Resolving Rita

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Part I – Surprising Success

I joined five other lone males at the Up North this Saturday night. We all sat apart around the large rectangular bar, trying to beat the long odds. Single gals were scarce on date night. Yet, we all clung to the faint hop of finding a female to spend the night with.

Six pair of eyes latched onto her when she entered. Although I sat at a back corner of the bar and the light was dim, I knew it was Rita. Few women were six and a half feet tall.

We’d met a few months ago, introduced through a mutual friend. Being a regular, I’d seen a few times. I didn’t know her well for we’d never had a private conversation. It wasn’t me. It was the way she was.

Rita was a quiet one, acting and dressing as if she purposely wanted to avoid being noticed. She shunned make-up and wore only loose-fitted, subdued clothes. I’d concluded she was overtly self-conscious of her size. Her coming in alone and on a Saturday was a surprise.

She scanned the bar, stopped when she saw me then started my way. Drawing near, she looked different – attractive. Her hair was done and, for a change, she wore make up. She greeted me with, “Hey Jake. You alone?”

“Hey Rita, you look great tonight. Sadly, I’m alone. But, you look like you’re meeting someone?”

“I just might have found him. Buy me a drink?”

“My pleasure. No way I’d refuse an attractive lady anything.”

“Would that be because I’m the ONLY female here tonight?”

“That’s true. But, you’re looking exceptionally good tonight Rita.”

The bartender arrived before she could reply, “What’ll you have?”

“Double Vodka – straight up.” was her order. Another surprise. I’d never seen her drink anything but white wine. I swiveled on my stool to face hers as she sat down leaving her trench coat on.

Her glass barely touched the bar when it was delivered. She grabbed it and slammed it down, ignoring the water chaser. The bartender gave me a quick smirk of surprise in taking payment from my money lying in front of me and left.

Rita showed no effect from the vodka burning down. She swiveled her stool to face me and remained very serious in asking, “Jake, are intimidated by my being so tall? Answer me truthfully or I’m gone.”

I hesitated, chose my words carefully in replying, “I may be a little intimidated, but I think it’s just a ego thing. Most guys are more comfortable when they feel superior.”

“Good answer, if you’d said anything else I’d move on. You have any problems with your health?”

“None, had complete physical a month and I’m totally healthy – drug and disease free.”

“How long since you’ve had sex with a woman? Truthfully, none of that male ego stuff.”

Rita’s somber look convinced me she wasn’t joking and fully expected me to be honest. I came clean, “OK, it’s been about 4 months, long enough to be embarrassing.”

I expected some response, but none came. Instead, she undid the top three buttons of her trench coat and the first two of her blouse beneath. She glanced back over her shoulder, turned back and said, “I’m not wearing a bra. Put your hands inside my blouse and kiss me.”

Her request stunned me completely. When I didn’t move, she grabbed my wrists and lifted my hands up guiding them inside to her bare breasts. She kissed me hard, stabbing her tongue between my lips.

My hands met Rita’s soft smooth flesh. I spread my palms out over her smooth mounds that I wasn’t expecting to be so large. Unable to cover them completely, I skimmed around the edges before brushing across their crests. As our kiss deepened, I took her equally sizable nipples between my thumb and fingertips and fondled them.

Rita backed away with another glance over her shoulder. I started lifting my hands off her when she whispered, “No don’t. Keep going. No ones looking. My nipples are so sensitive. Stroke the undersides. Bend them with your fingers. Give some gentle pulls. Yea..that’s good. Like my tits, Jake?”

“Aaa..yea..I never knew you were so big, Rita.”

“There’s a sincan escort bayan lot more for you to learn about my body tonight. My long firm smooth pussy..I trimmed my pubic hair this morning, leaving a nice little soft patch for you rub you face..”

“Gawd, Rita! You’re getting me hard already.”

“Good, I need to feel your cock.” Her hands slid up my thighs and found my rising hardness. Her fingers reached the tip and pressed down my full length. She stroked and explored with both hands through my pants and shorts. “You’ve got a nice cock, Jake. I can’t wait to put it in my mouth, take it inside my pussy and put it in my ass.”

“Damned!” Starting to squirm. I jerked my arms back. “But..but..but I’m not a superstud.”

“Don’t worry, Jake. I’ve got something for you..or for both of us. It’s a pill, not a drug but a herb. It’s like Viagra, only better. It’ll make you bigger, keep you hard and make you cum like never before.”

“’re sure it REALLY works?”

“I’m positive. Take it, you won’t be sorry.”

She reached inside her purse, came out with the pill and held it out for me. I popped it in my mouth and took a swig from her untouched water glass. As I finished swallowing, Rita asked, “How far away do you live?”

“About three blocks.”

“We’ll go to my place, its closer.”

