Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4


Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4Cherri discovers the men using Yolanda for a sex toy, using her for a movie. The older woman finds out more about the girl and decides to have Yolanda live with her to teach the immature girl more about sex and life after making the gullible youngster cum. Cherri tells Jim about a Thai movie on Xhamster with a girl she knows.Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1 Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2 Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 3 OPENINGThen the door opened and Cherri walked in “What the hell?” She looked on the bed and saw Yolanda laying on her back in just her tiny skirt which was pulled up on her stomach exposing her pussy to everyone.White jism coated her mouth and was dripping out of one of her nostrils, the girl’s black hair had jizz in it too. Frank was busy wiping off his soft cock and Jim was starting to pull his pants down as his extremely hard cock stuck out in front of him.Frank laughed “Oh we were just making Yolanda’s first movie.” He zipped up his pants as Cherri informed him of a problem.”That asshole Sam is out in front and wants his money back for that big rubber dildo because” and here she made a mocking high pitched voice “It’s too big for his girlfriend and she wants a little one.””OK I’ll take care of it.” Frank headed on out and Cherri closed the door behind him as Jim was getting Yolanda up on her hands and knees.”That’s it baby” Jim coached the young slut “Stick your nice ass out for the camera.” He got on his knees behind her, the camera aiming down on his big cock as he pressed it against the small girl’s vagina.”Cherri hand me that tube of KY jelly.” he asked and then smeared a gob on his immense hardon and lubed Yolanda’s slit.He worked his cock around just a bit in her almost hairless slit getting the big head wet with her abundant juices and the KY jelly. “Are you ready baby? Ready for my big hard cock to make a baby in you?”The willing girl pushed back against his cock signaling her eager consent. Jim then eased it inside her hole as the tiny girl moaned in pleasure with the large penis stretching her wide open. “OOOHHHHHHH” she groaned as she was once again stretched by the humongous penis.Cherri watched as the retard got screwed by the man who had brought her in today. The older woman was torn between wanting to tell the girl to stop letting these nasty men use her for a cum slut and yet wanting to use the dumb one herself.Oh for sure this young girl was going to be a prize toy in Cherri’s collection of young girls she had seduced over the years. So she didn’t say anything as Jim started humping and thrusting inside the willing girl’s cunt.”OOHHH FUCK!” he moaned as he jammed his huge cock all the way inside Yolanda and kept it there as his shaft pumped several loads inside her.Cherri saw it pulsing and knew he was ejaculating deep inside the little slut’s slit. Yolanda’s head was hanging down, her hair touching the mattress as the man squirted yet a third load inside her today. The little cum dumpster was getting what she wanted as the man did too.Jim kept his cock buried in her for about 15 seconds after he was done spurting and then his meat started to soften and he pulled it out. A gush of semen flowed out of her swollen red pussy and ran down her leg.Jism dripped off his cock onto the bed as he backed out and stood up behind the bed while wiping his cock off with the same rag Frank had just used to wipe his cum off with too.Yolanda was exhausted and fell down flat on the bed on her her stomach. She now had thick jizz leaking out of her pussy, her face and hair were coated with the cum from Frank. The little slut had just relieved two big men within five minutes of each other.The door opened and Frank came back in. He high fived Jim as he saw the jism leaking out of the retards slit. “Way to go brother!”Cherri felt sorry for the girl “Look what you two guys have done to her!” she almost yelled. “You both fucked the shit out her her and now you are just going to let the little one lay there with your cum running all over her everywhere!”The men looked at each other and chuckled “Yeah ain’t that what we are supposed to do…love em and leave em.” Frank mumbled as they both now headed out the door leaving the two girls alone.Cherri locked the door behind them as she muttered under her breath “Bastards!” and then went over to the bed. The woman ran her hands over the prone girl who was almost u*********s after her body had been thoroughly used.She grabbed a soft towel out of the drawer in the nightstand next to the bed and cleaned all the slimy jism off the well used girl who lay there enjoying the kind attention.”I’ll take care of you baby. I’ll make sure those guys don’t use you any more like a cumbag and you’ll be my sweetheart.” she told the tired girl as she began massaging her back, hips and legs while she quizzed and coached the sexually ignorant youngster.”Cherri I’s gonna get paganat huh cause them guys bucak escort cummed in me huh.” she lisped.”Well only Jim