Rachael and Lee finally meet.


Rachael and Lee finally meet.Rachael and Lee had been emailing each other for some time now, after being matched on a dating website. It all started quite innocently, well maybe not totally innocently as they had matched with high statistics in love, passion and being sexually adventurous. At first they started emailing a little about each others lives then moved on to swapping their fantasies, and erotic stories with each other. Of course this then grew into them both sharing their most intense intimate and dirty little secrets from the sensual to the extreme, each mail and story becoming more and more risqué.Finally they had decided to meet to see if they clicked face to face, arranging to meet in a city centre hotel bar for a few drinks. Rachael recognised Lee from his picture and went to introduce herself, she had treated herself to a pampering session and felt a million dollars with a fresh hair style, and of course some sultry attire.”Hi, Rachael wow you look fantastic, I’ve been a little nervous waiting for you.” Lee smiled, held her shoulders and kissed Rachael on the cheek.”Thanks I’ve been nervous as well but I’ve really been looking forward to this.” Rachael replied.Instantly there was a spark and it was clear they were getting on amazingly well, as they ordered drinks and chatted like they had known each other for years. After a couple of glasses of wine the flirting between them started heating up, the alcohol was just making the flirting easier and more sexually tactile. Lee brushed his hand palm down slowly over Rachael’s thigh and she was sure he had felt the straps of her suspenders. Tingling as she shifted in her seat Rachael could feel herself getting turned on at the thought of them living out some of the fantasies they had talked about. “Rachael I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I have booked a room here so I didn’t have drive home, would you like to go up to the room for some more privacy?” Lee asked as he leaned in and kissed her firmly putting a hand back on her suspender strap his fingers gripping tightly.Whether it was the effect of the wine, her sexual frustration or just a need to feel alive and have some fun for a change Rachael heard herself agreeing. She stood up feeling her whole body flush with anticipation. Realising she was a little unsteady on her feet partly due to the wine, partly to do with excitement but mainly because of new high killer heels. In the lift Lee leaned over to Rachael and kissed her on the mouth Rachael willingly canlı kaçak iddaa parted her lips returning his kiss passionately. Lee reached up to fondled her breasts, she let out a gasp as his strong hands held her firmly as Lee rolled her pert nipples between his thumbs and side of his index fingers. Rachael felt a warm moist feeling in between her legs growing. She shook her long dark hair which framed her beautiful face and smouldering sexy eyes, Lee dropped a hand moving it up under her short lace dress brushing her damp panties, as they reached the correct floor.Lee held the room door open, Rachael walked, her heart skipping as she heard the door shut firmly. Rachael knew things were going to get interesting as she felt the cold metal of handcuffs close around her left wrist as Lee forcefully pulled both her arms behind her back. With her hands now firmly secured behind her, Rachael felt powerless as Lee’s mouth began to roughly kiss the back of her neck, his teeth gently biting and scr****g her beautiful pale skin. Rachael felt excitement beginning to flow in her pussy and her breathing became shallow as she became more excited.Lee pushed her down on to the bed Rachael’s arms still cuffed behind her, Rachael squeezed her legs together as she fell backwards but Lee knelt on the bed and forced her knees apart. He was to strong for Rachael to stop him, as her legs opened her dress fell down to her waist exposing her black stockings and now damp lace panties. Kneeling between Rachael’s thighs Lee grabbed the soft material of her panties and ripped them from Rachael’s crotch, she felt the material dig into her skin before it ripped.”Hmm! Look at your wet pussy it looks so hot!” Lee drooled as he firmly worked two fingers inside Rachael’s’ cunt, Rachael moaning as she felt his fingers push inside to her pussy.Lee dropped down between Rachael’s legs his mouth latching around her clitoris, his tongue exploring finding her firm excited clit she could feel him probing and massaging her labia his tongue replacing his fingers deep inside her. Lee’s tongue expertly flicked from Rachael’s pussy lips back to her clitoris, his mouth hovered over Rachael’s clitoris as he teased it again with his tongue. Lee took her clitoris firmly biting it, rolling it between his teeth massaging it with the tip of his tongue. Rachael had never felt anything like this before, she felt small electric tingles in her pussy, feeling her juices pooling inside, as her pussy began tipobet to pulsate. Rachael felt self conscious at first about the sound she was making but then thought