Regina Ch. 03: The Month of Love

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Third and concluding chapter of Regina: the Running of the Archons

It had been a whirlwind day for both Lorca and Regina. At least they had had their first meal together in the Great Hall, fruit and bread, as they talked that first morning, each asking a thousand questions of the other.

All Regina’s senses had been alive, and while she was not shy, of course their connection now had become of a wholly different order, and every conversation took on a new meaning.

So much she wanted to know! What was his home like? His parents? Any brothers? Sisters? What were his enjoyments as a boy?

She couldn’t imagine what he was like at the age of ten summers. And of course it was different now, he was wearing clothes, finely crafted ones at that, no longer “just” an Archon, barefoot with an erect cock, vying in feats of speed, strength and endurance. He would be her mate for the month, perhaps with luck, longer.

His dark hair curled around his face, his nose was sharp but not over-long. His loose linen shirt concealed the strength she knew he possessed in his shoulders. His gaze was level, at ease. A shiver ran through her, he was so handsome!

At one point they laughed over a story Lorca had related about one of his brothers, he was the youngest of three, and Regina realised with a start that this was the first time she had seen him smile.

He had a dimple on his right cheek, it looked so charming. Lorca spoke clearly if quietly, his composure far greater than any of the Archons she had known in previous years, who in the beginning tended to veer to extremes, either over-boastful or tongue-tied in her presence.

It was not until the evening meal that she saw him alone again, however, as his day was taken up with introductions to the rest of the family, her father especially, and the running of the kingdom.

Lorca could not rule in the same way that Regina would be expected to, but his duties would not be trivial, and it was important that he learn them as soon as possible, in case he would become the favored one, and stay on. If only this time she could conceive a daughter!

They looked at each other intently over their food at their evening dinner. He looked so striking, so different, in his white linen top garment, with russet brown breeches and the long dark leather boots from riding with her father all afternoon. His slender frame held his clothes well, his dark skin contrasting with his white shirt.

She had worn a light green kirtle, simple but of good cloth, and she was pleased to see his eyes drift over her body, the thin fabric clinging to her skin and her slender hips, and his gaze made her nipples tingle. Her long amber hair was tied back and up, and she felt the little wayward strands of hair on the back of her neck prickle with excitement. The night could come none too soon for her.

After dinner they walked hand in hand amidst the gardens in back of the sprawling dwellings of her family, along paths which had touched her feet since before she could remember. The forest rimmed the open meadows, and while talking they had drifted back towards the lazy stream that marked the outskirts of the grounds of the Great House, with nothing but forest beyond.

“Did you play hunter growing up?” she wondered.

“Of course. I suspect everyone did, one time or another.” His smile was easy, indulgent. His curling hair looked so appealing in the gloaming.

“Were you better as the hunter or the hunted?”

Lorca laughed, a gleam in his eyes.

“Both and neither. I always enjoyed a good chase, and never minded eluding the best of the hunters.”

She pulled on his sleeve. “Count to a hundred and you will never find me!” she challenged, her eyes dancing.

“A hundred! In Fernwood we never went over fifty. These grounds are like your favorite friends, whereas I know them not at all. Those are hardly fair odds!”

“Yet you say you enjoyed a good chase. Surely you caught all you were after!”

“True enough, but you are trying for two advantages, knowing already the land, all the best hiding places, and yet asking a huge number for a head start!”

“Very well, fifty it is. You drive a hard bargain, Lorca of Fernwood! Face this tree,” she directed him to a large beech at the side of the garden. “And count loudly!”

At “one” she was off, leaving her sandals behind so as to streak barefoot and silent across the meadow and down a path that led to the stream. She hitched up her kirtle to run more swiftly. Her breasts swayed from side to side as she ran, her nipples rubbing against the linen fabric of her kirtle, making them stiff and alert.

By the time he had gotten to “twenty” she could no longer hear him and she wound her way down to a bend in the stream, where she hid behind a large tree with thick undergrowth all around it.

She could keep an eye on the pathway she had used, and had no fear from behind her as the ground was swampy near the stream and impossible to traverse quietly.

She had employed this same spot many times before, always sincan escort bayan the hunter giving up with a loud shout of failure in the distance, allowing her to return with a smile of victory, her secret spot secure.

