Randon sexual acts with Anne, through town


Randon sexual acts with Anne, through townThe Two Who Were Looking For A Fun TimeBy: Alan RossMichelle (a.k.a Micha) and Al, sat bored out of there mind in Al’s truck one warm Saturday afternoon. Micha wanted to go some where local, but do something that they have never done before. Al just wanted to hook up, asking Micha ideas she had. Micha had none, and was out of ideas, asking Al if he had any plans all Al’s ideas were dirty. Such things as; going to a parking lot and having sex, or giving him road head as he drove. Micha agreed to hook up if he can think of a safe place to fuck. Well thats easy to find Al said, mentioning his house, Micha disagrees with him. Its to hot with out any air conditioning and if we open the window ill have to hold back from being loud. We can blast my trucks ac and sound wouldn’t be an issue with the windows shut. Disagreeing again due to safety issues, Micha mentioned going to a friends house and asking for some alone time. Well thats rude Al mentions plus sound issues. Your right Micha says I guess it wont work out, wow you finally darıca escort agree with something Al jokingly says, which leads to a little argument.Once there dispute was over, a brilliant idea had came to Al. He shared his idea with Micha; We can go over to my b*o Brandon’s house, he lives on a secluded street were we wont worry about noise and there also it a pool and a small lake. “That sounds sounds awesome daddy” Dose he live alone? Al laughs and replies “No, he lives with his mom but she is a workaholic and is never home. Cool wanna call him up babe, Micha asks.Al talked with Brandon, so they drove over there. On the way Micha and Al were discussing the detail/plans of whats about to go down. Micha suggests nothing to serious, “I’ll flash him my panties maybe tits”. Al agrees and ask if she “could tease the shit out him as a joke and see how far it goes”, “the bad situation signal is burping” Al tells Micha. She laughs and agrees, “I’ll get more slutty before we go in”. She lifts up her skirt making it shorter, then 2 of her shirts buttons, and pushes up her escort darıca boobs.Once at Brandon they walk up his garage and Brandon’s standing out over them on his porch and welcomes them up, first thing Brandon says is “hey Micha its nice to see you , you look hot today!” “Thanks Buddy”, Al says, “yeah thanks man” Micha adds. We go threw his house this the back he grabs us all chairs Micha sits near mean then Brandon puts his chair directly across from us and quite close.Micha totally exposed her panties when sitting down, her pink see through thong barely covered her bare brown pussy. Brandon and Al totally saw and every time she’d lift her hands the gap opened exposing her differently in each position. When she crossed her legs, her upper thigh and hip were showing bits of her ass and pussy. When her knees were together you can see her crotch. Brandon passes around some weed for a bit he firsts passes to Micha. She leans forward to grab it showing off her tits then she goes to hit it, squeezing her tits together Alan gets caught looking by Al. Wanna grab darıca escort bayan some drinks for us B? Sure Alan says and fetches there drinks. Once he went in Al told Micha how badly she teasing Alan, are you comfortable he asks? Yeah daddy is he really looking badly? Yup keep it up, OK Micha replies and gives a tug on her top exposing move cleavage. Alan gets back sits down and talks to micha for a bit, “I am Gonna go pee ill be back”, Al said as he walks inside. Once in side Al walks over to the window looking out at Alan and Micha, He could see Micha and the back or Alan. She was really flirtatious and Alan was taking every second of it. Micha looked up and noticed Al in the window signaling to her. He was giving her thumbs up to take it further. Crossing her legs in the opposite position she gives a quick glimpse of her panties. She’s crossed further by Al, so in return she stands up and picks a wedgie in front of Brandon. Standing up in front of Brandon Micha reaches behind her and pulls out her g-string allowing B to see the color of her undies, then Micha reaches up front and pulls out her camel toe allowing B to see a part of her pussy as a tease. Al walks out moments after Brandon acts nervous as Al sits down, Al then says so who’s bored wanna Play Truth or Dare??….To be continued

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