what the hell and let her groans and moans fill the room as Lee devoured her hot wet lips, his tongue delving into the soft wetness inside her.Lee lifted his head up and Rachael could see her cum glistening on his lips as he moved up her body and to kiss her passionately on her mouth the taste of her musky pussy juices on Lee’s mouth turning her on even more. Rachael felt his erection pressing on her through his pants making her more impatient to feel it inside her, he pulled her dress up and over her head, exposing the rest of her pale curvy body to him. Then he reached behind her back, easily unhooking her bra pushing it the same way as her dress. Rachael’s body now totally exposed and immobile for Lee to use however he wanted. Lee paused for a moment to appreciate her beautiful pale skinned beautiful body, his hands firmly grasping Rachael’s breasts squeezing them firmly together slowly he lowered his mouth to her erect nipples. Rachael yelped as he bit them firmly in turn, tightly squeezing each of Rachael’s breasts pulling her nipples with his teeth, the pain was almost exquisite to Rachael as she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of being treated like a submissive sexual toy. Letting go of her breasts Lee took a couple of pillows and pushed them underneath her bum which both raised her pussy and exposed her ass.Standing up Lee undressed, his cock springing out of his pants as he stroked his throbbing erection and moved around the bed to allow him to lace his fingers through Rachael’s long hair and forcing his cock into her mouth, slowly fucking her soft lips. She could taste some of Lee’s cum that had already leaked out of his circumcised cock as her teeth sc****d along his hardness, her tongue licking around the end. Pulling away Lee moved to foot of the bed taking something from a drawer as he moved back between her legs.With her hands still securely cuffed behind her Rachael was helpless to do anything but to lie there and just accept what he was going to be done to her. Lee knelt between Rachael’s legs again she felt the tip of a toy with what felt like straps at the entrance of her pussy. Her pussy was already wet with her juices Lee had no trouble pushing the vibrator inside her. The vibrator was large, soft touch and textured. It felt wonderful as it filled Rachael’s pussy, tipobet giriş she felt the base of the vibrator which had a clitoris stimulator rub her. Lee turned the toy on, the slow pulsing vibrations felt wonderful as Rachael felt Lee push the toy in and out of her. The strokes became deeper and harder as he fucked Rachael with the vibrator, Rachael’s pussy gripped the shaft tightly as an orgasm raced through her body the cum juices flowing out and down between the cheeks of her ass.Rachael felt Lee use the straps to tie around her thighs and waist which held the vibrator inside her hot wet pussy. Lee squeezed some lube onto her as he rubbed the entrance to Rachael’s ass, she felt her tight ring of muscle give as two of Lee’s fingers forced themselves into her tight ass hole. Rachael felt Lee shift position as he rolled a condom on, then he placed the tip of his rock hard cock on to Rachael’s ass pushing slowly but firmly as she gasped with pleasure as her anus gave way allowing the head of Lee’s cock enter her ass.Pushing Rachael’s legs further back, lifting her calf’s onto his shoulders and he began to fuck Rachael’s ass building the speed and depth of his strokes rhythmically. Both Rachael and Lee began to pant as his fucking became more intense, Rachael could feel Lee’s cock rubbing against the vibrator through the walls of her ass and pussy. Rachael felt fantastically dirty and sexy with both her pussy and ass were being stretched and fucked hard, her cuffed hands gripped and twisted at the sheet below her as another orgasm began to build deep inside her. Rachael began to beg Lee to fuck her harder and he obliged fucking Rachael’s ass almost violently which also had the effect of ramming the vibrator deep inside her, rubbing it firmly on her swollen and sensitive clit. Rachael’s orgasm felt electric as it filled her body her ass squeezing tightly around Lee’s cock, mixing a little more pain with her orgasm which only made it feel more intense. Finally Rachael’s orgasm broke and she screamed out loudly, Lee pulled his still hard cock from her ass, leaving the vibrator still sending out pulsing vibrations making Rachael’s orgasm linger on and she could feel cum flow from her pussy. Lee again moved up the bed taking off the condom while playing with his cock which was twitching and jerking. Lee laced his fingers into Rachael’s hair pulling her head back and pushing his throbbing cock into Rachael’s mouth as he began to cum; Rachael greedily licked and swallowed his cum until his cock stopped twitching.Lee uncuffed Rachael and they lay there kissing each other and Rachael’s hand began to massage his cock which had already began to harden, she smiled as she rolled him onto his back knowing there was more to come!

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