The sun had set, the evening darkness was growing. The crickets were already noisy, the frogs just beginning their evening songs along the stream banks.

For the longest time there were only forest sounds as the shadows deepened and it had become difficult to see in the tree-shrouded gloom. Down the pathway was a slight noise, then another rustle shortly after.

She tensed and hunkered down, her ears keen for more, but for many minutes nothing disturbed the background sounds of river and insects. Easing slightly, she peered around the tree, wondering how long Lorca would keep up the hunt, and how far afield he would get in trying to find her.

A sudden sharp splash in the stream to one side made her whirl around. As she did so, two hands grasped her from behind, one under her crotch, the other around her waist, and she was hoisted suddenly up in the air. She let out a scream, more of surprise than fear, for clearly the Archon of Fernwood had found her.

“Caught!” Lorca shouted, smiling broadly.

Regina’s heart was racing, but she could not help but laugh when looking down at Lorca, pleased with himself for so dramatically capturing his prey.

Still holding her, he lowered her back in his arms, and bent his head over to hers and kissed her. Her hips shuddered, her nipples grew keenly hard, and she felt his tongue probing in her mouth.

They settled back against the tree, kissing and holding each other close. As the night overtook them completely, Regina urged them back to home.

“Let us go. How did you come up behind me?” she said as she led him, hand in hand down the pathway. “You could not have come this way or I would have seen you!”

“I came from there,” Lorca gestured at the wet ground. “I had gotten close enough to your hiding tree to guess you were there, but it took some time to loop around. I needed a good sized stone to toss in the water to distract you, so that delayed me as well.”

Regina laughed. “Well caught indeed!”

They had reached the farthest of the meadows around the grounds, and were walking back, passing though the various gardens closer to the dwellings of home.

In one garden, one of her favorites, they lingered, hand in hand, to smell the lilacs, lavenders and other well tended and abundant plantings. The moon, now risen but not quite full, gleamed through the trees.

“I am not sure I can wait until we get back!” Lorca said, breathlessly. She looked up at him blankly.

He placed her hand at his crotch, and she felt the hard cock underneath his breeches, warm and firm, twitching with desire.

“Perhaps here?” suggested Lorca, gesturing to a soft grassy area next to the lavender and lilac bushes.

Regina was taken aback, still unaccustomed to the altogether free and unrestrained month of the midsummer, and looked him closely in the eye. Strong desire was present in his steady gaze and she nodded, her knees trembling.

“But I don’t want your seed to leak out of me when walking back!” she protested.

Lorca smiled, “I will see to that.”

He reached back behind her neck, releasing her kirtle’s ties, and the light fabric fell to the ground over her slender hips. The evening air raised goosebumps on her thighs and hips. He reached up and released her hair restraints, her long hair cascading down her shoulders.

She lowered herself to the ground, the grass not unpleasantly tickling her back and bum, and Lorca, somewhat unexpectedly, plucked a few lilac blossoms from a nearby bush and placed them on each side of her head. Their smell was intoxicating. Lorca smiled.

He removed his clothes and knelt in front of her sex, and lowered his mouth to her lightly furred groin. It took but a few probes with his tongue before she felt her dampness increase, the delightful prelude to coupling.

He was gentle, she already was enjoying this part of him, and unhurried, yet in only a short time her hips were squirming, her rump pressing into the cool ground, her own desire growing.

He raised his head and they looked at each other. She noticed his cock, stiff with his balls all drawn up, the pointed head emerging from its skin-cover.

They gazed at each other, and he slowly slid forward on top of her, until his cock-head was up against Regina’s sex. As he began to kiss her, the smell of lilac in the air around them, Regina felt his member pushing, gently but firmly, into her. As it pressed, and then entered, she gave a little gasp of pleasure.

Slowly the cock-head pressed up into her, until Lorca was lodged completely, his hips pressing into her groin. It felt so nice to have him, this was the sensation she remembered so fondly from a year ago, a strong warm excited body on top of her, a hard vibrant cock within. Better yet, it was her Lorca.

