Purpose Pt. 04 – Assimilation

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This is a total work of fiction. Any similarities to real world people places or events is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed are 18 years or older. This work contains graphic depictions of diverse sexual acts. If you are not of an age to lawfully read this material, please move on.

If you haven’t read the previous parts of this tale, please do for continuity.


Purpose, Assimilation


I can’t believe what happened yesterday! I thought I’d for sure wake up back in the boarding house. But here I am in the most luxurious bed I’ve EVER slept in! And it’s so big. I have a TV but it’s so much more….regular TV of course but all the other stuff too.

I was kinda out of it when Mar brought me back to my room….MY room! It’s all my room. As we were showering together…..oh my goodness….she explained that all the things in here were mine should I want them. All the towels, robes, toiletries, everything!

Just think, if I didn’t go to ask about the toiletries I wouldn’t have experienced that…that….whatever that was last night! The elders of the colony are so wrong. There is no way on this earth that that amount of pleasure is wrong. And on top of that, being with another girl….not ever going to stop doing that! Nuh uh no never!!

I do have to change something…ok…alotta things….but one thing and real soon. I have to get rid of the hair….you know….down there. It looks so beautiful when it is hairless. You know…..a pussy?!

I guess I should get up. Mar said to not worry too much about sleeping late. She said Kitty wanted me to ease in to my day after we did all that yesterday.

I can smell the food! Tina is such an amazing cook….I guess chef really. The smell is making my tummy growl.

So Mar also said that robes were the uniform for breakfast. I guess I could look through the ones in the first closet. I wouldn’t dare wear my old ugly one here.

I can’t even…..they are arranged by size! There are about ten or so in my size so let’s see what they look like. Hmm…none of these are bath robes really. They are all sorta sexy. This one is too long, I’ll kill myself on the stairs. All the others are much shorter. Ok, way too short! My bum is hanging out! Hehe!

Ok, mid thigh and big enough for my hips and breasts…this is the one then. Now I have to get that evil night taste out of my mouth. Let’s check what’s here for a toothbrush. Everything else is here.

Ah, here we go. A whole cupboard of ‘guest’ supplies, just like a hotel supply cupboard. Well I guess I should have known, since I have been hired as a house manager. Oh my goodness! I’ve been hired as a house manager! The manager of this house! Just like a small hotel, only private! Ok Aganetha, don’t panic, you can do this!!!!



That was unexpected last night! Agie is quite beautiful and it seems that Mar likes her too. At first I thought that we had all gone too far but Mar didn’t push her at all that I could tell. She just exposed Agie to the lifestyle and played with her enough to give her, what looked like, a pretty amazing orgasm.

Gonna have to talk with her to see if she is alright this morning. Don’t want her to go screaming down the drive or anything like that.

I can smell Tina’s wonderful breakfast. Better get dried off from the shower and down for food. The activities last night have left me starving!


I greet Agie with, “High Agie! Did you sleep well?” as I practically bump into her in the hall.

“Oh my goodness Kitty! You have no idea how well! The bed is pure luxury and combined with all that went on yesterday, including the…um…activities last night, well, I was out like a light!” she replies very cheerfully.

Ok, that’s a relief. No hysterics.

“I’m so glad to hear! And no ill effects from any of the activities?!” I query.

She takes a half step to me, places her hand on my arm and while gazing into my eyes, states emphatically, “Absolutely none at all. I think I’ll learn a lot here.”

Teasingly I answer back, “Yes, I’m sure running this house will be a big learning experience!”

“That and many other..um..situations as they arise,” she says shyly now.

As we descend the stairs together I say to her, “We are all a team and the girls and I will be glad to help you with ANYTHING you are unsure about.” Purposefully leaving the statement vague.



I just put the last of the cutlery out as Kitty and Agie come in to the kitchen. After putting her to bed we had all discussed how to make Agie comfortable about being with us and about physical contact. Our ploy is to start using hugs and kisses as greetings as often as would be natural for a family. We have been doing this on occasion but we want to make it more obvious for Agie.

“Kitty! Agie! Good morning!” I chime as I rush to them both. I hug and kiss them each in turn.

Tina is right behind me and offers the same greeting.

Agie seems to have enjoyed the hugs and kisses.

