Rekindled Chapter Two


Rekindled Chapter TwoRekindledChapter TwoAs I lied on my back next to my friend Patty I could feel my heart beating in my chest. My lips were dry feeling and I licked them to apply a bit of moisture. Patty was slowly coming back to earth from her orgasm and finally spoke: “Oh Joy, you are in for one hell of a time. This man knows how to treat a woman and you’ll be sore for days when he is done fucking you.”The only thing I could do was to turn my head toward Patty and give her a nervous smile as Mark reached down and pinched my erect nipple while his other hand slid down my stomach and came to rest on my vagina. I felt his finger slowly probe past the lips and I gasped as Mark began to speak: “Joy we have several rules you must agree to before we go any farther. The first one is you must keep this a secret; the three of us have far too much to lose if any of this got out. Second, you’ll be tempted to want to have meeting like this every other day. That is impossible to do without compromising our secret. You’ll have to fight those horny urges and wait until it’s safe to meet. Adding a third person is going to be tricky. Two of us may be able to get together and the third may be stuck at home with family. This may cause you to feel like you are being left out. Lastly, what we do here is for purely sexual gratification. It’s not about love. We all have needs and I hope we or I can fulfill yours. We will not force the other to do something they do not want to do. Communication is the key. Don’t be afraid to say what you like and don’t like. Do you have any questions?” Mark asked as he now slipped a second finger into my vagina.While Mark had been speaking to me I simply lay on the bed and stared at his hard cock. My lips were still dry but my vagina seeping moisture. “No, I agree to all you have said. This seems like a dream and my vagina is in need of some serious attention.” I answered between gasping breaths.“Joy you may want to stop using the term vagina. It sounds too clinical. I prefer the word pussy.” Mark said with a smile as he added a third finger.“God you’re fingers feel so good in my pussy.” I replied.Patty moaned and I turned my head to look at her. She was rubbing the tip of the vibrator on her lips. The vibrator glistened from the coating of her pussy juice and I watched as she slowly pushed it into her mouth and moaned a second time.Mark continued to finger my pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri and his palm rested on my erect clit. My need to orgasm was increasing and most of my nervousness had disappeared and I allowed myself to moan along with Patty. I no longer felt like an old lady as I gave into my suppressed and hidden sexual needs. As I continued to watch Patty, she pulled the vibrator from her mouth and turned it on before placing the tip of it on her erect nipple. Patty and I were now watching each other and she smiled as she moved the vibrator down between her legs and plunged it into her pussy.“Oh god that feels so good. It’s not as good as the real thing but it will do for now. Joy, do you have one of these?” Patty asked as she slowly ran the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Up until now I hadn’t considered myself a “prude” and I had heard and even seen these devices but never considered owing one for myself. “No, but it seems like a useful item.” I replied after thinking about her question.I turned my head and once again I was staring at Marks hard cock just inches from my face. Slowly I reached for it and as I tried to wrap my small hand around the shaft I marveled at how hard it felt. As a held Marks cock I felt it twitch and a drop of precum slowly emerged at the tip. I can only describe it as wanton lust that came over me and for the first time I eagerly wanted to feel it in my mouth. The look on my face was not missed by Mark as he asked: “Joy, would you like to suck my cock?”In reply I merely licked my lips and shook my head up and down. Mark moved closer to the edge of the bed and the tip of his cock touched my lips. Gingerly, I stuck my tongue out and captured the drop of precum. Like I tasted wine I let it sit on my tongue and savored the flavor. The few time I allowed Richard to cum in my mouth had me assuming I would have to deal with a bitter taste but the taste I had in my mouth now was somewhat sweet. This fueled my desire to feel as much of Mark’s cock in my mouth and my right hand grabbed his ass to pull him even closer to the edge of the bed. Mark’s cock slid deeper into my mouth as I closed my eyes and gave out a muffled moan. Mark’s cock twitched in my mouth and my orgasm began without warning. I thrusted my hips up, off the bed and began humping Marks fingers. I had been so close to an orgasm earlier and the release was tipobet güvenilir mi so much stronger than any I had experienced in the past two years. Juice began to leak