Relaxation Therapy

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My name is Nina and I attend Mytilene Academy with my twin sister Tiffany. The academy is an all girl junior college in southern California and is a little different than most girls’ schools, mostly because of the lack of extra curricular activities. The academy curriculum is heavy on academics and light – or devoid – of fun. The students whose families have money take dance, singing, or some type of lessons off campus as a diversion to their dull school life. My sister and I are from a modest family and are here on a scholarship, so we have to resort to inexpensive things to do.

Friday evening, while grocery shopping, I noticed an advertisement on the bulletin board offering $10 to each qualified participant of a study in relaxation therapy. This seemed like something Tiffany and I could do, and even sounded like fun. I wasn’t sure what “relaxation therapy” was but I was willing to give it a try. Now all I had to do was convince my sister.

Tiffany was a bit more reserved than I was which might make this a hard sell. We are not identical twins but we are close. Both of us are 5′ 6″ and slender. Regular workouts in the academy gym keep us toned. Our bodies are similar, but if you ask Tiffany she has larger boobs. She is proud of her 32 D bras but I think she could probably still wear the 36 C’s I wear.

I made it back to the dorms and Tiffany hadn’t come in from class yet. After a quick cleaning of our room I threw some dinner in the microwave. My sister constantly complained about how much of a slob I am so I hope a clean dorm will help me convince her to take the relaxation therapy classes with me.

Tiffany came through the door and dropped her book bag next to the door. She walked into the kitchen and paused as she noticed our room was clean and dinner was on the table. She looked at me and asked what was going on. I insisted I was just trying to help and suggested we have dinner while it was still warm. As we were finishing dinner I decided to make my move and casually mentioned I ran across something that may be fun.

Tiffany looked at me and said she knew I was up to something. I responded with an innocent shrug and told her I had found something for us to do Saturdays. Surprisingly she agreed with the condition she could quit at any time.

Tiffany and I arrived for the first class to find about 25 women of various ages waiting in the lobby. I recognized a few of them from the academy but we didn’t speak. The lobby was sparsely decorated and almost seemed sterile. The walls were a light yellow with white horizontal stripes near the ceiling. The floor was a marbled tile with hospital like vinyl base. There were three closed doors with service windows beside them along one of the walls. Another wall all had a single door, also closed. The third wall was bare with the exception of a couple plaques. The final wall only contained the door we entered the lobby through.

After about a 15 minute wait, a woman entered the room through the middle of the three doors wearing the shortest nurse’s uniform I’ve ever seen. As the nurse walked by, I tried not to let my surprise show. The low cut V-neck, with only 2 or 3 snaps holding it together in the front, allowed me to see the majority of her large breasts. After she passed, my gaze followed her to realize the short uniform didn’t quite hide the bottom of her ass. You know that curve that tucks back into the upper thigh that punctuates a great ass. It became even more visible when she hung a sign on the wall. I’ll bet almost half of her ass could be seen by everyone in the lobby. Three women standing in a group next to me commented on how the young nurse wasn’t wearing any underwear and how disgusted they were with her display. They left promptly.

The nurse, who still hadn’t said anything, turned around and walked back to the door she had come in through. Just before leaving the room she turned around and cleared her throat, getting the attention of those she didn’t already have. She grabbed the bottom edge of her uniform, which had ridden up enough that those close enough could have seen a hint of her shaven sex, and pulled it down. I heard several of the older women complain about the crudeness of her actions and left the lobby, leaving only about 15 young women.

The nurse said she was an assistant to Dr. Woo, the research scientist in charge of this project. She introduced herself as Bella, a nursing student who attended the doctor’s first class last year. She had white blonde hair with and for lack of a better explanation, evil and dark brown eyebrows. Her chest was large and nearly exposed after pulling on the bottom of her uniform. So much so I could see part of her areolas.

