REAWAKENINGRe-Awakeningbybillywiggins©It came as a bit of a shock, but I can’t say a completely terrible one. Andrea and I had just made love, and were lying in one another’s arms in the warm afterglow. She had made some small talk about how it must be terrible not to have experienced an orgasm, or even to have sex for years and years. I wondered where she was going with it, when suddenly she sat up and looked at me, and asked me if I could consider having sex with her mother.Apparently they had been having a bit of a heart to heart, and her mother told her that she had not made love to her father for over twenty years and missed it terribly. She also related that even when they had enjoyed a fairly regular sex life she had never had an orgasm. I know that is the sort of thing any mother and daughter might discuss, but I’m not sure how she came to offer my services. She just said that her mam had been so sad that she wanted to help her somehow. Of course, not having a cock she couldn’t help her directly, but she said she would see what I thought of it.I wanted to know that my fidelity wasn’t being tested, so I replied that if that was what she and her mother really wanted we could discuss it. Within a couple of days we had talked about it, and laid plans for the big event. Lillian (my mother-in-law) told her husband, Stan, that she was going up to our house for the evening. She often did this as usually I was out on a Saturday night, as was Stan, and they would sit and gossip over a bottle of wine. I had planned the whole thing carefully, knowing that Lillian would be very nervous. When she got here, Andrea took her straight upstairs to get ready while I prepared things. I had bought a lot of candles and arranged them around the room, and now went round lighting them, and s**ttered a few throw cushions in the middle of the floor. The light created was just right, not bright enough to cause any embarrassment, but enough to see what we were doing. I took the bottle of wine I had bought for the occasion out of the fridge, opened it and placed it on the tray with the glasses, and put the film we had selected to watch in the video.I sat on the sofa and sipped my wine while I waited for my wife and her mother to come back downstairs, previewing the coming activities in my mind. Just thinking about it was enough to give me quite a hard-on, and when my two women came back into the room it was making quite a tent in my tracksuit bottoms, under which I was not wearing any pants. I didn’t try and hide it – what would be the point – and Andrea grinned at me while behind her Lillian gave me a nervous smile, her eyes locked onto my crotch. They were both wearing dresses that buttoned right up the front, and high-heeled shoes. They both sat on the other sofa opposite me, and I switched the overhead lights off and started the film.I had chosen the film quite carefully. It wasn’t exactly pornographic – no explicit shots of erections or anything – but it was very erotic with some good love scenes. As the film got underway I took an opportunity to watch the two women seated across from me. Andrea seemed very calm, sipping her wine while she waited for the action to begin in the film, but her mother by comparison was very nervous. I noticed that her first glass of wine went down in a couple of gulps, but Andrea filled her glass up for her again, and as the alcohol began to take effect she seemed to calm down. It probably helped that she doesn’t normally drink, so a couple of glasses had quite an effect on her.As I watched them I tried to work out what they were wearing under their dresses. I had only put two conditions on the evening’s event, the first of which was that they would both wear the sexy lingerie that Andrea knows I find so appealing. The second was that I would make love to both women, Andrea first, in the presence of the other.I turned my attention back to the television as the noises emanating from it indicated that there was some good sex going on. A tall, slim, large-breasted woman with long blonde hair was bent over the dining table, dishes and cutlery flying everywhere, while the muscular hero of the film got stuck into her from behind. It was pretty realistic looking, especially when she turned around, lay back on the table and wrapped her legs around his back when he entered her again. He was licking and sucking on her titties, and banging away for all he was worth. Andrea, while my attention was diverted, had begun to unbutton her dress from the bottom, pushing it aside so that I could see her crossed legs. She has the best thighs I’ve ever seen, and I love it when she crosses one leg right over the other. The effect was heightened by the fact that she was wearing her lacy top stockings, and as she loosened the last button and pulled her dress open, I could see that she was wearing her basque. She looked at me and smiled alluringly as I sat rubbing my hard-on, and I gestured to her to do the same to her mother’s dress. I half expected her mother to protest as Andrea began to undo the buttons on her dress, but I was wrong. She just sat and looked at me as the bottom buttons were loosened, but when Andrea spread the skirt to reveal her legs and lower body, she started on the top buttons herself, opening the dress so that I could see her breasts encased in Andrea’s laciest Victoria’s Secret Bra. In fact, she was wearing the whole range of Victoria’s Secret lingerie that I had bought Andrea; bra, panties, suspender belt, and another pair of lacy stockings. I couldn’t believe my luck as I sat and admired them, my hand now gripping my cock tightly through my tracksuit bottoms. Lillian is not the most attractive woman who ever lived, but I could certainly see where Andrea got her figure. Even though she was getting on a bit her legs were just bornova escort as long and