RED [Tom owns a shoe shop, and uses it to serve h


RED [Tom owns a shoe shop, and uses it to serve hMy FavouriteLike most men, I love the colour red. Not the hair colour I suppose. Then again, that’s ginger, or to be polite, strawberry blond. But in every other sense, I love red. My favourite sports teams wear red and I drive a red car. However, most importantly, I love my women in red. Red dresses, red coats and red shoes. Not necessarily all at once… I’m not totally crazy.My second great passion is feet. Women’s… of course. Preferably manicured, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at seeing the odd callus or patch of dry skin. In fact, I would merely try and educate the woman on caring for her precious feet. It’s a big gripe of mine that most people don’t give a second thought to their feet. Women in general think that painting their toe nails is more than enough podiatry care. I see it as my mission to get them to appreciate their feet as much as I do.So, after my rant you would probably expect me to be a podiatrist or chiropodist. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a university education. But I did the next best thing. I own a shoe shop, and naturally I called it after my favourite colour… Red.It’s Friday, my favourite day of the week. Reason? Linda Sterling. She is a wide fitting size ten and loves a six inch stiletto heel. Her Caribbean accent sings to me, causing my heart to dance. I’m madly in love but can’t declare it because… Linda is engaged. Some lucky fucker got there before me. It doesn’t stop the chemistry between us though. The fact she comes at five fifteen every Friday evening is not just a sign that I have a great selection of shoes, but also a sign she likes my hands-on approach.It was five fifteen, and as I expected, Linda’s stepped into my shop. It was clear Linda believed in the power of her mile long legs. Every visit she would wear a new formal outfit, but whatever she wore always finished an inch or three above her knee. “You look beautiful as ever, Linda.”“Thank you.” Linda air kissed both my cheeks. I never quite understood that European tradition. My Italian family members do it, but I would much prefer a kiss on the lips… especially by Linda. I mean, air kissing feels like daylight robbery.“I bet you don’t kiss you fiancée like that, Linda.”“That’s more than he’s getting at the moment.”I sensed an opportunity to dig. “Not happy?”“I wouldn’t say that.”My shop is a hotbed of gossip. I’m sure most of my clients come in here just to bitch about their other halves. The women talk to me as if they have known me all their lives. I have always thought I should have been gay. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. But I do get along with women extremely well, and they tend to treat me more like a woman than a man. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they think I’m harmless and not a sex pest… if only they had access to my dirty mind… or my hard drive for that matter.Linda is the easiest to get gossip from. She has a few issues in her relationship with Jack. Actually, I’m sure he is just leading her on. Leading Linda to my two seater couch which sat opposite my counter, I sat her down. “What’s Jack done now?”“He’s angry with me. Tells me I’m possessive.”“Why?”“I’m not a ball and chain, I let him go out with his boys. He goes out every week with them.”“He wants more freedom?”“Yes.” Linda leaned back on my scarlet couch, then crossed her long brown pins. My eyes followed the hem of her dress which rode high up her meaty thigh. As she talked her red platform heel bobbed in the air. “I said to Jack, Jack, you can go clubbin, but if you’re not back by one, I’m locking that door.”“Seems reasonable, he’s far from twenty one.”“You know what he said?”“Go on.”Linda arched her neatly trimmed eyebrows. “I’ll just go back to slut’s house then.”“I hope you gave him hell.”“I felt like punching him.” Linda crossed her arms, then mumbled, “Anyway. He might moan, but he always comes home on time, or there abouts.”“Good.”“But there’s more trouble on the horizon. He’s thirty this year, and wants to go to Vegas.”“You don’t wanna go?”“Of course I would. But Jack ain’t inviting me. He just wants to go with his boys.”“Vegas is the city of sin.” From a selfish point of view, this was a rich entertainment for me. I’m obsessed with Linda. I know she likes me too, but unfortunately I have never known her to be single. Maybe, just maybe, that was about to change. “It’s definitely a single man’s holiday, Linda.”“I know it is… I’m not stupid. That’s why I have come to cheer myself up and buy myself a new pair of shoes.”“That the best therapy around.”“It sure is.”Linda’s misery is my main revenue stream. She single handily keeps my shop afloat. Slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. She has a good job, working in finance. Not completely sure what she does, but it must pay well, because she has expensive taste. In many ways I feel fortunate to have a customer like her. Knowing Linda’s taste, I placed a selection of shoes in front of her. “So, did you put your foot down with Jack?”“Yes, told him the only way he is going to Vegas is with me.”“What did he say?”“Told me I should trust him enough to go on his own.”I stepped back as Linda picked up a pair of red kitten heels. “Do you?”“I trust him, but not in Vegas… Even the pope would be tempted to empty his sacks in Vegas.”