Promising Family Modeling Careers Ch. 04

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Note: I’d like to thank you all for such generous feedback, but I have a favor to ask: Could you identify your gender in your feedback (anonymous is fine). Only men have done this so far and I’m anxious to get the feminine perspective. It will help me write better stories. More feedback from women would be a great help. Thanks, Dear Me.

After lunch they all returned to the studio together. Stuart wasted no time…he had Mary posing with her son and daughter right away. He had Allison line them up with their backs to the white wall, with their hands by their sides. They were all completely nude. “Open your legs and keep as still as you can”, Stuart said to the three of them. He had already thought of a caption for the shot: Inspecting the smooth family.

Stuart came right over next to them and said: ” What a lovely smooth looking family you are. Mary your vagina looks so girlish and innocent now.” His hand was between Mary’s thighs. She felt so good to him. He turned his attention to Julie as well. He placed a hand between Julie’s thighs. “My you two feel so alike, and look alike too.” His fingers were now gently penetrating their vaginas as he observed them. One hand feeling mum the other feeling her daughter. “Mary you know I’d love a daughter like your little Julie.” As he said that he kissed Julie on the lips and then Mary.

He turned to Allison and said: “Allison you’d better take some photos of this. We don’t want to miss anything. And Allison dear I think you should be nude like the others.” Allison didn’t hesitate, she had been waiting for this. She immediately took her dress off and then her bra and panties. She was shaved completely too. Obviously following what Stuart liked . She had a lovely figure, something which was not lost on anyone. They had all watched her undress. Stuart was still stroking mother and daughter and they were, to his delight, getting very wet and hot. Allison was clicking away, getting it all on film. She looked great as a nude photographer.

Stuart said: “Your mum and sister look pretty nice don’t they Paul. As I touch their vaginas you step behind them and run your hands over their bottoms. Trace the line of their cracks with your fingers. Allison get these shots from the front and back.” Paul was very excited watching Stuart feel his sister and mother. He loved the feel of his own fingers on their bottoms too. His cock was rock hard yet again. (He had caught Allison staring at it a few times. She couldn’t help herself). Paul’s fingers were able to go right in the groove of the cracks of their bottoms because their legs were open. His fingers slid down from the top of their cracks to their anuses, lingering there. It thrilled him to touch his mum and sister on their very secret little holes. They were thrilled by his touch too.

Stuart left them to take the camera from Allison to start taking some photos. He said to Allison: “ Go over and stand next to them. Run your hands gently over Mary’s and Julie’s Breasts. Get their nipples hard.” Allison ran her palms over their breasts and fingered their nipples. It wasn’t long before mother and daughter had very hard nipples. They looked beautiful. Mary’s were very prominent and Julie’s were a good size too. Stuart was clicking away as he said: “Allison don’t forget Paul. Play with his nipples too.” Allison’s hands glided over Paul’s nipples and then she squeezed them quite hard. It sent a lovely sensation through Paul and his cock stiffened. Allison stared at it and then her eyes met Paul’s and she smiled. Stuart instructed Allison: “Now Allison run your hands between their legs and feel them. Look intently at them like you’re inspecting them.”

Allison started with Paul. She ran her hands all over his smooth balls, between his legs and along his hard cock. There was a little pre-cum escort ataşehir oozing from Paul’s cock as she did. She put her finger right on the hole at the end of the cock to feel his thin pre-cum juices. He shuddered. He was sensitive there. Then she started running her other hand between Mary’s legs. Mary’s skin felt so smooth and warm. Allison’s fingers felt Mary’s heat and wetness, as she penetrated Mary’s vagina slightly. At the same time she kept touching the end of Paul’s cock. As she did Stuart said: “Put Paul’s juices to Mary’s mouth. Put your finger in Mary’s mouth.” Allison did and Mary sucked on Allison’s finger. She could taste her son’s pre-cum. It had her so aroused.

Watching this Julie was getting very hot and wet. Allison started inspecting Julie between the legs. As she penetrated her she was even wetter and hotter than her mum. Stuart said: ” Give Mary a taste of her daughter now.” Allison put a finger as deep as she could into Julie’s vagina to get as much of Julie’s wetness as she could. Then she put her finger into Mary’s mouth. Mary sucked on Allison’s finger again and tasted her daughter’s intimate juices. Julie tasted so good to her mum. The taste and scent of her children had Mary wild with desire now. Allison licked Mary’s ear and whispered: ” I bet your children taste lovely.” Stuart had caught it all on film. He had reverted to using a video camera so he would not miss any of these beautifully intimate moments. He would take stills off later. He had another caption in mind: Mother tastes her children.

