he applied rhythmic pressure to the area immediately above the clitoris, to which Kim responded by gently thrusting her hips. Then he slipped two fingers inside her, searching for and then finding her walnut-like G-spot. He took his time, but as he stroked it, he could feel it swell. He could also sense the increased urgency with which her hips moved back and forth. Sensing the moment was right, and not wanting her fully awake just yet, Jamal rolled Kim onto her back and climbed between her open legs.”Are you ready to go again?” he asked.”Yes,” she replied, still half-asleep.He eased the head of his cock inside her pretty white cunt.”You like that?” he whispered in her ear.She responded by thrusting her hips forward, taking him deeper.Then Jamal heard her say “Remember, don’t come inside me.”Jamal looked at Jevon and gave him the OK sign. Most black teenagers dream of one day fucking a white women, but to have a chance to impregnate a married white woman made Jamal stiffen. Still, he tried to pace himself, delivering slow deep strokes and hearing Kim grunt each time he buried himself fully within her. Then he increased the pace, slamming into her. He loved the way her lovely older tits danced on her chest with each stroke. They weren’t taut like a teenager’s tits. They moved.Like Jevon before him, he heard Kim begin to take ragged breaths. Her eyes were wide open now, but in the darkened room and in her inebriated state, she couldn’t tell the difference between one black stud and another. She thought it was Jevon who was mounting her. He sensed that she was about to climax. Then he heard her say “You’re … going to … make me … come again.” Then her body tensed and her cunt contracted, so much so that Jamal too was unable to hold himself back. Unlike Jevon, though, he emptied his entire load in her. Exhausted from another bout of hard sex, and still lost in a drunken torpor, she lay there dazed while Jamal withdrew and was soon asleep again. Jevon took pictures of a black teenager’s come oozing out of Kim’s pretty little white snatch.She would be doing this again soon with Jevon and Jamal … and others too.

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