Prey Ch. 01

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Working for the big companies and families was a good gig, as the monthly check-up on Tesen’s bank account had risen from twelve million credits to 24 million after the last successful job. Sure, he has to wait a few months, the longest being a year, to get paid, but the money is good enough that Tesen can wait patiently and observe his handiwork. Usually from a large distance over a personal computer while he spends his days in the tropics, but sometimes he sticks around to see the effects firsthand.

Tesen’s job was one of espionage and sabotage. For the right price, he brought down influential families from the inside. His employers usually remark that his species was born for this kind of job but Tesen just figured it was easier to live that way.

Just now, he had been lounging on Earth, far away from his homeworld, when his commlink beeped on his wrist. He never left it off of his person just for the following reason: another job. Water ran down his black skin, making it glisten in the sun while his sinuous tail flicked to send droplets flying. Nobody was there to observe the nude luzarian on the private slice of beach he bought himself in the Caribbeans as he flicked at the bracelet commlink on his forearm to activate the display.

The blue hologram flickered into life and was reflected in Tesen’s large and deep purple eyes while the message popped up into view. As per usual, the message was sent over dozens of proxies with at least one dummy company sitting behind them. The ID for the sender of the message was encrypted as well. Tesen didn’t really care as he himself is hidden behind tons of aliases, encryption and other data safety.

Tesen had an application ‘format’ that the would-be employer was required to fill out and send to him with the most important detail being the amount of money they are willing to give him for the job. That is where the alien’s eyes went to check out first before everything else.

Six million. By the price, Tesen assumed it was against a smaller company or family, but he had to check out the target. As he scrolled down, a picture came into view. A petulant look met Tesen’s own impassive one. Human, barely of legal age and possibly gene-modded. The feminine looks while born a male is always good sign for in-womb modification.

The perfect child in their parent’s eyes. Tesen snorted. The picture had the boy looking petulant in high definition on some tropical beach while his lithe body is bare except for the skin-tight trunks he was wearing. His purple hair was messed up and those green eyes stared almost angrily straight into the camera while he had his skinny arms folded in front of his chest.

Nothing that Tesen couldn’t handle. As always, he read up the additional information before heading back inside, plomping into his armchair and got to work.

After a few days of negotiating price, acquiring data and getting ready, Tesen took the first super sonic flight to the cosmopolitan and corporate Meca of the Eastern Seaboard, New York.

New York’s skyline has overshadowed the Statue of Liberty with its seemingly endless skyscrapers as Tesen’s plane thundered into view. The sky was clean as the thousands of monolithic buildings recycled the air over and over again, leaving only puffy clouds to coalesce around them like cushions. Tesen could have an even better view of the technological marvel that was built on top of the rudimentary and ancient remains of the previous New York before the plane initiated the dampening sequence.

Once it got to a slow and easy landing speed did Tesen get to see through the glass canopy of the plane the full might of modern technology. The skyscrapers built out of glass as strong as concrete, giving the workers a grand view of their surroundings and light. Soon it all faded out of view as the canopy of the plane turned opaque while it gently rolled up onto the landing strip.

Tesen exited the plane first from 1st class, passing by others as he stepped onto the tarmac. Luzarians weren’t a rare sight to see on Earth but they stood out amongst the other, more varied, species, with their human-like appearance.

They walked on two digitgrade legs and had two arms with a fairly human face except for the larger-than-usual eyes. Spine-like extensions grew out of their heads, usually inaccurately called horns by other species, and had an almost black skin colour. Humanity always had its fetishes and xenophilia, aqnd Luzarians checked a lot of their boxes. Which made Tesen’s job that much easier.

His target lived with his family in the rural edges of New York in nothing other than a four story mansion for each family member. Born to a hand-picked trophy wife and VP of a medium-sized corp, Jason had a bright future in fashion design, at least that’s what fashion magazines that had photo shoots with him in his own clothes had to say about it.

Perusing the many pictures of the boy he managed to find left him pent up and eager to get on with the job but he had to meet up with his team. They should be arriving soon.

This led him pendik escort and his taxi to the less savoury parts of the city, where crime and deviancy is left rampant. It was a whole other world the moment you descended down from the high plateau that the corps protect and enter the wild lands. The heavy hover car Tesen was in was specifically designed and armored for this and the driver was more of a soldier than a standard driver. He had an assault rifle in the seat beside him, locked and loaded.

