Private Lessons Ch. 08

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Note: It’s been a while but as you can see by the page number, my hands have not been idle. Enjoy my newest longest piece. Over double the words of the last and dare I say better.

11:40 pm Outside Shani’s room

Having mostly recovered from her newborn giraffe legs, Shani climbed the stairs in her dorm and turned a corner to her hallway. Immediately she noticed Lacey sitting outside of her door. Having had her sexual needs sated for the night, Honestly, for the next week, the only emotion that triggered was the heart flutter. Did she wait for me!? Shani felt extreme guilt for having had more fun while Lacey waited for her.

As she approached she noticed that Lacey was slouched slightly. The soft rise and fall of her chest let Shani know she was asleep. She’s too cute to wake. Shani set down her bag and gingerly scooped up her dozing dom. She nearly dropped her when she heard a door open and close behind her.

“Oh. Hey Shani. Late night?” Shani could hear the smug smile on the girl’s face.

Shani slowly turned to face her dorm mate and RA, Madison Adams. A Belgian girl she was friendly with, though Shani and most others considered her a huge gossip. “Yeah… I just got back.” She awaited some form of reprimand from the smiling woman. She got one, just not the one she was expecting.

Madison looked down at the limp Lacey lounging in Shani’s limbs, then back up to Shani. “You know it’s rude to make a girl wait like that.”

Shani instinctively went to deny the accusation of them being together but stopped. They were caught red handed. And I don’t particularly mind the thought of us dating. She adjusted Lacey in her arms while Madison giggled at her predicament, a sly light dancing in her eyes.

The smile and light faded when Madison’s door opened again. Shani’s eyes went wide when she saw an annoyed looking Nia Rose poke her head out. “You’re one to talk. Leave them alone and come back to bed.” The Dutch woman glanced at Shani before going back into the room. “Night, Shani.”

“… Good night…”

Shai turned back to the now blushing Belgian. She mumbled something resembling a farewell before retreating into her room. I didn’t know they were a thing.

Some mumbling and shifting caused her attention to return to her own ‘girlfriend’ she cradled in her arms. She’s so cute.

After half kicking/half shuffling their bags into her room, she carried Lacey over to the bed and laid her down. After deciding she didn’t want to risk waking her by removing her clothes, Shani tucked Lacey in. Afterwards she remembered that this was in fact, her room and she didn’t have anywhere to sleep herself.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve slept together. While correct, Shani was hesitant. Every time they’ve slept together it was because Lacey dragged her to bed. Being the one to get in herself was entirely different. Then there was the issue of her attire. They hadn’t ‘studied’ today. Does the clothes rule still apply?

Shani decided she didn’t want to risk it and stripped nude, then climbed under the sheets. As soon as she was settled, Lacey began moving and she was afraid she had woken her. Instead of being awake, Lacey simply flipped herself around, latching onto Shani and snuggling in close with a content sigh. Ohmygod.

Shani fell asleep an hour later, after her heart rate lowered enough to allow it.

Shani’s room

Both Shani and Lacey woke up earlier than usual the next day. Shani because Lacey had woken her up, angry. After being berated on how rude it was to make her wait so long, Lacey had Shani throw her clothes in the laundry room because she refused to wear the same uniform twice in a row unwashed.

And of course, she needed to be entertained while they waited. And so Lacey sat nude on the edge of Shani’s bed, one hand checking her phone for any morning emails and the other gripping Shani’s as Shani, also naked, blew her.

We were both up pretty late. How does she have this much energy? Shani thought to herself as she worked. She also seems… angrier than usual. Even at her worst, Lacey always made some noises of pleasure. Gasping, moaning, uneven insults. This time however, she seemed completely unfazed by the blowjob. The only way Shani could tell she was feeling it was the occasional exhale through her nostrils and the twitching in her mouth.

Lacey’s cum was also a surprise. Usually accompanied by some noise or other tell, Shani always knew. This time however, it had caught her mid bob. When she felt the sudden explosion of cream in her mouth, instinct caused her to start to pull back. Lacey’s hand and voice held her still, the hand forcing her all the way down.

Lacey’s voice was cold. “Don’t you spill a fucking drop.” How is her voice so steady? And why does she sound so mad? Did I do something wrong?