cummed in your pussy baby. Frank squirted in your mouth.” Cherri noted.”So wat..Frank cummed inside me too and I swollow it all down.” she replied.”Baby you can’t get pregnant by swallowing cum.””Ya can’t?” she asked dumbly “Jim said I had to get as much cum stuff inside me as I kin.””Yes baby, but the only place in your body that you can get pregnant is in your vagina….your pussy. If a guy cums in your mouth or shoots a load up your ass it won’t get you pregnant.” Cherri patiently explained.Yolanda giggled “In my ass? Does guys put dere cocks in dere too?”Cherri was taken back a bit by her lack of knowledge but then as she thought about it if the girl couldn’t read and had led a sheltered life in a group home for girls it made sense that she knew nothing. Not to mention she was only functioning at about a fifth grade level.”Yes Yolanda, guys put their cocks everywhere they can to squirt. How about if I be your sex education teacher and teach you everything about sex and your body?” The woman caressed Yolanda lovingly. “You never had anybody to teach you what a young girl needs to know about growing up did you baby. Well I’ll be your teacher and…..lover, OK?””OTAY” Yolanda eagerly replied “I’d wike dat, when kin we start?””Right now sweetheart, right now.” Cherri rolled the small girl over onto her back again and straddled her after removing her own blouse. Cherri’s nipples rubbed softly against the girl as Cherri leaned down and covered the young girl’s mouth with hers and began lightly kissing her student.”First you have to learn to kiss and you have to love the person who’s kissing you. Yolanda, I think I’m falling in love with you.” and it was true. The woman was bonding very fast with the girl and her motherly instincts had kicked in completely.Cherri at first felt protective about the young dumb girl but now she was starting to grow a strong affectionate feeling, not to mention a very strong sexual attraction for the innocent c***d as well. On one hand she wanted to mother her and on the other hand she wanted to use Yolanda as her sex toy just like the men were doing.It was a bit confusing to Cherri that both motherly and sexual instincts were so strong but they seemed to go together and she decided to follow whichever instinct was strongest at the moment. Right now the 30 year old was getting extremely aroused as her sexual prowess was turned on with the fact that she had a beautiful young girl who would be putty in her hands.Cherri would be able to mould the unsuspecting girl into anything she wanted and right now she wanted to make love to the young girl and use her body to satisfy her own wicked cravings.The woman’s nipples hung straight down and rubbed against Yolanda’s pert nipples that were a perfect match as far as the spacing between her breasts. Both sets of nipples rubbed against each other simultaneously causing all four of them to go rock hard.Cherri quizzed her new found toy as her mouth pulled back a bit from the gentle kissing “Does that feel good baby, my nice little titties love your nice little titties.””Yeff” Yolanda sort of moaned back as she was enjoying the soft gentle kissing and loving that the experienced lesbian was giving her, arousing some wonderful strange feeling in her whole body..”Honey have you ever really kissed any one? I mean for like 10 or 20 minutes or more of just kissing and caressing?””Naw Nack just gibes me a peck sometimes.” she replied.”Well, what about your other boyfriends in the past, didn’t they kiss you?””I ain’t neber had no udder boyfriends. Jus Nack.” Then she thought for a second “Oh well Jim kithhed me today so he was da onlyiest udder guy to kith me.””So you never had any guys doing things to you like kissing or playing doctor or feeling you up?” the woman asked in a bit of a surprised tone. This was a clue that the lesbian had an almost virgin on her hands that she’d be able to train the way she wanted with no inhabitions to stop her.Yolanda shook her head “Naw Grama wouldn’t let any man’s come to our place where we libbed.””Where was that baby?””Downtown at dat big old green school where all us orpins wivved.”Cherri thought for a second “Oh I know where that is. The Peace and Harmony center for young girls. You lived there?””Yeah me an my sisser wibbed dere till it closed las year.””Oh you have a sisser? How old is she ?” Cherri wanted to get all the facts straight about her new love”10″”Where does your sisser live now?” Cherri asked.”Ober wiff da Smiths in da trailer park by us. Dey gots a foster home wiff lots ta girls libbibng dere.” she informed the woman.That information rang a bell with Cherri. One of her past girlfriends, Angie, had worked there for a year or so. The girl told some hot stories of what went on behind closed doors. Cherri decided to get a hold of Angie and see what she knew about this little slut she was about to make out with for the first time.”Oh” Cherri replied nonchalantly as she stopped quizzing for a while and got down to some serious kissing.”Baby I’m gonna teach you how to kiss now.” she breathed escort bucak into Yolanda’s mouth as she started mouthing and frenching the naive