Poker with daddy


Poker with daddyI was waiting at the kitchen table for Zoey’s boyfriend to show up. Tonight was supposed to be “the mysterious meeting.” They had something to tell me. Of course, the little bastard was ten minutes late now.”He’ll be here any minute,” Zoey said, holding up her cell phone. “He said he’s on his way.””You could just tell me what Ben wants to talk to me about, and I’ll act surprised when he brings it up later.””No, Daddy,” Zoey said. “This is important. We need to have this discussion together.”I sighed, looking at my watch. “He’s got five more minutes.”Ben didn’t need five minutes. The doorbell rang in just two. Zoey whisked off to find him, and a moment later she was back, arm in arm. I stared at them standing in front of me… a couple.My daughter was 18 now, and old enough to make her own decisions, pick her own boyfriend, but I wasn’t going to let her be a slut, not under my roof. It would be easy for her to turn into a slut too. She had her mother’s slutty disposition, as well as her sexy hips, leading to her hourglass figure, with perky little tits, not that I was looking. Okay, maybe I was looking a little. She also had those come-hither hazel eyes that drew men like flies, and long flowing brown hair.Of course, I had done one thing right with her: I had taught her to respect her daddy. She never went on dates without permission, or stayed out later than I told her, or got drunk or high with her friends. She was a good girl. I had long since spanked the fight out of her.I made her turn down about ten boys before I finally agreed to let her date Ben. The reason was simple. He was a nerd, a small framed k** with big framed glasses and black hair that always got into his eyes. I liked him because I knew he’d never take advantage of my daughter. He’d probably cum in his pants before he ever got them off.I stood up from my chair, towering over Ben. He was almost a foot shorter than me. I shook his hand and crushed it in my palm. “Good to see you again, Ben.””Hi, Owen.”I raised an eyebrow. “Owen?””I-I mean, Mr. Owen, sir,” he squeaked. “I’m sorry I’m late.””Sit down, both of you. I want to know what this is all about.” They obeyed and sat. I sat as well, putting my elbows on the table and folding my hands. “Well?””Um, well,” Ben started. He looked at Zoey to take over.She rolled her eyes at him. “Daddy, it’s like this. We’ve been dating for six months, and… and… and…””And?” I prompted.”And, Ben?” she said.”Uh?” he said. “Well, we just think, like, I mean, if it’s okay with you, it might be nice if we could, uh, you know?””Ben, I don’t know. Neither of you have said anything.””We want to kiss, Daddy!” Zoey blurted out, breathing. “It’s not fair.”I looked at Ben, but he couldn’t look me in the eye.”So you want to kiss my daughter?” I asked him.”Uh, no, sir! I mean, yes, sir. I mean, if you’re okay with it.””You’re asking if I’m okay with you kissing my daughter?””No, no, no, we just thought, uh…””Daddy, I’m 18 now,” Zoey said. “I should be able to kiss boys.””Now you want to kiss boys? How many?””No, not boys, just one boy. Him.”Ben smiled, but my glare made him look away.”So you two just want to kiss?” I asked.”Yes,” Ben said.”No,” Zoey answered at the same moment. “Well, yes, that.””And?”Zoey’s cheeks reddened. “Well, I, I… Daddy, aren’t I old enough to decide what I want to do with my body?””What?” I demanded.”It’s just, like, Ben and I care about each other a lot, and we want to take our relationship to the next level.””Ben, let’s hear from you,” I said, gritting my teeth. “What do you want to do… with my daughter’s body?””Uh, uh,” he said, “well, I just want to, uh, express my affection?””Are you asking me or telling me?””Daddy, stop intimidating him!” Zoey said.”Is that what I’m doing? He’s intimidating me, asking to fuck my daughter!””Daddy!””Hey, I didn’t say that!” Ben said.”So you don’t want to fuck her?” I demanded. “Good! Here I thought you had the gall to come into my house and sit at my table and ask to fuck my daughter!”Ben looked down, but Zoey looked angry. “Maybe we do want to fuck!””Excuse me?” I shouted.”I’m 18 and if I wanna fuck, I should be allowed to!””Stop using that word!””You used it first!””I can’t believe you ambushed me with this conversation, asking my consent to have sex!””Well, I have to ask your consent to do anything!” she was yelling. “Daddy, can I go out with my friends? Daddy, can I go on a date with a boy? Daddy, can I kiss a boy? Daddy, can I fuck? You don’t let me do anything without permission!””So that’s what you want, is it? To be a slut? Like your mother?””I’m not a slut if it’s just one guy!””So how many guys is it, Zoey?” I demanded.”Hey, hey, listen,” Ben spoke up. “Sir, I, I don’t know about all that. I just thought it would be nice if we could kiss, like a normal couple.”I sat back in my chair and took a calming breath. “Kissing always leads to more.””Well, it doesn’t have to,” Ben argued. “Look, what if we promised to only kiss under your supervision?””Supervision? You expect me to watch you make out with my daughter?” I said, my voice rising.”No, I just meant…” He looked to Zoey for help.”Okay, yeah,” she said. “Daddy, what if we had just one kiss, right here, in front of you? It’s no big deal. And I promise not to kiss when we’re alone. Isn’t that fair?”I looked at Ben. “You really want to kiss my daughter? Then you have to earn it.””How?” he asked.”That’s what you have to figure out. You’re the one sitting at my table asking to kiss my daughter.” I pushed my chair out. “Tell you what, you give it some thought, and get back to me next month.””Next month?” Zoey cried.”Wait!” Ben said before I got up. “Wait, I have an idea.””Yes?””Zoey tells me you’re a good card player. Is that true?””I suppose. Why?””What if we played for it?””Excuse me? Play for it? Play for my daughter?””Yes,” Ben said, swallowing. “You know, just a game. If I win, I get to kiss Zoey, just once, and if you win, well, I don’t know, whatever you want.”I actually laughed. “k**, that’s a hopeless bet.””Why? I may not look it, but I’m pretty good at cards.””Oh really?” I said, raising an eyebrow.”Sure. Cards are just math. Fifty-two of them, only so many probabilities. I know my math.””Winning at cards is more than math.””Ben,” Zoey said, “I know you’re really smart, but Daddy is really good at cards. He played professional poker when he was younger.””Well, he’s not so young now,” Ben said, smirking at me.Zoey’s eyes seemed to stretch. “Ben!””I could take him,” Ben said, smirking. “He’s probably just scared he’d lose.””You’re more bold that I thought, k**,” I said. “Okay, you’re on.””Really?””Wait, what?” Zoey said. “No way, Daddy. It’s not fair.””It was his idea,” I said.”I can do it,” Ben said. “One hand of poker. If I win, I get to kiss Zoey, and if you win–“”I kiss Zoey,” I said.”What?” Zoey cried.”Huh?” Ben said.I grinned. “Those are the stakes. Now, since I know you’d never agree to that, why don’t you take your little ass out of my house before I throw you out. And you, Zoey, you take your little ass up to your room and stay there for the rest of the night.””But, but, Daddy–“”It’s a bet!” Ben said.”What?” Zoey and I both said.”A deal’s a deal. Winner kisses Zoey,” Ben said.”Ben, I can’t kiss my Daddy like that!” Zoey said.”You won’t have to,” Ben said. “This is a piece of cake. I’ve won so much money on computer poker.”Zoey looked at me. “Daddy, don’t agree to this. Just tell him it’s fine that we can kiss. Please, Daddy?””You really want to try your luck, Ben?” I said.”Yes, sir.”I nodded. “A deal’s a deal.””But, Daddy!” Zoey said.”Don’t worry, Zoey!” Ben said. “I got this.””Grab my deck, Zoey,” I said. “I’m going to teach your little boyfriend a lesson.”Zoey was biting her lip as she went into the other room and returned with the deck of cards. Ben still looked arrogant, between pushing his glasses up his nose. She placed the deck on the table and sat down. Her palms were wet.”Go ahead, Ben,” I said. “Deal.””Okay. Five card draw,” he said, taking out the deck and shuffling it. He passed it to me to cut, but I patted. He dealt.I glanced at my cards. Zoey turned her neck to see, but I turned my cards away and put on my stonecold poker face. She looked at her boyfriend’s cards and nervously bit her lip.”You can do this,” she whispered to Ben.”You want any?” he asked me.”I’ll play these.”He put down two and took two, shuffling his cards around. “Ready?”I laid my cards down, three kings. His eyes bulged. He put down his cards, two pairs, jacks over fives. Zoey put her face in her hands.”You shuffle for shit,” I said. “I think I had this hand last time I played.””Uh, well, I think we should have a do-over,” Ben said.I smirked. “No. But the bet has to be paid.”Zoey looked up. “Daddy, you wouldn’t, would you?””You two called this meeting, sat me down here, and embarrassed me with these questions. Now, Zoey, I’m going to teach both of you a lesson. You wanted to be kissed tonight? You’re going to be kissed tonight.”She swallowed the saliva in her mouth. “Daddy…””But, but, she’s your daughter,” Ben said.I looked at him. “Then maybe you shouldn’t have made the bet. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, because you lost big-time tonight, k**.” I stood up. “Stand up, Zoey.”Zoey, my obedient little daughter, stood up, keeping her head down. I reached out, grabbing her fleshy hips and yanking her toward me, crashing her into my chest.She gasped, looking up at me. “Daddy…”Ben dropped his face into his hands.”No,” I said to him. “You watch. This is your doing.”Ben looked up at me, but now I was looking at my daughter. She was chewing her lower lip and trembling in my arms. My eyes were burning into hers.”You understand why I have to do this, don’t you? It’s no different than spanking you when you were little.”She gave me a little nod as she licked her lips. “Yes, Daddy. I know. I always pay my debts and take my punishments.”I reached up, sliding my hand around the back of her neck, my thumb on her jaw, cradling her head, my fingers in her hair. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to make sure her boyfriend was still watching, and then I kissed my daughter, pressing my lips to hers. She let out a warm breath of air against my mouth as her lips parted. My mouth opened and I took her lower lip into my mouth, kissing her.I enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to. I wanted to teach them both a lesson. They had angered and humiliated me, but it had been so very long since I had kissed a woman, and now I was kissing my own daughter, and I liked it. My mouth became ravenous. I opened it wider and my tongue came out, falling into her mouth.Her breath sped up at the surprise, but she wasn’t struggling in my arms. She was leaning against me, and then I felt her tongue against mine, tasting it, our lips opening and closing on each other. I squeezed her soft hips and crushed her body into mine, feeling her little breasts against my chest, the heat of her tummy against my crotch.I had to stop this kiss, but I didn’t want to. She tasted so sweet, like watermelon and strawberry. Her tongue was so wet and playful. I knew she had never kissed a boy before, but somehow, she knew how to kiss her daddy.”Jesus, what the fuck!” Ben said at last.I broke the kiss, heaving a breath I had been holding. My daughter’s mouth was wet. She wiped her chin with the back of her palm and licked her lips. Her face was bright red from the blushing. She turned away, looking weak on her feet, dropping into her chair and staring at the table.”Well,” I said, catching my breath, “I hope this taught you two a lesson, but If you’re foolish enough to challenge me to anymore k**die games, you know where I am.” I started out of the room, pausing at the frame. “Zoey, say goodnight to your boyfriend and lock up. I’m going to bed.”I went up to my room, thinking of what I had done. The taste of my daughter’s luscious lips was still on my tongue. My cock felt strained in my pants. I shook my head and pulled off my shirt, throwing it in the laundry basket in the corner of the room. I unbuckled my pants and unbuttoned them, but before I could push them down, Zoey knocked on the door.”Come in.”She opened the door and stepped in, stopping, her eyes widening. “Um, Daddy?””Yeah, k**do?”She bit her lip and looked down. “I just wanted to talk about what happened.”I put my hands on my hips. “What about it?””I just can’t believe you did that.””Did what? The whole thing was Ben’s idea.””I know, but you could have said no.”I wanted to teach him a lesson.””The lesson being?””Don’t gamble anything you’re not prepared to lose.””Still, I can’t believe you kissed me like that.”I looked at the laundry basket. “Well, look, I wasn’t even trying to win. The stupid k** didn’t even shuffle the deck well, and I played the hand I was dealt.””You could have folded.””And you could have not embarrassed me by sitting me down and asking to make out with your boyfriend.””I didn’t ask to make out. I asked to kiss once. You’re the one who thinks the moment I start kissing a boy my clothes will fly off and my legs will fly open. Don’t you trust me?””I trust you. It’s the boys I don’t trust. I know you’re a good girl.””I am, Daddy, and I’d never disobey you or do anything without permission.””Why do you even like this k**?” I asked. “You two have nothing in common.””Well, it’s not that I like him so much. If you remember last year, when I turned 17, I begged you to finally let me to go on dates. You agreed only if you met the boy first, and approved. I brought home so many boys to dinner so you could meet them, and you said no to all of them. Remember, we got into that big fight, and you said the only boy you’d ever approve of was Ben?”I folded my arms. “I remember.””Well, I’m not stupid. I know you said that because you didn’t think I’d go for him, but we’ve been friends since I was a k**, and he was always the sweet boy in the neighborhood, so I figured why not?””But you’re not attracted to him?””Well, I mean, a little, I guess. He has some cute qualities.””Why would you want to kiss him if you’re not even attracted to him?””God, because you won’t let me kiss anyone. Like, yeah, I’d rather kiss a sexy boy, but you won’t let me.””Sexy?” I said, raising my voice.”Daddy, come on, I’m a girl. I can tell a sexy boy when I see one. Is that so wrong that I want a boy in my life?””No. No, it’s not wrong. I just want you to focus on school, and I want you to be responsible at this age.””Yeah, you say that, but it’s not as if studying and school are all I can do in life. Can’t I have friends and boyfriends and a little bit of romance?””Yes, a little bit, that’s why I agreed to let you date.””Date Ben.””Yes, Ben.”She rolled her eyes and left. I sighed and undressed and got into bed, thinking about the kiss I shared with my daughter. My dreams were filthy that night.The next evening over dinner, Zoey was quiet. She was giving one word answers about her day, and just as we were cleaning up our plates, she told me why.”Ben wants to come over again tonight.”I smirked. “Why, he wants to lose another card game?””Actually, yes. He thinks it wasn’t fair last night.””Oh, come on.””Well, he said he’d come over after dinner, if it’s okay with you.”I chuckled. “Why not? If he wants to watch me kiss his girlfriend again, so be it.””Daddy! Don’t be gross.””Gross?” I said, acting offended. “Was kissing your daddy so bad?”She seemed to blush and bite her lip. “Well, it wasn’t bad. I mean, it was nice. But I want to kiss my boyfriend, not my daddy.””Well, then I hope your boyfriend learned how to play cards overnight.”An hour later, Zoey let Ben in and he was once again sitting at my table.”Sir,” he said.”Yes, Ben?””Thanks for letting me come over again.””Get to it, Ben. It’s late. I work early.””Oh, yes, sir. It’s just, I realized I wasn’t very respectful yesterday.””Oh really?””Yes. I’m sorry about that. I wanted to tell you how much I care about Zoey.””I’m glad. I care about her too. That’s why I’m protecting her from boys like you.””Daddy, I don’t need protecting,” she said.”Hush, Zoey.”She gulped. “Yes, Daddy.””It’s just, sir,” Ben continued, “I didn’t want you to think I was trying to break your rules.””You just wanted me to think you were bending them by challenging me to a card game?””Uh, well, I thought it might be fun. But you’re a pretty good poker player. And I’m better at blackjack.””Blackjack?””Yes, you know, 21?””What’s that? You count to 21 with the cards or something?””Huh?” Ben said.”He’s hustling you, Ben. He knows what Blackjack is,” Zoey said, rolling her eyes.”I thought I told you to hush,” I said.”Daddy,” she whined.I smirked. “So what, now you want to play blackjack for a kiss with Zoey?”He gulped. “Well, it’s more fair, less skill, more chance.””And I want to play too,” Zoey said.”You too?” I said. “Two players against one?””Yes, and I’ll be dealer,” she said.I laughed. “Okay, so two of you playing, odds aren’t in my favor, huh? Are the stakes going up? What is it this time, two kisses?”They looked at each other. Ben sat up in his chair. “We want 15 minutes cuddle time and kissing time… in bed.”I threw my head back and laughed loud. “You’re joking.””Clothes on, Daddy,” Zoey quickly added. “Just kissing, cuddling, touching.””Oh, touching too?””On top of clothes!” she said. “Daddy, it’s not so unreasonable, and just in my bed.”I was still laughing. “You really thought I’d agree to this?””And if I lose,” Ben said, “I’ll mow your lawn for a month.””Oh, not so confident tonight, are you?””Well, I’m sure you don’t want to kiss and touch and cuddle with your daughter.””It’s you who I don’t want kissing and cuddling and touching my daughter.””Daddy, it’s innocent,” she said. “Really. We’ll even leave the door open. I promise clothes on.”I folded my hands. “You know, maybe you two didn’t learn your lesson yesterday if you’re back here betting against the house again.””Can’t win if you don’t play,” Zoey said cheerfully.I looked at Ben. “Fifteen minutes, no sex, clothes on, only cuddling, kissing, and very mild touching.”Ben quickly nodded. “Okay, yes, sir.””Great!” Zoey said. “I’ll get the deck.””But,” I said just as Zoey stood up. I was staring at her. “Only if we all play for the same stakes.””What?” Ben said.”Daddy!” she said.”Or bahis şirketleri you can go home