Reform School Sisters Ch. 19

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For the next few days the cottage was relatively quiet. The seven Nixon women were spending most of their time locked away in their bedrooms. Only faint, sensual moans drifted through their closed doors from time to time.

Jamie, Paige and Breanna were always together, and enjoyed frequent, passionate threesomes with each other whenever they could. Kimmie and Cassie were still sneaking away at every opportunity to explore their newfound sisterly desire. Gina, now just as sexually voracious as the rest of her family, felt an almost constant need to make ravenous love with her sister, Lilian, who was more than happy to oblige.

One late afternoon, Gina was sitting on the porch by herself, recuperating from a wild, indulgent tryst with Lilian she’d had just moments before in their shared bedroom.

Lilian had gone for a shower, and Gina decided to enjoy some fresh air and sit quietly, alone under the sun. Her sister had invited her to join her in the shower, of course, but Gina decided her pussy was in need of a bit of recovery.

As she gazed out at the lake off to the right, her daughter, Jamie came out of the house, seemingly in a daze, and with a satisfied grin on her face.

“Oh, Mom! I didn’t know you were out here!” the athletic girl said in surprise.

The instant she noticed her mother, Jamie felt her pussy grow moist. That sort of thing had been happening a lot to her lately, she realized…

“Oh, hello Sweetie!”

Like to her daughter, Gina could feel her own arousal growing almost immediately. “I didn’t expect to see you out and about. It seems like days since we’ve seen each other!”

“I know!” the young girl replied with a nervous laugh. “I’ve been busy with Bree and Paige… catching up, you know?”

“Of course, Dear.” Gina’s heart pounded as she thought about exactly how her daughter and nieces had been catching up. “Why don’t you h-have a seat, Hon.” She patted the bench beside her, struggling to keep her voice calm.

Jamie hesitated, then accepted her mother’s invitation. She cuddled into her mom gingerly, and both women sighed, their bodies growing hot with forbidden desire.

Gina wrapped her arms around her daughter, and was about to speak again when a car suddenly came swerving around the bend and into the driveway in front of the cottage.

“Who could that be?” she said, straightening in her seat to get a better look.

The car door swung open, and her sister’s ex-husband, Donald, got out.

“Fuck!” Gina muttered. She leapt to her feet and marched down to intercept him. Jamie looked on nervously from her seat on the porch bench.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!?” Gina barked as she stalked toward Donald.

“I knew it! I knew you’d be hiding those cunts here!” Donald yelled, stabbing an angry finger at Lilian’s car. “Where the fuck is she, you fucking bitch!”

Gina stood nose to nose with him, and didn’t bat an eye. “You get the fuck off my property, this instant!” she demanded.

Donald gave a derisive laugh and grabbed Gina by the arm. “I’m not fucking around, Gina.” he said. “Lilian! Get your dyke ass out here!!” he yelled in the direction of the house. Gina struggled to pull away, but Donald held her firm.

“Hey! Let go of her!” Jamie yelled, running toward them. She grabbed her uncle’s arm and tried in vain to pull it away.

Donald responded by swinging his free arm back and smacking Jamie hard across the cheek. Jamie fell to the ground, and Gina screamed, wrenching herself free and kneeling to protect her daughter.

Just then, Lilian came charging out of the cabin, followed closely by the rest of the girls. She ran to Gina and helped her pull Jamie to her feet. “Take Jamie inside, Gina. I can handle this.” she said, her eyes trained on her ex-husband.

Gina looked unsure, but Jamie’s quiet sobs triggered her motherly instincts. She held her daughter close and took her back into the house, but not before shooting Donald a venomous glare.

“I knew I’d find you here.” Donald said with a malicious grin. “And you’ve got all your little whores with you!” He looked over her shoulder at the four girls still huddled on the porch. Paige and Kimmie looked terrified, but Bree and Cassie were glaring back at him with blatant hatred.

“Alright, Donald. We’re ending this right now.” Lilian said. “I don’t know what you were planning on accomplishing here, but I’m not going to let you frighten or intimidate my family any longer.”

She took out her phone and pulled up her banking information. “You see, Donald… When we split, you were too stupid to have the foresight to take my name off our joint bank accounts. Since your little episode with Bree a while back, I’ve contacted the bank and made myself primary client on all of them. I’ve set it so you have an allowance, so you can only withdraw 200 dollars a day, and if anything happens to me, I’ve instructed my lawyer to have all the money moved to an account you don’t have access to.”

