Recycled Cum


Recycled CumIt all started one night as me and the wife was lying in bed having kinky sex. We had been married about two years and I had cum in my wife’s mouth maybe twice, she always said she didn’t like the taste of cum. I was begging her to suck my cum down her throat tonight and she was refusing to do it so I made a suggestion that if she would suck the cum out of my cock she could keep it in her mouth and didn’t have to swallow it she could give me a big kiss and feed my cum back into my mouth. Well she looked up at me and I could tell she liked that idea.She ask me, how could I kiss her with my cum in her mouth? I told her that my cum couldn’t taste that bad and that if she sucked the cum in her mouth that was the least I could do was to taste it with her. She grabbed my cock by the base and shoved it in her mouth and started throat fucking my cock I could feel her tonsils around the head of my cock just as I was to shoot my cum she pulled it out of her throat and I could feel her tongue licking my pee-hole when my cum started pumping she held it in her mouth. Then she got up over me and dribbled the cum from her mouth to mine I started liking the taste of my own cum. We would swap the cum back in forth in each other’s mouth till they was no more cum left, by then we would be horny again and want to fuck. We called it recycling cum it came out my balls into my cock shooting into my wife’s mouth back to my mouth then back to my stomach my wife also liked to watch me eat cum. It got to the point where I would fuck her and she would make me beg to eat the cum out of her cunt. Or she would tie my hands to the bed and lower her wet clam like pussy in my face. Sometimes she would make me lean back with my legs over my head with my cock towards my face while she fucked my ass with a John Holmes dildo while I would jack my cock until yalova escort it spurt cum on my face. She loved to see me with cum on my lips. We was laying in the bed right after I had cum she was fucking her pussy with a dildo an she said honey one of my biggest fantasy is to see you suck another man’s cock. I have always wanted to suck a man’s cock and wrap my lips around a big hard cock until it cums in my mouth and on my face. One night I decided to surprise my sweet wife and show her some of my cock sucking talents, see I have been learning a lot about cock sucking since I’ve been hanging out at the local XXX theater they have these booths that you go sit in and watch sex movies. I was sitting there one day jacking my cock off and I looked over to the left of me and there was a cock sticking thru a hole in the wall I reached over and started playing with it and then I wrapped my lips over the head of it and sucked real hard I felt his cock swell up and there I was getting my first taste of cum besides my own. After that I noticed every booth had a hole in both sides, I would get down and look thru the hole and sometimes the action in the other room was wilder than what was on the movie. Of course most of the time when the person in the other room would see me watching them they would stick there cock in the hole and I would suck them off. I learned later these holes in the wall where called Glory Holes and one time I looked in a hole and the person backed there ass up to the hole and I could tell he bent over and I lubed his asshole up with the saliva off of my tongue (lick lick) then I stuck my cock in his ass and fucked it thru the hole right before I started to cum, he could feel me swell up, he jerked my cock out of his ass and sucked me off with his mouth. I never did fuck anybody else up there but I sure sucked escort yalova a lot of cocks. Well getting back to the story I started looking for a man that would allow my wife to watch while I sucked his cock someone that we both felt at ease with. Then I found out that one of my best friends was getting a divorce. He told me that he hasn’t had any sex in 4 months he was asking me if I knew anybody that might have sex with him. He said he was tired of fucking his hand. We went down to the corner bar and were having a few beers we started talking about sex again. Finally I said Dave my wife wants me to suck a cock in front of her and since you haven’t had much sex lately, the friend that I am, I want to suck your cock. Dave looked at me and said; only if I get to fuck your wife after we are thru. I told him we had a deal and to be over at the house at 6:30 tonight. Then I said Dave do you mind if we go in the restroom and you show me your cock so I can tell my wife about it? We walked into the men’s bathroom and got in a stall Dave pulled his prick out and it was a lot bigger than mine and it wasn’t real hard yet. I told Dave that my wife is going to like that cock. He pulled his pants up and we walked out and I dropped him off at his house. I went home and when I walked in the house I could smell the scent of pussy in the air. My wife came up and gave me a big kiss and I could hear something humming, she said it was her Magic Butterfly she had strapped to her pussy. I said I could smell her pussy juice when I walked in the house. She said she was real horny and needed some wild sex. I told her to go in there and dress up in something real sexy and I would eat her pussy. I didn’t tell her Dave was on his way over here I was going to surprise her While she was in the bedroom getting ready I heard a knock on the door and yalova escort bayan it was Dave he came inside and handed me a video tape he said put this in the VCR and we will watch it while you suck my cock. I put the tape in the VCR and told Dave to take his clothes off that I wanted to be sucking his cock when my wife comes in the room. There Dave stood completely naked and his cock was starting to get hard. I reached down and started massaging his balls in one hand and his cock in the other I couldn’t hold back any longer I got on my knees and started sucking his cock when my wife came back into the room she was shocked. She called me a cocksucker and that she was only playing with me when she said she wanted to see me suck a cock. She told me from now on you would be sucking a lot of cocks. She then sat back and watched me suck off my friend Dave the longer she watched the wetter her pussy got. Then she came over and pulled Dave’s cock out of my mouth and kissed me long and deep as she was sticking her finger in my asshole. She said she loved the way my lips was swelled up from sucking cock as she stuck her finger deeper in my ass she then grabbed Dave’s cock and stuck it down my throat. She was jerking him off in my mouth when he flooded my mouth with sperm she told me not to swallow any of it that she wanted to taste the cum then she lowered her mouth over mine and sucked his sperm out of my mouth and swallowed it. I ask my wife if she liked to kiss me after a cock has been in my mouth and she said only after the cum has been deposited in it, NOW SHUT UP AND YOU TWO FUCK ME. Dave wanted to fuck her ass so I fucked her pussy and she cum like I have never seen before. To make a long story short Dave moved in with us and he became are sex slave. I have had plenty of practice sucking cocks now and my wife can insert both of are cocks in her pussy at the same time. We will both cum in her pussy and I will always get down and suck are cum out of her sweet pussy. I really like recycled cum now days and would like to suck the cum out of your big hard cock right now.

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