now, Ben,” I said. “Prove to me you learned your lesson.”Ben and Zoey looked at each other. Then Zoey looked at me. “Deal.””Zoey?” Ben said.”We’ll win!” she said. “Two against one.”I shook my head. I was honestly shocked. “You two… fine. Deal, babygirl. Let’s get this over with.”Zoey got the deck and did the shuffling. I was watching her hands. When she offered me the cut, I took it. Then she dealt each of us a card face down and another face up. I had 20.”Hit me,” Ben said, looking at his top card, a four. Zoey gave him a Queen and his eyes spread open. “Stand.”She looked at me. “Daddy?””I’ll stand.””Okay,” she said, looking down at her seven. “Dealer takes a hit.” She gave herself a ten. She was biting her lip. “I’ll stay.””Show ’em,” I said.Ben flipped over his hidden card. He had a total of 24. “Bust,” he said.I looked at Zoey. “Me?” she said. She turned over 19.Ben laughed. “All right, nice.” He looked at me and his smile fell as I showed him 20. “Okay, best two out of three?”I shook my head. Zoey was chewing on her lip.”Daddy, I…””Take your punishment, Zoey.”She swallowed and nodded. “Yes, Daddy.”I stood up, looking at Ben. “Now, I think you’ve learned your lesson, Ben. Come along, Zoey.””O-Okay, let me just talk to Ben for a moment.”I smirked. “I’ll meet you in your room, door open.”I left Ben’s downcast face. Out in the living room, I paused. What the hell was I doing? Well, I would just scare Zoey a little, teach her how boys took advantage of girls. I’d climb into her bed, cuddle with her for a moment, and explain to her what could happen if she wasn’t careful. I certainly wasn’t going to kiss her, or touch her, or rub myself up against her.I swallowed. Why did that appeal to me so much? My little girl was sexy as hell. I could see how much she’d grown up, how much she’d filled out, the way her clothes clung to her tight little body, the way she moved, her enticing scent.I shook my head. Come on, best not think about this. I was trying to teach my daughter a lesson in responsibility here, and somehow this was turning me into a pervert who was thinking nasty thoughts about my own daughter. Maybe it had just been so long since I had touched a woman that even touching my daughter appealed to my masculine senses.It was just a little cuddling. No big deal. Hell, I’d done that with her a hundred times during a hundred summer storms when she was growing up. Oh, how she’d cry into my chest and beg me to protect her from the thunder. She wasn’t that little girl anymore. No, she had definitely blossomed into a sexy young lady.As I stood there contemplating all this, I could hear her and Ben arguing.”It was your idea,” Zoey hissed at him.”You said you were good at Blackjack!” Ben said.”And you said you could count cards!” she shot back.”Well, I can, but not on the first hand!””Look, he’s my daddy. He’s not going to do anything. I’m sure he’ll just lay in bed with me and lecture me.””Like how he lectured your tongue yesterday?”She scoffed at him and then started blaming the whole thing on him while I headed for her room. Everything was pink in here, with little stuffed kittens and puppies and elephants and tigers and a sloth too.I took my shoes off and climbed into her bed, still wearing jeans and a button down shirt. I stared at her ceiling, thinking of the lecture I was to give her, but nothing was coming to mind. All that was coming to mind was her lips, her hips, her body. God help me, I wanted my daughter. My shame had never been so deep.”Daddy?” she said, standing in the doorway.”In bed, Kitten.””Y-yes, Daddy,” she whispered.Her bed was very small, only a single, and as she opened the covers, I maneuvered under them, opening my arms to her. She climbed in, facing me, her little breaths coming rapidly as her big eyes looked up at me.”Ben said he’d keep time for us,” she said.”I’m sure he did,” I said.”So?” she prompted.”Come here, k**do.” I pulled her into a tight hug, my hands on her lower back. It was okay to hug my daughter, wasn’t it?”Daddy,” she cooed, snuggling her face into my chest. “I’m sorry.””You understand why I’m doing this, don’t you?””To teach us a lesson?””To protect you from boys who want to take advantage of you.”And then she said something I wasn’t ready for. “Maybe I want to be taken advantage of.”I pulled my neck back to look at her guilty face. “Excuse me?””Maybe I want that. Maybe I want to feel like someone wants to use me.”I gulped. “What would have happened in this bed if Ben had won?”She gave a half shrug. “More than what’s happening right now.””Show me.”Her eyes darted about my face, and then she stretched her neck up and suddenly kissed my lips. I didn’t pull away. I let our lips kiss and enjoyed her taste for the second day straight. She didn’t offer her tongue, but I offered mine and I felt her little body jerk in surprise in my arms. I moved my hand up to her head and held her steady while I kissed her.She moaned into my mouth and then I felt her hands move down my chest, across my stomach and along my sides. She was pulling against my shirt. I was pulling her in tightly to my body, feeling her little frame bend against mine. She was so small, so delicate.I felt her thigh lift and slide between my legs, shocking me when it hit my crotch. It sent a bolt of lighting through me, and just like yesterday, my cock stiffened inside my jeans. I couldn’t let her feel me get hard though, and I knew she would if I let her control the situation.I grabbed her wrists and pulled them up above her head, pinning them in place and pushing her on her back, breaking our kiss to look down at her. “Is that what you wanted to do with him, kiss him like that?”She nodded guilty. “Him, or someone else.””Someone else?””I’ve wanted a boy to kiss me like this for so long. Someone I care about. Someone sexy. Someone big and strong.”I gripped her wrists tighter with one of my hands while my other hand started to move down her elbow and down her arm, across her armpit. “And you wanted him to touch you too?””Yes,” she breathed out. “All over.””Don’t give me lazy answers. Where?”She breathed quickly. “My breasts.”My hand ran up and down her ribcage and then I let my palm roll along the hump of her breast. I could feel the bump of her nipple beneath my hand as as I lay it there.” Here?””Yes,” she said.”You wanted him to squeeze them?”My hand began to close as I cupped her breast and let my thumb and fingers caress her nipple.”Yes,” she said breathily. “God yes.””You wanted him to pinch your nipples?”I pinched them. And she gasped and arched her hips, her thigh lifting to knock into my crotch again, my hardened cock throbbing in plea to escape the confines of my tight jeans.”God, yes, Daddy,” she said.This was getting out of hand, but I didn’t know how to bring it to heel anymore. She was my little girl, but she was also the sexiest woman I had even been in bed with. “Where else?”She couldn’t catch her breath. “Don’t make me say it, Daddy.””Say it,” I ordered her.”God, Daddy, please.””Say it,” I said firmer.”My pussy,” she said, biting her lower lip in guilt.”You want your pussy touched?””Yes,” she said desperately.”You want my hands on it?””Yes,” she said.”You want me to rub it?””Yes!” she nearly screamed.My hand ran away from her breast and down her soft tummy. I crossed over her tight yoga pants, my fingers dancing on her pubic bone. I lifted my hand and her legs spread as far as she could get them, begging for any contact with her tender little pussy.She was squirming beneath me, lifting up her crotch in invitation, calling me to touch it. I could feel the heat of her body. Her cunt was a pit of fire. I stared into her eyes, and then slapped her crotch she yelped and closed her legs.”Ow! Daddy!””You see, this is why I can’t let you cuddle and kiss and touch a boy in bed, because there’s a slut in you fighting to get out.”She turned her head to the side, and I felt guilty. Maybe I had been hard on her. Lord knows I had a hard-on for her.”Come here, k**do.” I climbed behind her, careful not to grind my crotch into her back, and pulled her into a tight hug, spooning her.”I’m sorry, Daddy.””I know, kitten.””I just get so horny sometimes. I didn’t mean to act like a slut.””I know. I know.””I couldn’t help it,” she said.”I know.”She caressed my arm around her tummy and then turned halfway around, on her back again. “You’re a good Daddy.”I smiled weakly. “Most other daddies wouldn’t agree if they saw me in bed with you like this.”She stretched up and kissed my lips. “You’re the best Daddy.”I smiled and then kissed her back. Her sexy little lips felt familiar now, so familiar that kissing them didn’t feel like the worst taboo a man could commit with his daughter. I just loved kissing her. She had such a welcoming little mouth, such a sweet little tongue, such warm little breaths. We kissed, our hands gripping each other’s bodies as our tongues played with each other. I was so tempted to grind my aching cock against her.”Time!” Ben shouted from the door. “Jesus, are you two making out?””N-no,” Zoey said, sitting up, wiping her chin “Daddy was, was, was–“”I was teaching her what to expect when she finally kisses a real man,” I said “Not that