When Lacey finished unloading in Shani’s mouth, she pulled out herself, kilis escort taking it upon herself to use Shani’s sheets to clean herself off. A pang of disappointment But… that’s my job. Lacey always had her clean her up afterwards, more often than not leading into another full blowjob. Instead, Lacey cleaned herself and then laid back down on the bed, turning her back to Shani as she scrolled through her phone.

What did I do? Shani’s heart rate rose in pace with the panic within her. There was usually a layer of, what Shani hoped to be the case, fake dislike in their interactions. Like a play. Lacey would be mean because that was her role as the dom. She would play up being mean. This felt more real. Without any of the usual flare, it was just cold resentment. She didn’t like it.

Shani waited to be told what to do, as usual, but no order came. Only the sound of scrolling through a phone.


She kept her back turned and kept scrolling. “What?”

“Are you mad at me?” A pause. “What did I do wrong?”

A sigh. “Nothing. You did nothing wrong. You can’t blame a whore for being a whore.”

Whore? Why… The word was the same. But the feeling behind it was all wrong. It was an insult, not a dirty talk insult. A real one.

The moment passed and silence returned. Hesitantly Shani got up and sat on the edge of the bed.

“What do you want?” The lack of emotion hurt Shani.

“Nothing. I just… can I- can I join you?” The pause that followed was long enough that Shani was just about to take the silence as a ‘no.’

“Do what you want. It’s your room.”

Shani laid behind Lacey. She slowly reached around to cuddle her, waiting to either be told off or for the tension to break and for Lacey to go back to her usual self. Instead she got the third and worst option. As she became Lacey’s big spoon, the small Brit didn’t react in the slightest. She didn’t move into it or away. She simply kept tapping her phone as if Shani wasn’t there.

Minutes passed before Shani felt Lacey release a deep sigh and start to shuffle. Immediately she let go, not wanting to anger her further. Lacey turned around to face her in the bed, her brow furrowed in annoyance. She jumped when she felt Lacey’s hand touch her pelvis.


“Shut up. It’s your turn.” The explanation held no emotion.

“If you don’t feel like it you don’t ha-“

“Nope. I have to. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.” The last word emphasized with a bitterness Shani didn’t think Lacey was capable of. The next part Shani assumed she wasn’t supposed to hear. Lacey mumbled to herself. “As if she knows how to be fair.”

Shani laid as still as possible as Lacey went to work. The mood definitely wasn’t set for her to be her usual wetness but the blowjob earlier had done some work on her libido. She didn’t make a sound as Lacey slid a few fingers inside of her and placed her thumb on her clit.

Shani didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She didn’t know if she was supposed to enjoy it or not and seeing Lacey not enjoy it wasn’t doing her any favors. This feels so medicinal. There was none of the usual dirty talk. None of the teasing about the noises being made. Lacey was just doing this because she felt she had to. Such pressure to orgasm had the inverse effect of keeping it at bay longer.

After a few minutes Lacey addressed her. When Shani met her eyes she was met with an intense stare from the blue eyes.

“What was that stuff she said?”


“The stuff in Arabic. She called us names.” At the memory of her pet name Shani felt her face grow hotter.

“She called you Ameli. And she called me… Eyani.” After another pause Lacey continued.

“What do those mean?”

“Yours means ‘My hope.’ It’s a pet name for loved ones. It means you give her strength and, well… hope.” After the explanation, she heard Lacey scoff. I thought she would have liked that.

“What about yours?”

“She called me… Eyani. It means… ‘my eyes.'” Shani was trying to resist moaning. Lacey’s hands had not stopped during their conversation.

“Why would she call you that?”

“In our culture it’s another term of endearment. Eyes are treasured. So calling someone Eyani means you treasure them like you would a valuable possession.”

There was a longer pause after that one. There was no physical change, but Shani felt Lacey’s mood darken. Under her breath she mumbled. “She always told me how much she liked my eyes.” Is that what she’s upset about?


“Just shut up and cum. My arm’s getting tired.” No pressure.

It took another five minutes but eventually Shani did as she was told. Her muscles locked up and she suppressed a noise as she clenched around Lacey’s fingers. Notably, she came down much quicker than previous ones. Even the orgasm felt medicinal.