“I hear you. I mean, you don’t go to Vegas for fresh air and robust walks, do you?”Linda slipped out of her shoes and my eyes lapped up the sight of her perfectly crafted brown feet. Her beige soles looked so soft and tender. She slipped her feet into the red kitten heels. Satisfied with the fit, she stood from the couch but stumbled over a shoe box. I dived and caught her from behind. My hands, somehow, ended up on her tits. They felt more than a handful as gave them a light squeeze. The panic set in and I froze. Linda then pushed her buxom bottom into me, causing my cock to spasm. She slapped off my hands and stepped away. “Thanks for…Catching me.”“Sorry.”“It’s not your fault… I’m so clumsy, I could fall over on a flat beach.”“It could happen to anyone.” I stooped down and picked up the box. “Especially when I leave such a mess lying around.”Linda strutted up and down in front of the full length mirror. “Yes. I’ll have these.”“Great.”“How much?”This is where the fun starts. “That’s ninety bucks.”“Not doing a loyalty card yet?”“You’ll be glad to know I’m looking into it.”“What about a mate rate?” Linda leaned across the counter, giving me an exquisite view of the dusky valley between her tits. She knew full well her cleavage was her chief negotiator.“The day my landlord starts offering me mate rates, then I’ll consider it.”Linda groaned like a frustrated school girl. “But I’ve been coming here longer than most. I practically live here”“I need to make a living.”“Fine… I don’t know what it will take for you to drop the price… I practically have to strip to get you to budge a damn cent.”“I wish.”“Get lost.”I placed the receipt into the bag. “Look, I’ll give you a free bag, how about that?”“Wow… I’ll put it with the rest.” Linda smiled and waved as she turned away. “See you next Friday.”“Five fifteen?”“That predicable huh?”“Yes. I set my clock by you.”“Shit, I think I need to stop buying shoes… and concentrate on finding a life.”I shouted as Linda opened the glass door to step out onto the street. “Good luck with Jack.”“Thanks.”StocktakingIt was Friday morning as Linda walked into the shop. I stepped around my service counter. “You’re not due for a good few hours yet.” It soon became evident that Linda looked stressed. “Are you okay?”“Not good, It’s an emergency.”“You don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom… just open the window afterwards.”“Tom… Please.”“Sorry. Man joke.”“I have a bladder that can hold back more water than the Hoover dam.” Linda stared down at her red toe-peep shoes. She pointed accusingly. “I was rushing to my car this morning, and scuffed my shoe on a curb… almost sent me flying.”“What are you like? You only bought them a month ago.”“I’m going out with a client for lunch. I need something chic, yet formal.”“Colour?”Linda placed her hand on her wide hips. “How long have you known me?”“Five years… do you want the numbers of days?”“You’re such a cutie.” Linda stroked my chin, sending me into a near paralysis. “Bring me everything you have in our favourite colour.”My shop isn’t big. Its thirty feet wide and less than fifty feet deep, I have fifty shoes on feature stands, and one hundred and fifty on racks. So you would not be surprised that even my loyal customers only spend ten minutes inside, and that’s including the compulsory five minute chat. But Linda comes in and stays until I shut at six. That’s a whole forty five minutes. My heart races when she is around, more so when we are alone in the shop. When it’s just the two of us, I’ve often thought of kissing her sweet lips. But lack the courage to do so. Linda must know it too. In fact I’m pretty certain she does… and plays on it. I’m not complaining.In no time at all Linda was surrounded with red shoes. Parading up and down in front of my shoe mirror, she set her heart on a simple closed toe red stiletto. I nodded. “Perfecto.”“I know… Thanks to you and your amazing shop.”“Thank my family back in Italy, you mean. Without them I wouldn’t have the latest lines from Milan.”Linda smiled into the mirror as she lifted one shoe off the carpet. “You shouldn’t be so modest.”I had barely closed the till when Linda thrust her old shoes into my chest. “Be a dear.”“Yes?”“Please keep these for me, my client is waiting outside to pick me up, it wouldn’t be professional for me leave my shoes in his car… I’ll collect them on my next visit.”I couldn’t be happier. “Of course, Linda. Anything for you.”The stockroom was lit only by the security light. In the shadows I held the red toe-peep shoe up to my nose. Never before have I been able to fully appreciate one of Linda’s real shoes. I could still smell Linda’s scent and feel her warmth still on the soft leather inner-sole. Stroking my cock, I pictured her scarlet toes. Brushing my tongue along the sole of the shoe I got the bitter taste of heaven, my heaven. And that was enough to send me over the edge. Spilling my sad lonely self over the cold concrete. In the past I’ve wanked while holding shoes she has briefly worn in my shop, and I’ve often thought of splashing the shoe as a tribute to Linda. But I’m a business man first… and pervert second. These babes sell for a hundred and forty bucks.Conflict of Interests.As promised, Linda came to collect her shoes. I passed the box over the counter. ”There you go”“You’ve put them in a box?”“And repaired… free of cost.” It was the least I could do because I had been wanking incessantly about them. “Please, take them.”“No I insist… Tell me what I can do in return.”“No no, it’s fine. You just keep coming in here and spending your money.”“Well, thank you very much.”I smiled and tapped my fingers against my counter. “My pleasure.”“You know… we could go out sometime.”My heart exploded. “Yes.”“On a double date, me and Jack and you and your partner.”I hung my head and stared at my brown moccasins. “I’m a long term bachelor.”