The taxi meter racked up the bill and when they finally reached the spot, Tesen had to cough up a couple of thousand credits. With a flourish, he inserted his cred stick into the slot in front of him and the meter dinged as a female voice chimed out ‘Payment successful!’

The driver tipped his hat, after all, the meter transfers a good percentage to the driver’s own pay check as hazard pay, when Tesen noticed a young human girl sucking off a Rezer’s cock. He then pulled out a hundred credits and gave it to the driver.

“Thanks for the ride. Have some fun.” And with that he stepped out of the taxi. The neon and LED lights were still off but some had to have them on at 6 PM as the sun set behind the enormous skyline. So was the bar sign flickering on a crumbling brick building that dated back to the first Xeno riots.

The windows at the front were covered with black tarp and the door was, too. But the young Luzarian girl dressed in skimpy clothes and standing in front beside the door said that it’s far from closed. She was busy smoking, having only given him a glance before going back to listening to music thundering in her ears.

Tesen could hear the rapid beats, the screeching of electronics, and chuckled as he approached.

“If you want your dick sucked, get in line with the bitch across the street.” She said tersely and Tesen chuckled again.

“The way you’re dressed, I’d say you suck dicks, too.” He said with a laugh. It is hard to tell if she’s blushing or not, but Tesen could read her flustered tail. And he wasn’t wrong. She had a dark red tube top that held her breasts up, tight cut-off jean shorts and hot-pink sneakers. It wasn’t rare for a whore to dress comfortably for working.

“Well, I don’t.” She shot back, glaring back at Tesen who simply had a smirk on his face.

He looked her over. She was about eighteen but already dressing in such revealing. She has barely grown her first spines. One could see everything in the wilds. “How much to change your mind?”

Her purple eyes looked down and then back up at his face. “Not enough to afford me.”

Tesen looked over the cars and across the street to where the Rezer was zipping up his tarnished bodysuit and threw a credit chit onto the ground beside the girl who was wiping away semen and other alien fluids off of her mouth before facing the taxi driver.

“How much do they pay her?”

“How am I supposed to know?” The girl retorted curtly, glancing in the same direction just to see the driver undo his pants.

“A hundred credits? Two hundred? That’s the highest I can think of for a lowly whore like that.” Tesen said, the smirk on his thin lips unabating.

“Maybe for her.”

Tesen reached into his coat and produced three ‘hundred’ credit chits, showing them to her. “You worth this much?”

Now that he’s shown he’s got money, she did lapse a bit in her tough act to look almost longingly at the chits in his hand before shaking her head.

“Not enough, pops. Like I said, you can’t afford me.” Despite her words, Tesen knew it was just a matter of time with his smirk remaining just where it is as he added another chit. And another. And another. Quickly he had a hand that is heavy with one thousand credits. A thousand creds wouldn’t get you anywhere in corporate New York, but here, in the Wilds, it can get you plenty.

And the girl was aware of that as her eyes latched onto the amount of money in front of her, nibbling at her lip in hesitation. Tesen kept his hand in plain view, letting the money and her own need do the work for him.

After a long moment, she opened her mouth. Then closed it. She pulled out her phone, an outdated model but the junk on it suggests it was hot-wired in some way, glanced at it and slipped it back into her pocket.

“Alright. You got 10 minutes.” She said and grabbed the credits out of his hand before briskly walking towards the nearby alley, with Tesen following in tow, all the while smiling.

The reek of ancient coolant, piss and decay was almost overpowering in the little crevasse between the tall and crumbling buildings. The girl kicked aside an empty trash bin and stopped at a dumpster that blocked the way further down into the alley. The darkness of the alley wasn’t a problem for luzarians as their eyes adjusted and caught light on the low end of the spectrum.

Tesen’s eyes roved over the hot emanations from the girl’s young body and began to undo his pants. A zipper down and the breeder’s musk emanating from his gonads wafted out to fill the tight space with it. maltepe escort The girl reacted with surprise at her first inhalation of a grown luzarian’s pheromone-laden scent before covering her nose.

“What the hell is this smell?” She asked angrily. Tesen only chuckled.