My attention snapped back to reality when I heard the door close. Bella had gone and I had not heard what she said. I turned to Tiffany and asked what Nurse Bella had said and she informed me we will be interviewed soon to qualify us for entry in the project. Now that the distraction had gone, I read the newly placed bursa escort sign on the wall that stated the same thing. Furthermore, the sign asked each candidate to have a minimum of three forms of identification ready to prove they were over 18, which was no problem for us. Another five women left the lobby after this announcement.

The middle of the three doors opened and Bella announced the screening would begin. She invited the young woman standing closest to the door to come in and sit down. The door closed behind them and the remaining nine of us waited impatiently. Tiffany leaned over and suggested we should leave. She was becoming more and more uneasy and thought this whole setup was too unnerving. I responded by teasing her that she was being too much of a prude. I told her she could not back out now just because some nurse was wearing a skimpy uniform. She reluctantly agreed but pointed out I agreed she could quit at any time.

After about 10 minutes, the door opened and the candidate quickly walked past us all and left the lobby. Bella came through the door and pointed at me and told me I was next. I stood up and entered the small room, stepping to the side as Bella closed the door behind me. She told me to strip down to my bra and panties and have a seat on the examination table. Before I could comment, she handed me a clipboard and pen and instructed me to fill out the questionnaire while I wait for her to return.

I squeamishly mentioned to Bella I was not wearing any underwear and asked if she had anything I could cover myself with. Nurse Bella looked at me with a smirk, and asked if I wanted to participate in this project or not. I nodded yes and she turned her back to me and bent over looking through the drawers of the desk next to her. First she explored the top drawer, then the middle drawer, and finally the lowest drawer, exposing more and more of her ass as she went. By the time she made it to the bottom drawer, her entire ass was poking out from under her uniform. I could hear rustling in the drawer as she searched which refocused my attention to her. I glanced from the drawer to her rear and saw her smoothly shaved sex. It was smooth and glistening in all its glory. Just as I was about to speak and voice my objections to her flaunting herself in front of me she stood up and twirled around. She abruptly tugged on the bottom of her uniform to cover herself and apologized for not having anything for me to cover myself. She said I could stay and do as she asked or leave as she left the small exam room.

Stunned, I looked down at the questionnaire and read the first sentence. It stated that, if selected, each candidate would be paid $10 for each Saturday class they attended with a $500 bonus paid if they participated in all classes. That was enough to convince me. We could really use the extra cash. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the floor. Then I unfastened my jeans and slid them off my hips and down my thighs. I bent down to take hold of my pants as I stepped out of them and placed them on the exam table. As I stood up I found Nurse Bella watching me, or my ass to be more precise. I turned around and backed away from her until I was leaning against the exam table. Unable to speak, I just stood there as she scooped up the questionnaire.

She asked why I hadn’t filled it out, but before I could respond she said she would ask me the questions and fill in my answers. I nodded in agreement and scooted up onto the table clinching my legs together as I tried to keep myself hidden. She asked for my three forms of identification as she scanned down through the questions. I turned and retrieved them from my pants pocket and handed them to her. After a thorough inspection Bella returned them to me and I stuffed them back into my jeans pocket.

The first series of questions were simple, all relating to health conditions and allergic reactions. The next series of questions were a little more personal as Nurse Bella asked me for my measurements, which I replied with 36-24-32. She then asked for my cup size and I responded with a large size C. She asked if I were a virgin and I said yes. Her next question caught me off guard as I did not immediately respond. After a moment of silence, I asked why she needed to know if I masturbated. Nurse Bella replied that in order to qualify, or disqualify, participants they needed to develop a true profile of the individual’s health, habits, and activities. After another moment of silence, I softly replied with yes.

Nurse Bella nodded with a satisfied smile on her face and moved on to the last few questions, all about the way and frequency of my self exploration. I answered truthfully to them all keeping the idea of the $500 bonus in my mind. My interrogator, as I began to think of her, asked me to stand up, turn around, and lay down on my stomach. As I stood, so did Nurse Bella. I turned and tried to ease myself onto the exam table without completely exposing myself.

As I settled down onto the bursa escort bayan table, I heard what sounded like two snaps. It must have distracted me enough to not pay so much attention to my exposed self. I rested on my stomach and placed my hands across my ass and concentrated on what my interrogator was doing.