“Really? How come you’re not married, Tom?”“I illegal bahis never recovered from a broken heart when I was twenty.”“But that’s like twen…”I glared at Linda. “Easy, Linda… fifteen years ago. I’ve had brief encounters, but nothing serious.”“Right. But still, you have to move on. Surely?”“I plan to, just need to find the right woman… What about you?”“Me?”“I mean, your relationship. You’ve been engaged for how long..?”“I know… five years.” Linda glanced at the floor. “He gets angry every time I mention the wedding.”“Oh.”“I’ve just sort of accepted the fact we are together… I mean, a wedding is just a materialistic thing anyway. Never mind the expense.”“Not a very womanly thing to say. I thought every girl dreamt of getting married. Plus they don’t have to be super plush, anyway.” I couldn’t believe I was doing my best to marry off the woman I love. “Just a simple service can rubber stamp your relationship.”“I did dream of marriage once.”“I’m a man, and I know men would avoid marriage their whole life, if they could. You just need to put that beautiful foot down hard, and get him to make his commitment official.”“You know what Tom, you’re right.”I sighed. “I am.”“I’m going to turn the screw on Jack tonight.”“Talk about turning the screw. Did you manage to stop him going to Vegas with his firends?”“Yes… for now.”I smiled and nodded. “Good.”Saturdays were always an early start. The sun had barely lifted from the sleepy horizon when I pulled up the security shutters of the shop. A familiar voice rung in my ears. “Tom…”“Linda?”Lind looked shit as she stepped out of her car. Her eyeliner was strewn over her chocolate skin. “Sorry, Tom… I’ve been sat in the car waiting for you open.”“Linda, you look terrible, what’s wrong?”“I didn’t know where else to go.”“Don’t worry.” My heart bled. I could tell Linda rocked on the verge of the next set of tears. “Hang on. Let me open up. You can tell me over a morning coffee.”In the stockroom, Linda sat on the old two seater that I had brought from home. I use it to sleep on when I have late night stock checks. Huddled around her steaming mug, she tearfully confessed, “I listened to what you said last night.”“I’m sorry.”“Jack told me he didn’t love me enough to marry.”“What an idiot.”“We then fought, destroying half the furniture.”My shoulders slumped as I felt guilty. “I bet that’s the last time you listen to my advice.”“The worst thing, though… The bastard didn’t even seem too bothered when I kicked him out.”“How is that even possible? You’re the most beautiful creature to walk this planet.”“Be quiet…” Linda raised a faint smile. “What are you on about?”“The man is a fool.”Linda kicked her feet up and down in frustration, then wailed like an upset teenager. “Oh, Tom. What have I done?”“Now, now.”“I’ve ruined everything.”“No you haven’t.” I sat beside Linda and could smell the alcohol on her clothes. “Now you just have to wait.”“Huh?”“If he loves you, he’ll realise his mistake and come running back.”Linda rested her head on my shoulder. I suddenly felt my cock swell. “I’m so tired.”“Just go home and sleep off your woes. I’m sure you’ll feel better when you wake up.”“But I don’t want to go back to my empty house.”“Parents.. relatives, friends?” Fucking hell, here I am doing my best to ruin my chances of getting some sympathy sex. I really need to learn to shut up.“No. I don’t want to be bombarded with questions.”I thankfully got my act together. “You can sleep in here. I’ll put the heating on and warm the place up. When you wake up, you can think with a clear head.”“That would be great.” Linda turned to face me, then wrapped her arms around me. Her tits were smothering me, and I just about managed to hold back from giving her tits a lick from my tongue. “It’s sad… but you’re my best friend, Tom. ”“I wouldn’t call befriending me sad.”“But you sell me shoes… It’s conflict of interest.”“Hardly”“You’re taking advantage.” I felt ready to burst as she squeezed me tight and giggled. “I own more shoes than you.”“I don’t force you to buy any of my shoes.”“I come here for you… Tom.” Linda pecked me on the cheek. Despite the coffee, I winced as her breath smelled like a drinks cabinet. She then slumped back onto the couch. The bell suddenly rang.“That must be a customer… I have to go.”“Fine.” Linda rested on the couch as I covered her with my tweed blanket. “Keep them away from my shoes, Tom.”“I will.”I felt extra special having Linda sleeping in my shop. The sordid possibilities seemed endless. Behind my counter I went about serving my customers with a smile. But my mind was elsewhere… in the stockroom with my sexy black woman.Under the lip of the counter sat my flat screen security monitor. Most days the screen is split on the three cameras that cover the shop floor, entrance and fire exit. But today I had the screen dedicated to the stockroom. I manipulated the camera so it focused on my ethnic Barbie. Despite feeling guilty that I was invading Linda’s privacy, the thrill excited me.The electric heater must have heated the stockroom nicely as Linda had peeled back the blanket. Suddenly she spread her legs… I couldn’t believe my luck. Toggling the joystick, I zoomed in on her nylon covered crotch. The HD camera could pick up the different textures including the panty liner under her knickers. I felt in need of wank. But my shop was full of customers.Gift wrapping a pair of shoes, I noticed movement on the screen. Linda pulled her top over her head and let tits hang in her flimsy bra. I took the money from the customer then sat back down. Linda’s coffee tits rested like small hillocks on a flat plane. I watched in awe as they gently raised and sank due to her rhythmic breathing.Lunch hour arrived and I closed the shop. I was looking forward to rubbing one out behind the counter, but I noticed on the monitor that Linda was awake and fully dressed. So I excitedly knocked on the door and entered.