Rita re-buttoned as I stood, checking to make sure that my coat covered the bulge in my pants. The five other guys plus the bartender watched as we walked to the door. I didn’t care that Rita towered over me as we left.

Part II – Drawing Desire

We didn’t speak on the short walk to her apartment. I nearly ran, keeping pace with Rita’s long strides. In the elevator ride up, instead of bending to kiss me, she pulled my head into the valley between her breasts and pressed her body against mine. I rubbed my face against her ample chest as she ground into me, dropping a hand to my rear and pulling me in.

I followed Rita into her studio apartment, with only one small bedside lamp the only light. Following her lead, I tossed on the floor. She stopped in the middle of the room, turned in shedding her blouse to say, “It’ll take about 30 minutes more for the pill to kick in. Gives us some time to finish what we’ve started.”

I moved to face her and she took my head in her hands, bent over and kissed me hard. Our mouths opened and her tongue snaked across my lips then probed into my mouth. I gripped her waist and lifted them up, savoring her soft, smooth skin. At her rib cage, I veered in and massaged her supple flesh of her twin knolls. Shifting to their centers, I pressured her nipples that puffed, as they grew longer.

She straightened, breaking our kiss and leaving me staring at her two red fully blossomed peaks. She touched her right nipple to my cheek dragged it and it’s twin across my lips. I cupped her breasts, pushing them up so her tips lined up with my mouth. I licked circles around the red aureoles savoring her taste.

Opening wide over her left tip, I covered it with my gaping mouth. Drawing inward, I sucked hard on the bloom and flayed it with my tongue tip. Her hands dropped, pulling my shirt out to swirl over my bare back. I switched to her other mate, giving it equal attention. I felt her rising exhales flow down across the crown of my head.

“Ummmmmm.” She breathed, releasing my head and backing away. “Let’s get that hungry mouth of yours on my pussy.”

As she stepped to the king-sized bed, she undid her skirt. Her bare firm rear cheeks showed as the skirt dropped. Slipping from her shoes, she climbed on the bed to stretch out full length on her back. Thigh-high black nylons were her only remaining clothing. She dragged her feet up as she spread her legs. Dropping both knees sideways, she ran her hands up her inner thighs stopping at the very tops to frame her crotch saying, “I’m waiting.”

Her words snapped me from awestruck state as I was watching her every movement, devouring every inch of her incredibly long body. I frantically eryaman escort pulled all my clothes off, my eyes riveted to the sumptuous nakedness arrayed before me. Her eyes fell on my stiffening cock as soon it popped free and she licked her lips.

I scrambled on the bed. Unable to resist a compelling urge, I groped her feet before continuing up her legs to relish both the slickness of her stockings and the bare skin of her upper thighs.

In anticipation, Rita raised her hips and yanked a pillow down under her middle. My hands brushed up, creeping over the soft velvety skin framing her slit and continued over the rise of her mound. Moving my face over her slit, I inhaled her aroused scent. Extending my tongue tip to her opening, I dragged it slowly up the full length of her slit tasting her excitement. Clearing the top, I stopped to brush my nose through her patch of soft trimmed pubic hair then pursed my lips and blew into her.

Rita clasped her legs, just above her knees, and pulled to raise her pelvis up commanding me to, “Get your mouth on my pussy.”

Obeying her request, I spread her open with my thumbs and plunged my mouth into her pink opening. I worked her with my lips and tongue, furiously lapping and sucking. Rita’s feet found my hips bones. She pushed down tilted her center up. Her hands clamped the back of my head and pulled.

My probing tongue full sunk into her, lashing and whipping into her seething, pink gash. Rita moaned, “Oh..yes…”

Her breathing quickened and she snapped my head away by pulling my hair. Her hands went to the top of her slit, spread her folds open to yelp, “Suck my clit!”

I jerked my head up, surrounded the nub with my lips and swabbed it with my tongue tip. I slid a finger into her and twirled it around then inserted a second. I pumped her with the two and increased the pressure of my mouth and tongue.

Rita jolted and I felt a spurt wash over my fingertips. Holding my hand still, I lifted my head to watch her writhe in release. Her breasts jiggled as they heaved up and down. Between pants, she gasped, “You did..good.. Jake. We’ve still.. got.. ten more.. minutes. My turn.. to make sure.. you’re.. fully.. ready.. switch.. places.”

As we switched, I felt an aching tightness in my groin. A quick glance reveled my shaft was thicker and longer than I’d ever known it. Up on all fours, Rita circled the base of my shaft with her thumb and index finger to lap my smooth domed head. Rewetting her tongue, she slathered the sides, the top and bottom.

Caressing my balls with her free hand, she took all of me in her hot wet mouth. The tip passed into her throat. Backing up, she sucked me hard. The tightness grew nearly painful. My shaft grew to a new level of bloated engorgement. Like a hungry animal, she sucked my inflated cock with fully spread lips. The fingertips of her lower hand pressed hard behind my sack in a circling massage. I was growing near and warned, “I’m gonna cum!”