She held up the phone bursa escort to Donald as proof. He looked at the screen, and his face grew pale.

“You fucking bitch…” he seethed, lifting his arm threateningly.

Lilian moved to another page on her phone, unconcerned by her ex-husband’s fist. “If that’s not enough to scare you off, I hired a private investigator as well, and he found this.”

She pointed the phone at him again, this time showing him a picture. The picture was of him and his boss’s 22 year old wife, fucking in a hotel room and taken through the open window.

“The private eye has instructions to send this to your boss should anything happen to me or my daughters.”

Donald’s expression shifted from furious to terrified. He lowered his arm slowly and took a step back. “Lil… I… I wasn’t going to do anything, really… Don’t send that to my boss, please! He’ll have my head on a fucking pike!”

Just then, they heard sirens approaching from the highway. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about your boss, Donald! Not where you’re going. See, you’ve trespassed on my sister’s property and broken 5 simultaneous restraining orders, and I called the police before coming out here.”

Cop cars pulled up all around them and Donald began to tremble with fear.

“Sorry, Donald. But no one lays a hand on one of my little girls.”


Gina took Jamie into the master bedroom on the main floor. Her daughter was still teary eyed, but had already begun to calm down. “You sit here, Sweetie.” Gina said. “I’ll get something to soothe the pain on your cheek.” She rushed into the ensuite bathroom.

Jamie flopped heavily on the large master bed. She jumped, suddenly feeling something hard stab into her from under the covers. Reaching under to find the cause, she pulled out an enormous, double headed dildo. Her eyes bulged as she took in the sight of the massive sex toy.

“Mom?!?” she cried out in disbelief.

Gina rushed back into the room with a tube of ointment and a warm wash cloth. “Jamie, Baby? What’s the matter?” When she saw the dildo in her daughter’s hands, she stopped dead in her tracks.

“What is this doing here??” Jamie asked with an incredulous laugh. She wobbled the long shaft back and forth in her hand.

Gina hesitated, then straightened herself and decided to take the plunge. “Your aunt and I… used it this morning to fuck each other.”

Jamie’s jaw dropped at her mother’s admission. Her body immediately began to respond, her pussy heating up and her nipples growing hard.

“Don’t look so appalled.” Gina continued. “I know what you’ve been up to with your cousins.”

Jamie was taken aback a second time. “You… you know? Did you see us?”

“No, but I heard you. It’s what got Lilian and I started, in fact…” Gina sat on the bed next to her daughter. “I love you, Sweetie. I don’t want you to worry about hiding what you’ve been doing.” She pushed a strand of Jamie’s hair away from her eyes and gently cupped her cheek.

“I… I’ve been thinking about you, Mom. I’ve been thinking about… about your body.” Jamie was trembling. Her mother’s hand felt so warm against her face.

Gina could feel her own pussy come to life, and she took a deep breath. “I’ve been thinking about you too, Dear. But I don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable wi-“

Before Gina could finish her sentence, Jamie had leapt into her arms and pressed her lips eagerly against her mother’s. Gina held her daughter tightly, and returned the kiss with desperate force.

The two women moaned as they opened their lips, letting their warm tongues explore one another. Mother and daughter made out passionately, both incredibly excited at having broken such a forbidden taboo.

Jamie climbed into her mother’s lap, straddling Gina and holding her face with both hands. She sucked greedily on Gina’s tongue, groaning as she enjoyed the intimate flavour. She ground herself against her mother, pressing her crotch down tightly against the older woman’s lap.

Gina shoved her hands up her daughter’s shirt, hugging her bare skin and pulling her into their heated kiss. She had completely given herself over to her desire for the sexy younger woman. All concern for what they were doing was overwhelmed by the insistent yearning in her pussy.

Gina fumbled to unclasp her daughter’s bra, and tugged it and her top up over her head. Once Jamie’s breasts were freed, she clasped them in her hands and kneaded the soft mounds of creamy flesh.

Jamie whimpered as her mother played with her tits. She felt the older woman tease her throbbing nipples, and the sensation sent shivers down her spine. She ground her hips faster, her stomach scraping deliciously against Gina’s own rounded breasts.

Gina dipped her head down, taking Jamie’s nipple between her lips. She sucked the hard bud with delight, making her daughter squeal with unbridled pleasure. “God, Mom… That feels so good!” she cried, holding the older woman’s bursa escort bayan face tightly to her breasts.

After several minutes of sucking Jamie’s tits, Gina grew hungry for more. She slid her hands down to her daughter’s shorts and began fumbling to unbutton them.