“Slept well, Linda?”“Yes thanks. I had to turn down the heater though.”“Sorry… I think that thing is to blame for global warming… and my soaring energy bill. Anyway, how are you feeling? Better?”“No.” Linda glanced down at her phone. “Jack is still ignoring my calls and texts.”“Just leave it. Let him come to you.”“I don’t think he is, I saw on Facebook that he has checked into the airport.”“Maybe he is just trying to cheer himself up.”“According to his status update…” Linda bit her lip. “He’s jetting to Vegas with his boys.”“Bastard.”“I’m hungry… always feel hungry when I’m angry.”“Really?” I opened my mini fridge and handed Linda a sandwich. “Salmon salad? I bought it this morning.”“Don’t you mind?”“I wouldn’t be offering if I did.”“It’s over, Tom.” Linda broke down while unwrapping the sandwich. “Nine years, over just like that.”“You don’t know it’s truly over.”“I bet he’s shagging a dirty hooker right now.”“Don’t say that.”“I know him well.”I thought I would strike while Linda was at her lowest ebb. “So, where are you off to tonight, then?”“Trying to get rid of me already?”“No… No. I promise. Just thought, you know.”“Janet, my best friend is on a month long honeymoon.”I felt my luck had definitely turned positive. “Oh…”“And I really don’t want to see my parents because they love Jack like a son. I know, one way or another, they will blame me.”“If you don’t want to be alone… Then stay with me.”“I was hoping you would offer… Great.”Fucking awesome more like. I felt like dancing and wanking at the same time. “Yes… I’ll look after you. In fact I’ll treat you like a queen.”Nest buildingBack home Linda had unpacked and I could hear her in the guestroom, drying her hair. I stepped into the bathroom where the air felt warm and moist. To my delight, her panties were on the floor. I couldn’t resist, and locked the door.I picked them off the damp tiles. They were just how I imagined, red laced and extremely delicate. I brought them to my face and inhaled her intimate perfume. They smelt heavy with a femininity that was in its prime. Holding the gusset to my face, I could see the faint outlines of her intimate signature. Bringing it closer I inhaled deeply, sending me into ecstasy. I opened my hand as if I could touch her, and brushed my fingers through the air as I dreamt of touching Linda’s dark skin.Wanting Linda badly I unzipped my trousers and sunk my hand into my slacks. I picked up the pace while I stroked my tongue along the bitter gusset, giving myself a taste of what was surely to come. My senses drove me incessantly towards orgasm. I felt my knees buckle as I neared that orgasmic cliff.My wanking was brought to premature finish by a knock the door, causing me to drop the knickers to the floor. “Yes?”“I’m awfully sorry for being so rude.”“What for?”“I’m pretty sure I left some of my clothes on the floor.”I glanced at her panties on the tiles, then tucked my cock back into my trousers. With impeccable timing I let out a small fart to add realism to my charade of using the toilet. “Eh, so you have.” I flushed the chain and quickly washed my hands. Unlocking the door, I stepped out and saw Linda with a towel wrapped around her wet hair, and one wrapped around her slender torso. Without makeup, she looked so naturally perfect, like an African tribal queen. “I didn’t even notice your clothes… I’m so used to leaving mine all over the place… perils of bachelorism, hey.”“I will keep this place looking spotless, I promise. Just got quite a bit on my mind obviously. Makes me forgetful.”“I know.”“Thanks.”I sniggered, and tapped Linda on her naked shoulder. “Honestly it’s fine. No need to worry.”“I won’t be a burden. You need anything, just ask.” Linda‘s nose came within a millimetre of mine as we passed on the landing. Her hazel eyes stared deep into mine. “I don’t know how to thank you for your hospitality and support.”“I won’t ask for anything in return.”“Surely you want… something.”“A little something, maybe. But only when you’re ready.”“Sure.” Linda leaned back on against the bathroom door. The towel appeared ready to fall from her naked bosom. “I’ll pay my way. Don’t worry.” Her hand pushed on the door. “Off to bed, Tom?”“Yes? I’ve been sleepwalking for the past hour.”“Me too.” Linda walked back across the landing and pecked me on the cheek. “Thank you, and goodnight.” I leaned forward in the hope of kissing her a second time, but she had already stepped back, and retreated to the bathroom.“Night.”The next day we were both back in work. I usually loved being in my shop, but today I watched every minute of that bastard clock. Linda told me she should would be back home at seven sharp. As soon as it struck six, I locked up and raced back home.In the house, I head Linda nock on the door. It felt magical when I welcomed Linda home like the wife I wanted her to be. “How was your day?”“I was guest lecturing at a business school… So I’ve been on my feet all day.”“In that case, sit down and I’ll make you a drink.”“No… you know what I would like instead?”“What’s that?”Linda slumped on the red three seater which I had often dreamt about fucking her on. “Could you do me a favour and take off my shoes, I can’t bend down… my back is aching.” She sighed as she glanced down at her illegal bahis siteleri ample chest, which was tightly packed under a thin ivory blouse. “That’s the problem when you have big boobs. Back pains.”