Rainy day


Rainy dayIve just got home from work and had to write about the day ive just had while it`s fresh in my mind.This morning after a few sunny days that will amount to our summer it rained so hard for hour`s to make up for the sun we had just had, i got drenched going from my van into the office,i got in and shook my head to get rid of the few drop`s, i walked into the reception and noticed no one around,Janes bags were next to her desk but she wasn`t in sight,i took my coat off and went into the kitchen and standing next to the sink was a drowned Jane,she turned and we both burst out laughing as she was soaking from head to toe,she bayraklı escort was wafting her shirt and it was gripping her chest so tight you couldn`t but notice her very erect nipples.I grabbed the towel and passed it to her and she started to dap heself i asked if she had any other clothes but all she had was what she was wearing and she said she was working in the office all day so could close the blinds and just work in her underwear while her clothes dried,this i had to see and just quickly signed in and headed for the door to get to my first job.I got to the door and realised id left my coat so went back escort bayraklı and as i walked in Jane was just taking off her shirt,i tried not to look as she passed me my coat but the devil took over and just looked up at her lace bra,her dark pink nipples poking through,my cock twitched and icouldn`t take my eyes off her,,,,she looked my in the eyes as she undid her jeans and peeled them off revealing her lace white thong,i just wanted to rammy hands down her knickers but resisted.Jane pushed me back against the wall as she said `i dont want to make you late so i`ll be quick`,she dropped to her knees and unzipped my bayraklı escort bayan pants letting them fall to the floor and pulling my shorts to one side and took my semi hard cock in her mouth, cupped my balls in one hand as she pulled my ass towards her to get more of my hardening cock in her mouth.Jane was licking and sucking me so softly,it made the tingles so much more heightened,her tongue flicking the tip,i wanted to come within minutes but knew if i came id feel id let her down.I closed my eyes and tried not to think dirty thoughts but one quick peek down to catch her other hand dissapearing in her knickers had me shuddering as she sucked harder,faster,she looked up and ordered me to fill her mouth up and no sooner said i was pumping days worth of cum down her throat,she didn`t miss a stroke and just swallowed the lot,as she moaned and gushed in her knickers.

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