ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #8


ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #8iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #8 – Nate”I wish Tori loved me like I love her.”Nate Shepherd woke up with a really bad hangover. He had no idea how many beers he had at Jade’s party and he was ashamed to admit that he had a couple more when he got him. He hadn’t even managed to take his clothes off before passing out. Tori was on his mind, which was normal, but this time, he was stuck on the idea that she would never feel the same way that he did. Despite feeling awful, he found himself gripping the sheets next to him and imagining it was the fit and warm body of Tori Vega instead of the cold thousand thread count sheets.Unable to keep the fantasy for very long, he trudged over to the shower and quickly immersed himself in the steamy water, desperately trying to get his head together. Once again, he imagined what Tori would look like in the shower with him; her steamy naked body covered in the water. His hands reached out to hold the mirage of his girlfriend but of course they passed through.This girl is driving me crazy, he thought. I can’t even have a thought or do anything without her popping up. He finished his shower and walked back into his room and quickly got dressed. He had no idea why he was getting dressed since there was nothing going on today and he was probably just going to crash on his bed and watch TV, but he felt the need to be prepared either way.His foresight paid off as his phone vibrated after ten minutes with a test from Andre which was immediately followed by a text from Tori, both about the same thing. They wanted to eat as this Mexican restaurant called Taco Bueno, and while he was looking forward to seeing his friends, the food didn’t appeal to him. Dallas, Texas wasn’t much more north than LA, but somehow the Mexican food in this town tasted awful to what he had back home.Knowing that Tori would be at the lunch, he took the extra effort to clean up, ironing his shirt, shaving, and just making sure he looked good. This took up every minute of the 20 minute window he had to get to the food joint, so he was running just a bit late, but still ended up there before either of the Vega girls. He was less than pleased to see that Beck was there, but having Robbie and Andre around served as a simple enough buffer that he didn’t mind.Tori and Trina showed up and the eldest Vega tried sitting next to him, but Tori punched her in the arm and quickly sat down.”He’s my boyfriend, Trina… Back off.”No matter how many times Nate heard variations on what Tori just said, he never got tired of knowing that the two of them were together and that he was the boyfriend of the hottest girl in school.”You’re such a bitch, Tori… Just like this morning.” There was silence as everyone got comfortable and started looking at the menu. “Well?” Trina asked impatiently. “Isn’t anyone going to ask what happened this morning to make me say that?”Andre rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Go ahead, girl. Just tell us whatever you’re crazy ass is upset about.””Fine. I won’t say anything, if everyone’s going to be mean to me,” she said triumphantly. “But it had pancakes in it and Tori lying to me about whether or not they were fat free.”Beck looked over at the mouthy Vega. “Then you just told us what happened. What a rousing story…””Soo… Anybody hear from Jade or Cat?” Tori asked, attempting to defuse the tension.”Yeah,” Robbie said, finally getting into the conversation, “Cat said she was busy and I don’t think Jade’s coming since she’s got the iCarly people.”There was silence at the table for a few moments when Tori leaned into Nate’s ear and whispered, “You smell reeeeally good, babe.” She playfully nibbled at his earlobe earning glances from the table.”Girl, you need to chill that stuff out,” Andre said, giving her a look.”I can’t help it,” she replied. “I love my boyfriend and I shouldn’t be held accountable when love comes into play.”Nate desperately tried not to show his shock that she had used the L bomb, not once, but twice. He had craved hearing her say those words for months and now, here at a shitty Mexican food joint, she just says it like it’s nothing.”I… uh… love you too, Tori,” Nate said nervously.”Of course you do, baby. You tell me all the time, and now I’m going to-“”Fuck!” Beck said, tossing his menu on the table.”Dude, you-” Robbie tried to say, but was cut off quickly.”No… I can’t do this shit… Fuck this,” Beck said sliding his chair out and grabbing his coat before bursting out the door just as the waiter reached the table and took orders.The rest of lunch went by without much of a problem, besides Trina annoying the piss out of everyone at the table. Halfway through, Tori had slid over so close, she was practically in Nate’s lap, which more than made up for not liking the food at all.”It’s ok, baby,” she said, whispering at him and smiling, “I’m going to make you such a good meal tonight. Just the two of us.””Ohmygod, Gag!” Trina shouted at the happy couple. “That reminds me… can I come hang out with you tonight, Robbie? Tori needs me to clear out of the house so she can screw him.”Nate coughed with surprise and cleared his throat, “Hrrmm… that’s not-“He was stopped when he felt Tori’s hand rub his thigh up and down and giving him a look telling him that that might actually be the plan. His eyes went wide and his face blushed a bit, and if anything was said for the rest of lunch, Nate certainly didn’t hear it.