Quaver Ch.2


Quaver Ch.2QuaverChapter 2: The Amber Pearl of the OrientI was startled by a grumbling noise. I look around to find out that I forgot to lock tightly my casement windows.“It’s still raining.” I mumbled to myself.As I walk back to my bed, I was surprised to see my newly recruit muscle cub still on my bead. To think that he taught that I can never break him; he is still very naive. I climbed back to my bed; my hands are at the back of my head when my cub cuddled me. I can pill his lips pressed near my nipple while his right hand wanders my furry rock hard stomach.“Fuck” I whispered. I’m getting hard again, but I don’t want to wake him up. He looks so cute sleeping next to me.It’s hard to crack this one because he thinks he is the more “dominant” one. Acting tough, talking trash and even provoking a fight, but I can see right through him. Its 5:45 am, I can’t sleep anymore. When my cub touches me he’s making my dick hard with need. “You’re my new project” I said as I touch his right cheek softly.I broke my gaze at him and look at the ceiling. Trying to reminisced what just happened. “How did we get here?” I ask myself.*******6 hours earlier“I am Logan Clark” I held out my hand.“Graham, just call me Greg” he held out his hand to shake mine.When Greg skin contacted mine, I instantly felt electricity that travels to my spine. I felt my dick twitch and grow just like that. I quickly ask him to have a seat and I slump back on my own so I can hide my eager “pet.”I can’t help to smile while I look at his eyes. Brown eyes, I am a sucker for those jewels and his pouty pinkish lips, those lips are made for sucking. Thinking about that makes it even harder for me to keep myself to fuck him right where he sits.Yes, he looks like a wannabe convict with a nose piercing and a shaved head. But his exposed chest hairs and his build makes up for it. Fuck! He is a sexy stocky man, kind of chubby with few ridiculous tattoos but that’s the way I want it, my bear cub.He shifts uncomfortably; he broke his eye contact with me and then frowns. He changes his facial expression trying to look tough.“You’re doing it AGAIN!” he stresses the word again heavily.“What?” I chuckled.“You’re staring at me!” he said with a raised voice.“I am just admiring the work of art in front of me.” I said while touching my beard.He blushed and his head backed away a little, obviously stunned. “You’re a one creepy Motherfucker!”I just smiled at his remark.“Do your pick-up lines even work?” he said dismissively with a raised brow.“Well does it?” I smirked.“No! And quit smiling like pervert because it’s creepy!” he is now blushing beet red.I’m getting tired of playing nice so I made my move.“How loud do you moan in bed?” I said aggressively.His jaw dropped and definitely looks mortified “Fuck off old odunpazarı escort man!” he stood up and said “If you’re looking for a quick fuck you better call one of your boy sluts because I AIN’T ONE OF THEM!”He is about to walk away and then I said “Want a bet?”He clenches his fist tight, ready to brawl, but he hold back. “I have nothing to prove to you!”“I guess this wall of a man in front of me is a pussy after all.” I said with a mocking tone.His body stops rigidly from moving, and I said. “Well it’s ok to walk away, because you might be surprised to find out who you really are.”He faces me with a smirk and said. “You’re on old man! I will prove one and for all that I’m nobody’s bitch!” he tilted his forehead up trying to look intimidating “So what’s it going to be?”“Wait for me outside for 10 minutes. It’s ok to just go home when you’re not up for it.”“Are you scared that I’m going to beat the shit out of you old man?”“I guess it’s settled then, and by the way call me Logan from now on.” I said assertively.I waved at Butch to escort my soon to be cub at the door.*******I walk out the bar with coat folded in my arms. I immediately saw him near the entrance with his arms folded looking very anxious.“Ready to go?” I said“Whatever” he shrugged“Follow me.”We walk towards my car a 458 Italia, Greg paused momentarily and said.“That is your car?” He said with a hint of doubt.“Yeah” I just shrugged.“Aren’t you too old to drive this luxury car?”“You want to take it for a spin?”“Uhh… Can I?”“Hmm… No your drunk.” I said playfully.“Whatever” he said with a low embarrassed tone.*******We are driving back to my place; the inside of the car is dead silent. Obviously Greg is having second doubts and feeling very uneasy I wouldn’t blame him. But now way in hell I’m missing a chance like this. If he runs off I will hunt his sexy ass and drag him back to my place to become my sex slave. Well not that I think he will back off, but I’m positive that I can break this guy and make train him to be mine.Greg looking confused for a moment and his eyes wander on the streets “Where do you live?”“River Place Lofts”“Fuck” he swore loudly.I gave him a raised brow in the rear view mirror.“Where do you live?” I ask“Midtown Squares” he said with a groan.I chuckled “Guess you’re crashing with me”“Oh Hell no!” he said with a high pitch.“It’s quite far from where were going, think about it and it’s late. Or I could just drop you off at your house.”Greg didn’t say anything. “So my place it is.”I try to make small talk with Greg but he is very picky to answer any of it. I found out that he is 29, Asian, “I never taught about that because he has a Spanish-Latin look” he works as a pc repairman and he is single “Lucky dalyan escort me!” I told him about myself even though he didn’t ask. I told him that I am 38, Scottish and owner of a construction company with my brother Cameron. I told him that I am single too with a wink.