girl, gently rubbing her erect nipples with her fingernails and probing the willing girl’s mouth with her tongue.Yolanda was a good learner and quickly started kissing back, becoming quite aggressive.Cherri was getting quite turned on by this supposedly innocent girl who said she had never kissed before “Baby are you sure you never kissed anyone before? You are HOT.”Yolanda giggled and then became very aggressive, laying on a super kiss as she rolled Cherri over on to her back, straddling the older woman below her.That’s when Cherri found out the retard had a long tongue and was fairly strong. Yolanda held Cherri’s head tight and started tongue fucking her like crazy, her very long tongue was actually going down Cherri’s throat just a bit.It turned Cherri on completely as the girl took control and humped her pussy against Cherri’s in a well known manner with her legs spread apart just a bit.Oh jeeze the little slut is masturbating against my clit Cherri thought to herself as the dimwit started gasping for air and then squealed just a bit as she stopped humping.Cherri felt some wetness and knew that the girl had just cum after using Cherri’s body for her sexual satisfaction. Cherri was delighted. This little girl knew more than she was telling and Cherri decided she’d have to call Angie and find out what she knew about Yolanda.Yolanda was once again exhausted and rolled off the woman she had just used and laid on her back, eyes closed as Yolanda softly caressed her face and neck, giving her little kisses in a gentle way.”That’s good baby” she praised her “you finally got to cum after everybody used you to cum.” she kissed her cheek. “We’re gonna have you cum a lot more later after I take you home.”Yolanda just smiled a tiny bit as she dozed off.A knock on the door disturbed the silence and Cherri threw a sheet over the sleeping girl and opened the door. It was Jim.”Hey we’re gonna have to get going cause Jack is going to be expecting us.” he peeked around Cherri and saw the girl had her eyes closed. “What’s she doing?”Cherri was buttoning her blouse and straightening her clothes as she pushed Jim back and they went out in the front of the store.”She’s resting after finally having her turn to cum after you guys got your jollies off and, oh, by the way, she isn’t going home with you. She’s going to my place and I’m going to teach her how to take care of herself.” Cherri exclaimed forcefully as she went on “Everybody is just using her for a cumbag and that’s going to change!””Well what am I going to tell Jack?” Jim asked.”I already have a plan for that.” Cherri replied. “Tell him you ran into me and that I have to take care of my mom after she had a stroke and I hired Yolanda to be a live-in nurse.”Jim smiled “Oh good idea.””Yeah and it will explain all the money she is going to get for the porn movies she’s gonna get along with dirty pantie sales and a few other things.” Cherri laughed “She is already in two movies we videoed today.””Two?” Jim asked.”Yeah we got the whole thing of you and Frank messing with her and then we had a little bit of girl kissing stuff too and she acyually had an orgasm. They will be good teasers to get Yolanda a following on our porn site.” Cherri tossed her head back a bit to get her hair off her face “We’re gonna make some money on the videos she makes, that little slut is hot.””Yeah, tell me about it. I’ve pumped three good loads in her already today. I think I’ll have her knocked up soon. Don’t let any guys fuck her till her pregnancy test shows she knocked up, I wanna be the guy that gets her pregnant.”Cherri looked at him mischievously “How about a dog fucking her?””What?” Jim asked.”My dog Max. He’s a German Shepard and he loves to fuck. I’m gonna make some dog videos with her and we’ll make a fortune.””I don’t care just so he doesn’t knock her up.” Jim laughed “You are nasty Cherri, you’ll probably get her hooked on dog cock and she won’t want me any more. How big is Max’s cock?””Big” the woman laughed “And he knows how to use it because he does me and a friend of mine a lot. As a matter of fact he was fucking my friend two days ago and managed to get his big knot inside her. She’s pretty small and they were tied together about 15 minutes.”Jim smiled knowingly “Yeah I’ve seen that happen. What’s your friend’s name?””Aiko. She’s a Thai girl and doesn’t speak hardly any English but she loves sex. She’ll do anything I tell her to and usually cums at least twice while Max screws her.”Jim eyes lit up “I’d like to see her getting fucked. Does she like guys too or just girls?”Cherri smiled “Both and you can go see her. Aiko is on a video called “THAI GIRL FUCKS SUCKS 1″ on xhamster. She’s getting fucked by some dude in a motel room.””Oh that’s hot! That site has a bunch of guys jacking off. I’m on there too.””You are?” Cherri asked, a bit surprised.”Yeah I posted a bunch of videos with me cumming after I edged for several hours and blew some pretty good loads.” Jim smiled proudly.”I’ll have to look. I’ve been on there watching guys squirt bucak escort bayan but I never saw you.” the girl replied.”No I don’t show my face. I’ll email you a link to my