Nurse Bella was standing at the desk with her back to me when she asked me to relax and try to take deep breaths. She lit a candle and placed it on the edge of the table only a few feet from my head. I instantly smelled a sweet scent and wondered what it was. She continued shuffling through some papers on the desk until she dropped one. I closed my eyes to avoid another viewing of her sex. I chuckled to myself thinking to myself as close as she was I could probably smell her. Once I felt a bump on the exam table I figured she had stood up. I opened my eyes to see her standing by my side facing me. She was holding a measuring tape and asked me to lie still while she took some measurements.

I closed my eyes again as I felt her lay the tape measure across the back of my shoulders, then from my shoulder to the tip of my fingers, the ones still trying to cover myself. I clinched both my legs and eyes as Nurse Bella took my arms and placed them to my side, stating she couldn’t get accurate measurements with them where they were. She once again measured by arm, and then reached across my body to measure my other arm. The whole time she spent measuring my other arm I could feel her large breasts pressing into my back. The longer I concentrated on the sensation the more it felt as if her bare breasts were pushing into my back.

As she stood I was sure I felt her bare breasts cling to my back but my attention was quickly redirected as she unhooked my bra. Keeping my eyes closed, I asked what she was doing. All she said was she needed to check the structure of my back and it was easier to do it without fumbling over my bra strap. She began to press on my back, moving up and down until she instructed me to roll over. At this point my eyes flew open and they began to refocus in the dim light. I saw Nurse Bella staring into my eyes, waiting for me to comply.

The thought of the $500 bonus won out again as I slowly rolled over, holding my bra in place with one hand and covering myself with the other. I settled into as comfortable of a spot as I could and glanced over to Nurse Bella. I noticed only the lower snap of her uniform was clasped. The uniform hung from her large breasts with gaps in the loosely overlapped material allowing me to see her toned stomach. It was then she told me to relax and suggested I close my eyes again. I complied and tried to relax. Then it hit me, the realization that this project is a study of relaxation and I once again chuckled to myself.

I settled my mind and let my body sink into the examination table. I must have been really relaxed as I didn’t object when my bra was lifted from my chest. I felt the tape measure stretched across my bare breasts. I opened my eyes slightly to see Nurse Bella standing over me taking measurements of my chest, stomach, and hips. She leaned to her side to measure down my leg a bit. When she stood upright I realized her right breast has slid out from under her uniform. She made no attempt to cover herself as she leaned over my stomach, allowing the other breast to reveal itself. I thought it odd, but never said a word.

I kept still as I watched Nurse Bella set the tape measure down and step to the head of the exam table. She halfheartedly pulled her uniform over her breasts and then placed her hands on the tips of my shoulders. I felt a firm pressure on my shoulders and glanced down to follow her hands as they slid down my arms. First she stopped above my elbows and moved back to my shoulders. Then on to my elbows and back, this time she kept on past my shoulders and slid her hands up the sides of my neck and across my forehead.

This drew my attention upward about the time she started down my arms again. I noticed here large breasts had once again slid out of her uniform and were dangling rather close to my face. This was beginning to exceed my comfort threshold. I asked Nurse Bella if she could try not to poke my eyes out with her nipples, laughing purposely after the request to break any tension which might have risen from the request. The only response was a glance down to my face. She must have been looking to see how close she really was to plopping her tits onto my face.

A soft knock came upon the door. Nurse Bella stood upright and walked to the door. She opened the door just a bit and said to whoever was behind the door that her current applicant would be perfect. After that, the door opened and a short Asian woman entered the small room. A quick assessment of her appearance acknowledged most common assumptions of Asian women. She was short with dark skin and even darker eyes. Her frame was petit with what I’d consider large breasts for an Asian. Her hips seemed rather curvy, especially escort bursa accented by the same short uniform as Nurse Bella. She introduced herself as Doctor Woo and placed a calming hand on my right breast, just above my nipple.