* * *Nate spent the rest of the day getting ready for what he assumed was going to be something really special. For the first time, he honestly felt like Tori was feeling the same way that he did, and that feeling was indescribable. He did a few chores after lunch. Actually, he and Tori made out for almost 20 minutes after lunch, but after he dropped her off and went home, he did some work around the house. Nate wanted to work up a real sweat so he would have an excuse to shower and change completely.After all the work and clean-up was done, he threw a jacket, shirt and tie on, making sure he was well dressed for the woman he loved. And now that, at least it seemed so, she loved him back, his life felt like it was complete. Once he was pleased enough with his appearance after looking in the mirror for way too long, he finally headed out the door to see Tori.But first, he needed to make a stop.* * *Tori Vega had never felt the way that she was feeling now as she raced through her empty house. Nate was due any minute and she felt like she was so unprepared for him and she was so nervous. This was big, and she knew that she had already said that she loved him at lunch, but this was the night she was going to show him how much. She had spent an hour on her hair and makeup. She found the cutest dress that still displayed sex appeal, and she created an outfit that worked. But as cold as it was outside, and as few clothes as she was wearing, her body still felt like it was on fire.She was putting the finishing touches on her chicken parmesan as she sat it on the table when she heard the knock at the door. She let out a deep whine and ran to answer the door, ready to kiss him, and ran right into Trina.”Trina! I thought I made it clear not to come around the house for a while tonight.””Ummm… you did, but I live here too, so you’re just- Hey!”Tori pushed her s*ster back out the door in a rush, which caused a draft with some leaves to come into the den.”Please just go, Trina… I would do this for you if you wanted me too.””Fine… ughh… you are so aggravating.”Trina headed back out the door and Tori tried to pick up all the stuff that had blown in the door. As she bent over to grab the last of it, she missed the sound of someone walking up.Nate’s eyes were nearly watering from seeing how gorgeous she looked and how perfectly her ass was hugged by her dress. It was royal blue and hugged her every curve perfectly and ended just at the knees. He considered sneaking up behind her and grabbing her, but was worried he might be too forward or that he might scare her.Tori turned around and came face to face with Nate who was way too obviously staring at her ass, but he was holding flowers, so that probably helped her forgiveness. She laughed, knowing that her rear was one of her best features and couldn’t blame him for staring, and besides, she was his. No shame in that. She looked into his eyes and bit her lip, looking half naughty and half innocent, which was maybe the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life.After their mutual silence and nonverbal standoff, she kissed his cheek softly as she tossed the trash stuff out the door and shut it tightly.”You’re here right on time. I just put dinner on the table, and I hope you enjoy it,” she said, pressing her face into his neck, nestling her whole body onto his.”I do try and be punctual-like when I can help it.”He smelled so fresh, she thought, and warm and she could feel his muscles and he seemed so strong, like he could hold her forever. As his arms wrapped around her, her safety, comfort, and want only increased. Her mind ran through all the fantasies of the two of them finally being together and she could feel herself giving in to lust. Her hands brushed over his chest and, as she reached his heart, feeling it beat, she couldn’t resist.”Baby, I’m going to have dessert first if that’s ok?””Umm… yeah, babe, that’s fine.”Tori sighed softly, “Good.”While Nate was expecting there might be some cookies or a cake of some sort, he was certainly not expecting what happened next.Tori dropped to her knees and quickly undid Nate’s belt.”Tori?! What… I mean-“”Just relax,” she said, looking up at him with eyes filled with hunger. “I have been waiting on the big moment all day, and now here we are and I can’t even get to dinner without savouring you. So, I am having my dessert now.”Nate tried to speak, but as she reached inside his pants and pulled his member out, he was rendered speechless. Adding to this issue was the look on her face when she saw it. Tori had felt it when they had made out, and had rubbed against it when they got really hot and heavy. For a while, she wondered if he was embarrassed about it and now she had no idea why they hadn’t been together.”This is… just… wow. I-“Tori didn’t even finish her sentence and stroked the member slowly, having to use both hands as there was a good inch and a ½ between her fingers that she couldn’t reach with just one hand. After feeling comfortable, Tori licked the underside, prompting Nate to flinch from the intense feeling of his first blowjob. Knowing she had that effect, she licked it more, like a ch*ld with a piece of candy before finally engulfing what she could in