Remembering the first bad sex…


Remembering the first bad sex…I have written a lot about my gay experiences. I haven’t written about my hetero sex life because it was pretty vanilla; nothing bad, but neither was it going to make the letters page of Playboy. But I would like to recount my first bad sexual experience, back in the early days of my gay experimentation at my local ‘cottage’.I’d had a couple of encounters with some older guys in my local public toilets in my early twenties and they were mind-blowing. I would hang around the place most weekends, and I quickly realised who were the regulars looking for a little sexual gratification. One Sunday, on a bitterly cold January afternoon, I noticed one of the usual suspects hanging around the toilet block. He was a short guy, chubby, balding and somewhere between his late 50’s and early 60’s. I had observed him as I sat in my car, watching the block. As he furtively looked around before he slipped into the building, I decided to go inside and see if he was up for some fun. As I entered the building, the place was otherwise deserted, except for the cubicle which had recently been occupied by the older gent. I occupied the vacant stall next door to him and sat myself on the toilet bowl, and I listened intently for a sign that he was after some cock. I didn’t have long to wait as I heard the unmistakable slapping of his foreskin as he was furiously wanking his cock, the sound illegal bahis reverberating around the whole building.I unlocked my cubicle door and gently rapped at his.’Do you need a hand with that?’ I gently enquired.There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds, then I heard the rustling of clothes being rearranged and finally the unbolting of the toilet door. The gentleman looked presentable once more, and he stood motionless for a while as he looked me up and down, deciding whether or not he wanted to engage in some illicit toilet sex. A small grin crossed his lips as he nodded towards me and invited me into his ‘office’. I locked the door behind us and proceeded to unbutton my jeans and pulled my trousers to the floor, my young cock rapidly becoming engorged, despite the almost Arctic temperature. My companion brought his hand out and gently fondled my cock, bringing me to full arousal. He then unbuttoned and unzipped his beige slacks and let them fall to the tiled floor. He then pulled down two pairs of Y-fronts (it was cold!) and revealed his flaccid member to me. I could see he had been giving it some abuse already, as it was reddened from his earlier manipulations. Regardless, I was here to stick that thing in my mouth and give this man an orgasm.I sat myself on the bowl of the toilet and reached out to stroke the older man’s prick. As I fondled and felt it, I knew that he’d already illegal bahis siteleri masturbated himself to at least a couple of orgasms. His cock barely moved, only the slightest of indications that it was filling with blood. I rolled back his foreskin to reveal a pink helmet, and rolled my hot tongue around his glans before taking him all into my mouth and sucking hard. He went from soft to fully erect within seconds, his member stimulated by my mouth and tongue, standing hard and proud. I wanted to see his cock in all it’s glory, so I stopped sucking and slurping on his prick to gently lap at his shaft and admire my work. Unfortunately, as soon as I released him from my mouth, his erection started to subside and I could visibly see his cock deflate. I would have to suck him like a hoover just to keep him excited! And so I set to work on him, sucking hard, swirling my tongue around his short but fat cock, bobbing my head rhythmically. My own cock was bouncing around, glistening with pre-cum as I furiously sucked on this lovely piece of man-meat. After 25 minutes, however, my cock was flaccid (and cold!) and my companion was giving me no indication that he was anywhere near to cumming! At that point, I heard someone come in to use the urinal, so I had to stop sucking and instead gently wanked my friend as the other guy relieved himself.After a couple of minutes, we heard the other canlı bahis siteleri guy depart and I focused again on my friend’s once more flaccid cock. Again, I had to work him to arousal, and then I furiously set to work on him with my mouth and tongue. Eventually, after 45 minutes of extreme oral gratification, he took his cock from my mouth and started to wank it towards the wall of the cubicle. Finally, I would be treated to the sight of him blowing his load. What ensued was disappointing, to say the least. As his eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a low moan, three miniscule drops of clear, runny cum shot onto the cubicle’s wall. The old bastard had wanked so much earlier on in the day that he had virtually no cum left to give. As I sat there, cold, my mouth tired, my cock cold and shrivelled in the cold air, I felt this had been a complete waste of my time and effort.I stood from the bowl, and my companion started to stroke my cock. I felt it start to grow. Then he stopped. At this point I’d had enough. The least he could have done for me was to wank me off after what I’d put myself through, but even that was beyond him. I pulled my jeans and underwear up and made my retreat. After most of my encounters I would have a wonderful wank recollecting the events that had taken place; I have never wanked to the memory of that cold January day.I met the same guy that Summer, and I invited him into my car and we went to the woods for some outside fun. I made sure he made me cum! That was my first and only bad sexual experience. Fortunately, all my other lovers were much more generous and at least had some spunk left in their balls..!

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