I was taken back by this but my attention soon shifted as I heard another snap. Doctor Woo began to explain the nature of her research, but it was way over my head. I could hear her words but they began to fade as I looked into her eyes. It seemed as if she spoke for hours. I listened as best I could, but all I could really do was nod every so often while my eyes and mind drifted. Nurse Bella was standing at the desk with her back to me holding my bra and shirt. It almost seemed as if she were cataloging the sizes of my clothes to confirm my measurements.

My attention abruptly snapped back to Doctor Woo, having felt her pinch my right nipple then tell me to get dressed. I sat up and spun around to place my feet on the floor. The urge to cover myself had passed. I do not know why, but it had. I stepped into my pants and pulled them up my thighs. Nurse Bella turned to me presenting my bra and shirt. I looked to find her uniform front now agape, shocking me somewhat. I took my clothes and backed up again into the exam table. She simply smiled and dropped her uniform off her shoulders and rested it onto the desk. Now standing in front of me nude, she extended her arms and embraced me. I felt her hard nipples press into my breasts. I was surprised to realize my nipples were just as hard. She whispered a welcome to the project and asked me to take her uniform with me as I will be required to wear it to all subsequent sessions.

Doctor Woo asked that I finish getting dressed, or I could just put on the uniform, and follow them to the cashier.

After a slight hesitation I dropped my pants to the floor and reached for the uniform. I placed it around my shoulders and could still feel the warmth from Nurse Bella. I snapped the bottom three snaps and scooped up my clothes. As I hastily left the room I nearly ran over Tiffany. I suddenly froze. I braced myself to hear a long list of complaints from my twin, but they never came. She greeted me with a large smile and thanked me for the suggestion. She commented on how interesting the Doctor’s research was and how she couldn’t wait for next Saturday.

We came to the end of the hall, met the receptionist, and collected our $10 and agreed with our appointed time to return the following week. Both of us would come back at 9:00 A.M. and we would both be wearing our new uniforms. Tiffany and I exited into the deserted lobby, and then headed out the front door to catch the bus back to our dorm room. I kept asking Tiffany about her interview, wondering if it were anything like mine. All I could get from her that it seemed like nothing more than a medical screening.

The next two Saturdays were more like seminars than anything else. There were only eight of us who made it into the program. Three of the women I recognized from the Academy, but neither Tiffany nor I knew any of them. The other women seemed to be about the same age and have the same frame as the rest of us. All of us wore the extremely short nurse uniform, some tried not to fall out of it while some didn’t seem to care.

We learned many methods of relaxation and meditation. I found out the candle Nurse Bella lit during my interview was a special herbal recipe designed to induce a deep state of relaxation. Doctor Woo provided all of us books to read on everything from breathing exercises to herbal recipes for our own candles. After the second session, both Tiffany & I could settle ourselves in a very deep sleep, so much so, both of us overslept for a few classes this week.

We arrived nearly two hours early for the third session, mostly due to the crazy bus schedule. I was surprised to find the door open, but it was, so Tiffany and I went on in. We were met in the lobby by a young woman in nothing but a towel. She seemed startled to see us at first, and then she introduced herself as Andrea. She explained she was a specialist Doctor Woo sometimes hired for her research projects and today she would be testing one of the Doctor’s theories. She asked if my sister and I would like to get started early.

Tiffany spoke up, shocking me, and asked Andrea why she was only wearing a towel. Andrea responded she was getting ready to take a shower and was heading to make sure see she had locked the front door. She laughed as she said apparently she had forgotten to lock the door. Then she sent us to the back bathroom and told us to slip our uniforms off and take a hot shower, then wrap ourselves in a towel and go to exam room six.

We both showered quickly and arrived at exam room six wearing our towels to find two massage tables side by side. They were positioned next to each other, about five feet apart; however they were not facing the same direction. The head of one table was pointed to the right side of the room while the other was pointed to the left. Relaxation candles were lit and the aroma was even sweeter than I remember. I leaned against one of the tables and looked at Tiffany. I could tell she was unnerved at the sight of a massage table.

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