Problem Solving

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It was a Saturday night, and with my son James at a party and his father away on a business trip I was alone in the house. On nights like these I got lonely and in my loneliness I became very horny, me, a woman who never needs sex. It only started in the past year or so but it got so bad i had to buy toys. I even moved on to playing with my bum, because the experimentation turned me on.

Anyway, I was just about to climb into bed for one last finger fuck before going to sleep when I heard a bang in James’ room. I flung on my dressing gown and went on to investigate. Opening the door I found James’ laid there, asleep, with his cock throbbing. I figured that he must have come in whilst I had been taking a bath, but I couldn’t understand why he was laid there with his cock hanging out.

I paid particular attention to how big it was but quickly pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind, reminding myself that he was my son. I escort ataşehir decided I needed to wake him up to check he was ok but that I couldn’t do it whilst his cock was out. No doubt he would wake and it would kill the conversation a little bit.

The next 5 minutes became me trying to figure a solution. I tried covering it but the cover either fell off or pitched a tent, then after that I had to start touching it, trying to tuck it back in but it wouldn’t. After that I got comical pictures in my head of smearing it with butter to help it slide back in. Useless as the idea was I got a smile from myself.

It was at this point I had the disgusting but very true realisation that the only way it was going to go down was if he came. At this point I had to reconsider if I really needed to check on him but I knew it was the motherly thing to do. I hesitated a little but then grabbed his shaft and began to rub. kadıköy escort His cock was impressive and I marveled at it as I rubbed his cock. After a while he began to moan a little in his sleep and I knew the end was near. Only then did I realise he had nowhere to come. Grabbing an empty glass he had on his desk I rubbed his cock and let him unload into the glass. He filled it, I was amazed.

I turned to put the glass back on the desk.

‘Aren’t you going to drink that?’

I was shocked, it couldn’t be, he was completely passed out, I was sure of it.

‘Sorry sweetie?’

‘Well a guy doesn’t pump out loads like that every day, you should make the most of it’

‘Don’t be lewd James’

‘You’re the one who just jerked me off’

He was right and I did want to taste it so badly. I loved cum, the only thing that stopped me drinking it straight from his cock was the fact I was his mother. maltepe escort bayan It wasn’t right. My morality was slipping though and I grabbed the glass and gulped down the still hot cum. It tasted so good.

I’d barely finished when James picked me up, putting me down on the bed and lifting up my gown.

‘It’s time to return the favour’

Next thing I knew he was eating me out and I could no longer avoid it. Yes, I was his mother but we were going to fuck and I wanted it. I wanted it badly. I moaned and screamed, writhing on the bed.

‘So Mum, I hear you like anal?’

‘Well, i’ve never actually done it, but I enjoying fingering my ass’

Before I knew it he had me bent over, his dick hovering over my ass hole. Then it was in me, it was big and it filled me with the first inch, each inch slowly went inside of me, stretching my ass, going deeper. I loved it, more then being fucked in my pussy, it was so different but yet again so amazing. It took me longer to come but after some relentless fucking i came hard, almost passing out before he unloaded on my face.

I was laid on the floor, in ecstasy.

‘Night mom’

‘Night James’

I slept, silently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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