When Lacey felt her muscles relax she promptly pulled escort kilis out and wiped her hand on the sheets. “There. Now we’re even.” She turned back around and continued to play with her phone. Shani slowly resumed her big spoon position, Lacey no longer acknowledging her existence.

Shani’s room, later

Shani woke up with a start. What time is it? She checked her clock and saw that it was almost four in the afternoon. Shit, we missed our classes! I gotta wake up… She looked around. “Lacey?”

Shani called out to her empty room. After turning back around Lacey had eventually fallen back asleep. Shani didn’t want to anger her by waking her back up so she went and got Lacey’s laundry when it was done. They still had some time after so she resumed the cuddle after laying out the clean clothes before also falling asleep.

She didn’t even say goodbye. Sadness filled Shani’s heart. What did I do? How can I make it up to her if I don’t know what I did? Maybe she left a message.

Shani checked her phone and found nothing from Lacey. She did however, through a few texts from friends wondering about her whereabouts, find a text from Professor Amirah. Or is it Mubarak since I’m not in the room?

The text simply said, “You two didn’t show up to any of your classes today. Just because you two have high sex drives doesn’t mean you can skip class. Besides, you should save some for me.”

Shani checked the time stamp. It was from two hours ago. Shani texted back. “We overslept.”

“Ok. turn in your assignments by email when you get the chance. Lacey already did.”

Shani thought about telling her about what transpired that morning but thought better of it. She’ll feel better tomorrow. And if not, we can talk about it.

Cafeteria, 2nd day

Shani ate her lunch in silence, stealing glances at Lacey every couple of minutes. She was happy that Lacey showed up like normal that morning, even if she hadn’t said a word to her all day. She looked to be in deep thought since they met up.

She almost choked mid bite when she was addressed for the first time. On her next glance she was met with blue eyes. “I’m sorry about this morning. You didn’t deserve that.”

Shani downed a mouthful of her water so she didn’t choke to death and waited for it to settle before responding. “Oh. It’s OK.” She waited a second before continuing. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Lacey shook her head dismissively. “I was just being stupid.” The self-deprecation set off alarms in Shani’s head. She couldn’t tell if this was a step in the right direction for their ‘relationship’… or if it was a sign that things were worse than she thought. “Sometimes I overthink things. You’re almost as smart as me, I’m sure you do it too.” That was almost a compliment. That only enhanced the confusion.

Before they could continue, both noticed how the cafe had gone silent. Following the only sound in the once noisy cafe, the clicking of heels, they saw the reason why.

Professor Amirah had entered and was striding directly towards their table. Once there, she addressed the two. She looks angry.

“Ms. Almasi, Ms. Cambell. I noticed both of you missed your classes yesterday. Even if you submitted your assignments on time, attendance is important.” Both girls began to utter some form of apology but she cut them off.

“Ms. Cambell, I expect you in my office after your next class. Ms. Almasi, come with me now.” Without waiting for a response, she turned and began walking out of the cafe.

Shani shot Lacey a scared look before hurrying after the professor.

Professor Amirah’s office

Shani entered the office full of fear. If ruining her perfect attendance wasn’t bad enough, now she was going to get in trouble. She quickly shuffled to the center of the room and awaited punishment.

She jumped when addressed. “Put your bag in the corner Shani.” Shani walked over to the corner and started to place her bag on a table. “The floor, Shani.”

“Y-yes Professor.” She bent over to put her bag down.

She straightened up when she felt a hand slap her ass. She turned around and backed into the table, knocking a stack of books onto the floor. “Professor!”

Shani watched as Professor Mubarak stepped closer, placing herself between Shani and the rest of the room. “Tsk. Shani, Shani, Shani. First you skip class. Then you mistake my name. And now, you made a mess.” Professor Mubarak brushed Shani’s hair behind her ear as she leaned in. “It’s almost as if you want to be punished.”

Amirah’s office

The way Shani gasped when she heard ‘punished’ enticed Amirah to no end. I wasn’t really going to punish her. But now… She closed the gap between her and Shani. She’s so much fun.

Amirah slid her hand up Shani’s thigh, running it under the skirt. She felt the muscles tighten. kilis escort bayan Nice, strong, long legs.

