Ragna-the old neighbour lady (part 2)


Ragna-the old neighbour lady (part 2)I could hardly understand what just happend, and when I saw her naked butt in front of me, i started to get hard again. She sat down on the towel and the sun was really hot, and she asked me to rub some lotion on to her back. She got on her belly and handed me the lotion. I dropped it on her back andstarted to rub it in on her back. Got a bit down and she spread her legs, and her little anus almost looked at me. i laid down between her legs and started to lick her anus. Didn’t take long before she started to move against my tounge, and I could feel her pussy with my hand. she got up on all four and told me to get some lotion on my hand, and rub it in.. Then she took my hand and pushed it towards her pussy. First three fingers got inside, then four, and after a while the whole hand slowly sank down into her pussy..She just mumbled on my gog ooh my god…She started to move agains my hand and I looked gümüşhane escort at her butt and saw her anus pulsating with every thrust. I leaned forward and placed my tounge on her butthole and started to lick it. She started to shiver and cried while her body started to shake without control.For a few minutes I was worried, and tried to move my hand out, and when she noticed, she grabbed it and asked me todo it all again. I started to lick her butt while my hand was working inside her, and her butt started to let more and more of my tounge inside. i grabbed a bottle of cola and changed my hand to the cola, and I stood up behind here. I Like i had seen on the internet I pushed my cock against her anus, and slowly it opened up and let me in…In one push I got all of my cock in her butt, and she was screaming loud, fuck my ass, i have a cock in my ass like she was proud of it. When I realized I had my hakkari escort cock in her ass I couldnt help myself any longer and felt my cum flowing out deep in her ass. We both felt down and I still was in her ass, when she told me to continue…I started to push against her ass and soon I got hard again. After about 5 minutes she told me to stop and I thought it was over. She laid down on her back and started to masturbate her pussy withthe cola bottle in front of me. Get it in my ass again she demanded, and I did as I was told. For each push my cock got deeper into her butt and the same with the bottle. It didnt take long before she screamed again… and I unloaded in her ass once again. We laid down and soon she decided we should go back home. Off we went and when we got back she got me into the shower, and soon she was there as well. She asked iif she could shave my cock and I was a bit confused but said escort bayan ok. Laid on the floor and she started with the cream, and soon the razor was there. I was already erected when she was finished and, she stood up and lowered herself onto my cock, andfor the first time ofmy life a real pussy entered my cock.It was so wet and so warm, like in heaven probably…She started a rodeo, and soon she changed and moved my cock to her ass once again, andsome minutes later I was sending another load into her ass. Into the shower again, and we sat downfor some TV. she still naked, and I’m in underwear.I asked why she only let me come in her ass, and almost not in her pussy.I have beendreaming about analsex since I was a k** and I sawmy dad fucking my mom in the ass she said.. Since then I have been masturbating to the thoughts of having analsex she said..Come here, follow me she ordered. And she opened a box full of different sextoys, and told me to choose. I took a dildo withtwo cocks and she laid down on her bed and gave me a show of how a woman masturbate. I was completly limp even if the scene in front of me was awsome..What do you want too see next she said, and I just understood that this wil be a long night.. .

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