“I’m tuzla escort glad you both came down when you did because Mar and I have breakfast all ready to go!” Tina says. “We have Belgian waffles hot off the griddle and a fresh fruit salad with whipped cream for toppings. For anyone who has a sweeter tooth there is also real maple syrup and hazelnut spread. Coffee, tea, juice and milk are available to drink. Let’s eat!” Tina announced.

“Oh gracious me! That sounds delicious but I’m going to get fat if I eat all that!” exclaims Agie.

“Breakfasts here don’t contain calories Agie, so eat your fill. Besides, I can design a workout for you to use at our gym here and at the big one I work at in town as well!”

“We’ll not let anything happen to that delicious body of yours.” Kitty says with a wink.

I’m surprised to see the look on Agie’s face when Kitty says that. Her eyes go wide and she has what I’m taking as an expectant grin on her face but also tempered with a slight blush. Could this girl with the sheltered upbringing want more of last night?! I fucking hope so! Her innocence makes me all drippy!

Tina brings me out of my reverie. “Mar can you get the waffles out of the warmer so we can start, please?”

“Right!” I acknowledge and go get the waffles.

The island now covered with breakfast goodies we all dig in.



Tina and Mar make a good team and do a wonderful job on breakfast. No one holds back and the food is decimated by the time we were done.

I look to Mar and Tina, “I’m taking Agie to my office to begin her training. What do you two have planned for the morning?” I ask.

Mar says, “I promised T that I’d get her going on a gym routine, so we’ll be working on that.”

“Tina you know you can just come to ‘Just for Us’ whenever you want, right?!” I tell her.

“Yes I know but I want to work on some things before I go public.” Tina replies blushingly.

“Fair enough,” I answer Tina. “Mar, don’t break her, ok?” I say to Marnie.

“I promise.” She says to me. “We’ll clean up here first, though.”

“See you both at lunch!” I say as I grab Agie by the hand and lead her out of the kitchen.



I’m so jelly of Kitty and Mar. They are in great shape and I’m just….well….average. I want to go to the gym with Kitty but I need to get in better shape so I’m not embarrassed. I know that sounds fucked up but it’s the reality of being a girl I guess.

Mar and Kitty have both told me that it would be no biggie. I’m glad Mar agreed to help me get started. She said once I get comfortable she’ll help me at the real gym.


“Ok T, today being day one, I’m going to do an evaluation so we know what to work on. We’ll do some stretching first so you don’t blow up on me partway through, then, push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, then, we’ll do some weights of various types and to finish off, we’ll do some cardio on the treadmill.”

I am shocked at all the things Mar wants me to do! “Kitty said not to kill me! Are you sure we have to do all this stuff?!”

“Fuck T! We are only doing some testing! The real work will start after we have a baseline to start with. I thought you wanted my help to get in shape?!”

“Mar I’m sorry! Yes I want to get into shape but…..”

“I’m only asking you to do what you can, T. I need to know if you can do 5 push-ups or 50, can you do a chin-up?”

“I dunno?!”

“Exactly! Neither do I. Are you a good runner? Are you a sprinter? How many miles can you run?”

“I don’t know any of that Mar?!”

“Once again, fucked if I know either! Hence the testing. We have to start at the start so I can build you a program that will get you more fit.”

I hang my head. This is gonna be hard work but my new sister will help me. “I understand now. Thank you Mar.”

“Just so you know T, I said more fit because you aren’t totally out of shape. After all, you can fuck all night long!” she says to me with that sexy smirk she uses. Gawd! Now I’m wet!



Now in my office, I sit in my desk chair and pull another over for Agie. I want us to sit together. I don’t want the desk to separate us like in an employer/employee scenario. We are going to work together on this so I want this to be right, right from the get go.

I pick the printed sheet off the top of the pile in the basket.

“I’d like you to take a few minutes to go over this and see if you can think of any additional things we need to discuss to get you going here.” I pass her a pen and, “Make notes as you require.”

“Thank you Kitty. It’ll just take me a minute.” she says as she studies the list.


Day to day operations to include;

Answering and redirecting house phone calls;

Answering gate enquiries and access;

Food purchases and delivery;

Laundry services;

House keeping services;

Household budgeting;

Catering and special events coordination;

Travel coordinator;

Possible opening/closing of holiday pendik escort cottage, ski lodge and

Other duties TBD.

Discussion points;


Personal information form for:

Health care;

Emergency notification;


Items Agie has added;

Keys to the house;

Credit/debit cards;

Gate code;

Gate guard?