her mouth.Nate’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mind was just reeling nonstop. First there was the love comment, then this nice dinner invite, her body in that dress, then the look in her eyes, and now this. It was just too much for him as his hands floated around, unsure if he should put them on her head like in some of the porn he’d seen, or if he should leave her be.Tori answered his conundrum for him as she reached up and grabbed his hand and gripped it tight, their fingers intertwining. She had certainly started this out of an anim*listic lust and want for him, but as she held his hand and made him feel ecstasy, she could only feel love and the need for this to be special.Her newfound passion showed as she gripped his hand tighter and finally brought the hand to the back of her head. He didn’t put much pressure on her but he kept it firmly there. There was something really amazing feeling but as he looked down, he couldn’t help but feel like this was wrong; like she was better than kneeling on the floor and servicing him. He was going to say something, but he felt the familiar rush coming and he knew he was close.”Umm, Tori, I’m uh… I am close.”Nate was expecting her to stop, but she actually increased her pace, bobbing up and down on the first few inches she could get in, sliding her tongue underneath his length and as he felt the last dam burst, Tori grabbed his free hand and the one from her head and held them tight as her mouth was filled with Nate’s hot release. Tori only tasted a bit as she swallowed what she could, and it seemed almost sweet and found herself wanting more.Slowly, she tucked his weakening rod back in his pants and re-zipped, re-buttoned, and re-belted him. Tori stood up and faced the man she loved and gave that same lip biting smouldering look before pressing her face into his neck.”Tori, I-“Nate was silenced by her finger being placed over his mouth. “I just don’t want this moment to end,” she said, softly. There was silence for nearly a minute as they slowly rocked back and forth with one another, neither speaking and only moving to shift to more comfortable holding positions. “I’m sorry…” she said weakly, and he could hear the tears welling up as she spoke. “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I just woke up this morning, and I just wanted you. But not just sexually… like, I wanted you to be beside me in bed, and in the car with me, and I thought about getting married and how we would spend our honeymoon and then our k*ds. I know I sound crazy, but I just feel like I’m on fire whenever I think about you, and whenever I realize that you aren’t there, I just feel cold and alone. And there are moments like lunch or now where you’re right here in my arms and while I’m aching for you physically, I feel this-“”Calm?””Ohmygod, yeah,” she said, excited that he identified the feeling perfectly.”Look, I don’t know what just happened with us, or why you suddenly feel the way you do, but what you described is what I’ve been thinking about since we started dating. But-“”Oh god… please don’t say ‘but'” she whined. “Let’s just have dinner.”Nate wanted to stop her but she went into homemaker mode, lighting candles, getting plates, and pouring some white wine.”Wine, really?” he said, unsure where she got this.”Yeah, my parents have a whole rack of them, and I thought that it would go nicely with dinner,” she said, taking a sip. “I was going to do red, but knowing me, I’d spill it all over me. Plus, you know, it stains the teeth.”Once everything was done with the setup, the couple shared a short kiss, the wine completely masking the taste he was afraid she’d have, and began to eat.The food really was heavenly for Nate. As the chicken and the cheese and the tomato sauce filled his mouth, for a moment he forgot what happened in the den. She’s perfect, he thought to himself, to which a little voice replied “Dangerously so.”After a few minutes of silent eating, Tori asked him how it was.”This is amazing baby… you are a goddess in the kitchen,” he said, taking a sip of wine.”I’m pretty great in every room of the house, really,” she said, giving him a look to show her meaning. He coughed a bit at her forward words, but caught himself. “You ok?””Yeah… sorry… Just had a…” he was now pointing at his mouth and throat and ear, and realizing he couldn’t explain, he just settled on saying “thing.””Oh? A thing? Well, ok then. For a second, I thought you were trying to tell me to steal second.”A baseball joke, he thought. Where the heck has this girl been all this time? His mind revelled in the vision of perfection in front of his eyes and things were silent as Tori stared at him and he stared at her while they ate, smiling coyly at one another.”We should, uh…” Tori was searching for the words as she twirled the pasta around her fork, “talk about what happened in there.””We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he said, wiping his mouth. “It was a thing, and we both got a little out of control.””You didn’t. You just stood there and didn’t really do anything, and I loved that, but I guess I’m so used to guys pushing and being a bit more active when I do that. Beck used to-“”And… stop. The last thing I need to know is what other guys, especially Beck, did with you. All that matters to me is that you’re happy.””Awww…” she said, taking in his sweetness. But you seemed