shapely as Andrea’s, and well toned due to the fact that she walks every day. The only drawback was the varicose veins she suffered from, but they were mostly hidden by the dark, almost opaque, black stockings, which is one of the reasons I insisted she wore them.After letting me look for a few minutes, in between watching the frenetic fucking on the telly, Andrea stood up and came over to me. Standing before me she pulled her dress apart and held it out of the way while she slowly pulled her panties down. She turned around as she did so, bending at the waist and wiggling her arse at me as she stepped out of and discarded the unwanted garment. Still holding her dress back she sat down on the arm of the sofa next to me, her crossed legs d****d over mine. Very little was left to the imagination, and as she leant over to kiss me I added to the overall effect by pulling down the cups of her basque and exposing her breasts. After we had kissed for a little while I broke off to turn my attention to her tits. I have always enjoyed sucking on her breasts, and soon had her nipples erect as I flicked my tongue around them. While I nuzzled her bosom, my right hand was busy stroking her legs. Starting around her ankles I slowly traced a path up to her thighs, stopping briefly when I reached her stocking top to caress the bare flesh. As I got towards the business area she opened her legs, putting her left foot onto the floor so that I could get my hand in easily. She was already quite wet, and I rubbed at her clitoris briefly before slipping my fingers into her pussy.I was watching Lillian as I finger fucked her daughter, and I could see that her attention was torn between watching the film and what Andrea and I were doing. I thought that she wanted to concentrate her attention on us, but was still a bit hesitant about watching too openly. At that moment Andrea slid her hand into my trousers, pulling the waistband down enough to get my cock out. It was very hard by now, and fairly sprang out from the elastic. As she took hold of the shaft and started to wank me her mother was unable to keep her eyes off us. All thoughts of the film were forgotten and she was riveted on my prick. I thought it was time to get down to the real business so I told Andrea to stand up and I took my trousers off and moved along to the middle of the sofa so there was plenty of room for her legs either side of me. Climbing up onto the sofa, she lowered herself onto my cock as I held onto her arse. She wasted no time and was immediately heaving herself up and down on my shaft. Lillian couldn’t take her eyes off us, and I slipped Andrea’s dress off her shoulders and threw it out of the way so that her mother had a good view of my cock sliding in and out of her daughter’s pussy. It was obvious she was enjoying the sight, and as I watched her she uncrossed her legs and, hesitantly at first, began to rub her pussy through the material of her panties. I was a little surprised by this, but very pleased as it boded well for what was yet to come. I wanted to get a little closer to her, so I told Andrea to go and kneel on the sofa next to her mother. I sat and waited, playing with my cock, while Andrea walked over and knelt where I had told her to, leaning over the back of the sofa. As I watched she stuck her arse out and wiggled it at me, telling me to come over and get it back up. I did as I was told, and resting my knees on the edge of the sofa I quickly got on with the job. Still fucking away at Andrea I reached out with my left hand, gently encouraging Lillian to move her legs further apart so that I could get my hand in. Slowly I eased my hand down her panties until my fingers were through her pubic hair and resting on her clitoris. I just left it there, not wanting to take things too fast, while I continued to thrust into Andrea. I could feel that I was about ready to come, and I pulled out and told Andrea to lie back on the sofa, with her arse on the edge. I knelt on the floor between her legs, and before fucking her again I bent down and licked at her pussy. I licked roughly at her clitoris for a little while before thrusting my tongue up her crack. This lasted for a couple of minutes until I straightened up and rammed my cock back up her. I took my hand out of Lillian’s panties and told her to kneel beside me for a closer look. The position we were in allowed her an excellent view of my cock pumping in and out of Andrea’s pussy, and I wanted her to see everything. I just got her there in time as I felt my orgasm burst through me, and I thrust myself hard into Andrea, feeling the familiar powerful sensations as I did so. Pulling my cock out when it had almost finished spurting, I wanked briefly, shooting a few more drops onto my wife’s tummy, before she leant forward and licked the last drops from the end of my penis.Needing time to get my breath back – although not my erection, which never wavered – I sat back on the cushions and looked at Lillian. I told her to stand up and she did so, coming to stand in front of me. I had decided that for her first time we would use the standard missionary position, utilising the cushions for comfort. I asked her to fully unbutton her dress, and then slowly push it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her fingers were shaking somewhat, but she got the buttons undone, and soon the dress was lying on the floor. I then had her unfasten the bra and throw it away, and finally asked her to slowly pull her panties down her legs. I don’t know whether she was just too nervous to look at me, but she copied what she had seen Andrea doing. As the lacy knickers were pulled down past her thighs she turned around and pushed her arse out at me. She bornova escort bayan even went a bit further, standing with her feet slightly apart she bent right over, lifted one foot at a