“The positives outweigh the negatives… believe me.”Linda chuckled. “Thanks.”I dropped to one knee, as if I wanted to propose… I did want to, but Jack had already lay claim to this wonderful woman… I was hoping, no, wishing that the bastard wouldn’t come back. Words can’t express how much I was enjoying Linda building her nest in my house.Keeping her thighs together, Linda lifted her long brown leg to my chest. She apologised as the red stiletto heel stabbed my chest. She had no need to, as my heart was already bleeding. My mouth dried while my heart pounded. My fingers delicately unbuckled the ankle strap, before I gently embraced the body of the blood-red open toe shoe. Slowly but surely, I caressed it off her gracious foot. The natural musty perfume of her feet filtered into my nose, stirring my senses and making my cock rigid as I brought the shoe free from Linda’s foot.The dark skin on the top of her foot was smooth. In fact, it looked polished like an antique table. It contrasted perfectly with the baby like pinkness of her sole.“Tom.”I had forgotten myself, and drifted away on a sea of Linda.“Tom.”“Yes, Linda.”“The right foot now… Please.”My senses were crazed. As I carefully unbuckled the ankle strap, my mind was drowning in visions of her naked body wrapped around mine. I may as well have been making love to Linda as I slid the second shoe off her foot. Linda wiggled her toes. “It feels so good to be free from them damn heels.”“I’ll massage them.”Suddenly I felt Linda’s toe brush my nose. “You read my mind.”“Great!”“Jack hates my feet, and wouldn’t go near them.”“Here.” I reached for Linda’s foot. “Let me start.”My fingers wrapped around the bridge of Linda’s foot, and my thumbs pushed up against the pale pink of her soft inner arch. I couldn’t stop smiling as she let out a lustful groan. In fact I felt ready to burst while I was fulfilling a long held fantasy of mine. Her feet felt just how I imagined them to be. Warm and soft, her sweet fragrance carried a subtle hint of shoe leather.Linda’s scarlet painted toe nails were boarded by healthy tanned nail beds. I pressed behind every tender toe, circling my thumbs around each and every mound. My mouth moistened with the thought of licking those cute and dainty toes. I wanted to taste them, but dared not take this any further… for now.She pulled her foot away from my hands then raised it to my face, gently resting her big toe on my quivering lip. “You’re enjoying this a bit too much.”“Is it so obvious?”Linda chuckled as she lifted her foot from my mouth. “Yes”. She patted the cushion beside her. “Come sit. Let’s talk about each other’s day.”“You seem happier today.”“I am. I just feel glad that I have a definite end.”“Closure I think they call it,” I meekly added as I sat beside Linda. “What has brought you that conclusion?”“I’ve seen a few questionable photographs on Facebook. Jack is certainly enjoying himself.”“I don’t know why you torture yourself, by looking at such things.”“I cried at first… But like I said, after an hour I felt a huge burden had lifted.” Linda leaned back onto couch. “I feel I’m ready to start thinking about moving on.”“Good.”“But maybe I should just forget about men altogether and join a nunnery.”“You don’t want to do that.”“I don’t know… sounds more appealing than having my heart broken again.”I leaned over the arm of the couch and reached for a heavy paper bag. “I stopped on the way home and bought a load of second hand DVDs. I’ll let you choose which film you want to watch tonight”“That’s the second time you have read my mind.”“There are a few takeaway menus inside too. Again, you choose.”“No, we’ll choose together.”The living room smelt of Indian herbs and spices. Foil boxes littered my coffee table while a half empty bottle of red wine sat on the carpet to avoid blocking my sight of the widescreen. I hate chick flicks but I guessed Linda liked them so I had bought a handful… and I was right. We watched three on the bounce. I felt like I knew Hugh Grant like a brother.We sat slumped on opposite sides of couch, which was quite annoying. But suddenly she stretched out, then yawned in an exaggerated fashion. “Don’t mind me using you as a pillow, do you, Tom?”“Of course not.”“Thought so.” Linda smiled as she crawled between my legs, and rested her head on my chest. “You carry a bit more meat than Jack.”I felt annoyed that she kept comparing me to Jack. But I suppose that a natural when you move from one relationship to another. “I do need to get down to the gym again.”“No you don’t… you’re cuddly, just the way I like.”I suddenly didn’t mind watching chick flicks. Linda nuzzled her head against my solar plexus and contently watched the film. I felt we were as good as lovers. All that was missing was the sex… the fucking best thing. But how do I make that final step? One thing I do know, it’s not fucking easy. Linda is a flirt, in a cute and playful way. But she most defiantly has me wrapped around her little finger, but I don’t mind one iota.We spent the night on the couch. Linda woke me at the break of dawn with the smell of bacon and egg… she had made me a cooked breakfast… Surely sex must be on the cards now.In the shop I logged online to check my website for orders. A notification came through. I opened it and it was a message from Linda. It read, “Forgot to charge my phone this morning… but was too excited to wait and tell you tonight. I want you to be my ‘plus one’ at the work’s Christmas party this weekend. I’ve already told them all about you. PLZ COME!!!! XX”Fuck me… Told her colleagues all about