to show such restraint and I was just wondering how you did that and I wondered if I wasn’t doing it for you.””Whoa, Hoss,” he said putting his hands up, and earning a look for calling his girlfriend ‘Hoss’. “You were most certainly doing everything right, but I don’t have a lot of experience with that kind of thing.””You’ve never had a girl go down on you? I’m so sorry… I just assumed…”Nate blushed a little bit. “It’s no big deal, darlin’. I just never had the opportunity.””Does that mean… you haven’t… you know?”Nate put his fork down and sighed. “Yeah… I’ve never had sex. Before tonight, the furthest I’d ever gone was that one night that I did that mouth thing you liked.””Ohhh yeah,” Tori thought back to the night he adventured below her belt and licked her core. It wasn’t Jade level work, but the way he held her made all the difference. She wanted it to go further but he stopped them. “I had no idea. Is there a reason why?””Not really, but I guess in a way, yeah. I don’t have any, you know, religious reasons. I just… I look at my dad and how much of a jackass he is and how he treats women, and I just don’t want to be that. I want to find the one, and love her if I’m going to make that leap.””Do you love… me… that way?”Nate was searching for how to respond without sounding too overeager. “Yeah… I, uh, do. Kinda knew it the moment I first met you. I was pretty head over heels.””Well, I don’t know why everything is suddenly so clear for me, but I feel something I’ve never felt before and I don’t want it to stop, but… I feel bad.””Why? There ain’t no ruttin’ reason for feeling bad about being in love.””It’s not that,” she said, sliding the plate away from her. “I had no idea that you were saving yourself for love, and now that we’re here, I’m kinda ashamed of, you know, being with another guy first.””Tori… look, that stuff is in the past. You fell for Beck, and I guess he was a nice guy once upon a time, but that’s just history.””But I have something that should still be intact and we can share that moment, and I used my one chance on… him.””Did it hurt?””Yeah,” she said, trying not to look him in the eyes over her shame. “It bled more than I thought it would.””If it hurt you, then I’m glad I had no part in it. Do I wish it wouldn’t have happened? Of course, but it did, and I certainly am not going to love you any less.” He reached across the table and took her hand in his. “I have never loved another girl or another thing as much as I love you, and I’m going to love you even more tomorrow, and the day after that. It doesn’t matter to me that you aren’t a virgin. You’re the love of my life and one day we will have our own ‘first’ experience and that’s all that matters.”Tori gripped his hand tight as she felt herself welling up. She couldn’t even form the necessary words to try and respond to him putting his heart out there. Tori couldn’t help but feel ashamed, but all that washed away when she looked in his eyes and felt her heart melt.”Nathan?””Yes… Victoria?””Please carry me upstairs.”Nate smiled at her and slid out of his chair and headed over to pick her up, his hand holding her upper back while his other held her just beneath the knees. In his arms, and seeing how emotional she was, he couldn’t help but be amazed by how vulnerable she looked. She pressed her head hard against his chest, hearing his heart beat and she purred. His strong hands were right at her thighs and his touch was driving her wild.Like a groom on his wedding night, Nate carried Tori to her bed and laid her down softly, kissing her lips gently. His warm mouth’s taste, along with the wine she tasted on his breath made her hungrier for his kiss and his touch. It wasn’t until he had stepped away that he noticed the little lights in her room, making the scene incredibly romantic. And that scared him.”Do you want me to go? I know a lot was kinda said, and I don’t know if it was too much and-“”Nate, you made my heart skip a beat, you told me you loved me, and you just made me feel like a princess. You have more than earned the right to stay. And more importantly, I think I might die if you don’t make love to me in the next 15 minutes.””Tori, this is a big thing… Are you sure you-“”I have never been more sure of anything of my entire life. Take me, Mister Shepherd.”Her smile as she said his name sent waves of adrenaline to Nate’s mind. He really wanted to do this and the situation was perfect. The lighting, the large bed, the way she looked in her dress with those eyes that begged him to cross the line. It was all he could do to keep it together, and he prayed his nervousness wasn’t showing on the outside. It was a moral quandary for sure, but after tonight he knew his answer.Nate lost his jacket and kicked off his shoes and lay down on the bed with her, kissing all the exposed flesh he could find; her neck, arms, face, sternum, and legs. His mouth seemed to cover every inch of her body, and his passion was so intense as he gave in to his urges that there were moments she was almost positive that he was eating her. Her body had never ached for something like she yearned for him to move to more erogenous zones, knowing that if he could do this kind of magic on her body with just these parts, when he got to the good stuff, it would be amazing.Her youwin hypothesis was proven correct as Nate’s hands drifted to her dress, running them up her thighs, moving