Prepping wife for doctor


Prepping wife for doctorMy wife needed her annual OB/GYN visit, something she actually looks forward to now. She has a new young doctor who she told me she has fantasies about. Lots of women have crushes on their doctor probably because they feel so vulnerable laying on the table with their feet in the stirups as he probes their vagina and feels their breasts. ..Last time her older doctor introduced her to his younger colleague. She told him about a problem of some pain during intercourse and the doctors called me in the room as she admitted that it only felt “uncomfortable” during doggy style sex. That made her hot to tell them that and then later she told me she had a fantasy about having sex in the room with them there. She was hot to revisit the doctor as this time she would only see him. She even shaved her pussy smooth and left just a little hair above the top of her slit. Her clit had always been big and that showed it off even more, even when not aroused. I told her I wanted to take her this time to her appointment but she had to do what I said. I told her if she did I would treat her to a shopping trip to her favorite store. She reluctantly agreed when I told her she actually had not option. During sex the night before she told me she had another fantasy about her doctor and laying on the bornova escort table totally exposed to his touch and stare. I could tell as she was extra wet even before sex. Before we left the house I told her one more thing….she could not wear panties and had to wear a sexy low cut dress and a half bra which rested her tits just below the nipples. That made her hotter as she likes to dress sexy for me when I ask. On the way down to the office I reached over and pulled her dress up and told her to obey and open her legs for me and touch herself. She started breathing harder as she played with her labia and I could hear and smell her moist pussy and she entered her fingers in it. I chatted about how hot she was and how the young doctor would like to see her. She asked if playing with herself was my condition for her treat…not quite I said, just wait. I reached over as we stopped at a traffic light and told her to pull her top down so I could see her tits sitting up in the half bra and to pull her dress up and show me her shaved pussy. She was afraid others stopped ahead or beside us would see but she did it with a sly smile which showed me she a was getting into exposing herself. I reached over and put 3 fingers in her gaping pussy and played with her. We went down the escort bornova road toward the medical office with her dress pulled up and down and me playing with her. She nearly came but I held her off.We arrived in the parking garage of the 10 story medical building..his office was on the 9th floor. We walked to the elevator and it opened and we got in. She pushed the 9th floor, but pushed the 8th. She looked at me and I told her this was the next thing she needed to do. I told her to lower the top of her dress and again show me her bra and tits. She said what is someone comes on the elevator…I told her I was willing to take that risk..and she laughed..oh you are making me a bad girl. All the way up to the 8th floor the elevator did not stop and she remained exposed and I fingered her pussy from behind as she faced the door. As the elevator approached the stop she started to pull her dress up on her shoulders…and I told her to wait until it stopped and the doors opened. She obeyed. The elevator stopped….and the doors opened….no one there….but we heard voices of people approaching. She stepped out now fully flushed as she was aroused and had just been exposed. We passed three people as we went down the hall, a woman and two young men. She whispered to me “what bornova escort bayan is they had been waiting?”…She said we were on the wrong floor and I directed her to the stairwell. I figured few if any walk up 9 stories so it would probably be empty. She stepped into the stairwell and the door echoed down the shaft as it did. We were there alone and heard no others. She started walking up the stairs to the next floor and got to the landing half way and I told her to stop. Drop your dress I told her and just stand their in you black bra. She said…”are you crazy what is someone comes?”…I told her once again I was willing to risk it…with a short laugh. She obeyed. I approached her and told her she was so hot….I felt her hot pussy as she nervously listened for sounds of anyone else on the stairway. I then told her to grap the rail and I unzipped my pants to now let out my swollen cock. I entered her from behind and my cock easily slid into her now very wet pussy. She was now so hot I don’t she really cared if anyone came and discovered us. I pounded away on her but held back from cumming. I wanted her pussy red, swollen and wet when she saw the doctor. Her tits came out of her half bra and I pinched the nipples as I fucked her, she reached back and felt my balls and I fought the urge to cum in her. I wanted to finished the job after her doctor visit. I stopped as she came. She was panting and all flushed and her appointment was in 10 minutes…I told her to pull her dress up….fix her hair. Now I told her she is ready for the new doctor and I would meet her later.

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