I think you’ll ever be able to show her, even if you manage to win a hand.”Ben looked angrier than I’d ever seen, which looked something like a nerd who found out Star Wars was sold out on opening night. Zoey climbed out of bed, looking back at me. “Daddy, can I walk Ben home?””Yes, but I want you back in 15 minutes. A lot can happen in 15 minutes.” I gave Ben a smirk. He gave me a look like he was trying to force choke me but the magic wasn’t working.”Come on, Ben,” Zoey said, leading him away.I sighed, looking at the ceiling. My cock was still throbbing, but it was throbbing in defeat. This was getting out of control. I shouldn’t have done so much with my daughter, but I can’t deny it was amazing, and I wanted more. I headed to my bedroom. God, I needed to cum.In my room, I peeked out of my window, watching my daughter walk Ben home. I closed the curtain and lay in bed. “This is getting out of hand,” I said to myself.It was getting out of hand. I had cuddled and kissed and even touched my daughter. And why? All to disallow her from kissing a boy? Maybe I was being too harsh, too strict. Maybe I had to let her grow up a little.My softening cock relented, realizing I wasn’t going to play with it with my daughter on my mind. Instead I waited in silence for my little girl to come home. When I heard her come up the stairs, I stepped out into the hall.”Zoey?””Huh? Yes, Daddy?””Invite Ben over tomorrow.””Why?””I want to talk to him.””About what?””Just do as you’re told.””Yes, Daddy.””Goodnight, kitten.””Night, Daddy,” she said, giving me a warm smile.I turned away but paused. “And… sorry about tonight. It got a little out of hand.””Oh that’s okay. It was, um, kinda fun. I mean, it was fine. I learned my lesson, and paid my debt.””Hmm. Okay.”The next day after dinner, I was ready to talk to Ben, to explain that a little kissing, no tongue, might be acceptable, if he was respectful and kept his hands to himself. He came over around 9:00 p.m. and shook my hand again. I still had this desire in the back of my mind to grab him by his scrawny neck and throw him out on his ass.”Ben.””Thanks for inviting me over, sir.” He lifted up his hand, showing he had a deck of cards. “I brought my own deck today.””What?” I said in confusion.”Zoey said you wanted a rematch.”I looked at Zoey. “A rematch?””Well, didn’t you?” she said.I paused before answering. Maybe this would be easier. Instead of giving him my blessing, I’d just let him win a hand. Yes, then he wouldn’t think he could just do whatever he wanted with my daughter.”That’s right,” I said. “I wanted to see if you’ve wised up enough not to challenge me to card games.””Actually, sir, I’ve been practicing!” he said enthusiastically.”Oh, great,” I said, sitting in my chair.Ben sat across from me, and Zoey sat beside us. He began shuffling the deck. “Blackjack again, sir?””All right,” I said with a shake of my head.”Then I wager a kiss with Zoey again,” Ben said.”Sure thing, k**,” I said. I would just go ahead and let him win, and then I’d lay down the ground rules about them kissing. “Deal.””I’m the dealer.” Zoey said cheerfully.Ben passed the deck to her and she dealt us each a hole card and a top card. I had a six on top, and a ten on bottom. I was going to draw until I busted. I just hoped that Ben wouldn’t bust before I did. He was looking at his Ace on top and thinking with his tongue out.”Do you want any?” Zoey asked him.Ben looked nervous. “Uh… no.””Daddy?” Zoey said.”Hit me.”She flipped a card over for me. An eight. Perfect.”Another?” she asked.”No.””Dealer takes one,” she said, giving herself a four. “Um, I mean dealer takes two.” She took another card. “Okay, show them.”She flipped her hole card to reveal a total of 19. Ben had 20. I had 24. Ben gasped. “Yes!” he shouted.”Wow, good job!” Zoey said, grinning.I merely smirked. “Well?””So, I can do it?” he asked. “I can kiss her?””If she lets you.”Zoey smiled at me. I think she knew I busted on purpose. She climbed up from her seat and Ben climbed up too. I looked away as he stepped toward her, drew her in his arms, and eagerly mashed his lips into hers. He was like a hungry hippo, mauling my daughter.”Ow, careful!” Zoey said. “You bit my lip.””Sorry,” he said, trying to kiss her again.I rolled my eyes and rubbed my forehead.Zoey grunted and stumbled back. “Okay, not so much tongue.””Uh, sorry.”They both breathed and sat back down. Zoey was wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Ben was licking his lips.”All right, listen up you two,” I said, getting ready to start my speech about trusting them to follow the rules of when they could kiss.”So what’s the next bet?” Ben asked.”What?” I said. “What’s the next bet?””Well, we’re not done,” he said. “I mean, we want to do more.”I glared at him. Zoey looked shy.”The game is over,” I said.”Come on, I win once and you quit? I thought you were a better sport than that. Geez, I watched you kiss her, your own daughter, and I still came back to play.”I was getting very annoyed with this little bastard. “You should quit while you’re ahead. You really want to keep playing?” I was going to teach him a lesson now.”Yeah. I told you, I’ve been practicing.” He had a cocky smirk.”The stakes?””If I win…” He smiled. “Zoey has to strip for me.””Ben!” Zoey said. “What the… You little shit!””What? You two were cuddling and kissing the other night, and I didn’t say anything. Zoey, you said you wanted us to be more intimate.”Zoey’s eyes bulged and I gave her a glare.”Only with my daddy’s approval!” she said quickly, looking down.”All right, you little bastard,” I said, my anger catching in my voice, “you want to bet big? If I win, you strip and walk home naked and stay there. You got it?”He swallowed. “Okay.””Wait, what do I get if I win?” Zoey said.”You get to see my dick of course,” Ben said confidently.I was grinding my teeth. Why was I putting up with this little punk?”If I win…” Zoey said. “How about, you BOTH have to strip!””What?” Ben and I said together.”Well you two have been making bets about me all this time. I’m not property. I can bet whatever I want too.””You want to see your dad naked?” Ben asked.She blushed. “N-no, I’m just, just trying to embarrass him, and you too, because you’re being too bold and embarrassing me!””Zoey,” I said, “just deal the cards so I can send this little bastard home.”Ben was smirking at me. I really wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.”Deal,” Ben said.Zoey dealt the cards. I had a seven on bottom and a ten on top. Zoey had a two. Ben had a jack. He grinned and immediately turned over his hole card. “Blackjack!””Fuck!” I said. “Fuck!”Zoey jumped in her chair and Ben fidgeted, but not enough to wipe the smile off his face. I was furious. He got lucky and now he was going to see my daughter naked. MY daughter?”Motherfucker,” I mumbled.”We lost, Daddy,” Zoey said.I sat back in my chair and rubbed my forehead.”Ahem, so,” Ben said, “Zoey shall we… go into your bedroom?”I looked up. “No. That wasn’t the bet. You’re not taking my daughter into her room and taking off her clothes.””What? Well, she can’t just do it here,” Ben said.I glared at him. “If you want your prize, it happens here, in front of me.””But you took her in her room to cuddle,” Ben complained.”I never said you couldn’t watch,” I said with a smirk.Zoey’s whole face was red and her little palms were wet. I could see the light glistening off them.”Zoey, you don’t have to do this,” I said to her. “Just send Ben home.””But, but,” Ben started to say.”It’s okay,” Zoey said. “My daddy taught to always pay my debts.”She stood up and pushed in her chair, taking a step back. I swallowed as my eyes went to her. She looked so nervous. Ben was staring at her as well. She started by gently tugging the the bottom of her white shirt out from under her pink skirt. She began unbuttoning the shirt from the bottom.I admit as I watched her, I began to get excited at the thought of seeing her bare body, her soft flesh, her breasts, her nipples, and especially her pussy. I swallowed and felt ashamed. Maybe I would just… look away before I saw too much.The buttons opened one by one, revealing a white tank top underneath. She took the shirt off and d****d it over the back of her chair. Then she took a long deep breath, reached for the bottom of her tank top, and pulled it up over her head.Her small breasts spilled out, uncovered, without a bra. I immediately looked away, but the vision of her perky little tits was seared into my mind and called my eyes back like a siren. My eyes obeyed.She was so nervous as she stood there in front of me… and Ben, her arms barely managing to cover her breasts as she swayed on her feet. “Wow,” Ben said. “Don’t stop, please.”I shot him a glare, but I agreed with him. I wanted more too.She was chewing on her lip as she looked down at herself, finding the clasp on her little pink skirt. She twisted it and the slack let her wiggle it down her wide hips. A sexy little pair of white panties came to my eyes güvenilir bahis as she slid the pink skirt down, down, down her thighs and sexy little calves. She stepped out of the skirt and my eyes followed her little bare feet back up her