cum shots. Promise you’ll like my videos and leave a hot comment too. Do you have an account on there too.?” Jim asked.”Of course and I’m the same way, I don’t show my face.” she smiled. “And I’m gonna have Yolanda on there too but no face shots. She looks so young I know there would be a bunch of static about putting very young girls on there even though she’s legal.””Ok reply back to my email and give me a link to your videos. I’ll tell you how many times you made me cum.” Jim laughed. “Are you gonna post with your dog too?””Yeah but not on that site, they don’t do dog stuff.””You gonna video Yolanda getting fucked by your dog?” He asked.”You better believe it. I’m gonna have Max screw her, maybe even tonight, and I’ll have a couple cameras going, one with her face on it and another with his big cock going up inside her for the first time.” Cherri smiled an evil grin “That way I’ll capture the surprised look on her face every girl gets the first time a big dog cock fills her up instantly.””Hey could you introduce me too that Thia girl?” Jim asked hopefully “I’ve always wanted to screw an Asian girl and Aiko sounds perfect.”Cherri nodded her head “Oh yeah she’d like your big cock for sure. Aiko is kinda hard to communicate with as she is pretty dumb and doesn’t hardly speak any English like I said but she is a horny little bitch and has no inhibitions at all. She lives with some old lady, Gram, who is her grandmother, next door to me.”The woman glanced at Yolanda and went on “Aiko’s grandmother doesn’t speak English too much either but the Gram trusts me so I keep the girl overnight sometimes. Aiko’s sex life started out pretty young and I found out she started working as a call girl when she was 11 in Thailand. Her grandmother doesn’t know that but Akio has told me about some of the men who have used her. And women too, the women were all tourists and most of the men were tourists too.”Jim was excited “Cool! Does she like men or women the best?””Well she told me she seldom cums with men as they pretty much just stick it in her and shoot their load. But the girl told me I’ve made her cum harder and more often than anybody. I’ve discovered what technique to use on her and she cums really hard.” Cherri giggled a bit “I’ve made her squirt a couple times too.””How old is she Cherri?””I don’t know for sure. The video says 18 but I’ve got my doubts. I asked Gram but didn’t understand her reply and Akio just tells me “Old Nuff.” in her bad English.””So you’ve got two dimwit girls now who like you best. Well there goes my steady piece of ass.” Jim lamented.”Don’t worry Jim, the new dimwit Yolanda is a very horny girl and after I teach her all about sex this next week she will probably be wanting your big cock too. As a matter of fact I need you to come by and nail her once a day so we can make sure she gets pregnant. I’ll make her cum good after you pound her.””No problem Cherri, I’ll be there with a hardon anytime you want me. Just text me. Maybe I could do Aiko then too?”Cherri nodded “Ok Jim. Hey I need you to go past her place and get a Barbie Doll she has there. You can tell Jack about her staying with me then too.”Jim looked puzzled “A Barbie doll?””Yeah that guy, Arty I think his name, the one that buys the panties and dolls….he offered her $10 for her Barbie doll.” Yolanda smiled “I bet we see a video of him posted on that hamster site jacking off and squirting all over Yolanda’s dollie.”Just then the door opened and Frank walked in. “Well, what’s up?””I’m gonna take Yolanda to my place and cut some videos. Jim is going to her trailer and pick up a Barbie doll and explain to jack that his wife is staying with me to take care of an old lady.” Cherri explained “Oh Frank, by the way would you be a sweetheart and work my shift for me tonight? I’ve got things to do.” she pointed to Yolanda who now opened her eyes, unaware of the perversion that was being planned for her small body.”Ok but I want to get some more of her soon.” he rubbed his crotch as he talked “She’s a hot little bitch. I still don’t understand her husband not fucking her.”Jim spoke up then “Yeah I’m gonna find out exactly what’s going on with him and those little girl panties. Those cameras will tell it all. I’ll go over any video that’s come in so far and let you know what he is up to.”Cherri looked at him “How about if I log on to your system and Yolanda and I can see what Jack is doing? How would I do that?”Jim agreed and wrote down a few instructions so she could get into his home system porn videos. “I’m gonna watch that video tonight too with Aiko.What’s the name of it again?””THAI GIRL FUCKS SUCKS 1″ Cherri replied as she went over to Yolanda.”Thanks Jim, we’ll probably get on there later tonight. I can’t wait to see Beth and what she is doing.””Come on baby” Cherri got Yolanda up off the bed and kissed her. “We’re going to my place. I’m gonna teach you how to enjoy sex.”====== END PT 4Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1 Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2 Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 3

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