Rainy Lagoon


Rainy LagoonYou and never are walking in the wild, nature. It starts to rain and we have no shelter but just ahead is a lagoon a beautiful little water spot with a waterfall so we sit n watch it… I can see u getting wet but it’s nice rain warm rain .. I can start to make out ur breasts n nipples so I sit behind you n start to kiss ur neck . We are soaked from top to toe . While I kiss ur neck and the top of ur back I start squeezing your breasts , pinching the nipples. I then use one hand and slide them in your jeans and I slowly rub ur small sexy v…. U then feel my hard on on ur back and I take ur top of but u jump in the water . U remove all ur clothes and put throw them to the side while I take mine offf gümüşhane escort and Jump in the water . U try and swim but I catch u. U go under the water and begin playing with my cock, sucking on it. U put it all in ur mouth but u choke a little n u take ur head out of the water as soon as u catch ur breath I pushed u under and when u take my whole cock in your mouth I will hold ur head there as u choke on my cock, I will let u up when u r desperate to have some air and then I would push u down again and Wen u take my cock in your mouth I will push my cock in further as I hold your head and will be scratching me to free u. Then we u come up we would kiss and I will bring your groin up near my mouth as escort gümüşhane u float on the water, as I lick and k**s ur pussy u will be struggling to keep your head out the water. U cum really intensly and u gargle water because u are half under. U beg me to let u up so u can hold on to me and I let u . We move over to the waterfall ur nipples are so hard and so nice to touch. You wrap ur legs around my waist and I penetrate you . U lean back and ur head is in the line of the water fall u are being hit with the water as I pound u penetrating u deep while I hold ur bum . U can’t catch your breath because the waterfall is on you . I move u out of the line and then back under . U cum on my cock and gümüşhane escort bayan It feels so good and I am about to cum so I pull u off me and we swim to the side I sit on the side and you suck my cock again I hold ur hair and push ur mouth deeper and you choke I can hear u choking… U suck so good kissing the shaft and the using ur tongue and lips on the head… And I close to cumming so I hold push your head to cover my whole dick with your mouth u can feel the throbbing Nd then I cum a massive amount shoots in your mouth and even you are shocked . Once I have cum I will my cock out of your mouth and I can see all my load in your mouth … You swallow it and love and begin licking my cock clean u then lift u out if the Water sit u Down spread ur legs and penetrate u with with fingers and u are moaning and screaming u wanna cum I bring u close to orgasm like 3 or 4 times and then finally u beg me too make u cum and u do and u orgasm on my hands while I kiss it clit

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