legs, to her crotch.Ben was staring there too. We both wanted to see her pussy. She hooked her thumbs in her little panties but paused.”I’m so embarrassed,” she said.”Don’t be, Zoey, it’s just me,” Ben said.I scoffed. Who the fuck was he? No one. I was her daddy.”Okay,” she whispered.She wiggled her hips as she slid the little white panties down and bent over, pushing them past her thighs and stepping out of them. She stood up straight, her little hands crossing in front of her pussy. She squirmed in place, and I could see what I wanted to see.Her little pussy was clean-shaven, and her pussy lips were just peeking out between her legs, the nub of her clit barely hidden within her warm folds. I don’t know what possessed me to speak, but I did.”Move your hands, baby.”She seemed surprised but obeyed me, moving her hands around behind her back, twisting from side to side. My eyes feasted on her pussy. I would have loved to put her on this table and open her up, really open her up. I tried to shake the idea out of my head, but it wouldn’t leave.I had no doubt that Ben was excited and loving this, and he was undoubtedly as hard as I was. My little girl was sexy beyond reason, and she made my cock throb in the confines of my pants. I wanted to fuck her. Hard.”Please, Daddy, can I sit down?”Her question snapped me out of my fantasy. “Huh? Yes.”She quickly sat down, scooting her chair in and covering her chest with her arms. “I paid my debt.””Oh, yeah,” Ben said. “And I think your perverted dad liked it.”My glare snapped to Ben. “Watch your fucking mouth, k**. This was your idea.””I’m full of ideas,” Ben said with a grin. “And I’m ready for round three. Are you still man enough to play me?”I rubbed my face. I really hated this k** now. But I also hated myself. Because my daughter was so beautiful, and I loved looking at her naked body. And maybe even worse, as I sat there, I could swear the smell of her pussy was coming to my nose. I took in a deep breath, and the faint smell came to me, making my mouth salivate. I wanted to taste that little pussy. I wondered if she’d like that, if she’d love having her little pussy licked and kissed and caressed. Well, maybe not if her daddy was doing it.”Babygirl,” I said, “send him home.”Zoey was chewing on her lip as she covered her nude chest. God, I wanted to crawl under the table and let my nose follow the scent to her little honey pot. “But, Daddy, I just lost. I want a chance to win.””Yeah,” Ben said. “Hey if you want me to strip, I’ll do it if you win.””I have a bet,” I said. “If I win, you two break up.””Hey, that’s not fair,” Ben said.”Daddy, he’s right, that’s not fair. A bet should be able to be matched. He isn’t betting that I’m no longer your daughter or something.”I grinded my teeth at Ben. “So what is your bet?”Ben was smiling again. “If I win, you’ll leave us alone for the rest of the night, and Zoey will give me a blowjob.””What the fuck?” I said. “You are out of fucking control. I’ve had enough of this.””I knew you were all talk,” Ben boasted.”And If I win,” Zoey said, “Ben has to eat me out.””Haha.” Ben laughed. “Okay.””No,” I said. “That’s not a fair bet.””What do you mean?” she asked.”If you want to complain about fair bets, then you two are in a better position to win while I lose. If you win, Zoey, the bet would only be fair if whoever has the weakest hand has to eat you out.””What?” Ben said. “Why?””Because that’s a fair bet,” I said. But in truth, I wanted to taste my little girl’s pussy, and losing poorly would at least be a reward for me. I knew I was risking a lot here. It wasn’t the first time I gambled more than I was prepared to lose. “So, you can play poorly and definitely have a chance to taste my daughter, or you can try to play well and win your bet. But if I lose badly, you don’t get rewarded for playing poorly.””Okay,” Zoey said. “That’s fair. But what are you betting, Daddy?”I crossed my fingers and leaned forward. “?f I win, Ben, you go home, and your girlfriend sucks my cock.””Oh! Daddy…”Ben’s eyes bulged. “Jesus, man, you’re a real pervert. You actually want your daughter to do that?””As I told you before, it’s not about me wanting anything. It’s about teaching you a lesson, but win, lose, or draw, this is the last game. Do you understand me?”They glanced at each other and nodded.”Deal the cards,” I said.Zoey picked up the deck, her little breasts out in the open again as she passed out the cards. My heart was thumping as I received mine. I couldn’t afford to lose now. Not just because I wanted to protect my daughter from having to suck Ben’s cock, but because I wanted her to suck mine. I was so hard in my pants, strained, and my little girl was sitting there, nude, the faint scent of her warm pussy still in the air.I looked at my cards, a five on bottom, a six on top. I looked at the others. My daughter was showing a queen. Ben had a seven. He was chewing on his thumb and looking up. He must have been trying to do some math in his head.”Well?” Zoey asked.”Uh,” Ben said. “Hit me.”I would’ve loved to hit him, but Zoey gave him a card instead, a four.”O-okay, uh, uh, stand. No, wait. Okay, yeah, stand.””Daddy?” she asked.”Hit me.” My heart was hammering. I was praying for a facecard. Zoey gave me a king. I used to pride myself on my poker face, but ? couldn’t hold it in this time. My smile broke. I looked at ?en and flipped my bottom card. “21.””What?” he shouted. “Wait, Zoey? If you get a 21, you win. You’re the dealer.”Zoey looked down. “I, I only have, um, 20.””Take another card!” Ben said. “You might get an ace.””Okay…” she dealt herself another card… a two.”Damn it!” Ben said.I folded my hands. “Go home, Ben. You don’t want to see this.””This is bullshit! No, no, that’s not okay. I’m not letting you do that.””You lost,” I said. “Go home, unless you want to watch her suck her daddy off.””This is so fucked up.””It was your idea,” I reminded him.”Ben, it’s okay. He won’t make me,” Zoey said.”What do you mean?” he asked.”He won’t. My daddy would never make me do that. He just wants to embarrass you and make you go home. Just go, okay? We’ll talk later.”Ben looked at me. “You better not.””Have a good night, Ben. I know I will,” I said.Ben scoffed and stormed out, pushing through the door and slamming it on his way. After he was gone, my daughter stared at me and I stared back. I admit, I wanted to win because I would have loved to have her on her knees in front of me, naked, bare, exposed, the scent of her little pussy in my nose. But she was right. I couldn’t really make her suck my cock. I couldn’t do that to her. I couldn’t.”I won’t make you do it, of course,” I said.She smiled a small smile at me. “Really?””You thought I would?”She shook her head. “No, I knew you wouldn’t.”I nodded. “Why don’t you get dressed and head on up to bed, okay?”She stood up, but she didn’t leave. She came over in front of me, shaking her head. “No.””Huh?” My eyes were staring at her naked body; that little pussy between her legs was peeking out. I was trying not to look at it, but my eyes kept darting to it.”I pay my debts, and I take my punishments.””Baby, I was just trying to scare him off.”She came closer, taking small steps. “You won, Daddy.”I swallowed, looking up at her. “You don’t have to, baby.””I know I don’t. But I think you want it.”I looked into her eyes. “You think I want my daughter to suck my cock?”She nodded, stepping closer, her knees bumping into mine. She bent over, resting her palms on my knees, gently pushing them apart. She sunk to her knees between my legs. “I think my daddy got very hard watching me take my clothes off.””N-no,” I said, my breath coming fast as I looked down at her, my eyes feasting on her perky tits and her blushing cheeks.”Really? So if I unzip your pants, I’ll find a soft cock? It won’t be hard at all?”I swallowed. “Yeah.”She was smirking. “I call your bluff, Daddy.”I didn’t stop her from reaching up to my pants and unbuttoning them. She was clearly nervous. I could see her little fingers trembling as she took the zipper and slowly pulled it down. God, I did want this. I needed it so bad. My cock was throbbing in silent plea to let this happen.Zoey glanced up at me before sliding her little fingers into my pants. Her eyes spread wide as her fingers touched my cock. I held my breath as her small hand wrapped around my long, thick shaft. She tugged on the thick cock meat and brought it out into the open air.”Oh, wow, Daddy,” she whispered.My cock was so hard, pointing up, long and thick, my balls heavy.”You lied,” she said.”I bluffed,” I said.She smiled. “Yeah.” She licked her lips. “I don’t really know how to do this, so if I do it wrong, tell me, okay?”I nodded. “Just, just take it in your hand, kitten, and give it a stroke.”She wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft and gently tugged on it. “Like this?”Fuck, it felt nice to have my cock touched by my young little daughter. “Yes.””Now do I just, like, put it in my mouth and suck like a straw?”I smiled. “Kiss it, kitten. Just kiss.” I put my hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her toward my throbbing shaft. Her little nose bumped into it, and she took a deep breath.”Mmm, wow,” she whispered. Then her little lips kissed my cockhead.”More,” I said softly, and her little lips kissed along my shaft. She gave me what I wanted, kissing my cock and rubbing her nose up and down along it. “Do you like Daddy’s cock, sweetheart?””Oh, god, yes, Daddy,” she said, looking up at me, my cock between her eyes. “It smells so yummy, and I love how it feels, and it’s so beautiful.”I chuckled. “Lick it. Tell me if it tastes yummy.””Yes, Daddy,” she said, licking her lips. Her little tongue rolled out and started at the bottom of my shaft. She dragged her little pink tongue all the way up my cock, pulling it away at the tip in a long moan as she folded her tongue back into her mouth. “Mmm.””You like that, kitten?” I asked.She didn’t answer, just nodded and licked it again, this time along the mushroom tip, moaning in her throat.”God, I’ve wanted to feel a man’s cock in my mouth for so long, Daddy. I’ve been fantasizing about it since I saw it online.”I shook my head at her. “You shouldn’t be watching naughty things online.””I know. You can punish me later. Can I put it in my mouth now? Please. I really wanna feel it in my mouth.”My thumb crossed her cheek. “Suck on Daddy’s cock, babygirl.””Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered, her mouth opening. She stretched her neck and engulfed my fat cockhead between her little lips. I held my breath and then let it out as she closed her lips, and my sensitive tip was set on fire in her warm mouth.”Fuck. Fuck, babygirl.””Mmm,” she mumbled with my cockhead in her mouth. I could feel her little tongue pushing against it, licking the piss slit and exploring around the head. She opened her mouth to breathe. “Yummy.”Her drool was running down my shaft now, and I wanted more. I drew her head back to my cock. “Suck, babygirl. Suck Daddy’s cock.””Yes, Da-” She didn’t get to finish before I stuffed my cock back into her mouth.My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I stroked her hair as she rhythmically began to slide her lips up and down my cock. I gave a few upward thrusts and surprised her by penetrating deeper into her mouth. She gagged and pulled away, coughing.”I’m sorry, Daddy. I don’t know how to take it it in my throat yet.””I know, shut up and suck,” I said, grabbing her head and pushing her back on my cock. Fuck, I never wanted to leave her mouth. “Your Daddy has to cum now, kitten.”She tried to nod but didn’t get much of a chance as I started thrusting up into her mouth harder. I was breathing heavier. I could hear her making a few gagging noises, but my good little daughter wasn’t pulling away.”Fuck, babygirl, fuck!” I said. I growled and then groaned as my balls tightened and my cock throbbed and exploded, shooting cum into my little girl’s mouth. “Fuck!”She jerked, pulling her head back and coughing, catching the next blast of cum in her face. “Ah, Daddy!” I grabbed her head and pulled her back on my cock as I finished cumming.”Fuck, yes!” I said as my cock pulsed and oozed out the last of my cum into my little girl’s mouth. She looked up at me, swallowing with difficulty as her mouth filled with cum.I leaned back and I let her go, but she didn’t stop sucking. She kept nursing on my thick cock as it softened.”Ah, ah, ah,” I said, squirming from the sensitive tip receiving so much attention from her tongue. “Gently, baby, gently. Daddy’s really sensitive now.”She pulled her lips away, smiling up at me with cum on her chin. She gave my cock another happy lick. “Did I do good, Daddy?”Oh, babygirl, you did so well,” I said, breathing out.”Really?” she said.”Yes. Fuck, yes.””Your cum tastes more different than anything I’ve ever eaten.” She wiped the cum on her chin into her mouth. “I like it though.”I laughed and smiled at her, my eyes roaming over her body again as she stood up. I looked at her pussy as she stood there.”I, um, I guess I should get dressed.”I looked away. “Uh, yeah.”She turned around and started to gather up her clothes, dressing. I stuffed my cock back in my pants and zipped them up, and then I watched her dress. Now that I had cum, the guilt was settling in on me.”Daddy,” she said, now dressed. “Can I run across the street and talk to Ben? He’s probably upset.””Oh, uh, I guess.””I’m not gonna tell him what I did. I’ll just say we argued or something.””Okay.”She bit her lip and smiled at me. “You’re a good daddy.”I rubbed my forehead. I did not feel like a good daddy, not at all. “Don’t stay out too late.””I won’t. I’ll be back soon.”She came over and kissed my cheek. She smelled like cum now. I wondered if Ben would notice. She headed out and I slumped down in my chair.”What the fuck did I just do?” I said out loud.I turned in the chair, elbows on the table, head in my hands. I couldn’t believe it. Did it really happen? My little girl, who used to bounce on my knee, was on her knees in front of me, sucking on my cock. I was a monster. Who does that?”She, she wanted to do it,” I mumbled to myself. “I tried to say no.”It wasn’t much comfort. I was the adult. She was my daughter. I should’ve known better, but I didn’t stop her. I just let her suck, and I even came in her mouth.”Fuck. Fuck, what did you do, Owen? You let your little girl suck your cock. Fuck. You idiot.”I stood up, pacing in the room, thinking through the ramifications of my actions. The light caught my daughter’s chair, and I did a double take. It was wet. I moved closer and reached down, squinting. I slid my finger across the wet spot on the chair, smelling it.”Oh, fuck.” Pussy juice, my little girl’s pussy juice. I inhaled again. I couldn’t stop myself. I licked. “Fuck.”God I wanted more. I wanted to taste her delicious pussy juice again, straight from the source. I had honestly wanted to lose that game, to put her on the table and just lick my way between her warm little pussy lips and enjoy her.And she had been wet. But why? I thought she was humiliated to strip. Or maybe she was turned on by the idea of sucking her boyfriend’s cock. She said she had fantasized about it.I stared at the chair and then the table, looking a her cards. She had 12 on top, a queen and a two. What was on bottom?I reached for her hole card and flipped it.”What… the fuck?”An ace.”She had 21? Why did she hit?” My eyes bolted open. “She let me win.”I sat in my chair again, holding the ace. I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t get over it.”She let me win.” The gears in my brain ground to a halt as I processed what this meant. “She wanted to suck my cock.”I gathered up the cards in the deck and absentmindedly shuffled them as I considered this. She had won, and she would rather have sucked my cock than have been eaten out by her boyfriend. My daughter… wanted me.I put the deck away and headed up to my room, dropping in my bed and consulting the ceiling. It had no answers for me.”It doesn’t matter,” I said finally. “She’s my daughter. Nothing like this can ever happen again.”I turned out the lights and hoped my dreams would bring my daughter to me. It was the only place I could have her without the guilt of being a horrible father.Zoey and I didn’t talk much for the next couple days. I was feeling confused and guilty, and I think she was feeling embarrassed. However, when I got home from work on Friday, I found her there, with Ben.”What’s this?” I asked. “You know you’re not allowed to have boys in the house when I’m not home.””Daddy, he just got here a minute ago,” she said.Ben looked grumpy, probably still sour from his loss. He had no idea how much he had lost that night. I hoped.I took off my shoes, opened a bottle of water, and took a drink. “So, what do you k**s want now? No more games.”They looked at each other. “Daddy, we don’t think the games are fair. I’m old enough now to decide if I want to have sex.”I spit out my water. “Excuse me?””See, he’s not going to listen,” Ben said.”Daddy, I want the freedom to choose to do whatever I want.”I laughed. “Right.””I’m serious.””That’s a wager you can’t afford.””I’m willing to play you for it,” Ben said.”I said no more games.””Last one,” Ben said. “We’ll even play your game. Poker. Winner takes all.””Takes all? What do I win?””Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to sleep with your daughter. So tell us what you want.””You have nothing I want. You two want to screw, and you’re going to play me for it? You actually thought I’d go for this?””You have to, Daddy, please. I’m a big girl now.””As long as you’re under my roof, you’re a little girl,” I said.Zoey frowned. “Yes, Daddy.””I’ll tell you what,” Ben said. “Play me for it, and if you win, I’ll break up with Zoey.””Ben?” Zoey said.I stroked my chin. “Serious bet. What’s the game?” I asked. I did want to play now. I wanted this little bastard out of our lives. I wanted things how they used to be. Maybe it would upset my little girl, but I’d had enough of him.”Your game, Poker. Five card bahis siteleri draw.””I might lose…” I said, mostly to myself. It was a possibility. I hated the idea of this k** rutting between my daughter’s legs.”But you might win,” Ben said.”Daddy, play, please.””You really want this?” I asked her. I half thought that maybe she had wanted me after how eagerly she sucked my cock the other night, but now… maybe I was wrong.”Yes, Daddy. I want it so, so bad.””It’s not fair to play both of you,” I said. “If you want to play, I’ll take those odds, but it’s me and you, Ben.””But, Daddy, I should get to play too,” Zoey said.”No, just us,” I said. “You want her, Ben? Play me for her.”Ben looked at Zoey and then looked at me. “You got a deal.””Fine,” I said. “Let’s play.””I’ll deal,” Zoey said quickly.”Fine,” I said.The three of us came around the table, and my daughter took out the cards and shuffled them slowly.”You boys play nice,” she said. “I’ll be more comfortable dealing ’cause I’m not naked this time.”Ben chuckled and I looked away.”That was so embarrassing,” she continued.”Just deal.” I said, distracted.”Hey, you try dealing cards naked!” she went on. “In front of your daddy and your boyfriend, who’s never seen you naked before. It’s humiliating!”Ben was still laughing. I was looking down, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my daughter deal. To Ben she passed the top card, but to me, she passed the bottom.”Might have given me an advantage if I was smarter though,” she continued as she dealt the cards. “I don’t need a good poker face with my breasts out.”They both giggled, and I watched my daughter’s sly fingers. She was dealing me a fixed hand. I couldn’t believe it. She put the deck down and watched us. Ben picked up his cards, but he didn’t look at them on top of the table; he lowered them and shuffled them around in his lap.Fuck, they were cheating. Maybe she had given me a bad hand and given him a good one. I looked at her and she gave me a bright smile, picking up the deck.”Who wants to draw?” she asked.”Hmm,” Ben said. “I’ll take two.”He placed his two cards face down and she passed him two, right from the top. She looked at me.”Daddy, aren’t you going to look at your cards?”I glanced at Ben. He was still shuffling his hand around, now on top of the table, looking confident.”No, I’ll play these,” I said.”Without looking at them?” she asked.”What?” Ben said.”Show your cards,” I said. “I call.””Okay, have it your way.” Ben scrunched up his eyebrows, showing his hand, a flush of hearts.I smirked at him. “What, you thought a royal flush would be pushing it?””Huh?” he said. “Show your cards.””I’m going to show you the door, you little fucking cheater.””What?”I climbed up and came around the table, grabbing him by the scruff of his jacket.”Hey!””Daddy!” Zoey cried.I pulled him up and twisted him around, pulling him out of his jacket.”Hey, man, get off me!” Ben shouted.As I pulled off the jacket, three cards spilled out onto the floor.Zoey climbed up. “Ben, you cheated?””N-no!” he said. “Well, I mean… This is bullshit! He shouldn’t be controlling you like this, Zoey! I’m trying to set you free from this jerk.””Get the fuck out of my house,” I said, shoving him toward the door.”Zoey, let’s go,” Ben said, taking his jacket back.I gave her a look, but she wasn’t moving to follow him.”Ben, you cheated,” she said. “That’s like a forfeit.””Huh?” he said.”A bet’s a bet,” she said. “I’m sorry, but you lost. You shouldn’t have cheated.””You’re seriously breaking up with me?” he demanded.”You broke up with me when you cheated and wanted to do all of this. It’s your fault.””That’s not fair.””Get the fuck out of my house, Ben,” I said. “In five seconds, you’ll be limping out of that door, not walking. Understand me?”Ben scoffed and stormed out, slamming the door.Zoey was looking up at me. “Daddy, I, I’m sorry he cheated.””Oh, really?” I said. “He cheated? And you didn’t help him?””What? No! Never. I wouldn’t help him like that.””You expect me to believe you?””Daddy, I just broke up with my boyfriend for you! I wouldn’t have done that if I was desperate to help him cheat.”I went over to the table. “You fixed my hand. Admit it.”She swallowed. “Okay, yes, but just yours, not his. Turn them over.”I grabbed them and turned them over, glancing for only a moment before looking back at her. “What the fuck? You gave me a royal flush? Why?”She bit her lip and shrugged.”And the other night?” I demanded. “You cheated then too, didn’t you?””Huh?””I looked at your hand after you left. You already had 21 when you hit.””Oh. Um, well…””Are you going to lie to me?””I’d never lie to you, Daddy,” she said softly.”So you cheated?””I didn’t cheat. I lost on purpose.””Why?””Because, because…””Because?”She looked down. “Because I didn’t want Ben to lick my pussy.””So you’d rather suck your Daddy’s cock?” I asked. “Because those were your only two options.”She gulped again and whispered. “Yes, sir.””What?””I said, yes, sir.”I slowed down a little. “You wanted to suck my cock?”She didn’t look at me, just nodded.”Why?”She didn’t answer.”Zoey?””I don’t know, okay?” she said. “I just, ever since I kissed you, and since I kissed Ben, I don’t know, he’s just, he’s boring now.”I rubbed my face. “Look, what I did, it wasn’t right. I shouldn’t have kissed you or let you suck-“”No, Daddy, don’t say that. It was so, so good, kissing you and tasting your delicious cock.””Baby.””I liked it, Daddy.””Still I shouldn’t have done that. You should have won, should have had your pussy licked.”She bit her lip. “Well, if you had been the one to lick it, I might have won.””Really?” I said, my heart thumping. The memory of her tasty pussy juice returned to my tongue and I salivated.She nodded guiltily. “Yes, Daddy.”I looked her up and down. “You always pay your debts, don’t you, babygirl?”She nodded “Yes, Daddy. You taught me how important it is to pay my debts.”I nodded. “It would be a bad example if I didn’t pay my debt now, wouldn’t it?”She was chewing on her lip and blushing bright red, but she managed a little nod. “Yes, Daddy.””Have you ever had your little pussy licked, kitten?””You know I haven’t, Daddy,” she whispered. “I would have asked permission.””Do you want Daddy to lick it?” I asked.She held her breath and nodded. “Yes, Daddy.””Come here.”She came closer until she was right in front of me, her little eyes downcast.”I want you to know, after this, we can’t do this sort of thing anymore, you understand? No more games like this. I want you to focus on school and forget this ever happened.”She opened her mouth to argue but then closed it. “I understand, Daddy.””Good girl.” I picked her up by the waist and put her on the table, the deck of cards spreading as she pushed across it.”Take off your skirt and panties, kitten,” I told her.”Yes, Daddy.”She lay back and reached down, grasping her skirt and sliding it down her legs. I took her feet in my hands and lifted her little bottom up to help her. She giggled and I pulled her skirt off at her feet and lifted her bottom up once more. Down came her little panties, past her lusty thighs and long legs, off at her feet. I didn’t wait for her to open her legs this time. I pried them apart with her feet in my hands and let my eyes find her little pussy lips.I inhaled, and the scent of her moist cunt traveled to my nostrils. I held it in my lungs and savored it while she stared up at me with her bottom lip pinched between her teeth.”I’m so excited, Daddy.””I can see you are. Your little pussy lips are dripping wet.”She nodded. “Yes, Daddy.””Mmm, smells tasty.””I like how it tastes,” she told me.I smirked at her. “You naughty little girl, I bet you do.”She blushed and covered her face. I brought my face down between her legs and inhaled again, looking at her little pussy lips closer. They were getting red and swollen. I could see how horny she was.”Daddy’s going to kiss your little pussy now, okay?””God, yes, Daddy!”I chuckled and moved closer, and then I gently kissed her warm little pussy lips, her wetness on my chin and nose. “Mmm, fuck.””Oh, god, Daddy.”My tongue was tightening, salivating in desire. I had to taste her. I dragged my tongue up along her pussy lips. Her whole body tensed up and she let out a gasp.”Fuck, Daddy!”I laughed. “Watch the language, kitten.””S-sorry, Daddy,” she said quickly. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”I did it again, licking gently along her pussy lips, letting my tongue caress her pink folds. She moaned and threw her head back on the table. I watched as her little feet lifted up and her toes clenched the air.”More, please,” she begged.I licked her pussy lips again, this time pressing my tongue against her little clit. She yelped and jerked on the table, a few cards flying off. Her little legs started to close but I grabbed her thighs, pushing them back open, kissing her little pussy again.”It’s okay, kitten. Daddy’s here.””F-fu, fudge.”I smiled and gave her pussy another lick, wiggling my tongue between her pink lips, tasting her yummy juices, savoring my daughter’s flavor.Yes, I was eating my little daughter’s pussy. I knew it was wrong, but she was so delicious. I let my tongue work on her while I reached down with one hand. My cock was throbbing so hard, I had to adjust it in my pants. But there was no way these jeans could hold it.I wondered if she’d notice if I took it out. I used both hands to open my jeans while I kept her distracted with my mouth, closing my lips around her little clit. She was breathing so fast; there was no way she had any idea what I was doing.I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, reached in, and dragged out my fat cock stick, sighing against her warm pussy as the open air breathed cool against my hot shaft.”God, Daddy, this is amazing,” she squealed with my tongue inside her. She grabbed my head, and then lifted up her waist to push her little pussy against my mouth. I obliged, pressing my coarse tongue against her sensitive little clit, and she cried out in pleasure. “Daddy!””You like that, baby?” I asked her. I had one hand around her thigh. The other hand was around my cock, giving it a stroke or two. I had to!”Yes, Daddy! Daddy, please, I, I have to cum. Can I cum? Please, please, please?”I licked her clit again. “My little girl wants to cum?””Fuck, yes!”She couldn’t wait for me to say yes. Her little body spasmed and her little pussy gushed as warm juice ran out of her hole and onto my tongue. I kept licking her, tasting her delicious pussy and enjoying her flavor. She was holding my head as she moaned into the sky, lost to pleasure. I kept lapping at her clit until her legs started to close around my ears, and I knew she was too sensitive for more.”Daddy, Daddy, please, please…”I gave her pussy one more lick and pulled my head back so she could close her legs. “You came, kitten.””I, I’m sorry, Daddy. I couldn’t hold it in.””I know, babygirl. It’s okay.”She sat up and her eyes flew open, looking down at my cock. I took my hand off of it and sat back in the chair. It pointed right at her.”Daddy, your cock.””You made me so hard, baby.”She was staring down at it. Her legs opened again, there on the table, looking down between them at my cock below.”It’s so beautiful.”I smirked at her. “You should get dressed, and I should put it away.””No, Daddy, don’t,” she said quickly. “Please don’t.””Baby.””Daddy, you won the bet tonight. Ben lost. If he had won, he’d be fucking me right now.”I gave her a glare. “So?””So, don’t you think you deserve the prize?””Baby, stop.””I always pay my debts. You won my pussy, Daddy.””Baby, I can’t.””You can, Daddy. You won. You’re allowed to fuck me. I’m yours. You can do whatever you want to me.”I stood up, my cock hard between her legs. “You really want Daddy’s cock in you?”She nodded. “Please, let me pay my debt. Fuck me, Daddy.”I took a step forward, putting my balls on the table and my shaft lying directly in front of her dripping cunt. She was looking down at my fat cock while I was looking down at her pussy.”You know I can’t, babygirl,” I said.”Please, Daddy. I want to fuck so badly.”God, I wanted to fuck her, to be inside of her, if only for a moment. It would feel so good, and I was so hard. “Zoey…””Maybe we can just let them touch,” she said.”Just touch?” I knew I shouldn’t, but God, it would feel so good, just to let my swollen cockhead touch her tender little pink pussy, if only for a moment. Maybe that wouldn’t make me a bad father. “Maybe.””Mmm, Daddy, yes, please let them touch.”I reached out, grabbing her sexy hips and sliding her cute ass toward me. Her little pussy lips touched the tip of my cock and I held my breath. She wiggled closer, letting her red lips tease my cockhead.”Ooh, Daddy. They would look so good together, with you inside of me.””Fuck, baby, why aren’t you trying to stop me?””Because I want this to happen.””I want it too, but we can’t.”She scooted a little closer, grinding her little pussy on my cockhead. Her little lips were starting to open.”God, baby, don’t…””Just the head, Daddy? Please.”I gulped. “Just the head?””Yes.””I did win, didn’t I?” I argued aloud, my thoughts turning to words, my cock trying to convince me it was all right to take my daughter’s cherry.”Mmm, you did, Daddy.””I earned it,” I said, as if my cock was speaking for me.”Yes, Daddy. You at least deserve to put your perfect cockhead inside my pussy. You can’t walk away and leave your winnings on the table, can you?”I pulled her closer, my cockhead spreading her pussy lips apart. “You want Daddy inside you?””Yes, Daddy, put it in, please.”I leaned forward, pushing my cockhead inside her. “God!”She moaned loudly, throwing her head back. “Fuck, Daddy!”I grabbed her hips to keep her from pushing against me and going deeper. “Fuck, stop squirming, baby!””Oh, God,” she cried.We both looked down at my cockhead stuck inside of her.”More, Daddy, please,” she said.”God, you little fucking slut. I didn’t raise you like this,” I said.”I know, Daddy, but that amazing cock of yours is turning me into a desperate slut. Please, I’m begging you to fuck me. I’ll do anything.”I grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down on the table. With my other hand, I grabbed her knee and forced her legs apart again. I thrusted into her and she cried out.”You want me to fuck you like a slut, Zoey?””Yes!” she screamed at me.I growled and yanked her toward me while I shoved forward, ramming my cock into her and pushing the table against the wall. She screamed as I ripped through her.”Daddy!””Is that what you want, my little daughter slut?””Fuck, yes, more, please. God please, Daddy. I want more.”I gave her more, grabbing her hips to keep her still, slamming my cock balls deep into her tight wet cunt.”Oh, god, Daddy, your cock is so big!””You like that big cock, kitten?””I love it! God, I fell in love with your big cock when I saw it. I knew I had to have it. God, yes!”I started to grunt as I slid in and out of her slick pussy, still wet with her cummy juices. The table was shaking as I slammed into her. “Your pussy is so tight, babygirl.””Oh, Daddy, I can feel you stretching me out so much.”I leaned down closer to her over the table, bringing my nose to her nose. She was panting like a dog with her mouth open. I wanted to kiss her again, those soft lips, that tasty tongue. Maybe I hadn’t bet a kiss, but I took one anyway.I pressed our lips together, and my daughter eagerly kissed me back, moaning into my mouth, throwing her arms around me and kissing me hard, feeding me her tongue. We were moaning and grunting into each other’s mouths while our bodies were slamming into each other, and my cock was plowing into the back of her pussy.”I love you, Daddy!” she breathed out between the moans.”I love you too, babygirl.”I was grunting, drawing closer to my orgasm, the speed of my thrusts growing faster.”Daddy, I need to cum again,” she said. “I can’t stop it!””It’s okay, kitten. Cum for Daddy, and all that sweet wet juice will keep your sloppy pussy slick for me.”She threw her head back and moaned. I felt her little cunt tighten around my shaft, and that was all I could take. “God, yes, thank you, Daddy!””Fuck, I need to cum!” I shouted.My cock throbbed and I yanked it out of her as fast as I could. Cum spit up all over the table, on the cards, on her thighs, and on her pussy too.She looked down as she caught her breath. My cock was twitching, cum dripping on the floor as I started to soften up.”Fuck,” I said.”Wow,” she said, staring at my cock. “You came everywhere.”I stumbled back and sat in the chair. “Almost everywhere.”She giggled as she sat up, her legs dangling from the table. “Wow, Daddy. That felt so good.”I put a hand over my face. Once again the guilt hit me. “God, Zoey.” I looked at her. “You know this was wrong, don’t you?”She made a face. “Well, was it really?””Yes,” I said. “No more games. No more bets. And we never speak about this again. You focus on school. I focus on work.”She frowned. “Yes, Daddy.””Up to bed, kitten.”She sighed, jumping off the table and collecting her clothes, heading off. I stayed behind to clean up the table and throw away the cummy cards. Afterward, I went to sleep happy, but guilty.A couple days passed and Zoey and I didn’t talk much, other than hello and goodbye and weather banter. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for us both to get comfortable with each other again. I knew I’d never forget what happened though. My daughter was the best sex of my life. Hell, I hadn’t had that much fun creating her. I wished I could have her again, and again, and again, but I knew it could never be… until she pulled out a new deck of cards one night after dinner.”What’s that?” I asked.She started shuffling them. “You came all over the last deck, so I had to buy a new one.””We’re not speaking about that, remember?”She smiled. “Poker?””Zoey…””Strip poker,” she said with a smirk. “Five-card draw.””Zoey!””First one naked, loses.” She shuffled a bridge.”Zoey, I’m not playing.””Scared you’ll lose?””Scared I’ll win, actually.””Oh, and you’d hate to see your daughter naked again, huh? Might make that big tasty cock of yours so hard you’ll have to take it out of your pants.”I couldn’t help but grin. “And if I get you out of those panties, you’ll flood your chair with pussy juice.”She blushed but smiled. “Only way to see is to play.”I licked my lips, glancing from my daughter’s face to her lap. I clicked my tongue, the taste of her sweet pussy returning to my mouth. She was still shuffling, waiting for my answer. She gave me her best poker face. I returned a grin.”Deal.”

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