me. I’m defo in for a bit black ass.Being a trusting man, I had given Linda my spare set of keys. It was about time I had given a girl a set other than my mother. When I arrived home, I was surprised to walk in to hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner. It felt good. I leaned against the door frame and watched Linda pushing the vacuum cleaner around the carpet. She remained oblivious to me while listening to her headphones. I enjoyed watching Linda swaying her hips while dressed in her tiny sweat shorts and tank top. A sense of pride overcame me, that this beautiful woman was making my home, hers. My heart swelled with love. I couldn’t ever imagine life without Linda.The same problem still remained though… where’s the sex?Earlier that day I had been talking to an old school friend who had visited me in the shop. He warned me not to build my hopes up, and to be weary of women in Linda’s situation. I did my best to listen to his warning about broken women seeking comfort blankets. More so when he told me that he reckons that as soon as the Jack comes back, Linda will run back. Still, even if that did happen, at least I would have sleeped her by then… Wouldn’t I? I better get a move on just in case Jack does return.I decided to wait until Linda’s Christmas party when I can get her drunk. Not in a big way. Just enough so she can drop her guard a little, and then hopefully her panties will follow. Also, we can both use the excuse of being drunk in the morning. I now couldn’t wait until the party on Friday, I was confident of sealing the deal then.Tis, the season to be jolly…Walking towards the restaurant, Linda grabbed hold of my hand and led me inside. I felt a proud man and walked on air. Just as I had dreamt, Linda was wearing her hair down in long black waves, while wearing a tight fitting red dress with matching red kitten heels.I could see by the look of Linda’s male colleagues that they couldn’t believe she was with me. I mean, I’m not a particularly ugly white guy, but she is at least two leagues above me. One by one she introduced me. But after the pleasantries were over, we found ourselves in a corner talking to one another. I made sure I kept Linda’s glass topped up. It would be rude and foolish to let her glass run dry. Linda touched her lips with her forefinger while glancing at her glass. “I see you’re doing your best to get me drunk, Tom.”“No… Just making sure we find ourselves in the Christmas spirit, that’s all.”“About that… I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with you.”“You’re spending Christmas?”“If that’s okay.”“Couldn’t be happier. But what about Jack?”“I’ve told you. He has moved on, and so have I.”Linda reached over and pulled my novelty tie, which began to sing merry Christmas while Rudolph’s nose flashed red. “We can make it an extra special Christmas.” Linda leaned forward and rested her lips against mine.“I’ve spent too many Christmases alone.”“Well, those days are over.”We left early, and were soon in the back of a cab groping each other like a young love-drunk couple. The energy between us felt amazing. Our lips were hooked together like Velcro straps. My hand was up her dress and massaging her warm pussy through her panties. This was definitely my night, our night.We crashed through the front door of my houseLinda laughed as she pulled away from me. I didn’t want to stop and reached for her, but she stepped back. “Hey, don’t stop.” I felt tortured under her teasing gaze.“What’s wrong, Lin?”“Strip.”“What?”“You heard.”“We’re going to do it together, right?”Linda folded her arms, then raised her voice. “I said… Strip!”“Okay…okay.”Linda’s tone was unnerving. So I began unbuttoning my shirt. Seemingly impatient she stepped forward and unbuckled my belt, before pulling it free. There was no courting or romance anymore. This felt like business, and Linda was the angry customer. Hooking her fingers into my boxer shorts, she yanked them down, leaving my cock hanging limply in the cold light of the room. Linda leaned forward and batted it with her hand, causing it to swell. She cracked a smile. “Ah, so there is life down there.”“There was before… Just you scared it away.”“Quiet.”“Linda, what’s wrong?”Linda picked up my belt, and raised as if to hit me. “Get on the floor.”“OK… no need to…”“Stop dithering and do what I say…” Linda loomed over me, as I knelt onto the carpet to avoid getting whipped by my own belt. She placed her red heel in front of me. “Worship my feet… Foot Slave.”“Yes.”“I am your Goddess. Now show me how much you need me.”I put my hands on her calf, then screeched as she whipped me across my naked ass. “Christ.”“Tongue, only. No hands until I say so.”I leaned forward and began worshipping Linda with my lips, kissing her outer ankle, before tasting the soft brown skin of her upper foot. Linda leaned back onto the wall, then slowly raised her foot, causing me to sit up so I could reach it. “Lick my shoes. They’re my favourite and must be cleaned before I put them away.”I ran my tongue across the shiny red leather, from the toe box, all the way up along vamp until reaching the counter of the shoe. My tongue felt dry, when she pulled her shoe away. “I have two shoes, lick the second.”“My mouth is dry.”I yelped as the belt sliced across my arse, leaving the skin my skin throbbing. I quickly went about licking that second shoe cleaner than it had been when it came fresh off canlı bahis siteleri the factory line.Linda pushed the heel of her shoe onto my forehead and gently pushed me backwards until I fell onto my back. She then stepped over me, straddling me so I could see her white panties under her dress. I felt like exploding as she brushed my throbbing cock with her shoe. She caught my foreskin in between the breast and heel of the shoe. “Like that feeling don’t you?”