Prof. Davis in the Dark


Prof. Davis in the Dark”…and this is the darkroom where we still do some old-school pictures now and then.” Allison said as we toured the Journalism department. She was pointing at what looked like a regular classroom door, but it had a red light mounted above it and a big warning sign on it telling all not to enter when the light is on.Allison is the journalism teacher at the junior college where I work. I had seen her at several of our football games, but she was always half-hidden behind a huge telephoto lens. She was a petite woman with long dark brown hair. She was your typical girl next door cute, which of course made her very sexy. Today she was wearing jeans and a university sweater. The sweater fit her well, showing off her nice curves very nicely.At the last game, we struck up a conversation during half-time. One thing led to another and so when I had a chance I stopped by to see where she worked. That’s why I found myself on a tour of her department. I was pretty impressed. They were very up on the latest technology. They not only published the yearbook, but also a print newspaper and an online magazine. We ended up sitting at a table just chatting, occasionally interrupted by some of her students as they sought her approval for a project.At one point, she motioned me closer and said, “You will understand this, I bet.”She angled her laptop so I could see the screen as she talked to the student. “Sami, I told you we can’t use cheerleader crotch shots. You’ve got to find another view.”I didn’t have to see the screen to know exactly what she was talking about. Some of the best pictures taken of cheerleaders are almost always of them in some type of stunt. Usually every stunt requires them to throw a leg up into the air which almost always exposed their “spanky” covered crotch. It’s a view I’ve never grown used to. “Spankies” or “spanks” are the undergarment that cheerleaders wear underneath their skirts. They could actually wear panties under them, but I don’t think many of them do.I make no apologies. I’m a man. They could do the same stunt in long pants and I’ll never glance in their direction. However, put them in a short skirt and do the same stunt and my eyes will always glance upward. They’ve busted me so many times that now they just laugh at me. Of course, it doesn’t help me any that I’ve seen what’s under the spankies of a few of them. “Yeah,” I laughed in reply to Allison’s comment, “That’s a common problem when taking cheer pictures. But if you aren’t careful, they’ll end up on some website somewhere.””Yes,” she replied. “We always have to be extra careful with cheerleaders, gymnasts and swimmers.””I hadn’t even thought about those girls,” I replied. “But then again, I don’t work with any of them.”A few minutes later, the student had replaced the photo with one meeting her standards. I commented to her how technological advanced her department was. A lot of junior colleges have funding issues and her department is usually one of the first that gets bahis siteleri cut when money is running short.”Well, we have a few alums that have treated us very well,” she explained. “Of course, we always manage to be available for their parties, reunions, and Christmas cards each year.” She laughed at that. We do what we have to do to fund our universities, I guess. Junior colleges have always been the step-c***d of higher education so we don’t always get the best for our schools.”Would you like to see what I’ve been working on for Mrs. Wilkinson?” She asked. Mrs. Wilkinson was the favorite school supporter. Her husband was the mayor and president of the town’s largest employer, an oil and natural gas company.”Sure,” I said and scooted closer to her laptop to see the project.”Nope, it’s in the darkroom.” She laughed. “Mrs. Wilkinson wanted it done just right. To her, that means using film and developing it the old-fashioned way.”She turned to the three girls at the computers and said, “I’m going to show Professor Davis the Wilkinson project, in case anyone is looking for me.”The students all acknowledged her and she got up and headed toward the darkroom door.”Okay,” she began, “the first thing you need to know is that it’s dark inside.” I laughed the required laugh and she continued, “We’re going to go in this door into a little room. We’ll close the door, and I’ll turn off that light and then we can open the real door into the darkroom and go inside.”She opened the door and we stepped into a room about the size of a small closet. I dutifully closed the door behind us. We were very close in the tiny room. She put both hands up against my chest and pushed me backward against the wall. “Sorry, “she said with a smirk, “I’ve got to do this first.”She reached around and twisted the deadbolt to the lock position and then flipped a light switch that had a red cover on it. She glanced up at me and said, “There, now no one can come in and ruin the photos. That light switch turned on the red light outside.””Got it.” I replied. “Your own little red light district right here in your classroom.””Very original, “she laughed sarcastically. “You’ve no doubt heard the stories about what used to happen in darkrooms? “”I have…I have…” I laughed. “So, is there any truth to those stories?” “I guess you’ll find out in a minute,” she laughed. “Don’t get all excited now, but I’m about to turn out the light.”She flipped a switch and we went into total darkness. I could hear her breathing quickening.She took a deep breath, paused, and then said, “I’m going to open the door and bring you inside. Once we’re inside, I want you to close the door. We will still be in total darkness but I will then go across the room to turn on the red light.””Like in a submarine in the old war movies?” I asked.She giggled, but it sounded kind of forced, and nervous. “I guess so,” she said. “You can’t see much, because it has to be dim or it will ruin the photos. Now once you close the door, just stay there. bahis siteleri The idiot that build this room put the red light across the room. It’s about ten