Ignoring me, Rita increased her efforts. A powerful, streak burned up my length. Her lips held me just beneath the ridge of my cock’s head as I erupted into her mouth. Over and over, I shot my hot juice. When my spurts started to lesson, she pumped her encircling forefinger and thumb to milk me dry.

Rita’s mouth released and, while sill clasping my still-hard rod she looked up, opening her mouth showing me it was full of my creamy white cum. Some seeped out to dribble down her chin. She smiled up at me, gathered the sticky streamlet back into her mouth and swallowed hard before saying, “Ummmmm, nice start. It’s working, you’re staying hard for me.”

Rising up, Rita straddled me. Her one hand held open her vaginal lips as she lined my erection up with her spread folds. She dropped her upper body on me, her bracing hands in the bed beside my head. Dragging her swaying breasts from side to side across my face, she rubbed my entrapped cock against her clit.

After several measured swipes, she lifted her hips, straightened to reach down and slip my etimesgut bayan escort cock into her with one quick stab. My steely-hard bar parted her already wet, clamping tightness. After a short pause to adjust to my intrusion, she rotated her hips around and then began to thrust them.

Faster and faster she pumped, twisting her head from side to side, her breathing labored and her tits bounced. She jolted when the orgasm hit her, groaning, “Oh Gawd.. yes.. yes..”

I held off with my newfound endurance, even when her flow oozed out over my balls. Running my hands up and down her tensed thighs, as her release ebbed, stirred a desire of my own, “I want to fuck you with your legs around me.”

I reached out and pulled her to me. We stayed joined as I rolled the both of us over. Her legs wrapped completely around me. Her arms embraced my shoulders with her hands stroking my shoulders and back. In total control of my new largesse and startling stamina, I started with a few short teasing strokes before she ordered, “Fuck me hard! Make me cum some more!”

Digging in, I drove into her with in a fury. Her legs tensed on my down stroke. Loud thwacks of our slapping bodies filled the room. My second orgasm hit, stronger than the first she’d taken in her mouth. I thrust thru it ramming in with each spurt as she screamed, “I’m cumming with you!”

Rita’s legs clamped and held me like a vice. Three strong jolts of her hips bounced us both up off the bed. Several weaker quakes followed and her leg’s grip loosened. We lie together, with my still distended shaft remaining lodged in her wet, spongy passageway.

Part III – Last Lusting

Our breathing, slow in recovery, neared normal when she tensed her inner muscles observing, “You’re STILL as hard as a rock.”

“Yes, it’s amazing.”

“Keeping you inside feels great. But, I don’t want to wait until you go soft. There’s on more place I want that hard cock. Take it out – slowly.”

As my creamy coated shaft withdrew, our mixed juices dripped spotting the sheets. Drawing up on my knees, Rita reached over and grabbed a jar off the bed stand. She handed it to me as she shifted onto her knees, “Smear this on your fingers.”

I scooped a generous layer of gel on my fingers and spread it on her puckered ring before trying to insert a finger. It went in, to the second knuckle, before her tense sphincter barred the way. I swirled it around. She widened to let it gain full entry. I worked and second then a third inside.

For added assurance, I drew out another glob of gel and pasted around her opening. Applying pressure to the small of her back, I told her, “Get a little lower, I’m coming in.”

When my domed head slipped in, I braced myself and then slammed into her. Rita’s loud gasp echoed in the room. Fully wedged in, I waited for her to adjust to my stabbing penetration into her searing hot passage. She reached back, loosely cupping my balls and gruffly breathed, “Ream me with that big cock of years. Fuck my ass! Give me all the cum you got left!”

I clasped the sides of her hips, backed off and then rammed back in. She was tight, even with all the gel, my shaft’s skin dragged against her rectal walls. Our tight fit squeezed my hardness as it plunged and recoiled. The crushing friction and her urging combined make me propel my hips in frenzy. Her hand kept pace retaining their hold on my sack, massaging her clit with her wrist.

I burst forth for a third time, spewing what had to be everything I had left. The wrenching strain brought my body down on Rita’s back as I emptied fully into her.

We both felt it finally start. As I shrank, Rita contracted. My softened cock plopped out bringing my sticky cream with it. We moved onto our opposite sides to squirm together facing each other. She smeared the wet jizz, escaping from her slit, into my bared middle. Her leg, thrown over my hip, brought my shrunken member to rest on her sticky inner thigh. Resting my head against her breasts, we both fell into an exhausted sleep.

It was still dark out when Rita roused me from slumber as she left for the bathroom. I dozed until I heard her fumbling around in the kitchenette. Opening my eyes, she approached the bed carrying a glass of water in one hand and another pill in her other.

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