“Yes.”“Want more?”“Oh yes.” I trembled as she then ran the red heel down my shaft. My cock trembled as a clear pool of pre-cum formed at the head of my cock, before dribbling down to my hairy sacks.“But you still haven’t finished worshipping me.” Linda laughed as she strutted to the couch, before sitting down and resting her arms along the backrest. “My feet need massaging, be a dear and see to my needs. Make sure I get exactly what I deserve.”“Yes, Ma’am.”“If you keep this up and there might be a surprise for you at the end.”I stroked my fingertips along the vamp of the blood red shoe, curling them around the counter. While one hand held the platform, the other carefully rocked the shoe free, pulling from the counter until her foot slipped out. My eyes gorged on Linda’s lovely clean toes, the maroon nail varnish finished off her perfectly trimmed toenails.Linda’s toes were free and she flexed them while raising them to my face. The last time Linda teased me with her succulent toes, I could only dream of being in this situation again. But the excitment that I was now so close to sucking on those succulent toes made me feel truly alive. Linda rested her big toe on my lips, pulling it down so she exposed my teeth. “You may suck it, Slave.”I opened my mouth and ran my tongue along the pad of her toe, and dabbed along the back of her knuckle. The salty sweat had gathered between her toes and excited my tongue with a bitter sweetness. While licking, I massaged her softy pink soles using my fingers. Linda groaned like she was racing towards an early orgasm. My lips closed over her whole toe and I sucked it like I was trying to draw blood. My mouth filled with all the exquisite tastes of a natural woman. All the while I had to control my excitement, so I didn’t rake her with my teeth.Linda slipped her hand into her white panties, and began on slowly play with her clit. I would like to think my massaging was turning her on so much that she couldn’t control herself. I had three of her toes in my mouth as I glanced up at Linda to get her approval. Her smile and devilish glare told me I was doing a fine job indeed.Linda pulled her foot from my mouth. I watched the glistening toes like a hungry baby wondering why she pulled away my bottle.Linda then spread her legs, she grabbed a handful of my hair. Then, almost ripping my hair off my scalp, lifted me up between her legs. Her other hand pulled her panties to one side, exposing the dark skin of her pussy folds. “Worship my inner sanctum.”I wasn’t even sure what that meant… But it sounded fun. I guess it had something to do with her shaven pussy. Despite the pain in my scalp, I couldn’t be happier to lick Linda. She tasted womanly and the hint of piss drove me crazy. I burrowed my face into the softness of her womanhood, and poked my tongue as far into Linda as far as I could possibly reach. Pulling my tongue back, I concentrated my sloppy swipes on her clit, which I had exposed with my fingers. This drove Linda mad. She began shouting out while her body convulsed with joyful spasms. “You want to fuck me, don’t you, Tom?”“Absolutely, Ma’am.”“You’re not quite there yet.”Linda applied pressure on my head, forcing down towards her anus. I tried to resist at first. Arse licking is just not my thing. I can’t even wear the same boxers for more than a day, even when I was a teenager. But I soon realised I had no choice. I screamed out. Linda had struck me with my belt again. Striking me across my back and under my ribs. She really was a slave master… and I was her sexual slave… I’ve had worse jobs.Her arse smelt musty, not wild or unpleasant. Just enough scent to make you aware that this was where the bad stuff comes out. And I was going to lick it. The things I do for love. Sticking out my tongue I leaned forward and dabbed her tight anus. It didn’t taste of much at all really. Not too different to her toes. I swiped her back and forwards, tasting her salty skin. Linda giggled and kicked her legs over my shoulders. She screamed, “You’ll do anything, won’t you Tom?”“For you, anything.”“Now you want to fuck me right?”“Yes… Yes, of course I do.”“Why do you want to fuck me, Tom? Tell me why?”“Because I think you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I fell in love with you the moment we first talked.”“You have now proved your love for me. Now come on big boy. Give it to me like you do in your dreams.”I climbed above Linda and lifted her long sleekly legs over my shoulders. Holding my cock, I pushed it’s purple head against her dark and perfect folds. I lowered my body, so my cock slipped into her warm welcoming pussy, and shuddered as I slipped deeper into the woman I loved. The woman I had lusted for, for so, so long, was now mine.Linda lustfully cried as I pounded her into the couch. I folded her in two, so I could fuck her deep and hard, which made Linda yell louder than ever before. Reaching down, I pulled the straps of her red dress off her shoulders. Linda had to help, and soon her tits were out on show. I curled my tongue around her large dusky coloured nipples, and tasted their soulful nectar.Linda then slapped both my cheeks with her hands. Nose to nose we stared deeply into each other’s eyes. I felt her tense up in my arms as she cried out, “I’m cumming, Tom.”