They were still for some time, tongues eryaman escort intertwined and hands caressing each other but otherwise unmoving. Regina felt a small movement from Lorca’s hips and instinctively her own sex contracted, gripping the cock inside her.

He began, slowly, to move his hips in an intoxicatingly rhythmic motion, a languorous side-to-side pattern that ground his pelvis into her sex at the height of each push. Regina caught her breath, and let all thoughts go but the sensations in her groin.

He kissed her neck, and ran his fingers along her sides, making her tingle from head to toes. It felt so lovely to be filled with his cock, feel it move inside her, slowly, deliberately, delectably.

The thought of his seed pressure building, and its eventual discharge into her, made her channel damper still, and she felt her rump contracting, squeezing Lorca’s enchanting slithering serpent inside her.

They kissed. Their hips did not halt, their pelvic dance continued. Crickets chirped in the background, and the lilac scent lingered over their heads, but all was secondary to the sensations produced in their loins.

Lorca’s breathing became more rapid, his thrusts changed their quality and sped up as well. Regina held him close, and whispered in his ear.

“Not yet love, I am not yet close. Kiss me here please,” and she squeezed his cock with her loins.

Lorca nodded, and slowly, how nicely it was, removed his cock. Regina saw it nodding, even in the evening darkness, damp and erect. How lovely it looked.

Lorca knelt and kissed her loins, then slid his tongue up and down the sides of her lips, applying gentle pressure until Regina spread her thighs further apart with the pleasure. His tongue played at her entrance, running up and down, reaching the most lovely areas of her sex.

Regina felt a swelling, her wetness now coming strongly. Lorca tilted his head forward to reach the top of her groin lips, and she felt him pressing with a finger at her opening. The pressure was trance inducing, and she found that her hands had drifted down to each side of his head, feeling his ears through his curling, moving, hair, and she guided his movements, making them more and more rapid.

Her legs straightened, her toes pointing, and she felt the first wave of pleasure wash over her. Lorca pressed firmly but gently with his mouth as her legs quivered, her hips pressed into him, and she went rigid. Her sex contracted on his probing finger, over and over again, until a relaxation ensued. His tongue had slowed, and the feeling of warmth and heat and moistness suffused her consciousness.

She wanted him inside her now. She guided his head up, and Lorca knelt upright before her, their eyes meeting.

“First a kiss,” she said, but as Lorca leaned forward, Regina instead guided his cock up to her face. She kissed the head of his cock, damp and smooth and delightfully engorged, and guided the head inside her mouth for a moment, savoring the smooth wetness at the tip, and the swollen, taut skin.

Withdrawing his cock from her mouth, she ran her fingers over his balls, raised up in their protective sack, hard and full, and she laid back down.

“May your seed find a good home!” she whispered hoarsely.

In a trice Lorca was back inside her, stretching her insides delightfully and making her squeeze around him again. He moved in and out, and she felt his rump cheeks clench with the effort, their strong muscles working, her hands running over their smooth surface as they contracted.

Her own groin was tingling again, close to pleasure. The softness, wetness, and excitement were overwhelming. She luxuriated in his rhythmic movements, the thrusts bringing her closer and closer.

The head of his cock slid in and out, increasing the pressure on her mound when he was fully inside her. Her legs stiffened, her hips rotated, her loins squeezed.

A second wave of pleasure washed over her as she clasped his back, and she turned her head to the side, the lilac scent infusing the air around her.

Lorca’s own breathing had grown rapid, shallow, and then she felt his hips quiver with a series of short contractions, pushing hard into her, his cock pulsing, and that incomparable inner sensation of wetness and fullness within herself that she had not felt for nearly a year.

Then all was quiet, as he lay on top of her, his cock still weakly pulsing, her sex gripping his shaft and coaxing the last of his seed out of him.

They had come close to drawing pleasure at exactly the same moment, the best means of creating a strong child, and she was sure they would be able to do it again.

She let out a long breath. “Lorca,” she murmured.

She let the lilac’s scent fill her nostrils, and felt Lorca’s mouth on her neck, kissing down one side to her shoulder, and then repeating on her other side. His skin was divinely soft, his attentions perfect. An entire month to savor!

“Your seed hath found a good home,” she whispered in his ear.

