Pregnant Becky…with mine?


Pregnant Becky…with mine?I have detailed for you an on going affair with a college pal in “Pregnant Becky” and “Pregnant Becky…again” and things have recently turned more and more depraved. The last time we met Becky and I fucked, yes FUCKED not made love, on the floor in her and her husband’s living room. Said living room has a floor to ceiling series of windows with dead on correlation to her in-laws home across a small valley (something that would have been nice to know first). Well, mom-in-law had definitely watched me pump at least one dirty, doggy style, adulterous load into Becky. In fact she and Becky seemed to have a bit of a moment through the glass, across the brush covered rift. As if things could not have gotten any worse…Becky seems to be pregnant again, possibly by me, and mom-in-law wants to meet me. I’m not going to lie to you, I must have jerked off a thousand times thinking of the possibilities with mom-in-law, and managed to get my own wife pregnant in the mean time. I held off for three months after hearing the news, making Becky about five months pregnant. I called and she set up the date and time. I shoe horses and work on my own schedule out of my own truck…which brings me to where this story starts. Sitting in my truck in my own driveway I slowly rotated the cylinder of my .45 Ruger Vaquero, looking down into the loading gate at six brass shell casings, last time Becky seemed to get off on the thought of a pistol present and I didn’t want to pass that up. Not to mention that I was about to fuck a guys wife and most likely his mom and I wasn’t going unarmed. I stuck the stainless pistol into my waist and shivered from the cold steel on my skin. It’s about an hour into the mountains to the scene of my crimes and I don’t remember a second of it….I was in a daze, a trance, an altered state. It could have been the gravity of the moment or the xanax bars I just washed down with wild turkey. I hit her gravel drive and jumped from my truck and sort of jogged to the door in hopes to not give myself enough time to back out. I let my self in. Becky was mersin escort waiting in the archway between the entryway and the living room. She was showing pretty well and was apparently living in a fantasy at the moment, dressed in black silk thong panties and a black laced trimmed see-through jacket, open in the front. Her tits heavy and swollen, her nipples three shades darker than normal were standing erect. I found it curious that her feet were posed like a ballerina, one in front of the other, as if she had been practicing it. Seated behind her was the mother-in-law, fully dress in a tweed suit of all things. My eyes darted around the room, looking for the husband or possibly Chris Hansen from dateline. Becky attempted to speak, but I raised my hand to my lips silencing her. I carefully searched the spacious ranch house for hubby or a camera and found none. Returning to Becky she motioned with a nod to mom-in-law and mumbled “this is Judith….she wants to watch.” I looked over mom-in-law like she was a rattler in a horse stall. She was early 50’s, with bottle blonde hair stylishly cut to look messy. The corners of her mouth were tight with the corresponding wrinkles and her eyebrows narrowed. Her suit was expensive looking but out of style, it just barely hid the bulge of her augmented breasts. She sat on the edge of her chair knees together. I’m not sure where it came from but I said “as long as she knows I won’t waist my cum on her.” No one spoke. I walked across the room resting my revolver on the coffee table, the same as the last time. Becky’s eyes widened with every move. Touching her belly with just my finger tips, I gently ran them from just bellow her belly button along each side culminating at her tits. I slid underneath the see-through material and I grasped each tit and slowly squeezed. Pointing the nipples upwards towards my face, squeezing harder and harder, until Becky yelped. I quickly shot my hands up and immobilized her head with my hands along her temples, shoving my tongue into her mouth. She kissed back passionately and I managed to escort mersin catch a glance at mom-in-law, Judith hadn’t moved a muscle. I dropped Becky’s jacket to the floor and walked her to the foot of mom-in-laws chair, still holding her head. My cock had never been harder!Maybe it was all the years we had spent together or the same a****l desire we shared, but whatever it was she seemed to know what I wanted. Becky dropped to her hands and knees; I could see her thong was soaked with her creamy cum. I stripped off all my clothes making eye contact with mom-in-law the whole time…she was like stone. Dropping to my own knees behind Becky I pulled her panties to the side and exposed her glistening wet pussy. Her lips were parted exposing an already partially gapped hole, a build up of her juices gurgling out with the movement. By the time my cock’s head had passed the lips into her tightly gripping hole, I was lost in the moment. I fucked like a champion, my hands on Becky’s hips pounding her pussy without mercy. I couldn’t have cum if I wanted to, under the numbing influence of the d**gs. I was in a trance mesmerized by the folds of wrinkled skin between Becky’s shoulder blades as she struggled to hold herself up through the ecstasy. She collapsed onto her face and I slipped out of her swollen, abused, wet hole. If she had made any noise I was unaware. I could feel the wetness of her cunt dripping off my balls onto the floor. As she lay before me, I could see her pregnant belly, stretch marks and all. The glorious curve of life within her, I felt ashamed to had just fucked her so hard. She reached across herself and pulled one knee up towards her chest and with her other hand pulled her own panties aside, the air escaping her pussy as she did so. I then, more gently than before, entered her. The d**gs were wearing off and I was able to feel the spasms and grips of her orgasms while I sawed away in and out of her, her tits bouncing in the rhythm of each pump. I was savoring the sweet squishy noises of good sex. Mom-in-law and Becky were locked in a gaze, some type mersin escort bayan of dirty fucked up shit was going on there. Still unable to cum I pulled out to catch my breath. Given the sudden freedom from pleasure Becky reached up onto the table and snatched my revolver. “Put it to my head” she ordered. “Fuck you, no” I replied. I would not put a gun to a woman’s head, never mind one pregnant with what was likely my c***d. In a low hoarse tone mom-in-law ordered “do it…do it or I tell.” I couldn’t refuse and again pushed Becky up into the doggy position. Holding the weighty gun at the base of her neck, in my right hand, I began to fuck Becky with the rhythm of my hip pumps. I was watching the my throbbing cock go in and out of her pussy when I felt her reach across her back and COCK BACK THE HAMMER! “What the…” I jammed the web of my left hand between the hammer and firing pin, ripping the gun off her. Some yelling ensued, her begging, mom-in-law ordering, and me swearing. This was some fucked up shit…I could see her ejaculate, the cum, dripping own her thighs at the thought of it. The danger, the pure evilness of it was getting her off. Knowing there was no way out now I unloaded the revolver and dropped one round into the cylinder, spinning it Russian roulette style. “Good enough” I asked. Becky squealed with approval, not knowing that I had positioned the round no where near the chamber the hammer would fall on if the trigger was pulled. I again entered her and I could feel her orgasm as soon as the hammer clicked backwards on the big gun. A dozen pumps later my skin was crawling and I was ready to blow. I pulled out and rested my cock on the cleave of Becky’s round ass. I ripped her panties down to her bent knees, the cold steel of the pistol still on her skull. Overwhelmed by the whole situation I released my cum, stream after sticky stream, on to her back and ass. Surprisingly, I heard mom-in-law whimper a little. As I stood I safely dropped the hammer on my pistol, I dressed and left not saying another word. Becky lay on the floor, wet, red, raw, and completely satisfied, her eyes dark and glossy like a new born fawn. Mother-in-law’s hard gaze had softened to blank stare, she had not budged an inch on her chair. On the drive home to my own pregnant wife I vowed to end the affair then and there.

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