Remembering one hell of a night!


Remembering one hell of a night!I’ve known this girl, her name is Michelle, for about ten years now. We lived in the same apartment complex back then, and visited with each other quite often.We ended up having a physical relationship, and she was an incrediblefuck. She would do anything I wanted. If I felt like fucking her in theass, she was always ready for it. She could literally suck dick for hours and shehad the sweetest-tasting little pussy of anyone I have ever known.She is also bi-sexual and loves to see bi-sexual men in action as well.Michelle would always try to get me to bed with another man, and wouldn’t let me in onany action with her female lovers until I gave in. Well I never did, sorta, keep reading. It’s been ten years now and we have both moved on, but I have had the urge to give into her request lately so I tried to fix it up. Anyway, last summer I had cause to visit the city Michelle lived in. She was married now, to a guy named Steve, but when I mentioned my urge, she said that they would both love to see me when I get to town.I called her when I got into town and asked if she wanted to go have adrink and talk about things. She agreed, saying that she had wanted to callme, but figured I didn’t want to hear from her. We met at a local bar and talked about old times and what we had been up to since college. A couple of drinks turned into many drinks, and a short while became several hours. She suggested that we go back to her place and in a hurry we left.We got to her place around midnight and her husband Steve was waiting for our arrival with the lighting set just right and chilled wine. We all talked for a couple of hours and had some great wine to go along with our conversation. Then her and Steve went back to ,what I thought was their bedroom, and I could hear them making noises that turned into heavy making out noises for sure.I tip-toed down the hall to their room. The door was open, so I looked in. In the dim light, I could see them kneeling on the king-sized bed. They were facing each other, tongue fucking one another’s mouths. I was pretty sure they wanted me to come join them, but I decided to watch a while longer and began rubbing my dick through my pants. I was becoming very erect when Michelle looked right at me and said “Well what are you waiting for? Get over here baby.” I crawled up on to the bed and knelt next to them on the blanket. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to her lips for a very passionate tongue filledkiss. As we explored each others mouths I began to rub her beautiful ass and squeeze her luscious cheeks. Then I felt a hand begin rubbing my straining cock, both of Michelle’s hands were around my neck and head, it must have been Steve doing the fondling. My eye’s bugged out for a second and then Michelle softly said “Just go with it baby, you’ll love what we are going to do tonight, I promise.” I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes. As Michelle licked and sucked my neck Steve steadily increased the friction and pressure of the palm of his hand as it conformed to the shape of my now slightly precumleaking rock hard erection that seemed like it was pulsating outward into his hand to fill as much of his massaging grip as it could.We then all threw our clothes off and that is when I saw Steve’s nice looking cock. I just reached out and took hold of it as though it were my own and began stroking it in my hand while Michelle and I resumed our long overdue necking session. Steve was working my cock as well and began licking Michelle’s tits. He then took his cock from my grasp and into his own, where bartın escort he proceeded to start rubbing the head of his precum leaking dick all along the shaft of my now very erect and throbbing rod. This felt fucking great! I then started to do the same in return and our cocks really started to leak pre-semenal fluid all over one anothers hot man-flesh. A sudden urge to taste Steve’s beautiful cock came over me so I bent down quickly and began kissing and licking Steve’s veiny meat stick. I could taste the salty mixture of our precum and could feel Michelle’s hand holding my head in place by my hair. My dick was so hard it hurt!I continued to lick and gently suck the head of his cock, and it began togrow larger, making me feed more of his sweet meat into my mouth. I began to get a nice, slow rhythm going when he moaned and I felt his hand replace Michelle’s on the back of my head. We then all fell to the bed, I curled up next to him for a second and felt his rock-hard cock burning against my pubic hair, as my now-erect monster burned against the underside of his manhood. I reached down to stroke his tool and ran into his hand reaching for mine. Michelle was rubbing my back, and began to work her way toward my ass and then asshole. We stroked each