pulling a train


pulling a trainYa i like your porn also Ive done or been in on some of it with other guys of course lol as a young teen id get invited to ditching partys where id make out to be over intoxicated knowing thata few of the guys at the party always made comments and gave hints of lots of intrest in in thoses days my fat big ass id get escorted into the restroom being i was acting sick and after a while id walk out and into a bedroom where Id act passed out but not before making it easyer to get to my bare ass i never wore underware and still dont it wouldnt take long that id be all alone in the dark the first time i had three high school guys fondle and finger me till each got the courage to top and fuck me three times before having to go home the third time id gotten a fan club that time was the first time i had nine guys tag team me but my first time was with aolder cousin that was very horny and very hung and was the first to show me how much he loved my fat ass cheeks when he gave me no choise in if i wanted his cock or not I woke up around midnight when my face was shoved into my pillow hard as his hairy heavy body flopped down on top of me to my supprise he had stripped us both he stroked up and down my ass crack a few times the as he bite the back of my neck hard causing me to tense ane hike my ass up as he was ramming upward his head found its mark and he shoved about 6 to 7 inches deep stopped breathing hard he whispered bitch your going a make me cum then bite me again as my ass popped up he rammed al 9,5 thick inches balls deep and started grinding into me as i felt him flooding me inside all that summer he treated me like his cum slut anytime he showed me the sign meant i was to sneak off to a secret spot get face down on the ground and bolu escort wait for him spreading my ass cheeks and i had to stay tjhat way or else one day as i lay there under a tree behind some brush i heard him come up only i thought i heard more than one guy as always he pumped two loads lay there on top a few minutes then as he got up he stopped me from getting up told me no stay down and spread em in not done i always did like hed tell me and as he rolled off a heavyer body flopped down on top of me i fought to stop him but he slammed in fast and hard i looked behind in fear to see a man that worked for my dad and behind him was two others and along with my cousin all three were stroking hardons and that wasnt the only time he sharred me once at hos fathers fathers house wed gone to visit one day hed taken me into a shed where his grandpa was raising rabbits knowing i loved a****ls after looking at all of them he said i bet my grandpa would give you one or two if you let him i said no i dont want too he said ok well but im horny jay on that bale of hay i said someone might cum in he said no ill lock it which i thought he did as i got down on the bale when he came over he started fucking me like putting on a show pulling all out then plowing in fast and hardI happened to look around and saw a face starring in throuigh a window i tried to get up or cover up when he shoved me down hard i could tell he was making signs to someone to cum in and they did as he pumped me fast and hard after cumming held me down and said you wanted to see where my big dick cums from them still holding me dfown pulled out and moved aside as an old wrnkled hand fondled me i turned and looked seeing an old skinny body standing then sat on my back facing towards bolu escort bayan my ass with his skinny loose skinned ass sitting on my hands and back as he giggled i heard him talking about the cum leaking out of my hole then he finger fucked my hole slapping my ass cheek hard now and then then moved up my arms exposing my hands as he stuck his very long and very thick vdick between my hand slapped my ass and sai stroke my dick as i did he called out loud then the door squeeked open and closed i thought he was calling my cousin only he moved up from the side leand down and whispered your really going to like this in panic i started fighting to get up but the two of them held me down then the grandpa slapped my ass again then spread my guie cum slick ass cheeks open and said fuck this pussy, i heard a zipper noise then pant being pulled down then the grandpa slaooed my cheek and said again this is the pussy you need to fuck a mumbling retarted moan groan then a laugh sound before the old man said i hope you like horse cocks as he spread me open wide and a very very thick fat head started trying to shove in me but was to big over and over it tryied till the old man said fine get away then spun around slide back rubbing his heavy long thick fat cock down my ass till i felt his cum hole at bmy hole he said this is how you do it and thrust forward making me squeel loud in pain as he forced his apple size head in me after it was easy taking his thick shaft only with every stroke he got deeper and at ten inches it was uncomfortable but he kept hitting deeper and deeper when his bakks slapped my ass he stopped as grinded in even more my cousin said damn youve got 12 inches in you the old man stared pulling out 3 or 4 inches then ramming back escort bolu in hard for around 20 or 30 times before doing like my cousin grinding in hard only his cum load wasnt much and more like pee when he pulled out the retared tried fighting back in only my cousib said wait let me lube him a littlei could tell my cousin wasnt going to last after five thrusts he plowed in hard and growled loud and as always it never was a little lube with him it was a huge explosion with so much cum it squirted back out onto his hairy balls he pulled out stepped aside as said fuck that gapping open loose asspussy unclei started to look only huge strong thick hands grabbed my fat sides as he jabbed my ass over and over missing each timetill the old man said let me help you grabbing his dick pointing him home when again i screamed in loud pain even more then before only he didnt stop he smashed the oldmans hands into my ass between us like his dad only the last four inches saw day light around five times before he shot the first time took a breath and pumped again 7 times and a second oneafter four he started showing off loving to hear me cry out in pain hed pull out his huge hrad then force back in pump two pull out twice then plow the fifth he dropped down on top of me and sway his ass from side to side with an inwarg thrusr which spit a glob of cum in me, till the old man slapped his ass and said enough get off him about 5 or 6 times before he pulled out i lay there on that bail trying to stop the pain caused from over stretching then a limp dick sapped my cheek and i heard which one was better i looked forwaed to see all three long thick limp dikes swaying side to side in front of me i didnt answer the old man said its time to eat as they dressed and walked awayi closed my eyes and lay there enjoying the sometimes pain sometimes pleasure feeling my asspussy was feeling when two hand pushed at my back i looked back and saw the retard over my ass his dick out as he jabbed in my ass missin,

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