Stuart said: “ Now Allison stand alongside Mary and Julie and Paul you stand facing the three of them. Girls I want you to stand quite still with your legs parted. Paul I want you to compare their vaginas. See how alike your mum’s and sister’s vagina’s are and how they contrast with Allison’s. Look at the color variation. Allison’s lips are darker, much darker than the lighter pink of those of your mother and sister. Don’t hold back Paul. Open them up with your fingers. Have a really close look…. That’s it. It looks so beautiful.” Stuart was extremely aroused now filming this on video. He thought about how hot those who saw the film and the stills would be. It was such a warm and loving scene but so erotic and kinky as well. He would write notes for the movie pack and for the book to make it clear to all those who viewed them that they were privileged to be watching a real family in these beautifully intimate scenes.

Mary was swooning with the touch of her son. He was paying her more attention than the others. He was holding his mum’s vaginal lips wide open. They were glistening and slippery with her love juices. Paul’s cock was oozing pre-cum. Stuart drew close to get shots of Mary’s gaping vagina. Mary’s sex scent filled the air. Paul was now touching Julie and his mum at the same time. Allison was getting hot knowing what Paul was doing to his mother and sister. She could detect their sex scent clearly. She was also getting impatient. She wanted Paul to explore her vagina too. Her legs were now noticeably wider apart, almost willing or inviting Paul to feel her. Stuart took advantage of that to get some lovely vaginal shots of Allison. Her lips were darker and beautifully prominent, reflecting her aroused state, in some part due to her anticipation, and frustration. But she also had more naturally prominent lips than Mary and Julie. All this made Stuart think of the next caption: Family’s intimate resemblance.

It was at last Allison’s turn. As Paul started exploring her vagina, her hips began involuntarily thrusting. She was just so aroused. He opened her rather large vaginal lips wide and put a finger deep inside. She was very wet. Her juices were really flowing from all the anticipation and the thought of being so intimately kadıköy escort involved with the family. She looked so sensual and sexual, having such prominent lips and being completely shaved. Her pretty face was flushed. She looked so ripe and ready.

Stuart was really savoring this moment. He had wanted to photograph her totally nude for so long but until this family shoot she had resisted. Witnessing the earlier family shoot had touched a chord in her and had her so hot that she had actually asked Stuart if she could be involved. What was happening now exceeded Stuart’s wildest dreams for Allison. He was so aroused now watching his stunningly attractive assistant so exposed. Her face was so innocent and pure looking, and her large and open vaginal lips gave her the look of a wanton woman. For Stuart it was an exquisite contrast. He was thinking of another great caption: Pure, ripe, revealed and ready.

Stuart said: “ Mary and Julie get behind Allison. Put your arms around her.”

Mary replied: “Would you like us to make her feel like an intimate member of our family?”

Stuart replied: “ That’s wonderful Mary. It’s exactly what I want. I’ll leave it to you to do.”

Mary said to Julie: “ As you put your arms around Allison press yourself against her.”

Julie dutifully followed. She stood behind and to the side of Allison. Her arms were right around Allison, touching both breasts and Julie’s vagina was pressed up against one of Allison’s buttocks. Her breasts were pressed into the side and back of Allison. Mary did the same from the other side. But her arms went down lower and her fingers opened Allison’s vaginal lips wide. Mary’s wet and hot vagina was pressed against Allison’s other buttock and her larger motherly breasts into Allison’s side and back like Julie’s were. Allison shook a little with excitement. She could feel the wet warmth of their vaginas against her and the soft warm pressing of their breasts. The thought that these sensations against her skin were from mother and daughter sent a thrill right through her. Having her vaginal lips held open by Mary for Stuart and Paul to see thrilled her too. She felt so exposed.

Mary whispered in Allison’s ear: “ For this moment I want you to feel you are my very own sexy daughter. I want you to feel part of our family.”

Allison replied: “ Oh yes I’d love to be your sexy daughter and Julie’s sexy sister.”

Stuart got those words on the sound tract of the video. With the action it would be so hot. Another caption came to mind: Welcomed to the intimate family. Mary asked Stuart if they could continue this family theme with Paul involved with Allison as well. “Lovely idea,” Stuart said. “ By all means Mary. I’ll leave it to you.”