out around Mark’s fingers as they made a squishy sound as he rammed them into my pussy. My orgasm last only thirty seconds and as I came down from it, I was left with a warm afterglow that began in my stomach and spread to my legs and chest. Mark’s left hand had been lightly pinching and pulling on my right nipple the entire time. As I basked in the warm sensation moving through my body I realized both my nipples were being pinched and pulled on. I moaned louder as Marks cock continued to slide over my lips. To catch my breath I allowed his cock to slip from my mouth as I did so I heard Patty ask: “Do your nipples get sensitive after cumming? My nipples do.”I opened my eyes and looked down to discover Patty had my left breast and nipple in her hand and before I could answer she rolled over and planted her lips around my erect, sensitive nipple. I had all but forgotten about having two people pleasuring me at the same time and now I wondered why Richard and I had stopped swinging as I felt a second orgasm build in my body.“I need to fuck.” Mark said as he moved to the bottom of the bed and climbed up between my legs. Without warning Mark thrust the head of his cock past the lips of my pussy. With one eye on Patty and one on Mark I laid there and allowed them to use me any way they wished and for the first time in over thirty years I used the “F” word: “Fuck me! Make me cum all over that hard cock!” I said loudly as I felt Mark’s cock slide deeper into me.As I said earlier, Mark was not as long as Richard but his girth was twice the size and it felt as if my pussy was receiving the business end of a baseball bat. The juices from my first orgasm allowed him to slide in easily and as he bottomed out he leaned over me causing his cock to rub up against my clit as he fucked me. I began thrusting upward trying to match Mark as he thrusted into me. The lips of my pussy tightened around his thick shaft and I started to whimper as my orgasm built.I don’t know how but Mark sensed I was close to my second orgasm and he leaned a little lower over me. With my best friend sucking on my left nipple, Mark took the right one in his mouth and sucked forcefully on it. My body was in sensory overload tipobet giriş as my second orgasm hit. I swear it seemed to start in my chest and make its way down to my pussy which contracted forcefully around Mark’s cock. The release was by far the most forceful I had ever experienced and juice came squirting out around Mark’s cock. Fluid bounced off his stomach and landed on mine. I don’t know how many times my pussy expelled my juices, I lost track as my eyes rolled back and my mind want blank.Patty had continued to suck my nipple until she saw the effects of my orgasm and I vaguely heard her say: “Oh my! That looks so yummy. I think I need a taste.” As Patty moved her head from my breast to my stomach. I opened my eyes to watch as Patty lapped at the juices as a dog drinking from a water bowl. When Patty had moved her head it forced Mark to abandon sucking on my right nipple. Now his entire focus was on ramming his cock in me. As our eyes met I saw a smile appear on his face as he said: “Oh my god! That is so hot! I’m going to cum.”It had been too many years and once again I was enjoying the sensation of feeling a man having a forceful orgasm between my legs. I felt three strong squirts and his cock twitched numerous times as he emptied his balls inside me. With all that was going on Patty had somehow managed to keep the vibrator between her legs and as she continued to lick up the juice on my stomach she announced to us she was going to cum. I never saw her orgasm but from the sounds she must have expelled a gallon of cum. Patty’s orgasm was maybe fifteen seconds behind Mark’s and as my senses returned I was amazed that Mark’s cock was not only in me but still hard. Mark slowly pulled his hard cock out and rested it on my stomach and said: “Clean this up and get it ready for round two.”I watch as Patty, without question take his cock into her mouth and began sucking the mixed juices from it. My first reaction was shock. That soon turned into wonder. I wondered what it tasted like and I felt a desire to someday find out.As Patty continued to clean off Mark’s cock we made eye contact and he asked: “Do you know what a Sub is?”I shook my head no..“You’ll learn soon enough.” Mark answered.As I watched Patty I reflected on what had just occurred to this seventy-two year old lady. Only a couple of hours ago I was ready to call it quits and give up sex altogether. Now as I lie on my neighbors bed with my best friend sucking cock I knew there was way more to sexual explore and I was about to throw the gloves off and find out what I’d been missing for some many years. I may not know what a sub is but I do know what a slut is and I wanted to be one for as long as possible.

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