feet away but after a few years, I can find it in the dark, so just wait there for me.”I heard her take another deep breath and then she opened the door. I was immediately hit with a blast of musty air mingled with the smell of the photography chemicals. Allison took my hand and pulled me forward into the darkness. “Close the door,” she whispered. “I’ll be right back.”In the dark your other senses are heightened. My sense of smell was overwhelmed by the smells coming from the room. My sense of hearing was focused on her footsteps as she walked across the room. It was a little spooky feeling standing there in the dark. I could just imagine some type of monster there in the darkness, waiting to spring upon me when the light turned on.”Okay, just a minute,” I heard her say. I could hear her feet moving around and the rustling of cloth. I pictured her moving an apron around or something.”Here comes the light,” she said after a minute. Then I heard her whisper almost to herself, “and here goes nothing.”The light came on. My eyes strained to focus for a second. When I could focus, I saw Allison about ten feet from me. In the dim red glow, I could see that she was holding her bra and sweater in her hands. She was beautiful. Her long brown hair had cascaded down her chest and was just covering her breasts at the nipples. I met her eyes and she smiled at me. “Actually,” she began talking nonchalantly as she put her bra on the table next to her, “Mrs. Wilkerson could care less what we do here as long as I take pictures for her when she needs it.”I stood there frozen and dumbfounded as she folded her sweater into a bundle and dropped it on the floor in front of her. Her breasts were fabulous. She was perfect. I could probably fill my hands perfectly with her breasts. “So let’s find out if the stories about the darkrooms are real or not,” she said as she slowly went down to the floor, resting her knees on the folded sweater. “Come over here and take out your cock.”I quickly stumbled my way over to her, my hard cock ready to go wherever she wanted to put it. I stopped in front of her. She looked up to me which of course has to be one of the sexiest looks a girl can give. Then she reached up and started to undo the buckle of my belt. She worked the belt buckle until it popped open and then she undid my pants. She very carefully worked the zipper down over my hardening cock. My jeans fell to the floor around my feet. Then she grabbed both sides of my boxer briefs and pulled them straight down. My cock caught on the waistband and when she pulled them down; it popped up and hit her under the chin. She quickly caught it in her hands and guided it straight into her hot, wet, open mouth. She was magnificent. She worked my cock over and under using her tongue and lips to lick, suck, and nibble on me. After a few minutes, güvenilir bahis she pulled me out of her mouth and while pumping me with her hand, she looked up and asked, “Wanna fuck me?””Why yes,” I replied. “I believe that I would quite enjoy that.””Good to know,” she said calmly. “Someday I just might let you.” Then she went after my cock with a new intensity. She was twisting her hand around me and pumping and sucking so well that I knew I was going to shoot off soon.”Ummm,” I began. “I’m going to…ummm…cum soon…mmmmm!””On my tits!” she whispered quickly before plunging her mouth onto my cock again. I felt my knees begin to buckle. “Here…I…come!” I moaned through gritted teeth.She pulled me from her mouth and started pumping away aiming the head of my cock at her tits. “There ya go!” she whispered encouragingly. “Shoot that stuff all over my tits! I want to feel the heat of your cum splashing across my nipples!” I’ve always enjoyed a verbal partner and her words did the trick for me. I bucked and humped into her hand and sprayed my jism all over her chest. Even when I thought I was done, she kept milking and pulling until nothing else came out. She finally released me and collapsed backwards on the floor breathing hard. “Damn, Allison,” I said with a smile. “I’ve really enjoyed the tour.”She laughed and then pulled herself upward. She grabbed a camera from the counter and after fiddling with it for a few seconds handed it to me.”Take a picture of your cum on my breasts.” She said. “Don’t get my face in it. Just get a really good one of your cum oozing across my tits.””Okay….” I said slowly. “Sure. You’ll have to tell me if I’m doing it wrong.””You’ll do fine,” she said. “Now zoom in a bit on my left nipple and get that string of cum before it falls off.”I took all of the pictures she wanted. Then I gave her back her camera and began putting myself back together. “Do you need a tissue or something?” I asked her.”No thanks,” she replied. “I’m going to wear this home the way it is.” She picked up her sweater from the floor and shook it out then put it back on. The bra she stuffed into the front of her pants. As we left the dark room and entered the little closet area, she said, “After this week’s game, can you meet me here? Say, a little after midnight? If you can, I’ll let you fuck me with that hard cock.””I believe I can make it around that time,” I promised.”Good,” she said as we walked into the light of the main room, our eyes blinded by the bright light. “Then I’ll show you the highlights from the game that night.”The students turned and looked over at us, but didn’t seem to catch on to what we had been doing.We chatted and talked about school for a few minutes after that. I finally made my excuses to leave and she followed me out into the hall. Just outside of the door where the students couldn’t see, she called out my name, “Professor Davis!” Thanks again for the visit!” As she talked she pulled her sweater up until her left breast was visible. She pinched and rubber her hard nipple and then turned her fingers to me so I could see where my cum was slick on her fingertips. Then she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she smiled, turned around and went back into her classroom.

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