Mary said to Paul: “ Darling, I want you to feel Allison is your sister. She is now so aroused, wet and ready. A good brother should make sure she feels loved and desired. As Julie and I hug Allison I want you, her loving new brother to penetrate your new sister with your lovely hard cock.

At this point Stuart interrupted. He came right over to where they were standing and said: “ That’s a good idea but I want Paul to make love with his mother first in this part of the series. It’s ok to pose erotically with his new sister first, even penetrate her a little but he needs to save himself for you Mary. I want the mother and son shots to be very special. I don’t want them up-staged beforehand. You can go ahead with what you are doing but keep that in mind. Are you happy with that Mary?”

“ I’m not just happy Stuart, I’m delighted and so aroused. It is what I would really love. It’s what I’ve dreamt about,” said a flushed Mary.

Stuart was smiling as he said: “ Ok then go ahead with your scene now. Mary and Julie resumed maltepe escort bayan hugging Allison and Mary asked Paul to come close and just put the tip of his cock inside his new sister. Paul was shaking with excitement as his cock slid into the slippery opening of Allison. Allison moaned and said: “ My dear brother.” Paul gave her an open mouth kiss on her lips. His tongue penetrating her mouth as his cock entered her vagina. She felt so hot. She was close to orgasm, overwhelmed with this feeling of sexual intimacy with the family. Paul’s cock felt so hot to her. The bodies of her new mother, sister and brother engulfed her in a loving, intimate and excitingly taboo embrace. Stuart caught it all on film. He knew he had such a wonderful series.

Stuart came over to Mary and kissed her gently on the lips and said: “ Are you ready Mary for your son?” Mary answered by taking Stuart’s hand and placing it between her legs. He could feel her amazing heat and her wetness. Her vagina was oozing with her love juices. If ever a mother was ready for her son, Mary was now. Stuart took Mary and Paul over to the white bed with white sheets and pillows; all designed to frame and display their bodies. Stuart got Mary onto her back. He gently parted her legs wide.

What a sight! Her wet deep pink lips glistened in readiness for her son. Paul came around to the side of the bed and kissed his mother lovingly on her cheeks and then on her lips. Intuitively he then kissed, licked and sucked on each nipple. It honored his mother’s breasts as the symbol of such a deep and special bond between mother and son.

Stuart directed Paul onto the bed to a kneeling position between his mother’s legs.

He then got into a position to film this delicate moment. Mary had a serene and loving smile on her face. Paul was beaming. He brought his head down between his mother’s legs and started licking her dripping vagina. He could literally taste her love and desire for him. Stuart asked Julie and Allison to get next to the bed to be close witnesses to his beautiful moment. They were together on one side of the bed. They both felt so much a part of this intimate family moment. Julie placed her hand between Allison’s thighs and Allison reciprocated. It just seemed the right thing for them to be doing while they were witnessing this moment. They were gently masturbating each other. Family sex scents filled the air.

By this time Paul’s face was covered with his mothers sex juices and scent. When he kissed her on the lips she could taste and smell her own juices. She was so aroused. This was so wonderful. Paul then got himself into a position to penetrate his mother. Mary was beside herself with arousal using uncharacteristically coarse language when she cried out very loud for all to hear: “ Fuck me, Paul! Put your hard cock deep into my cunt. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Paul’s hard cock was sliding right up his mother’s slippery hot cunt. He fucked her hard. He thrust and thrust. They were covered in sweat.

He kept going harder and harder. Her hips were moving wildly. She was bucking vigorously as her son fucked her so hard. She licked him and bit him. He sucked her neck hard, leaving a deep red mark. . He covered her face with his saliva. He called her his cunt mother. His fuck mother.

He was wild and out of control and so was she. The bed was rocking hard. He was the first to orgasm. He filled his mother with his hot gushing sperm. He had such an enormous amount to give her. She came soon after. Feeling her son’s hot sperm gushing inside her is what sent her right over the edge. They were both shaking violently. “I love you. I love you,” Paul cried.

“ My boy, my lover, my man,” Mary replied.

Allison and Julie had come too. They were kissing each other passionately. They crammed into the bed with Mary and Paul to share their joy and the perfume and heat of their sex which filled the bed.

Stuart had dutifully filmed it all. Not a moment was missed. He was thinking to himself: “ I’ll have my time in the next scene.”

End of Ch. 4

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