“Me too.”We then shared each other’s juices, as they mixed inside Linda. I fell on top and felt as though I had achieved my last remaining goal in this life on mine.My heart finally slowed, but the sweat still glistened on my chest. I lay beside Linda, thinking about the night’s events.“Why are you so quiet, Tom?”“What just happened?”“You didn’t like it?”“I loved it.”“It’s just I’ve seen the way you enjoy rubbing my feet. “ Linda giggled as she rubbed the back of my calf with her naked foot. “And the way you stare at them when you serve me in the shop.” She kissed my cheek. “Just thought you would like to worship my feet.”“What about whipping?”“I had to have my fun as well.” Linda rolled me off, then picked up my sock. She then caught the cum that oozed out from her pussy. “Let’s go to bed for cuddles.”Linda woke in the night, and I watched her naked body walk into the bathroom then flick the light on. Reaching down, I picked up her red shoe and rubbed it against the clammy skin of shrivelled cock. The blood soon started pumping, and I was ready for another go. This time I was going to be the boss.Jumping off the bed I raced into the bathroom and surprised Linda who was in the middle of pissing in the toilet. “Linda, I can’t wait.” My stiff cock waved perilously close to her face, causing Linda to arch back in disgust… My cock did smell of stale cum, I could smell it from up here.“Get in the shower, Tom. We can wash each other down if you want.”“After I’ve fucked you over the sink, come on.”“Tom.”I couldn’t wait for Linda to finish, and pulled her off the toilet set. She yelled in protest as the piss trickled like summer rain along her mocha coloured leg. Gripping her broad shoulders I bent her over the sink. That big brown ass just stared at me. I suddenly had flash backs from when I was a fat k**, and used to get hypnotised by my giant chocolate birthday cake. As I stepped up behind, I held my rigid cock in my hand. Her gaping pussy emitted the earthly smell of warm sex. I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent.Placing the tip of my cock against Linda’s sopping pussy, I leaned forward and pushed with my weight. Linda was lubed with piss and cum, so my cock just glided inside. A large mirror covered the wall behind my sink, I could watch every expression of lust on Linda’s face.Linda pushed back into me. It was clear that she enjoyed the sensation of sex. It was obvious to me that Linda was a woman with a high sex drive; she felt more than the perfect woman for me. Her breathing sounded heavy and she groaned under every thrust of my pecker. As my white skin collided with her dark brown body, I suddenly started to think of our offspring and how beautiful the combinations of our ethnicities would be. I guess that was confirmation of my love for Linda.Her tits swung in time of my trusts and slapped the white marble of the sink. Her hands kept slipping on counter and sent the steel cup filled with toothpaste and brushes crashing to the tiles.In fear of Linda smashing her face on the sink, I pulled her long black hair and arched her back. My cock sunk deeper as her groans grew louder. My free hand pushed up on her small gut, feeling her innards shake to our carnal rhythm.Linda began to scream. She reached around and sunk her fingernails into my hairy forearms. “I’m cumming, Tom.”That was enough for me, and with one huge thrust, I felt myself empty one more dose inside this most beautiful woman.All good things…My eyes opened as Linda pulled from my arms. My head still heavy I closed my eyes as she reached for her phone.When I finally woke, my bed was empty. Slipping into my flip-flops, I walked across the bedroom while wrapping my dressing gown around my body. The house was silent. I opened the living room door and glanced out the window noticing Linda’s car was missing. Reaching for my phone I called her… But Linda didn’t pick up.I fought back my doubts by hoping Linda had an emergency to deal with at work.After a day staring at my mobile I went to bed alone, and cried myself to sleep.I woke before sunrise to the ring of my landline phone. I raced downstairs and snatched the receiver from it’s stand. “Hello?”“It’s me Linda.”“I know, I’ve burned your number into my mind.” I winced at my admission.“Sorry I didn’t pick up your call… or come back.”“I’ve been worried senseless” I bit my lip and readied myself for the inevitable. “Where are you?”“At home.”“Have you moved back?”I could hear the tears in Linda’s voice.“Yes.”“With Jack?”“I have to go.”I could hear Jacks voice in the background. “Okay… as long as you’re happy. I lov… I wish you all the best. Good Bye Linda.” I placed the phone on its receiver.Sitting down at the breakfast bar, I ate cereal by myself. I remember before Christmas when my friend told me about broken women and their comfort blankets… I remember laughing him off, and thinking that as long as I got inside Linda’s panties, I wouldn’t be too hurt by losing her. Well I was wrong.Being alone suddenly sucks. In fact, it’s hell. I never had a problem with being by myself before. But now I had found love, I suddenly feel lonely. Very lonely.Hands in pockets, I left for work. The weather felt that bit colder, and when it started to rain, I didn’t even bother pulling up my hood.I don’t blame Linda for going back to Jack. After all, they were together when I met Linda, and it was my interfering that caused their problems. So in a way, I’m glad they got back together… Fucking hell, who am I trying to k**. It took me fifteen years to overcome my first broken heart. I don’t know if I will overcome this one.Friday came and went, as did the following Friday. Linda was nothing but a loving memory. My woman in red.

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