Access list;


“There are a lot of things on here! I added some too. I hope you don’t mind?” Inquires Agie.

“Yes a long list. I knew there’d be things I missed and I’m sure we will find others!” I reply cheerfully. I’m glad she is taking this seriously. It already tells me something.

“So let’s get started, shall we?!”



“Fourteen!….c’mon T! Another one!”

“I can’t!”

An idea jumps in my head. I straddle her back and bend over. Facing the back of her head, I put my hands, palms up on the floor under her.

“Now one more, T! You can do it!”


“I promise you’ll do it!” I urge her.

She goes down to the floor. I can feel her settle onto my hands. I pinch both nipples and she comes flying back up! “Hey! Fuck!”

“Fifteen! Fuckin told’ya you could! Another!”

She comes down and right back up before I can tweak her.

“Sixteen!” Down again but slower up. I just get a bit of a tweak in.

“Seventeen!” She goes back down and her full weight is on my hands. I tweak and twist. “Nnnnnggghh!”

“C’mon slut! Another!” I growl.

“Bite me, cunt!” I get from T.

I scream, “Another bitch!!!” as I free one hand and pull her hair back hard! I settle my cunt onto her ass for more leverage.

“Don’t stop!! Cuuummmmingg!” Tina screams back.

I’m rubbing and bouncing my twat hard on her and realize I’m right on the edge too. Fuck it!!

I pinch really hard on T’s nip, pull her hair sharply and slam into her as my cunt floods her leggings clad ass. At the same time Tina emits a series of ear splitting shrieks followed by unintelligible babbling.

As I come to my senses I let go of Tina’s hair and release the pressure on her nipple. “Oooohhhnnngg!” I get in response.

As I dismount I almost slip and then I smell it.

Tina says what I was about to. “I fucking pissed myself!”

My fucking brilliant response, “Yeah but you did 17 push-ups!”

“Who the fuck cares!” Tina responds, “How are you gonna top that orgasm!”

We both start with the giggles. I flop back down on her and we hug and kiss, rolling in her puddle. Neither of us care it seems! Gawds, I love her! Never would have guessed she’d be so fuckin kinky! Love it!!!



“Agie, before we start with all this, I want you to know something up front.”

“Ok? Am I in trouble?!”

“No sweetheart, you’re not in any trouble. Far from it. I want to say something about last night. Your employment here is not at all influenced by your participation in our activities. Anything you engage in is solely at your discretion. All you need to do is indicate consent to an activity or a ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ and we will stop immediately. Do I make that totally clear?!”

“Yes Kitty, it’s totally clear. But now I will tell you something very exciting! I would like you to tell the others too. Last night was a total eye opener in all the best ways. I never knew this world existed before. I feel I have been lied to all my life and am now finally free. After last night I want to learn and experience more….everything! Last night I saw, smelled and to some extent felt what it’s all about. My first real orgasm…oh my gosh!! I want to see, feel, taste be tasted and feel the love and passion I saw last night. It was heaven. I want more! I want it all!! I want to be in that tangle of love, sharing and giving I saw on that bed! Please!”

Once again I find that I need to show yet another young lost soul how to love, so I do the only thing I can. I pull her from her chair into my lap, fold her into me and kiss her on the lips with all my might!

As we break apart, I say, “My sweet darling! I for one, and I’m sure the others will agree, will be delighted to introduce you to all the loving acts that we share here. You are a precious young woman and we want you to be in our family. Would you like that?!”

“Yes yes a thousand times yes!!” Then she is silent for a second.

“So I’ll have to find a new job now, huh?” she says.

“What?!” I’m incredulous.

“You can’t pay family to do things in our own house, right?!”

“Like fuck, I can do anything I want! I hired you to be the house manager and that is what you are! And you will do a damn fine job of it too, young lady! Is that clear?!”

Breathe Kitty. These young girls don’t know about people like you. They only know the cruelty of the world. Be patient with her.

“Agie, as I said from the beginning, one has no connection with the other. When you are not doing your job here you can do whatever you like. That includes learning all about sapphic love. Please baby, think of all the aydınlı escort other stuff as perks of the job. Kinda like using the home gym, the pool and jacuzzi.”

Agie was looking kind of abashed but replies, “Ok, I get it. I’m so new to all this and am having a hard time understanding why all of you are so nice to me.”

“You’ll catch on. You’ll see!” I say as I brush hair from her eyes and kiss her again.