“It’s obvious you’ve never met a grown luzarian. Otherwise you’d know the males of our species produce this heavy musk to show we’re ready for breeding.” He explained as he fished out his cock and balls. The meaty sheathe was already swelling and pushing out his member while his sack ‘sweated’ an evaporative liquid that quickly turned into an arousing musk.

“Oh,” She nodded before breathing in more of the musk with a shaky sigh afterwards. “Good thing I’ll just be blowing you, then.”

Tesen didn’t say anything and stood there with his full size of 9 inches and prodigal thickness spanning the distance between them. Slowly the girl got down to her knees and shakily grabbed the meaty rod to stroke its veiny surface. The tapered tip immediately started to leak and she used it for added lubrication. It might be her first time with a luzarian male, but Tesen knew it wasn’t her first time with a man before. The way her hands moved over his cock was nothing other than skillful.

A hum filled the narrow alley as Tesen began to enjoy her strokes immensely and he let out a sigh when her plump lips finally kissed the tip of his cock.

“You’re not bad.” He said but didn’t get a response from her as she engulfed more of him to suckle. Soon enough the way she lingered on his tip, sucking out the pre that just keeps on coming, told Tesen that she has taken a liking to what he has to offer. So much so that Tesen had to nudge his cock deeper into her mouth to get her back on track. “But I didn’t pay you for slacking.”

His motion and words shook her out of her revelry and resumed polishing his rod. Her plump lips had kissed every inch of his length while her tongue polished it. She was servicing him that always kept him on edge, close to bursting but never enough. By the end of those ten minutes together, Tesen was letting out low growls and groans when he finally had enough and held her head when she was on his tip to slide most of his cock inside and let loose.

A milky-white torrent of semen poured into the girl’s mouth as Tesen’s balls pumped out a thick load. It poured down her throat and straight into her belly. The deluge left her stunned and capable of only swallowing. The musk had done its job and turned her docile enough to hold her still and dump his pent-up load.

Once the flow ebbed and only had a dribble did Tesen pull out, leaving her lips and his cock connected by a lewd bridge of spit and cum. But he wasn’t done. Far from it.

He picked her up and started to undo her pants when she came to and began to weakly resist him and the effects of the musk.

“Nooo…” She said in a confused voice, not really understanding what was happening but she wasn’t liking it.

Tesen was too big and strong to be warded off and the girl soon had her pants down to her ankles with her bare and wet pussy exposed to the hot and humid air. She let out a mixture of a moan and gasp when the air brushed her aching folds and before she could do anything, she was turned around and bent over the dumpster.

“Please don’t…” She begged and tried to struggle even more when she felt the tip slide between her pussy lips but one hand grabbed her by the neck and the other held her hip firmly.

“Please don’t what?” He asked and got a handful of his own balls to coat it in the thick musk and pressed it into her face,

“Don’t…mph..fuck me…please…fuck…” She strained out, feeling dizzy, confused and almost lax in his arms. But her pussy just got wetter and wetter as this went on, turned on by being pinned and dominated by a big and strong male like him.

“I can’t hear you, kid. What is it?” Tesen asked teasingly as he grinded his cock against her pussy relentlessly while it throbbed and pulsated between her legs.

“…fuck…me…please, fuck me.” Finally a sentence came out of her mind and she began to repeat it.

“Good girl.” He said and aimed his cock to start pushing it into her. He was huge for her underage opening and the tightness he felt was virgin-like. It sent shivers down Tesen’s spine as he realised he’s her first time. With that and her tightness in mind, he slowly fed her pussy his girthy cock to the sound of a girl’s soft, confused and weak moans.

Now that she won’t resist anymore, he let go of her neck and instead placed it on her hip to steady her for his entry. Tesen stretched and pierced deeper into her, feeling like the silken vice will stopper his blood flow. He fucked plenty of teenagers, both male and female but they were all whores and bitches since fourteen, their holes loose after who knows how many cocks.

It was a pleasant surprise and he intended to enjoy her for as long as possible.

He took her gently and deeply, taking it slow and getting her used to his size. Tesen kartal escort was impressed she had enough room in there to take him whole and gladly filled and emptied her amongst the quiet and cute moans she was producing. The loudest ones were when she came around him and wet herself across his balls. Tesen was sure that they’d been heard but if they were, neither him nor the others really cared.