a bit too quickly over her shaved mound for Tori’s desires, and they settled on her stomach.As he moved into more foreign territory he seemed to lose a little of his steam, the fear that this might be a mistake taking hold, but Tori assuaged his fears very quickly with a smile. She slipped from the bed for only a moment and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. As the blue fabric fell to the ground leaving Tori only in her thong, Nate finally got to look upon the full body of his girlfriend, savouring every curve in the soft light.She covered up a little bit, feeling exposed in every sense, but the look in his eyes wasn’t one of wanton lust, but of deep appreciation for her body, and Nate pulled her back down onto the bed. His hands cascaded all over her sides, discovering untouched flesh and as his thumbs traced her heaving breasts. He leaned in slowly, never losing eye contact with her as she laid back comfortably, and took her hard pencil eraser nipples into his warm and hungry mouth.The moment his mouth made contact, Tori began to feel an orgasm taking hold. She’d never experienced anything like this without some sort of vaginal stimulation. And she was absolutely pouring between her legs. It only got better as Nate switched to her other breast, taking the freed one into his hands to massage.Tori’s back arched as his hands drifted over her torso, trying to touch every inch of her skin, part of him fearing that this might end soon. Tori sat up and undid Nate’s tie and began unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it off his muscular body, licking her lips at his own exposed chest.Gently, Nate pushed Tori back down on the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing down her fragile body until her scent became too intoxicating, and he couldn’t resist the desire to taste her. His thick fingers hooked around her underwear and slowly slid the thong down, revealing her waiting core.Tori knew his head was right at her entrance, and yet he wasn’t doing anything and the wait was absolutely killing Tori. Eventually the moment came, with a jolt of electricity, and Tori gripped the sheets tight between her fingers as Nate’s tongue raked over her outer lips, circling the center, finally settling on her clit. If the first lick was electricity, then his mouth tackling her clit had to be a fucking thunderstorm.Nate hadn’t done this much, but as he became more confident, his hands gripped her sides tightly, desperately trying to f*rce his face deeper into her core as his tongue tried to reach places that Tori didn’t even know existed. This newfound feeling was proving too much for Tori who just released several high pitched squeals in response, and the final straw broke when Nate slipped two fingers inside her sopping cavern.Her body shook as the wave rushed over her and she rode out what felt like the perfect orgasm, and Nate felt her pussy contract so tightly, his fingers almost wouldn’t come out, but as she came down from ecstasy, he eased his digits out.With newfound invigoration from his amazing treatment, she pulled him up and kissed his lips, savouring her own taste on his lips as their tongues massaged one another’s. The kissing went on for what felt like days as their hands explored each other’s bodies each giving the other as much attention as could humanly be given.Tori pulled from the kiss slowly and gave him a look that had every message imaginable between the bounds of love and lust all at once. She kissed down his chest slowly, and eased herself off the bed. Tori quickly undid Nate’s pants and slid them and his boxers down releasing the item that had been on Tori’s mind since before dinner. She didn’t tease or stroke Nate, opting instead to just get to work with her mouth. She had barely gotten a couple inches down when he pulled her body upwards.”Tori,” he said softly, “I think this is the moment. Are you sure you want this?””Nate, I’m set. I don’t have any regrets. Are you ok?”There was silence for a few moments and Nate finally nodded. “Should I…” he asked, pantomiming putting a condom on, which actually was hilarious to see.”I’m on the pill… now, come here.”Nate climbed on top of the bed and got on his knees and pulled Tori’s abdomen close to him, his member now resting on her mound. Tori took a deep breath and gave him a look that made him completely sure about this, and lining himself up, pushed into her opening very slowly. Tori’s eyes shot open and she bit her lip softly as she felt like he was way too big, but it felt so good to fill completed and filled completely. Luckily, she was so wet that he encountered little resistance as he sheathed himself, but it was a very tight fit. Nate had never imagined that it would feel this way, and as he was inside her, he did sorta feel a bit of jealousy that he wasn’t the first one to experience this special experience.Once she was finally ready, she whispered for him to start and he slid out of her love cave slowly and then pushed back inside, gripping her thighs with his hands. As his pace increased, every molecule in Tori’s body felt like it was on fire and he was most assuredly hitting her g-spot. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, and gripped his shoulders for support as he kissed her sensuously.The kisses, the way his naked chest rubbed against hers, making her nipples ache for his attention, and the immeasurable pleasure that she was experiencing down below- all three were pushing Tori to a whole new level. Nate somehow knew that she needed attention elsewhere as his strong hands covered her chest, his thumbs toying with her nipples and dipping his mouth every so often to taste them.Tori was no longer content to let Nate be on top and whispered to him. “Let me get on top. But don’t you dare pull out of me…”Nate turned his body and the two swapped places, Tori managing to keep him inside her as she now straddled his abdomen. She slowly began to bounce on top of his rigid member, beginning by completely pulling off from him and then quickly impaling herself, which felt like she was destroying herself but it was ok because she knew that no matter what happened or how much pain she felt, the pleasure she experienced was unimaginable, plus she knew she’d be curling up in his arms once they were done.Tori eventually found her pace as she bounced up and down harder and fast as her gripped her hips and began pushing himself up as she went down. When their flesh would crash together, her fingers would dig into his chest, leaving small scratch marks from her nails. Her hands slowly made their way back onto her body and gripped her breasts as she leaned back a bit, getting a better angle.Nate could feel her body pulsate a bit and as he looked upon his love, he saw her eyes beginning to roll back as she let out a scream. Tori felt tight when she came the last time, but the vice-like grip her pussy had on his member worried him that he would lose bl*od-flow down there.She came down from the feeling, colours returning to her vision and she rolled off of him. She took a deep breath and kissed the side of his neck, as she reached down and stroked his member as she whispered in his ear. “We’ve made love, Nate Shepherd, and now… I really want you to fuck me. How do you want me now, baby?”Nate was completely taken aback by how forward she was being and he’d be damned if he ever wanted this to end. “However you want… I just want to experience you in every way that you want me to. I’m kind of at a loss at this…”Tori bit her lip softly and kissed him passionately, smiling through the kiss. “You like my ass, right? How about I bend over…” she said, getting up and turning away from him and gripping the headboard, “and you just…” her eyes pierced his soul as she looked back, “enjoy yourself?”Nate had never seen something hotter that what was mere inches away from him right now. He got on his knees behind her and slowly tried to line himself up.”Lower!” she shouted earning a scared look from Nate. “Sorry… I got scared for a second that you were at the wrong hole… My bad.””Yeah… that’s just,” he looked where he was positioning and realized she was right to worry, “… crazy.”Placing himself at her entrance, he grabbed her sides and pushed forward, sending Tori’s head nearly into the wall from the f*rce. He quickly built up a steady rhythm and began pounding into her, enjoying watching her ass jiggle as things got faster and more intense.”Oh fuck!” she exclaimed. “Please baby, harder.”Nate obliged, causing Tori to grip her headboard so hard there was a loud crack. She began forcing her hips backwards against his as Nate’s hands slipped up her tan fit form to grab her breasts as he pistoned inside her.Tori released a deep moan as she tried to speak, “Pull my hair…”Nate reached into her beautiful brown locks and gripped it tightly with one hand as he kept up his pace, pulling her closer so he could grab her chest with his free hand. Tori had never experienced such a feeling of togetherness as she found in tonight and as she felt her third orgasm coming, she could also tell that Nate was reaching his end too.”Mmmm… baby… please… I’m almost there. Fuck me… ooohhh… I want to release with you. “Tori’s words were proving too much for Nate as he gripped her tightly and with one final push his dam broke and he fired deep inside Tori, coating her inner walls with his release. Tori cried out, rubbing her own clit to get her to the edge as he finished. He shook a bit, and the feeling, along with her rubbing and the newfound heat deep inside her, sent her over the edge as well, and she clenched around him, releasing.It wasn’t exactly in unison like the fantasy Nate had imagined, but there was no way this night could have been more perfect. Tori felt likewise as they crawled back down from their intense lovemaking and climbed underneath the sheets of her bed. As his member began to weaken, Nate completely pulled from Tori and the two embraced lovingly, and just breathed together, content to just listen to their shared heartbeats.Tori didn’t want the moment to end, but she knew that they needed to get cleaned up. And there was a part of her that seriously hoped this affection and love would continue into the bathroom, maybe the den, and hopefully, for the rest of her life.