*******My condo is on the top floor, the damn elevator is out so we used the stairs.“Sorry about this” I blushed a little with embarrassment.“Heh” He just shrugged.We walk towards the door; I unlocked it with my keys.“Here we are”I personally pick this place because it reminded me the rustic feel of my home back in Scotland and it also has a good view of the river which is nice.My condo is decorated with Scottish influence of course. Kilt skinned wall papers and cushions, carpets, curtains and a****l heads from my previous hunting, there is also a chandelier made of deer antlers.“You like kilts that much did you?” he said with a smile.“Yeah, who doesn’t like kilts?”“Well, mostly everyone I know”We both laugh hard.“You know back in the Philippines, people from the mountainous regions of Cordilleras the indigenous people wear something similar like your kilt, it is called a Bahag. ”“What is bahag?” I asked“Can I borrow your longest thinnest towel?” he asks with a grin.“Ok” I hurry back with the towel he asked.“Bahag is a loincloth, similar to fundoshi by the Japanese but longer in comparison.”“Spread your legs” he commanded.I was startled by his command but I still do what he said.Greg put the towel behind my legs; he slowly wrapped my towel around my waist like a g-sting. I lost all interest on what he is saying when he “accidentally” touches my hard ass, thighs and my groin. I think half of my blood rose up to my dick, now rock hard solid, hidden away from my pants wrapped in this ridiculous towel. “Finished” he said.“Do I look great?”He just laughs. Oh, I love watching him laugh, I feel lighter and happy inside.“How do we play this game of yours?” “An eager beaver, I like that! The night is still young, how about we have some Champagne first?”“It’s 1:30 in the morning but sure.”*******I removed the ridiculous thing on my crotch then I sat down with him on the couch. We made small talks I finally loosen him up a little and he’s looking more comfortable. We talk about various things like gadgets, our different cultures, and careers. I talk about my family a lot, how I grow up, how I love my mom and how accepting my family about who I really was. As I talk excessively, Greg became more uncomfortable by the moment. I stopped and look him in the eyes to see his eyes glistening, holding back his tears, Greg look away. I could see pain in his eyes, seeing him look so sad hurts me as well. “I want Greg to always be happy, to be with me” that datça escort is what I thought to myself. I don’t want a relationship; I just want to take care of him.“Greg?”Greg’s head tilted back for a second and then look away.“Don’t look at me” he said chokingly.I felt guilty that I brought up the family topic. He seems to be genuinely hurt about what happened to him and his family.“Greg, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”“Fuck off man” he tries to get up but I grabbed him with my arms and hug him tight. Greg tried to squirm away but I held him tight and never let go. Greg finally stops resisting and he let a sob on my chest. He let his bitter emotions flow heavily and I held him in my arms, as secure and protective as I could while caressing his stubbly shaved head.“It’s ok, let it all go.” I whispered softly in his ear. I felt that his pressing his weight on me. “Damn your heavy.”I put his arm around me and I lead him back to my bedroom. He is obviously drunk and tired. I removed his clothes leaving his boxer shorts to make him more comfortable. I gasp at his heavenly sight. My temptation and desire for him is overflowing. I want to caress that soft fur in his chest, suck on those pink rosy nipples, kiss him sensually, and make him mine.I was about to lose control when I thought to myself “No not like this.”I quickly get out of the room to go to the bathroom. I pulled all of my clothes off and I undress completely. I picked up my long sleeve polo shirt and smelled it thoroughly. I can still smell Greg in it; my dick is so hard it hurts. I use copious amount of my spit and I begin to jack off. I feast on the smell of Greg, how good it feels touching him, how sexy when he laugh and how cute he is when he’s trying to act tough. I never get this hard by just jacking off. But the thought of Greg half naked in my bed makes my dick throbbed. I take every inch of my conscience to prevent myself from marching there to fulfil my lustful desires. Not like this, not when he’s not ready.I jacked my tick 9 inch uncut cock hard with my hands imagining it to be Greg’s sweet ass. A few more strokes and it became too much for me. I erupted a generous amount of semen on the bathroom floor. This probably the most intense self-pleasured orgasm I had in years. I cleaned my dick off with the bathroom tissue and pulled my robe on. I picked up my clothes and throw them over the bin. I walk up to my bed and I see Greg peacefully snoring in my bed. I wish every night could be like this. Something about this guy just makes him crazy, horny and protective at the same time. I don’t know what this feeling is yet but I know I would find it out soon. As for now I need to lie next to my cub.*******The rain finally stopped. I noticed a flicker of light getting brighter and brighter. The sun is finally rising. I look to my cub, he is still latch on to me, drooling a little bit but I don’t mind. I love how the sun’s rays bring out his inner mellowness, he looks so angelic. Greg eyes slowly opens, adjusting his eyes from the sun’s brightness. When he can finally see clearly I greeted him warmly.“Good morning”

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