She responds to the kiss by letting out a small moan. I explore by letting my tongue push at her lips. They part slightly as she opens to allow access. Our tongues meet. She moans louder and longer. Her ass is squirming on my lap. I start my tongue working more vigorously on hers. She responds in kind. Gawd she tastes fabulous! Wow! She is groping my boob! Whodda thunk she would lead! Clumsily but leading nonetheless!! Fuck the manager training! Obviously the morning is taking another tack!

I manage to slide her to standing and she breaks away, looking confused.

I grab her hand again. “Bedroom?” I ask, looking into her eyes expectantly.

She nods.

Racing across the hall, we get to my room. I close the door hoping we are not disturbed.

There are no lockable doors in this house. We have nothing to hide.

I turn to Agie and gently pull her to me. “Are you absolutely sure?!”

She nods.

“No Agie. I need to here it.” I say to her softly.

“I’m am sure. More sure than anything else. Please teach me…..everything.” She says breathily, looking straight in to my soul.

How can I not?! There isn’t an ounce of guile in her answer.

I lean slightly forward and begin kissing her again, working from her lips to her jawline to the nape of her neck. My hands are undoing the tie on her robe (remind me to thank Marnie for the morning dress code idea) as I feel her hands doing likewise. The little minx!

Our robes are open and have fallen off our shoulders. We each reach in to pull ourselves together, skin to skin. We are both warm with lust and need. I’m sure we each feel the others erect nipples burning each other. Fuck I’m wet! How wet is she?!

As I massage her boobs she whispers, “Mmmm yyyeeeesssss!”

I disengage one hand and work lower. Her furry mound feels warm and dewy. We’ll have to do some landscaping! I find her button just as she finds my nipples. “Fuck!” I say as she says “Uuunnnggg!”

I run two fingers down her slot and get further sexy noises from Agie along with some pelvic movements. Eager! Wanton! All good!!

We seem to be in sync as we both let our arms go and the robes hit the floor. I walk her to the edge of the bed. Her knees hit the edge and I let her fall back, following on top of her.

Not letting her catch her breath, I suck a nipple into my mouth as I gently insinuate a finger into her tight hole. Hhhhmmm?! No hymen?! Interesting! Ok full steam ahead!

My finger goes in all the way and I curl it. Now switching to her other nipple, there it is! As she jumps into me and squeaks, I know I’ve found her spot.

Continuing to work, she is getting more vocal. “Hhbbbllbllbbhh fuuubblck!”

My innocent Agie! She just swore! I’m sure that babble was ‘holy fuck!!’ or something like it!

I slide down a bit more, exchanging lips for hand on her tits. Now as I start to finger bang this little sweetheart, I move the forest with my tongue and apply my lips to her now distended and aroused clit.

We’ll that’s gone leave a mark! She drives her mons right into my nose! Eyes watering but undaunted, I continue to suck, pinch and finger Agie to greater heights and volumes!

I can feel her insides begin to convulse. It’s gonna be massive! Her hands clutch the sheets, her head is going side to side, the animal noises are voluminous!!

Then she freezes.


She throws me off as she arches WAY up! A series of shrill screams come accompanied by long streams of pussy squirt arcing into the air!!

Then utter collapse.

Agie is still. Not breathing……then…. Buhhhhhh!!! She sucks in a massive breath. And she is quiet again….and breathing softly.

I’ve been around a lot of sex in my life. That was THE BIGGEST orgasm I’ve ever witnessed.

I suddenly realize…..this has affected me so much….my nipples actually hurt they are so hard and I am soaking wet myself. My clit and my inner labs are throbbing too!

Gawd how do I do this?! I keep finding these wonderful girls and falling absolutely totally devotedly in LOVE with them.

I am suddenly realizing that they are truly FAMILY and I’d do anything for these three. What a humbling thought.

Ignoring all the fluids sprayed everywhere (I’ll have to remind Agie to get us on a laundry and dry cleaning service), I slide up the bed and pull my new beautiful girl into me.

I whisper in her ear, “Mommy will look after you forever babygirl!”

“Thank you Mommy!” is the soft sleepy reply.



After a quick cleanup and a change of workout clothes, Mar has me ready to do sit-ups. My toes are hooked under the weight bench which she is sitting on.

“T, remember, just churn out as many as you can, I’ll offer incentive nearer the end for you to max out your effort, ok?” Mar says with a huge grin on her face.

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