other’s hard dicks for a few moments, rubbing the heads of them into one another getting them sticky and slick with even more precum, all the while Michelle was spreading my ass cheeks with one hand and teasing my puckered bung with the middle finger of her other hand. She would wet her hot little digit in between diddles with her saliva, and on about the fifth time of doing this, she pushed her middle finger straight up my quivering ass. She began fucking her finger into me while Steve and I caressed the heads of our dicks together. “You like having your ass banged like a little whore slut?” she asked. “Oh fuck yeah, bang my ass you sweet bitch!” I responded. With that she added her ring finger into the action and began a twisting motion as she pushed and pulled in and out of my pulsating asshole. This was getting to be too much, so I slid back down to give some more head. I stuffed Steve’s dick back into my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around it and bounce my head slowly up and down on his meat. He moaned quietly and ran his fingers through my hair. I savored the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth and wished it could go on forever. I began to move faster, sucking his cock harder and deeper into my mouth and throat and he began to raise his hips from the bed, his thrusts meeting my plunging mouth in a hot oral fuck. He was eventually driving his dick down my throat all the way to his nuts. As I sucked his cock, Steve’s penis leaked a continuous stream of divine, salty precum and it flowed out over my tongue, it was delicious. I chanced a glance over at Michelle, who was still reaming my ass with , maybe even three fingers by now, I couldn’t tell, to see what she thought about the show. She was watching me intently, as if she was studying my technique. I went back to concentrating on the meat slipping past my lips, occasionally glancing back up at each of them. Steve closed his eyes and laid back on the bed and let himself enjoy the blowjob I was giving him.I felt the bed move slightly as Michelle shifted. She withdrew her fingers from my well worked over asshole, which she then licked clean while looking me square in the eye. I was in paradise at this point. I then looked over at her and saw that she was sitting up. Her left hand was rubbing her left breast as her right hand crept to her escort bartın cunt. Her cunt was only about a foot from my face, and I could smell the juices from it as she began to get more excited. Her fingers began rubbing her clit and occasionally dipping into her snatch. I reached out and put my left hand over her right one that was massaging her clit. She laid back and let me dig my fingers into her beautiful cunt. My cock was really starting to ooze precum from the excitement, and Steve was beginning to thrust into my mouth with an a****l like intensity as never before. I raised up to readjust my cock and saw Michelle smiling from me to Steve. “This is something I’ve always dreamed of,” she said. “Sharing my husbandwith another man and getting you in the sack with a guy finally!” I sat up and looked at her. She had the same beaming smile I had become so fond of a few years earlier. “Well you’re not exactly sharing,” I said. “Care to help me out.” “I’d love to,” she said.I got up from the bed and Steve scooted over to the middle. Michelle got onher hands and knees and put his cock, still slick with my spit, in hermouth. I moved to the other side of Steve and began to lick his balls. As I did this Steve slid his head beneath me, between my legs, sucking my prick into his mouth with a loud slurping sound. This made me so fucking hot! I pushed my cock down his open mouth as if it were a sloppy wet pussy. I was surprised when Steve took both of his hands and grabbed my ass, plunging my rigid dick straight down his throat. So I fucked his slutty mouth with a nice firm rhythm in synchronicity to my sucking his rod between Michelle and I. As Michelle came all the way down on his throbbing cock, we came face toface. She raised up and slid her lips along the side of his cock. I ran my lipsalong the other side, and we ended up kissing around his cock. I was now feeding Steve my rod with steam engine force, going in up to my nuts, which were slamming his nose, and pulling out until just the tip of my dick was on his wet lips. Soon Michelle and I were kissing deeply above his dick. I withdrew my penis from his wet slobbering mouth so I could lay Michelle back on the bed and crawled between them. We all cuddled up and I could feel Steve’s cock poking into the crack of my ass, while mine twitched between the lips of Michelle’s wet pussy. I began to move back and forth, alternately thrusting my hard penis forward along her wet gash and then pushing my freshly banged ass back against Steve’s hot cock.Soon I felt him start to spread my ass cheeks