“I’m sorry. I won’t be a hypocrite and punish you for a mistake I made as well.”

“Wh-what mistake was that?”

“I used the wrong nomenclature. When we are alone, you are my…” She leaned into her ear while raising her hand higher. She had to stop herself from taking her right there on the table. Just a tease… I’ll get my fill later. She played with the edge of Shani’s panties, noting that despite the fear in her eyes, there were slight twitches of Shani’s hips into her touch. “Eyani. And do you know who I am?”


“Good girl! Unfortunately you still have to be punished for the other two infractions.” Amirah reached her hand under the skirt around Shani’s back, gripping her ass and pushing her off the table. “Right this way.” Walking side by side, she guided Shani by her ass to her desk.

Eyani voiced her concern in the most adorably small voice to contrast her size. “What are you going to do to me?”

Amirah let out a low chuckle. “As I said. I’m going to punish you.” She savored the feeling of the plump ass in her hand.

“How are you going to-” When they reached the desk, the question was answered when Amirah bent her over it. She shivered as her skirt was flipped up and her panties pulled down. “Oh.”

Amirah marveled at the ass presented to her, her voice keeping up the game but her face showing none of the professionalism, or reluctance, it carried. I can’t get enough of this ass. “Eyani, you know how much I care for you. I don’t want to do this, but you’ve forced my hand.”

Amirah reared her hand back and smacked the ass again. This time, without the fabric in the way, it made a nice sound. Amirah made sure to hold back some, she didn’t want the sound to travel outside of her heavy oak door. Along with the ass, the girl herself made a nice noise.

“I want you to count dear.”


She smacked her again. Watching the flesh ripple from the impact.

“Two.” Amirah didn’t know how many smacks she wanted to give the girl. Her mind never got that far. She figured she would just do it until it got boring, which with such a good little slut, was likely to never end.

Fifteen minutes and a total of a hundred smacks later, she decided to stop. Shani was wincing a bit too hard for her tastes and the cheeks were a lovely shade of irritated flesh. Shani winced when the hand returned, then relaxed into it when instead of pain she was met with a soothing massage.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it, Eyani?” The girl just moaned into the desk, her head buried in her arms. Halfway though she had reverted into embarrassed mode when she made a particularly loud moan.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Taking a step back, Amirah admired her handiwork. A mistake on her part. Seeing the shy girl bent over her desk, ass exposed and red, she almost dropped her own skirt and took her right then and there. She took a deep breath. Later.

Instead she did the next best thing. She took two handfuls of the cheeks and pressed her pelvis up against them, seeing and feeling Eyani tense as she recognized the foreign object against her. “I can hardly wait for tonight Eyani. You and Lacey left me so lonely yesterday when you didn’t come. We’re going to have to make up for lost time.”

“Yes, Pr- Amirah.”

Before she passed the point of no return, Amirah pulled herself away from the girl. “You should hurry along to class now. I wouldn’t want to have to punish you again.”

Amirah watched with a predatory gaze as the girl jumped into action at the promise, pulling up her panties and scrambling to get her bag before escaping out the door.

Headmistress’ office

Lacey braced herself for whatever punishment she was about to receive. The entire class had gone silent when Shani entered a minute late. When questioned she simply explained that she was in Headmistress’ office and the professor let her off the hook with a sympathetic look. Based on how red her face looked, everyone figured it must have been bad. What’s worse is that I didn’t even get a chance to ask her what happened.

Lacey knocked on the door to the office.

“You may enter.” Lacey opened the door and entered the office, closing it behind her with a solid thunk. Headmistress looked up from her pile of work and smiled when she saw who it was.

“Lacey!” She pushed her chair out from beneath the desk and gestured to her lap. “Have a seat.”

That set Lacey’s heart racing. It’s been a while since we’ve done it like that. She quickly dropped her bag at the door. As she walked over to Headmistress she started unbuttoning her blouse and was about to give up and just remove her panties when she was interrupted.

“There’s no need for that Lacey. We’ll have plenty of time later. Just sit.”

Oh. With a feeling of slight disappointment Lacey climbed into her lap, seated sideways on her mentor’s legs. When she was settled, she felt strong arms close around her in a hug and stay that way. She returned it in kind and waited for something else to happen. Instead she was squeezed tighter.

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