time, and pulled the panties over her shoes. Of course as she was bent over I had a wonderful view of her pussy lips, and I couldn’t wait to get a closer one.When she was naked but for her stockings, suspenders and shoes, I stood up, took her by the hand, and led her to the cushions on the floor. Looking into her eyes I went to my knees, pulling her down at my side until she was lying on the rug while I knelt beside her. I kissed her briefly, without much of a response before moving down her neck to her chest. Each nipple in turn was taken in to my mouth and suckled, flicked with my tongue, before I kissed and licked my way down between her breasts to her stomach. I lingered here also, planting many kisses and probing my tongue into her navel.As my mouth journeyed southwards I debated whether or not to engage in a little oral sex. I thought it might be a bit much for Lillian, bearing in mind that she hadn’t made love for so long. In the end that was why I decided I should. I wouldn’t overdo it, but I wanted to make sure she was well lubricated so there would be no discomfort or pain when I penetrated her.My mouth now moved down her stomach, past her suspender belt and down to her thigh as I slid one hand between her legs and eased them further apart. Very slowly now I moved towards her sex; trailing my tongue along her inner thigh and then moving through her bushy pubic hair until I was gently licking at her pussy. She was already quite wet, and I only licked at her pussy for a little while before sliding my tongue up and licking at her clitoris for a minute or two.Finally I decided that she was ready, and kneeling beside her I asked if this was definitely what she wanted. In reply she reached out and took hold of my erection with her right hand. As she looked at me she rubbed the fingers of her other hand up and down her pussy, and told me that she wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything else. Taking one of the nice plump cushions I told her to spread her legs as far as she could, putting her feet as flat to the floor as possible. When she was in this position I got her to lift her bottom off the floor while I slipped the cushion underneath her. This was partly to make the angle of penetration more comfortable for her, but also because I find it very sexy. Still on my knees, I shuffled round her leg so that I was kneeling between her raised knees, my erection just touching her bare buttocks. Taking my cock in my hand I eased myself forwards slowly, easing the tip of my shaft between her lips as I went. I took my time, inching forward, and I slid in easily with the lubrication that my tongue had provided. When I had penetrated her fully I paused, letting her become accustomed to having a cock in her pussy after all these years, while I sucked at her nipples for a moment. Taking my weight on my hands and knees I began to withdraw from her, still moving very slowly until I was nearly all the way out before plunging back into her. I went in this way for some time, moving very slowly and deliberately until it became apparent that Lillian was becoming very aroused. Her face and chest had become very flushed, and her nipples were quite hard. Taking this as my cue I took my weight backwards until I was sitting, Lillian’s nylon clad thighs round my hips. Almost imperceptibly at first I began to increase the speed of my thrusts. Still not wanting to rush it took a couple of minutes before I was really banging into her, increasing my speed as Lillian’s level of arousal rose.I was really fucking her by now, spearing my cock into her at a great pace. Her hands were constantly on the move, first round my arse, pulling me into her even harder before squeezing her own breasts and then caressing my chest and arms. She was breathing hard now; little gasping moans escaping her every time I pumped my cock back in, spurring me on even faster. Suddenly her hands locked around me, pulling me in to her as a powerful orgasm surged through her body. I continued to thrust into her for as long as I was able, but as she came she wrapped her legs around me as well, clamping me to her so that I was barely able to move. I gave up trying to fuck her, and settled myself with sucking on her tits while she rubbed her groin into mine, sighing and moaning loudly with pleasure. Gradually the feeling of ecstasy abated and she removed her limbs from around me until she was lying totally relaxed on the ground.As soon as my movements were no longer restricted I slowly withdrew my penis from her pussy before sliding my tongue all the way down her body, past her suspender belt, and into her pussy. I’ve noticed that Andrea’s clitoris is so much more sensitive after she comes, in fact once I even managed to make her come orally, and I decided to see if her mother was the same. My searching tongue quickly sought out her clit, and within moments I was licking away as if my life depended on it. I knew I was in the right place, because as soon as I exerted any pressure Lillian let out what was almost a scream and pushed her groin into my face.Her arse was still on the cushion I had put there to fuck her on. As I tongued her sex I lifted her stocking-clad legs up and put them over my shoulders, tilting her cunt up to me so that I could finger her while I licked her to another orgasm. It didn’t take very long either; I had barely started frigging her when once again her legs were clamped around me. This time they were crossed around my head, and she rubbed her pussy into my face as she came again.Eventually her passion subsided and she uncrossed her legs from around my head and lowered escort bornova them to the floor, allowing me to move away from her. Quite tired now, I pulled myself over to the sofa where Andrea was sitting and climbed onto it next to her, lying back with my eyes closed. She