“Mmmm… Mommy… Take your shirt off!” Jamie moaned. While Gina pulled at the girl’s snug shorts, Jamie reached for her mother’s top. She pulled it up over her back, Revealing her bra covered breasts.

Gina lifted her face from her daughter’s tits, letting the girl strip her of her shirt. She quickly unsnapped her own bra, letting it fall from her chest.

Jamie licked her lips, her eyes fixated on the older woman’s naked mounds. She pushed Gina onto her back and leaned forward, running her tongue slowly over one of her mom’s nipples.

“Oh… fuck…” Gina groaned. She dug her hands into her daughter’s unbuttoned shorts, squeezing her ass tightly in her grip. Her head rolled back and forth on the mattress as she lay beneath her sexy daughter.

As Jamie sucked and licked her mother’s breasts, she reached down to pull down her own bottoms, stripping herself naked. She looked up at Gina with a lustful stare. Climbing up the bed, she straddled her mother’s face, showing the woman her naked, dripping pussy.

“Do you want to eat me, Mommy?” she asked in a quiet voice.

Gina groaned in response, and grabbed her daughter by the hips, pulling her down to her face. She swiped her tongue through Jamie’s snatch, tasting her ample juices. The younger girl whimpered, grinding her hips into her mom’s hungry face.

Jamie leaned forward on her hands and rocked her pelvis slowly as Gina licked her out. Her tits swayed as she undulated with pleasure, her body inflamed with arousal. “Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck your daughter’s pussy!”

Jamie’s words drove Gina wild, and she shoved her tongue deeper, gorging herself on her daughter’s cunt. Pussy cream oozed over her cheeks as she coaxed it from her daughter’s quivering snatch.

Lost in pleasure, Jamie reached for her mother with one hand, grabbing her by the back of the head. She bucked her hips hard against Gina’s tongue, squealing as she was eaten out by the excited older woman.

Hungry for her daughter’s orgasm, Gina lapped at Jamie faster. She shoved her tongue deeper, penetrating the girl with force and precision.

“Holy shit!” Jamie exclaimed. She struggled to keep herself up on her free arm as her orgasm hurdled towards her. Unable to withstand it any longer, she bent forward, burying her face in the sheets and screaming as she came all over Gina’s face.

Gina drank her daughter’s cream gratefully as it flowed into her waiting lips. The gushing fluid covered her face and dripped down her cheeks to the mattress. As she ate Jamie through her orgasm, her fingers dug into the girl’s writhing ass, holding her firmly above her chin.

Jamie took in deep breaths as she recovered from her orgasm. She lay across her mother’s face, her body steaming in the aftermath. Regaining her strength quickly, the girl pulled herself up onto her knees and looked down into Gina’s eyes.

“I want to taste you now, Mommy.” she purred. Twisting around, she repositioned herself over her mother again, this time facing the other way. She leaned forward, pushing Gina’s shorts roughly down her thighs.

Gina waited restlessly, until her daughter’s warm breath grazed over her juicy pussy. She felt the girl’s tongue sink into her folds, and her eyes closed as pleasure consumed her. Automatically, she pulled Jamie’s hips down again, and went back to eating her delicious snatch.

“Oh, God…” Jamie hissed. She ate her mother faster, absorbed in the older woman’s flavour. Gina’s pussy seeped juices over her daughter’s face. She stretched her thighs open, giving the girl greater access to her dripping cunt.

The two women made passionate love to each other. They lost all sense of their surroundings, completely engrossed in one another. The room filled with their combined moans and whimpers, and the wet sounds their tongues made as they sliced through each other’s folds.

“Oh, God… Sweetie… right there, don’t stop!” Gina gasped as Jamie strummed her tongue over her clit. Her daughter obliged, licking the sensitive bud faster, eager to send her mom into orgasm.

Gina clamped her thighs around Jamie’s face, pinning her against her pussy. She pulled her daughter’s ass down harder, eating her snatch frantically in an effort to make their climaxes hit simultaneously.

The two women let out muffled whimpers as they stuffed their open mouths with each other’s cunts. They ground desperately against one another, their bodies plastered together. Sweat poured from their bodies as they thrashed eagerly on the bed.

Jamie was shocked at how quickly her mother brought her back to the brink of climax. The older woman’s experienced tongue had her sensitive pussy gushing, and she was the first to erupt in ecstasy. She trembled on top of her mother, escort bursa and ate Gina’s pussy furiously in response to the power of her orgasm.

