p\ppart 3 The Deliberation of a Palm Beach Million


p\ppart 3 The Deliberation of a Palm Beach MillionThis is when the mind of a millionaire could be said maddening. So after the fact more things could not have been more screwed up. we have the estate owner and estate wife getting a divorce and the milf and the milf husband both doing some one else plus being leverage for maximum embarrassment during an election year. The estate wife (husband has to pay in divorce 54 million in cash) she was very possibly doing my milf husband but nobody caught them on tape.(* the estate owner ) so the estate owner bluffs my milfs husband caved to the so call bluff and had told him to prove you just love the money take your wife Ritz tell her whats at state your lose everything she got to go get undressed lay on the bed and when the door opens you open the do0or and let the black man in. You will know him as my ex wife body guard you better cheer him on tell him how much black cock she done but his is the biggest. Can you illegal bahis do that. struggling through he said yes. Well then , if she loves you that much when jay gets up have him see that she licks his cock clean he has other vists that night and you as the husband letting your wife get fucked by a black guy you lick that so clean that if my tennis pro fucks her tonight he doesn’t know its jays cum so you fuck her then with your cock and talk to her about whos she been fucking. the tape in the camera give it to your wife and she will see my tennis pro and watch the last p[art you fucking your wife. make sure you get her to talk about everyone shes been fucking . I am sure my ex wife will retaliate but you do what she deeds fitting. For the estate wife had seen every video in the tennis court shower room, me doing the milf of a person she got sexual with, she saw the video of her lover my milf husband not only di his own wife but did it with her illegal bahis siteleri body guard and lick her clean after receiving his wadd, she saw which I found out later the estate owners biggest play by some leverage im not sure of did my milf on his own wife bed. My mentor and owner of the estate really hurt more than my feelings, I saw how fast my milf could order herself doing three guys including a black guy then me and I had no idea. from trhis point forward I did all I could to wreck her pussy, show her pussy like none before from that island has ever did not even a stray k** of this type of family. well this wasn’t the end as a parting gift my milf and her husband stayed married for three more years and I di her countless ways , times , places and numbers over my largest expectations. my thoughts changed about how to sex and new ideas I played out as my milf and husband for 54 days more had to service 54 men . strangers . How canlı bahis siteleri did she come up with that many guys when I did a craigslist add to do a millionaires wife I did get a lot of hits but the deliberations on who to do , what to do, and how many was just to muck. So I just hung around had her play every fantasy like a category when you surf the net I wrote them down and planed how I could have her do them. almost everyone she would get so aroused you can tell by the swollen pussy, the fast pace and shes the one even in the picture when I stick the dildo in her pussy with my cock. she goes at my dick so much harder with the dildo in . she puts all that on me but im not sure if she forgot the tape of her telling all who she was doing . my estate owner said she did any pro she took lessons from any school teacher male who took special care of her daughters and without me stopped many mornings at the college dorms when I was the reason we did have that privileged. the team mother of baseball took guys in when they wanted a home run, one posted her pussy on the net and said the bat I hit 386 with. it was upo her pussy as he fucked her ass hole and suck someones cock . and she didn’t let me watch what a bitch

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