Porta Potty – An Adult Story


Porta Potty – An Adult StoryI had just drank 2 bottles of water running through the park. It washot near the lake and I now had to use the bathroom very badly. Ihad to really take a piss. I scanned the park and saw some portabletoilets near some trees at the edge of the park. It was still earlyand I was hoping they had not been used just yet.There were five large blue porta potties that I open the door andthey were very small inside. There was just the toilet and no whereto wash your hands. All of them did not have toilet paper so I wentdown around the last porta potty and about 40 feet back was a largegreen port john with white vents on the top and rear of the largeplastic container. I ran quickly and open the door. The handle wasbroken and it did not allow me to lock the door as it swung shutbehind me.I quickly looked around and saw there was a sink to wash my hands.One large toilet with handles on either side of the lid. There was astand up urinal about 2 feet from the large sit down toilet. Inoticed there was plenty of toilet paper and it actual smelled verynice inside. I stood in front of the urinal. I lifted up my sweatsoaked t-shirt and pulled down my black lyrca running shorts andfreed ısparta escort my half erect cock. I reached down and played with my hairlessballs and pointed my cock into the urinal. I looked down and a warmjet of liquid was coming out.I had my back to the door and was still peeing when I heard the doorspring open quickly and slammed behind me. I turned just in time tosee a women pull down her mini skirt and squat on the toilet. Shehad long black hair that accented her beautiful smile and dark redlips. She had long black 4 inch heels on her tiny feet. There weretwo large shopping bags from a plus size store down the street fromthe park. Her gold bracelets on her right hand scrapped along withher matching finger nails on the metal handles next to her big ass.I could smell a strong musk smell in the porta potty as she held hereyes close and her wetness hit the toilet bottom.I could feel my dick getting bigger in my hand as I watched this goddess sitting within arm length of were I was peeing. I looked up into the plasticceiling and moved my hand off my erect cock. A few seconds later Ifelt a small hand wrap her fingers around my big cock. I looked downand she was jacking the final escort ısparta drops into the urinal. I smiled andturned to my right to give her better access.I reached down behind her back and pulled up her tight black t-shirtfreeing her big mocha breast. She was easily a size 44 DDD. The warm air hit her nipples causingher to grimace and her nipples became full erect. I spun each onein my two fingers as she lowered her head and started to suck my bigcock. She swirled her tongue around my head making huge slurpingnoises as she cuffed my balls. I continued to fuck her face andfondle her juicy juggs.I took two steps back as she got off the toilet and we both took offour clothes quickly. I put the sit down and sat high on the toilet.She spat on my cock and turned around and mounted my cock. Her warmbutt cheeks fell on my two hands on the side of her body. Shereached back and held on to the metal handles as she rode my cock.Her hair whipped in my face as I reached around and fondled herbreast. I slapped them together causing her to orgasm hard. Shecame all over my cock and dripped down my balls into the toilet.She got off and I laid her on her back on top of the toilet. Istarted ısparta escort bayan to lick her pussy using two fingers than three. I slapped mybig cock on her entrance and it easily slipped in again. She criedout again with another orgasm as I reached up and g****d the handlesto fuck her harder. For the next 20 minutes I slammed her pussyharder and harder as she screamed. I finally could not takeanymore. My knees were shaking. I dismounted her aimed my cock ather face. She opened wide as I shot one hot creamy white load on herface and chin. She licked all my cumm off her face and tits.I started to wash my hands as I looked over at her. She was stillnaked dripping of sweat, cunt juice and my semen. I shook off myhands and picked up my clothes. “Here Baby, this is my cell number.Sorry I busted in so quickly without knocking. I drank alot of waterin the dressing room trying on so many bras & panties. My name Tonyaand I want you to have my thong. As I picked it up off the floor shereturned to suck my cock getting me hard again. I left twentyminutes later after fucking her in the ass on the floor of the portapotty.I opened the door to walk out. I walked out passed the first guythen the next and finally ten construction guys were lined upoutside the porta potty. It seems they had come to replace thebroken door and heard what was going inside. I turned back and sawBuckxooxthe porta potty was rocking and I could here Tonya scream with pleasure.

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