Possible Stepdaughter!

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I own and work at an auto garage and have been there for 13 years. Married once, divorced and now live by myself in an apartment above the garage. Recently I have been dating a nice lady who happens to have a twenty something daughter named Traci who is very attractive in a seductive way. I only have met the daughter a couple of times and the story goes she has had a rough go of it, mainly brought on by herself. Apparently she has dipped into drugs and has done some stripping and selling some sex services on the side. A little while ago I got to know her a lot better and somewhat conflicted by the whole affair.

Couple of weeks ago, I was doing some last minute work early Sunday so I would have time to watch the game on TV. The shop was locked up and I usually ignore anyone knocking at the door. This time the knock startled me and I looked out the peep hole and saw it was my girlfriend’s daughter. I opened the door and asked what was going on, worried something might have happen to my girlfriend. Traci said she wanted to talk to me and I said of course, I let Traci in noticing that it didn’t look like she had a shirt under her unzipped jacket. I closed the door and turned toward Traci and she had her jacket slightly opened and was smiling at me.

She said, “I hope we can keep this just between you and me, and not tell my Mom.”

Being polite, I said,”Of course, are you in trouble?”

Traci smiled and said,”No, I just need some cash and I was hoping I could get it from you.”

Of course, the open jacket was exposing more of her firm non-sagging about size 36cc breast. Looking me in the eye, she opened the jacket and exposed her incredible breast.

“Perhaps we could make an arrangement for you to play with these and no one would ever know; Interested?” pendik escort Traci said while slowly moving her tongue around her lips.

Man was I hard. Traci is a fine looking woman and I knew then that I was going to give in.

“How much are we talking about Traci?”

“Twenty.” she smiled.

“What will fifty get me?” I said trying to be clever.

“Oh, you want to fuck, huh?” she chuckled, “If you make me cum, I will come back anytime you want.”

I just stood there staring at her. She removed her jacket and slipped out of her loosely clad shorts. Traci was only wearing a micro g-string and sandals. Her body was perfect with her swollen breast defying gravity, absolutely no sagging whatsoever. She reached out her hand and took mine and led me into the office, pointed to the chair for me to sit.

“Do you have any music in here?” Traci asked.

“CD player behind you on the shelf.” I replied with a big grin.

She turned and reached over to push the play button and some steady stumping rock and roll came on. She turned back toward me and slowly started grinding her hips. Traci took her hands and ran them under and over her breast and reached her fingers up to her mouth. She slowly licked them and reached down and whetted her nipples. My cock was bulging in my jeans watching this hot babe moving to the music.

Traci looked me in the eyes and said, “Do you want to fuck me?”

All I could muster was, “Oh yeah.” I was murmuring.

“Show me your cock” she insisted.

I stood up, pulled my jeans down with my underwear and let my glory wave in the air. My 8″cock was standing straight up and ready to go. She motioned to me to stroke it. Which I obliged, she in the meantime put her hand in her micro and started maltepe escort fingering herself. She was moving fast and panting which caused me to jerk faster as well.

“I am going to get on the floor doggy style, I want you to run your tongue up and down on my pussy then jam it in my little asshole. Then slide your cock in me and fuck me until I cum, ok?” She asked while on the verge of cumming.

Sounding like a moron, I said, “OK, I will.”

She turned and slid off her micro and got down on all fours.

“Come on baby, fuck your slut!” she said breathing hard.

I got down on my knees then on my hands and dipped my head so I could lick her pussy. It was so wet! It had a salty taste to it, then I ran my tongue up to her little asshole bud and shoved my tongue in as far as I could. She moaned and push back into it so it would go in farther.

“Fuck me, now!” She yelled.

I got up on my knees and scooted up to her until my cock was on her ass. She moaned again. I grasped my tool and put it in her tight wet pussy, she gasped.

“Slap my ass a little and tell me I am your slut.” She instructed.

I started pumping my hips and started lightly slapping her ass, “Fuck your daddy, your daddy’s slut now!”

“Oh yes, I’m your slut daddy, you fuck me any way you want!” She said in between breathes.

Her pussy was incredible, so tight and wet. I looked at the full length mirror on the wall and I could see Traci’s tits moving with every pump I did. It wasn’t going to be too long now.

Traci gasping out, “Fuck me harder, slap my ass, tell me I am your slut!”

With that, I started pumping as hard and fast as I could. I slapped Traci’s ass and told her to tell me she was my slut and she wants my cum!

Traci kartal escort spoke between deep breaths, “I am your slut, fill my pussy up with cum. I am so close to cumming!”

Traci arched her back and let out a repeating ugh noise. Her pussy was clamped onto my cock and I could hear her barely muttering, “Cum.”

I shoved my cock as far as it would go and came like a rushing river. At that exact moment Traci came, she had stop breathing and was jerking her entire body. She then let out, “Oh, Jesus!” It was so exhilarating that my body just froze in place.

We crumbled to the floor and took some deep breathes. I then got up, pulled up my clothes and went for my wallet to pay her. She propped herself up and waved off my getting my wallet.

She said, “I have to be honest with you, I came here to just have you fuck me.” She paused, “You see, I have a sex problem and when I need it- I NEED IT NOW!” She continued, “Sex has always messed me up and I am trying to go straight and finish my education. But, I need a reliable fuck, just like what we did tonight. I heard Mom talk about what a great lay you are and I decided to come up with a story so you would fuck me. Are you mad?”

“No.” Is all I could say. I was still wumped.

She continue to tell me her story and how she would like to set up a weekly fucking sessions with me. Sometimes she would suck me, other times it would be anal sex and every so often some tender stuff. Usually though it would be slut time, fucking and cumming hard. She felt if she could get her fucking under control she could get her life under control.

I asked, “What about your mom?”

She replied, “That will be up to you.” She went on, “If you think you can handle both, go for it!”

“I will have to warn you though, most men after they fucked me in the ass just don’t want anything else.” She smiled.

“Listen” she said, “why don’t we sleep a bit and then you can find out yourself.”

My cock was hard again, but what happens will be in the next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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