* * *The bright light of the morning shone through the window and the sound of birds stirred Tori from her sl*ep. The first thing she felt was that she wasn’t alone and there were strong arms wrapped around her. He smelled like her body wash still despite youwin giriş the fact that they got just as dirty as they got clean. She could still taste his skin and his lips and her mouth was still electrified by all the kisses they had shared. And as far as sight, there was nothing that could beat turning her head and seeing that not only was Nate still with her, but he was awake and smiling down at her. Her hold on him tightened as she peered down at herself. They were completely naked when she passed out and now she was wearing Nate’s button down shirt with her panties, and he was wearing his boxers.Their flesh felt electrified as they touched and shared their first “morning” kiss and there was nothing that ruin this moment.”What the hell?!” came a deep manly voice that Nate immediately recognized as Tori’s dad.Well, maybe one thing could.The two teens sat up and looked horrified, covering themselves up.”Nathan, I’m going to give you 15 seconds to get out of this house, and you are not to come back here… ever!”Every fibre in Nate made him want to bolt but somehow, having Tori in his arms and knowing he had crossed into manhood last night, he found some courage.”Sir,” he said, his voice shaking, but still sounding confident, “I respect you and I am sorry if I violated your trust and I know this shouldn’t have happened, but I’m in love with your daughter and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I have every intention of marrying your daughter when I can, and I understand that I shouldn’t have done this, but I don’t regret a moment that I spent with your daughter.”Mr. Vega was taken aback, expecting him to run off with his tail between his legs like that Shapiro k*d Trina dated a while back when he caught them half naked on the couch. But this confident k*d made him furious, and yet, he understood.”Nate, you are going to leave my house in the next minute and I don’t want to see you for a while and if I ever catch you here between 10pm and 10am, I’m going to shoot you. Am I clear?””Yes, sir.””Tori… we are going to have a talk as soon as he is out the door. And you’re going to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen.”And just like that… the scariest moment of Tori’s life ended and she was amazed at what Nate did.”What was-“”I had to tell him the truth, baby. I had to tell him how I felt and what my intentions were. I just didn’t expect it to work.””Yeah, me either,” she laughed and the two kissed once more as he pushed himself out of the bed.”Tori, last night was-“”You know that no words you could ever come up with are going to describe it, right?”The two just smirked in silence and they would have stayed that way if not for the voice booming downstairs.”Ten seconds!”Nate grabbed his pants and threw his sock and shoes on as he was heading down the stairs. He should have grabbed his shirt, but Tori looked amazing d****d in it and he certainly wanted that image in his mind. He was out the door even faster when he saw that Mr. Vega was sitting on the couch cleaning his gun. He hopped in his truck and drove off, looking up at Tori’s window where she stood waving.Tori buttoned up his shirt and covered herself up as her she heard her dad climbing the stairs. She threw on some shorts to cover herself up just in time as her dad came in and shut the door behind him.”Victoria, I’m really disappointed in you. I trusted you and I just… I guess I don’t know what to say to you. Your mother will be here any minute. And your s*ster has locked herself in her room for whatever reason. It’s just you and me k*ddo… and I love you but this isn’t… Did you-“”We were safe, yes,” Tori said, halfway telling the truth. She was on the pill and he actually put a condom on the next time they had sex, just not the first.”Look, I know you’re a smart girl, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I like Nathan. He’s a good k*d, old fashioned values, or at least I thought so, and it was nice to finally have one of your friends that I could talk about sports and guy stuff with.””He wasn’t the one who wanted to do it. I did. I just wanted this and he protested and threw as many stops as he could before he just couldn’t anymore. Don’t be mad at him. Be mad at me.””Oh I am… and I don’t know what to think about him. On the one hand, he had sex with my little girl, and on the other, I was a teenager who fell in love too. But love can be a tricky fickle thing, so just be careful, ok? Promise me you will be smarter and careful, and be safe.”Tori nodded, careful not to get too emotional or he might leave, or seem too happy and he’d get mad. Her dad got off the bed and walked towards the door but stepped on Nate’s jacket.”Make sure you tell him he left his jacket,” he said, picking it up, but something in a bag fell out of the pocket.As Mr. Vega went to pick it up, a knot formed in his stomach and he looked in the bag at the little black felt covered box. He knew what was inside too, but he still peaked and he was right.”Actually, make sure Nate talks to me to get his jacket back. I think I need to have a longer talk with him.”Tori was confused, but she let it slide, her mind racing as to the mystery that made her dad act so weird. What was in that jacket? Tori sat alone on her bed as her dad left and she stared at her bed sheets reliving the most amazing night of her life.