“But it will leak out walking back!” etimesgut bayan escort she then realised, not wishing that to happen.

Lorca nodded. He picked up her kirtle and draped her with it, covering her to some extent, and then scooped her up in his arms and carried her lightly back to the Great House. She laughed, at the same time marveling at how easily he bore her. She felt but a faint burden in his strong arms. “What will they say when we are seen coming back like this?”

Lorca laughed. “They know our goal, there can be no objection.” Even so, Regina directed them to a little-used back entrance, and they were able to get to their bedchambers, noticed only by one of the servants, who gave them a long and knowing smile.

They coupled again that evening in bed, a longer and more languorous meeting of the loins, Regina taking two pleasures, then fell asleep in each others’ arms with Lorca’s cock, wet and spent, still inside her.

Sometime in the night they had separated, and regrouped, and she woke up past daylight with his belly pressed up curved against her back, his arms around her, holding her safe and warm. His cock, with its morning hardness, was pressed up against her bum furrow, and she thanked all that was good and fair in the world that her month had begun so well.


A Chance Encounter

The weeks passed. Regina chafed at the times, usually the mornings, when Lorca spent his hours with her father, or the other officials, learning the ways of administering the land. It was important he gain the confidence of her father and the other dignitaries.

Sometimes he was gone all day, from first meal to late in the afternoon, riding on horseback and visiting remote areas, meeting multitudes of officials. She would gaze at him as he left for the day, in riding gear, his white linen shirt making his skin colour seem all the darker, his well formed slender body sitting handsomely on the great horses he road, and a pang of longing came to her.

Only once a week during the capital’s rest day were they permitted a whole day together uninterrupted, and she yearned for these long blissful days from the very beginning.

They did not couple every day, but nearly so, and oftentimes more than once. Regina had been counseled by her midwife, Zola, to have seed within her at least every other day. Sleeping well at night with warm fresh seed from a robust cock was the best means of gaining a strong baby.

Regina delighted in waking in Lorca’s arms, her fingers drifting down to his inevitably erect cock, then playing his cockskin up and down until Lorca begged off, asking her to wait until the evening, when he could properly take his pleasure with her, his seed staying inside her for the night.

Still, she would torment him before they rose and left the bedchambers to break their night’s fast. She would tickle his balls, and kiss the tip of his cockhead, delighting in sliding his cockskin up and down until Lorca’s hips squirmed.

Usually he went to the meal table with an uncomfortably hard member.

“This way you will think of me all day long!” she teased.

“Not as if I wouldn’t anyway!” he retorted, with a smile.

Lorca proved to be a great admirer of her breasts. “So soft!” he would repeat, “so white and smooth” and he compared them to the smoothest wood, the most polished marble. His hands would trace their contours whenever they lay together, hefting each soft orb with a hand, rubbing her nipples until they grew hard and tingling.

He marveled at how they changed shape when she was over him, on all fours, or flattened out when she was beneath him. They shifted form continually, changing appearance with the variance of the light that struck them, and to touch and caress them was an anticipated delight each day.

When they coupled with her on top, he liked having her upright, and he would reach up and knead each succulent breast, reveling at how they hung from her chest, and moved about when she ground her loins into his.

On her part she enjoyed dangling her breasts down over him, grazing her nipples, hard and smooth as small acorns, across his chest and torso, when playing together before coupling. She would smile as his own simple delight in them.

Indeed so fond he had become of them that he had nicknamed her “Breast Goddess” but Regina had objected. “You cannot address me in that manner with company about!” she insisted.

“Very well, then I will call you ‘Goddess,’ and you shall know my true meaning.”

She laughed and could find no good answer to that.

For his name, she had taken to calling him her “Stallion” and on their days off together they would ride far back of the royal grounds, through the meadows and forests that ringed the rear edge of the city, where it backed up against the hill country. He was a sure rider, and clearly enjoyed the fine mounts Regina’s family kept in their stable.

They were out walking one day after dinner, halfway through their month, along the gardens. Regina was relaying a fragment of a conversation she had had earlier that day with Alryd. The pair had passed each other quickly in the great house, each in a hurry on their separate ways. Of course this was Alryd’s annual month off, and she came to the Great House only irregularly.

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