with one hand and rub the bulbous head of his dick against my anus with the other. Michelle begged me to let Steve stuff his cock up my ass. I was up for anything, and nodded my head in acceptance. His precum was plenty of lube for the swollen head of his dick to snake in and slide up into my waiting ass. I could feel his throbbing manhood grow thicker and stiffer as he thrust his rod up my backside to fill my puckered fuck hole. I let Steve slide his dick into me all the way to the hilt feeling his fuzzy swollen nuts as they came to rest against my own cum filled balls and then had him just sit there pressing in as deeply as possible, fully massaging my prostate and making my dick ooze so much liquid it looked like I was cumming, but not yet! Steve then reached around to take hold of my bloated cock, and began rubbing Michelle’s pussy slit with the head of my leaking meat. It looked like he was using my dick as if it were a paint brush to slicken Michelle’s gash with the excess precum I was generating. I began flexing bartın escort bayan my sphincter around Steve’s rigid fuck stick, and with each flex my prostate gland would get pushed upon sending me into a new realm of pleasure and commanding a squirt of precum from my tortured dick. Steve was moaning and slightly going back and forth with my flexing, but mainly just pressing into my ass as deeply as he could. I stopped him and had him slowly withdraw his throbbing cock from my ass, slowly, so I could feel every nook and cranny of his dick meat as it exited my ass. I then stood up. “I want to watch you fuck her,” I told him. Michelle got on her hands and knees, and Steve began to slide his rigid cock into her. She moaned as he plunged into her cunt and my cock twitched. I slid beneath her and began to lick her luscious cunt and taste his cock as it slid in and out of her. She slipped my cock into her mouth and began sucking my dick. I had been aroused for so long, that I knew I would shoot my load soon. Steve picked up the pace and began pounding into Michelle’s cunt. Then he stopped pumping and had Michelle start to pump her hot little body back and forth over his steaming meat. I took advantage of this by sucking Steve’s swollen nuts into my mouth one by one, I also pushed my middle finger into his asshole, to apply pressure to his prostate and make him explode like a bomb going off, and of course I wanted that bomb to go off down my throat. His bloated nuts started to tighten up so I knew he was on the verge of cumming. “Pull out, fuck that load of cum down my throat!” I told him. A few strokes later, he withdrew his cock from her cunt and I greedily stuffed his boner into my sucking mouth as he pushed and buried his red swollen man meat down my throat. As the last inch of his throbbing cock came to a rest with his nuts acrossed my nose and the soft pulsing and leaking head of his joint down my throat, I felt the girth of his cock expand as I pushed my finger hard into his ass and could feel his eruption bloat his shaft from the base of his delicious cock up to the swollen head of it until his hot semen boiled into my watering mouth. His cum shot out of his dick in thick hot ropes of sticky ball juice which rapidly filled my mouth and even overflowed, spilling out around my lips and his hard convulsing prick. I tried swallowing as much of his thick load as he fed more and more of his dick into my mouth but couldn’t take his whole load, his cum was erupting over the sides of my mouth and running down my chin onto my neck. His tight asshole pulsated and sucked at my finger with each explosion of his orgasm, and with each press of my finger he would violently squirt more of his ball milk into my hungry mouth. I could taste Michelle’s juice on his cock and the taste of her sweet cunt mingling with the salty taste of Steve’s cum sent me over the edge. I began firing my wad into the back of Michelle’s throat and she tried to swallow every drop, but just as I hadn’t been able to swallow all of Steve’s load She let a little leak out over my pubes, then she got up and kissed her husband pushing my load of semen with her tongue into his wanting mouth. Then she kissed me, I could still taste my cum in her mouth and I knew that Steve must have gotten a decent mouth full of it, too. Steve then leaned over and took my deflating cock into his eager mouth so he could clean every morsel of my cum with a sucking precision of a vacuum cleaner. I returned his half-hard pecker to my mouth also, so I could savor every last molecule of his cum. We all laid back on the bed and held each other, rubbing our bodies together and smiling and talking about what had just happened. I hoped itwould not be the last time it would happen. I didn’t have long to worry,because soon Steve’s cock was hard again, as was mine.

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