* * *It had been nearly three days since Nate had spent the night at the Vegas’ house and he could not wait until he could see Tori again. She had been grounded for two weeks, but her mom was going to let her out for Christmas so that she could see a movie with friends, which included Nate.The newly de-virginilized cowboy was hanging out with Andre and Robbie at his place and when girls came up, Nate had to bite his tongue as he listened.”So, Trina came over the other night, and she was just really nice, and genuine, and… I don’t know. I think I kinda forgave her.””Better man than me,” Andre chimed in. “She’s got some serious snakes in her head.””That’s the weird thing,” he said, messing with his phone as he spoke. “I think her being nutso is the reason that I feel the way I do. Like if she was normal, like Tori,” he pointed at Nate, “I don’t think I would be attracted to her.””That’s messed up, man.””I’m thinkin’ Andre’s got a point.” Nate said. “The girl ain’t right by any means, and you. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. You’re a little wacky, Robbie, but crazy and crazy don’t exactly go together.””Well, the sex is pretty great,” Robbie joked, earning a smirk from Andre.”Seriously? Girl comes over for one night and that’s all it takes to make you throw your hands up and get back with her? Man…””She was very… convincing.”The three guys laughed to themselves about the situation and the idea of what kind of nightmare that relationship could turn into.”Suppose Trina coulda wished you two back together?””Oh yeah… That sounds likely,” Robbie said sarcastically. “Knowing her she probably wished for her fame and fortune and thousands of guys. Either one of you get what you wished for?””Nah man,” Andre said, “I, uh, didn’t wake up with superpowers. Though I did try and fly and breathe fire and do all the normal stuff but, nah… nothing. Nate?”Nate was silent for what felt like ages, as the idea of getting what he wished for seemed to haunt him. He wished for Tori to love him and in a matter of a day- twelve hours in fact, from the party to the lunch- she had said she loved him.”Nate?”If all of that, all the things she said, and what they did was based on his selfishness, then what did that mean? He got what he wanted, and the world didn’t end. He made love to a beautiful woman who he was going to propose to in the near future once he got his ring back from her dad. He had everything he could ever want.”Dude!” Andre punched him in the shoulder, snapping Nate out of whatever spell he was under. “You back on Earth?””Yeah… Sorry… my, um, head is…””That sounds normal… Robbie, you get what you wanted?””I can’t really say what my wish was, but suffice it to say that I didn’t get what I wanted.””I did,” Nate said softly.”What?!” the guys said in unison.”I did. I wished that Tori would love me like I loved her and sure enough, the next time I saw her, she was different.””You know, I thought she seemed a little off the last few days. But… you don’t honestly believe that a wish at a party caused this, do you?””I don’t know, Robbie… maybe. I know that I love her and would do anything for her and that the night we spent together was the happiest moment of my life.””But… what if… it was the wish, and everything that happened is just because of that… like, it’s not really her,” Andre said, leaning back in his chair.”But it’s not like he’s hurting Tori by giving her a happy relationship? Without him, she’d probably still be with Beck. Or wrapped in whatever weird shit Jade’s into.””No, Robbie, but he is kinda going about it all wrong way. If Tori doesn’t really love him, then he’s kinda enslaving her.””Are sure you should be throwing out the enslaving metaphor so easy?”The two friends bickered while Nate was immersed in his own thoughts about this crisis.”Look, I’m just saying that this might be bad juju, Robbie.””How is this bad? I don’t get it. Tori will never know, and Nate got what he wanted and both of them are happy and isn’t that what matters?””But it’s like somebody’s playing puppet master for her. Tori didn’t choose this. She just thinks she did. How would you feel about someone controlling you?””You do realize you’re talking to a ventriloquist, right?””Whatever… Nate, man… you gotta shut this down.””How? Not like there’s a coin in a fountain I can just take back…””I don’t know… Maybe not want it anymore?””I don’t really think that’s an option, Andre””Well, honestly… can you really live with the chance that you’re forcing Tori to love you?”* * * Nate fell silent, and stayed pretty unresponsive for the next few hours, long after his two friends had left. It was late at night when he finally moved from the chair he was sitting in and he took a shower. He had never felt so torn in his life. He would have to give up everything he dreamed of on a gamble that she might still love him without the wish and that just seemed insane.But, that being said, knowing that he might be forcing Tori to love him and it wasn’t out of free will was a thousand times worse for his conscience. With less than 24 hours before he had planned to propose after the movie date, Nate Shepherd had to reject his ideal life. Knowing that he was putting his own happiness above her life was just too much for him to handle.And so, with a heavy heart, he did what any person does when he faces insurmountable odds: He prayed for guidance. He prayed for forgiveness. He prayed for things to go back to normal. And then prayed that she would still love him. And prayed some more on both sides until finally, his mind couldn’t hold out much longer and he fell asl*ep, where his dreams were haunted by the choices he had to face.

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