She was all his and he decided to now give her a proper fucking. Slowly he picked up the pace, making her bounce against the dumpster until their bodies clapped meatily and her moans grew louder. He held her by the hips and pulled her into the thrusts, making her plump ass vibrate from the impact. The froth of pre and other juices mixing soon became apparent on his cock as he churned her pussy at a rising pace, making her moans grow louder and louder until Tesen was sure they could be heard clearly outside in the street.

The way it convulsed around his cock as he plumbed her depths to the hilt was doing work on his orgasm as it slowly built up in his heavy and cum-laden nuts that swung pendulously between the girl’s legs with every thrust. And he panted, a thin sheen of sweat forming under his smart clothes while the alleyway was filled completely with the breeding musk of a luzarian male.

Her begging didn’t stop, either, as she begged for his cock in-between low and guttural moans, and Tesen couldn’t hold back any longer. With one final slam he held her ass closely to his crotch and began to pump her pussy full of his seed. Even though it was a second load, the fucking beforehand had given his balls more than enough time to refill. His semen filled every crevice that his cock didn’t touch and then some.

After a long minute with Tesen’s cock twitching inside the bred girl, her quivering knees gave way and Tesen was forced to catch her fall, holding her lithe body against his while securely inside her. He wanted to breed this girl, he needed to. It was in his blood and he couldn’t deny it. He knew, on an instinctual level, that she was gonna be a perfect mother to his offspring, what with the wide hips, great breasts and youth.

Tesen had bred many women over the years, leaving hundreds of bastards in his wake. But the thought of settling down with a woman and their children never crossed the alien’s mind. Settling down was for the females of the species.

He held the girl until she came to her senses but also long enough to assure his seed took root before pulling out and letting her stand. Before she could say anything, a woman’s voice came from behind.

“What the hell is going on?”

Tesen recognized that voice. And so did the girl as her face went from furious to utterly ashamed and quickly pulled up her pants despite the cum leaking out of her now-deflowered pussy. She quickly passed Tesen by as he pulled up his own pants at a leisurely pace.

He could hear the two share some words with the girl leaving the alley and him slowly approaching with a swagger and a smirk.

“Michelle! How’s it hanging?” He asked as he waved. The woman, a human female in her fifties and dressed in tight jeans and black t-shirt with the bar’s name on it, stood at the entrance with her arms crossed underneath her bust. Oh yeah, that’s why Tesen liked this old tart.

“…Tesen? That you?”

“Yep, I’m back in town for a while.” He couldn’t help but look her over. Age was never nice on humans, especially those in the Wilds of New York, but for a wild bitch, she took care of herself. The platinum blonde hair was a nice way of hiding the grey strands and her face only had crow’s feet around her almond-shaped hazel eyes. On her wrist was a jury-rigged commlink with tassels on it.

“Oh right, you only visit me when you got a job. Can’t be assed to call for once, huh?” Michelle didn’t sound amused but let him step out of the musk-leaden alleyway and into the open street. She sniffed at the air with a knowing look. “Wait, don’t tell me you had sex with her…”

Tesen raised a grey eyebrow. “Yeah, why? What’s wrong?”

Michelle slapped her forehead and she looked like she’ll fall unconscious from shock any moment. “She’s your daughter, you moron.” She then hissed, looking furious.

“What? Nah, can’t be. I never bred any bitch around here.” Tesen said with a laugh, though he couldn’t help but get a slight hard-on at the idea of accidentally breeding one of his daughters.

“Except me…” Michelle said, huffing. “Remember? We were together in that two-room apartment with the community toilet? Caught you masturbating and fell for that musk of yours.”

“Wait, we weren’t using a rubber?”

“You were too busy jacking it and I was too drunk with your scent to think about it. Shortly after you got that big clear in Europe and bailed. Leaving me with your daughter. Exactly 17 years ago. I figured to never let you know, but now…”

Tesen noticed she wasn’t as disturbed by all of this as those in the corp sectors would. Inbreeding and other such deviancy was common place. Big gang families of a single blood and kin protect themselves easier than others, and the success of gene-modding, those with enough money can continue to inbreed and weed out the defects before the baby is even born. That didn’t mean that incest was fully accepted by all, though.

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