was sitting with her still stocking-clad legs crossed, and of course I still had an erection pointing to the sky. As I sat getting my breathe back Andrea began to stroke her hand gently up and down my torso, gradually working her way down until her hand was circling my cock. In a matter of moments her fingers had encircled it and she gently worked its length in her hand. I heard Lillian moving, and when I opened my eyes she was standing before us, watching every move Andrea made with me while her own hand played with her pussy. I could tell she wanted some more, and sure enough she asked if she could have it again. I said she could, but she was going to have to sit on me as I was knackered. Andrea got up to make room, and her mother placed her knees to either side of my thighs while I held my cock up for her to sink onto. Within moments she was settled on my lap, my cock once again buried inside her snatch. She was very awkward at first, and Andrea had to help her, putting her hands round her mother’s hips and regulating her movement until she got the hang of it. She started off very slowly, lifting herself up before sliding back down onto my lap. She soon got the hang of it though, and within a minute or two was heaving herself up and down at quite a rate. Once she was away Andrea sat back down beside me and I just lay back to enjoy the ride. It wasn’t very long before I had my breath back and wanting to play a more active role. Reaching up I took hold of Lillian’s titties, squeezing them and pulling gently at her nipples. When I had her nipples swollen I sat up, changing position slightly so that I could take them in my mouth again, suckling gently at them. I was enjoying myself, but it lacked something, and I decided to take matters into my own hands again. I told Lillian to stand up, and stood up behind her. I told her to stand on the sofa, feet just on the edge, and lean over so that she could hold the back of the sofa. She was a bit hesitant at first, but she did it, and as she leant over to grasp the sofa her arse stuck out wonderfully. It also put her just at the right height so that I could enter her without bending or stretching myself. I wasted no time in getting my cock back up her pussy, and just started to fuck into her straight away. I took hold of her hips, putting my hands under her suspenders, and pulled her back to meet me each time I thrust into her. She loved it, and was soon pushing herself onto me with no help at all, leaving my hands free to roam her body. I squeezed her tits again, before running my hands down into her groin and rubbing at her clitoris with my right hand. She seemed to enjoy that, judging by the intake of breath, so I continued to rub it while my left hand roamed down to her thigh.I sought out her stocking top and pushed my hand down it, squeezing her thigh as I pushed down her leg. I love getting my hands down women’s ‘nylons’, and soon had both hands there. My fingers traced a path down each suspender, before unclipping the little fastener that held her stockings up. Once they were loose I was able to push my hands down them, runkling them up, stroking her thighs. I knew I was close now, and told Andrea and Lillian that I was going to cum. When she heard that Lillian told me that she wanted me to cum all over her arse, as nobody had ever done that to her before. I told her nothing would give me greater pleasure, and took my cock out of her pussy to start wanking. I had just got started when Andrea stood up beside me and told me she wanted to do it. She took hold of it from me, and began to run her hand up and down my cock. She was taking her time, sliding her hand from the tip of my penis right down till she was squeezing on the root. Obviously this left my hands free, so with my right hand I tickled Lillian’s pussy lips where they were sticking out from between her thighs. I soon had two fingers into her and was sliding them in and out while my left hand went around the front to rub at her clitoris. I had not intention of bringing her off again; I was just keeping her entertained until Andrea got me squirting. Andrea had now decided to get on with it, and her hand was moving much faster on my cock. As I felt the orgasm begin within me I told her to do it as fast as she could. I’m afraid I was shouting and grunting somewhat, as the intensity of the feelings grew, and I took hold of Lillian’s hips as I felt the hot liquid surge up my cock and spatter against her arse. Once, twice, three times the semen spurted from me, and when it was over I collapsed against Lillian, and she rubbed her arse into my groin, smearing the jizz over us both.That was about it really. We all lay together on the sofa for a while, talking about what had happened, and what might be the real consequences, whilst we recovered from our exertions. We all agreed that we had really enjoyed what had taken place, and decided that we would like to repeat it on a regular basis, probably once a month or so. However, Lillian said that was too long for her to wait for sex. Now that she had rediscovered it she wanted to have it more often, and asked Andrea & me if we would mind. Basically, she wanted to know if I would like to fuck her on her own, without Andrea there, and if Andrea would trust us to do that. I said I was up for it, as long as Andrea didn’t mind. I expected her to say she didn’t like the idea, but she agreed enthusiastically, saying it was a great idea. The only stipulation was that we would let her know, if not in advance then at least when it was happening. Having thought about it since, I’m fairly sure that it was what she had in mind all along. She was always going on about me being over-sexed and too demanding on her, and probably thought that with two women to go at we would all be happy.

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