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The day started out very mellow, doing laundry early in the morning, paying bills, and food shopping. He took pleasure in these tasks, which normally wouldn’t happen, because he knew the day would end very differently.

He took his time shopping, picking only the best for the dinner he was about to create. He studied the wine selection for the right choice. After putting the groceries away, and tidying up the apartment, he reviewed his plans for the evening and began to put his plan into action.

She arrived to the apartment just around 6:30 PM, and wore sweatpants and a shirt, as he had told her to, earlier that day. She felt very underdressed when he opened the door, and was dressed in slacks and a jacket. She walked in, not sure what to expect, but was surprised when she noticed candles on the dining table, and ornate settings. Ire was beginning to dwell within her, towards him, because she now felt he was making fun of her by having her dress this way.

As her eyebrows seemed to sear him with their rigidity, he quickly came out with an order that he knew would calm her. “There are things for you to dress in, in the bedroom, wear exactly what I put out.” Her glare seemed to calm a little, and she quickly went into his bedroom, and found that some suitable clothing had been put out. A silk blouse and silk dress, lay upon his bed, strewn out for her, along with silk stockings and a garter belt. She grinned as she surveyed the clothing, and noticed no panties were present. “You forgot the panties,” she called to him. “No, I didn’t, just put on what is there.” He replied.

Again, she grinned and quickly removed her sweats, which were warm and toasty. She slowly donned the blouse, languishing in the softness of the silk. She began to put the dress on, which she felt eyes upon her, and turned around in time to catch him watching her. “Enjoying yourself?” she asked. “immensely, but not as much as I will later!” he said. He watched as she slowly drew the stocking up her leg, turning the beige flesh into dark, hidden territory. She spread her legs for a moment, letting him catch a glimpse güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of her pussy, which made him moan slightly.

As she played out the “dress-tease,” she herself was starting to feel something inside her start to heat up. She toyed with him, as she clipped the garter belt on, and would let her finger “stray” to her crotch. She was making herself as hot as she was making him. “Hurry, or dinner will spoil,” he quickly added, as he left the room. When she came out, dinner had been served. She knew dinner would be delicious, as he was always making something in the kitchen, and she remembered how they “cooked” there.

He pulled her seat out for her, and gently pushed it back in when she sat down. He leaned down and kissed her deeply for a moment, before opening the bottle of Merlot. He passed a glass to her, and poured one for himself, and then sat down. He looked beyond the candles, inter her eyes, and said “for you m’lady,” and raised his glass towards her. She smiled and blushed, and rose her glass to meet his.

They drank and ate the feast he had cooked, all the while playing footsie and making longing glances into each others eyes. She knew how this night would turn out, with some passionate lovemaking in the bedroom. He knew something different.

At the end of the meal he said. “Thank you soo very much for joining me m’lady. I am sorry to send you home.” She couldn’t believe what she heard for a moment. “What?” she asked. “Yes, I am sorry, but I must clean up here. I want you to go back to your place, where I will catch up with you when I am done here.” Shocked, and very upset, she stood up, tossed her napkin down and stormed out. “Whatever!” she cried as she left the apartment. He had to work quickly, and rushed into his bedroom, and left the apartment almost as quickly.

She ran to her car, and started sobbing. She wondered how and why he would do something like that to her. She started the car and realized she was still wearing the dress and blouse he had set out for her. She was going to rip them off as soon as she got back, she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri thought to herself. She started to take off for her place, wondering what revenge she could impose upon him, when she heard a siren behind her. She looked down at her speed, and saw it was only five miles above the limit, and wondered why the cop would pull her over for that. She saw only headlight in the mirror, and realized it was a motorcycle officer. “Great” she thought to herself, “this is all I need.” She pulled over and awaited the officer.

She heard the deep voice, “License and Registration please.” “I’m sorry officer, I am a little upset, and didn’t realize how fast I was going,” she replied. “I’m sorry miss, but the law is the law, however, this is one thing you can do to avoid this ticket,” said the officer. “What is that, sir?” she asked. “Suck my cock!” he replied, and with that, he unbuckled his belt, and undid his fly, and let his hard cock spring forward, which was at head level. She turned, shocked, and looked up to see her boyfriend smiling at her. Her anger quickly melted, and she leaned out of the window, and took the cock into her mouth eagerly. She gave a quick nibble, and he jumped, as a method of payback for what he had put her through.

After sucking his cock for a bit, he pulled out of her mouth. “Now step out of the vehicle Ma’am!” he said. She sheepishly opened the door and got out of the car. “Put your hands on the hood, and spread your legs,” he said. She was becoming extremely turned on by what he was doing, and seeing him in the uniform. She complied, and spread her legs especially wide. “is there something else wrong officer?” she questioned. “Yes, I believe you are concealing drugs on your person,” he replied. “No sir, I’m a good girl, I don’t do drugs,” “I will have to see, myself,” he said.

He took his baton out of his belt and placed it on the inside of her knee and slowly moved it up the inside of her thigh, bringing her dress up also. “I think I sense something here!” With his other hand, he brought her dress all the way over her ass, and pushed güvenilir bahis şirketleri her torso down, so she was half-hanging over the car. He then knelt down and put his nose in between her cheeks, and lightly put his tongue out, tasting the wetness between her lips. “Yes, this is definitely a drug you have been concealing here!” he said. With that, he thrust his tongue into her pussy and devoured her. She grabbed onto the hood, and felt the warmth of the engine against her face, as it rested upon it. She began to moan.

“I’m going to have to get all of the evidence out of you miss!” he said. “I will comply officer,” was the only thing she could say. He backed away from her, and brought his baton against her inner thighs up to her lips. He twisted the club around to get the head of it wet with her juices, and he slowly pushed it into her. She gasped for air, as it went into her. He twisted it into her, and she panted, desperately trying to breathe. Her legs were wobbly as he filled her with the nightstick. He then pulled it out of her and before she could catch her breath, he thrust his cock into her pussy.

He held onto her hips as he fucked her hard. He could almost feel his balls slap against the fender, as he ground into her. “I promise I’ll be a good girl sir,” she kept repeating, as the meaning flew away, and she enjoyed his cock, inside her. “I’m going to have to check other orifices!” he said. He took his cock out of her pussy and gently eased it into her ass, giving her time to accommodate to his size. Again she gasped and panted, but moaned, as she loved to be taken. She came over and over again, and couldn’t tell when they started or ended. Then she lost her mind when she felt the familiar nightstick up her thigh, and against her pussy lips, as he was in her ass. He pushed it deep into her, and she let out a scream. She had never been so filled before, and was amazed she could actually do it. She almost passed out as he ground his cock deep into her and came deep inside her.

He withdrew the nightstick, and his cock, and felt almost empty, yet fulfilled and exhausted. As she lay on the hood of her car, she asked “How?” “Oh I borrowed the suite and bike from an officer friend of mine, see, he’s over there taping us for prosperity.” She looked over and was aghast and delighted, that she would be able to masturbate, watching the scene over and over, and over again…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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