Gina clamped her lips around her daughter’s clit, sucking the slippery button hard as cum splashed over her face. Her own pussy was on fire, weeping juices as Jamie ate it desperately.

Jamie bit down on her mother’s clit and the older woman joined her daughter in orgasm. She screamed into Jamie’s pussy and convulsed beneath her. Her cunt spewed cum, soaking the younger girl’s face. The spray of her mom’s juices encouraged Jamie further, and she swiped her tongue harder through Gina’s gash to drive her pleasure higher.

Mother and daughter thrashed wildly as they came, their bodies slapping together as they bucked and writhed. Their muffled groans filled the room, their open mouths fastened tightly around one another’s flowing cunts.

Jamie was the first to recover from her orgasm, and lifted her head from her mom’s sticky pussy. The double dildo, cast off to the side, caught her eye, and she reached for it, slipping off of her mother’s exhausted body.

Gina’s eyes were shut as she recovered slowly, her chest heaving. She slowly opened them when she felt Jamie’s weight shift on the bed next to her.

Her daughter was kneeling beside her with an excited grin, running her tongue over one of the heads of the double dildo. Gina groaned, realizing what Jamie wanted immediately. Despite her exhaustion, her pussy begged for more, and she spread her thighs slowly.

Jamie climbed over her mother again, lining their pussies up and staring down into the woman’s face. She positioned the massive toy against Gina’s cunt and started to work it inside.

Gina groaned, and reached for the other end of the dildo. She pressed it against Jamie’s pussy, and it easily slid through her gooey folds. The two women worked together, pushing their hips forward and swallowing more and more of the toy inside themselves.

Their breathing shallow, they held each other’s gaze, until their wet cunts finally brushed together. The toy had been completely consumed by their needy snatches, and they gently rubbed their erect clits against one another.

“I love you, Mommy.” Jamie purred, before lowering her lips to her mother’s.

“I love you too, Baby.” Gina managed to breath before her daughter’s mouth devoured her own.

The two women made out ferociously, and their sweat drenched bodies slammed together with frantic need. The double dildo pummelled both their steamy pussies as they fucked themselves against it.

As they fucked, they ran their hands greedily over each other’s bodies. Gina groped her writhing daughter as she bounced on top of her. She gripped the girl’s ass, pulling her harder into each violent thrust.

Jamie dug her fingers into her mother’s soft tits. She gripped the flesh tightly, scraping her palms against the woman’s throbbing nipples.

Throughout their frantic fuck, they held their passionate kiss, their tongues plunging down each other’s throats. They whimpered and groaned, their cheeks lathered in one another’s saliva.

The bed creaked as they thrashed on top of it. The sheets were crumpled beneath them, saturated in their combined sweat. Their pussies squelched as they impaled themselves repeatedly on the slippery rubber dildo.

The ferocity of their fucking, combined with the sensitivity of their well fucked pussies, had both women quickly hurdling toward their most powerful orgasm yet. They clung to one another as their bodies undulated uncontrollably.

Feeling her climax coming fast, Jamie tore her lips from Gina’s, sending spit flying across her mother’s face. “FUCK ME, MOMMY! FUCK MEEEEE!!” she wailed. She began to convulse, her orgasm exploding.

Gina lay panting beneath her frantic daughter, her cunt taking an incredible pounding. She held Jamie’s ass firmly in her sweaty grip. Jamie twisted and clawed at her mother’s breasts as she came.

Finally, Gina couldn’t hold out, and howled as her own orgasm erupted. She bucked her pelvis hard, meeting her daughter’s thrusts with violent power.

Pussy juice spewed from both women, across the bed and onto the floor beyond. Their glistening bodies slammed together with untiring desperation.

“Fuck, Baby! Ride your mother’s cock!! Take it, you filthy little slut!!” Gina cried, saliva flying from her gaping mouth.

Jamie squealed, driven wild by her mother’s words, and convulsed on top of her even harder. They continued until the last of their strength gave out, and Jamie collapsed, her body draping heavily across her mother’s.

Gina held her daughter tightly, their sticky bodies pasted together. They struggled for air, their lungs working to regain much needed oxygen. For several minutes the two women lay motionless, the dildo slowly slipping from their pussies until it fell to the bed with a wet thud.

Jamie stared at her mother through her own dishevelled hair, which lay matted over her flushed face. Gina looked back at her little girl, and pulled her in tight for a loving hug.

“You’re my whole world, Jamie. I love you so much…” she whispered, tears welling in her misty eyes. “I’m so happy we did this.”

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